I Can See

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Dear Aggie Cromwell is on the nail as always. Thank you for that precious reminder. There is no greater magic than love in all its powerful glory. Samhain is so close now, and I am really feeling a presence of a certain lady so this is for her, my GG

I Can See
Form: Free Verse

It is too easy to focus on the missing
with only tears for company
to see only emptiness in the days ahead
because to forget is impossible
in the echoes of let her go
and the broken promise I cannot keep
for love, my love, will always be yours
so, darling there can never be
anyone holding me but you
tonight as the veil thins between life and rest
as you call me to dance again
in the magic of you and me
as we put out the stars and dim the moon
for the light of love to shine
so tonight I can see
there is nothing missing in love
our love, baby, makes me whole


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