Good Morning, My Love

Good Morning, My Love
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 90

In that moment just before the sunrise
Between sleep and awake a dream’s disguise
My senses feel you lying here beside
Me and my eager thoughts drift in the joy
In that moment where memories reside
I feel the warmth of love reach to my soul
The tenderest embrace, but still I know
That all too soon the morning light will stroll
Into our room, my time will come to go
For that moment with you once more I’m whole
No words of verse, I need no envoi
To express this, a lover’s grief on show
I take your love with me, always my bride
As the day comes with its pale-yellow skies


Inside Madness

Inside Madness
Form: Epistle Sonnet 10

Sweet sorrow tastes good on bloodied fingers
As now the blood flows freely from my pen
But the pain of you echoes and lingers
For my eyes were blind to love’s harbingers
Telling me you were not meant for my arms
And my heart ignoring the warning signs
Stubbornness costing me my sanity
I couldn’t wish the pain away again
For me, the red flags should come with alarms
As in love I just don’t see the confines
Believing in all the old wily charms
Easy meat then for you and your designs
As I lost my mind, I saw destiny
And in my madness, I set myself free



Form: Haiku Sonnet

the judgement of love
devouring trust in its wake
I am not safe here
the glance of his eyes
piercing, stinging like the bees
on a summer’s day
vacated feelings
yield to the descending pain
thoughts suffer in fear
invaded flesh rots
a carcass in the gutter
at least I am free
for echoes of love bring hope
while the nightingale still sings


You Showed Me

You Showed Me
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 61

Everything I know of love comes from you
In all the ways you showed me you love me
Turning my self-loathing to a better view
Such compassion you had in abundance
Understanding confusion I held within
Inviting me to learn how to romance
Reminding me love is never a sin
I wanted to love you, wanted a chance
“Take it slowly” you said, “and you will win”
Like a child learning everything was new
In you I found love and it set me free
From the doubt that held my soul in downfall
You took my hand and helped me to stand tall
And in your affection, you gained my all


She Has My Back

She Has My Back
Form: Rubaiyat Stanza

My thoughts scatter on the wild wind
And senses burn as if I’ve been skinned
And once more alone in the dark
Where dreams of hope are worn and thinned
And once more alone in the dark
Not even the mad dogs dare bark
Yet vibrant like spring I feel you
Guiding my way to the next mark
Yet vibrant like spring I feel you
Whispers of love pulling me through
My thoughts scatter on the wild wind
Eyes open to a better view


Peaceful Life

Peaceful Life
Form: Sapphic Ode

Content the heart that stops to think
Beyond his thoughts of sensual lust
And stays at love’s edge on the brink
Looking for trust
Perhaps too much he waits his chance
And lives his life of peace alone
Without romantic dalliance
A life unknown


Scent of Perfume

Scent of Perfume
Form: Divino Sonetto 1

The scent of Anais Anais on the air
Waiting for a train I look up and stare
My heart expecting something I can’t see
Still I look again for what cannot be
And my senses yearn for a change of view
As I feel a tear pricking on my eye
The moment of hope is lost on a sigh
For over again I am missing you
Always that perfume that whispers your name
Every time it echoes round just the same
A reminder of love rocking my soul
And my wild heart that you made yours to tame
Your gentleness of touch making me whole
Sweet the memories that come to console


Spring Sunshine

Spring Sunshine
Form: Spanish Sonnet 1

The years keep passing and time cannot stand still
I wonder how the warmth of your love holds me
Flowing through my body as it always will
Like spring sunshine gently warms the early bee
I think of your kiss; how it made my heart thrill
And how you chose to love me and let me see
You, my spark of life that would my heart fulfil
Your passion and desire were my destiny
And the years go by yet my heart feels the same
The eternal urge to hold you close and near
And tantra of the night breathing out your name
The very same urgent breath that stakes your claim
On my body, heart, soul; oh my precious dear
‘Tis your love took my wild soul and made it tame


Memorial (RDP)

Inspired by and written for Ragtag Daily Prompt – my thanks to Drkottaway

Definition: Memorial – n. a statue or structure established to remind people of a person or event

Well, I don’t like that definition but will go with it

Form: Minute Poetry

A statue cast
the past
in stone
But you’re not there
you’re here
with me
you see
For love don’t die
And I
Feel you
It’s true


Family Resemblance

Family Resemblance
Form: Free Verse

Sorting through
boxes of long forgotten letters,
and sepia photos, a flapper girl
with her cards offering to dance
a beautiful girl I never knew
yet it stopped me in my tracks
with a chill in my spine
her delicate features so youthful
I thought I remembered them
a slender figure dressed in lace
but I don’t remember that
her black bob framing her eyes
and I bet those eyes are grey
a boyish grin
yes, I recognise that
but were her lips a glossy red?
Eileen, 1926
my Nana
a beautiful girl
but I thought I saw my dad
and I thought I saw me



Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 60

My soul is driftwood floating on the sea
As the sun sets upon my empty heart
While my thoughts dream upon what used to be
I feel the saltwater lapping around
It tickles my senses from head to toe
In the twilight hues can I find the ground
On those distant shores that we used to know
Saltwater like your love I feel surround
My body with warmth yet we are apart
I hunger for the night you bring me home
For in this world, I have nothing to show
For love was always about you and me
No matter what I do or where I roam
I wish for night when you come take me home


A Fine Bromance

A Fine Bromance
Form: Canadian Sonnet (English)

Love is the honoured man, a soul’s own twin
Who, without the need for family blood,
Stands as a brother and my bestest bud
And knows all the secrets beneath my skin
In modern terms they call it a bromance
Okay, I suppose it could be called that
It is love nonetheless for modern chat
Devoted spirits taking the same stance
I have his back and I know he has mine
Nothing comes between brothers of the soul
As in each other emotions console
So, I need no modern words to define
I’m Jeeves to his Wooster, or switch it round
We are gentlemen’s gents, to me that is sound


Delicate Kisses (Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Form: Quatern

This winter’s night when snowflakes fall
Soft, white, glistening in moonlight
And more follow as drifts begun
By delicate little snowflakes
They’re floating down on frosty air
This winter’s night when snowflakes fall
Loveliness of purity white
Swirling over the dirty streets
We step outside my love and I
Catching one or two on gloved hands
This winter’s night when snowflakes fall
Beautiful snow is our delight
As the delicate kisses chill
The snow making our faces smile
For dawn will bring fields blanket white
This winter’s night when snowflakes fall


Moonlit Snow

Moonlit Snow
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 89 (trimeter)

Late night falling of snow
White outside my window
In my hand a warm mug
Hot chocolate good night
Beneath the duvet shrug
To the place of my dreams
Where I know I’ll find you
Among the lunar beams
Waiting; you always do
Your kiss like fondant creams
Make me feel sweet delight
Just dreams of me and you
Of moonlight in the snow
How I miss your warm hug



Form: Haibun

Sitting beneath the arch of sweet, scented jasmine the hot summer night murmurs with memories. Gentle breezes once kissed by the sea wistfully cool the sultry air. Still the night is heavy with emptiness as the pen struggles for simple words.
only love echoes
across a dark summer’s night
poet can but weep


Risible (WOTDC)

Inspired by and written for the Word of the Day Challenge – my thanks to Kristian

The example sentence given by Kristian is risible in itself – that’ll do

Form: Interlocking Pathya Vat

met on a beach
her bikini
was too teeny
his eyes saw cheek
lustful feelings
as passions speak
resistance weak
persuading words
sat on the rocks
watching seabirds
it seems absurd
he bought ice cream
while evening fell
and time would seem
to be a dream
she spoke intent
“We need a room
for pleasurement”
he has a tent
she said “that’ll do”


Dreamy State

Dreamy State
Form: Epistle Sonnet 8

Where reality and fantasy blur
And the seawater mingles with the sky
Lies the one place where I’ll always find her
My very own Venus dressed in her fur
When my eyes drift to that dreamy state
For ours is the love that keeps rolling by
I know she’s there when the waiting is done
As the sun gives way to another night
I close my eyes so senses integrate
Hers and mine and as our passions ignite
Longings of desire begin to sate
Once more we are one for a love-filled night
Until my heart must again be undone
With the light rising on a new day’s sun


Death’s Bloom (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Form: Cymraeg Soned

Withering summer’s end
Omens send warning’s call
A fate wishes cannot change
Exchange me I’ll give my all
A raven’s heart breaks in two
Half for you to hold me near
Our paths must part for awhile
This vile thing has found our fear
There is no cure left, they said
You’ll be dead; I mustn’t cry
“stay strong, babe, stay strong for me”
How can I be? How? How? Why?
Without you my poems are prose
Raven weeps for his dying Rose

Internal rhyme and Welsh meter – no way it will be done in 6 minutes

Not a day goes by I don’t miss Gabbie – this raven is broken until…

Time: 20 minutes

Word Count: 63


New Toothpaste

New Toothpaste
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 59

On the shelf is a new tube of mint paste
A different brand from the one I choose
Yet my heart smiles seeing it there so placed
And a shower gel-scented summer rose
Stands next to mine of musky sandalwood
Towelling down; scent of coffee you chose
Decaffeinated is doing me good
You’re wearing my t-shirt I suppose
And my fluffy robe too, is yours to use
I am making note of things I should get
My jeans clinging to my shower-damp waist
A slow Sunday morning maybe we could
Just go back to bed and build up some sweat
Reliving the moments we’ll never forget



Form: Free Verse

Our love woven like delicate Belgian lace
intricate strands combining
forming a beautiful design
like a lilac in flower
sharing its fragrance on the cool morning air
combining with the aroma of sun-kissed dew
and the wild mint growing by the pond
pungent and earthy
delicate yet strong
our love was the fierce winter wind
entwined with a warm summer breeze
embracing the golden light of sunrise
with the flaming skies of twilight
for we were the moon and the sun
mingled in the flames of love


Violet Skies (WPCC)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – thank you Sue and GC

Form: Paulo Comitatu Sonnet

Come quietly please violet skies
softly enter my room
eyes adjust to the gloom
ready to meet my doom
Take me quickly sweet violet skies
my love don’t make me wait
don’t let the hour get late
don’t pause, don’t hesitate
My violet skies come to ease my pain
no more time left to weep
violet skies come to reap
eternal souls must sleep
Violet skies released me into the rain
So you and I may dance with love again


Until You Feel Right

Until You Feel Right
Form: Epistle Sonnet 7

Is this what you think our love really is
Yelling at me in another staged row
In the hope we can make up with a kiss
Is this your idea of lover’s bliss?
What is so wrong with just getting along
What is wrong with feeling love anyhow
Why do you always want to make a fight
And do you get off on putting me down?
When you fuck up it is me in the wrong
I’m saying sorry until you feel right
This is not the love of my heart’s sweet song
Fighting until you want sex for the night
For making love, it is not; lust alone
As all I will ever see is your frown


Call It Art

Call It Art
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 58

Do not let love fade into the shadow
For it is the language known to the heart
The light of the soul where our feelings go
It’s heard on the winds and in the bird song
An eternal beauty walking the ground
Love remains be the living short or long
For the truth of love can’t be lost once found
It’s the power that keeps the spirit strong
So paint it and write it and call it art
Speak its name whenever you hear its sound
This love will be there to hear the soul call
To hold you close while letting the tears flow
To the heart no love is too great or small
So hold her closer and give her your all


Old Cassette

Old Cassette
Form: Sicilian Sonnet

The first step into a new world
And time became a memory
As the beauty of love unfurled
Like words written in poetry
Into your dream my senses whirled
Thus enchanted by mystery
And in each new day becomes curled
In our magical history
Cherry blossom scent at sunset
While we sit by the fires of dusk
Watching you smoke a cigarette
White wine captured the moonlit musk
And sweet sounds from an old cassette
No more shall the night’s chill seem brusque


Morning Blue

Morning Blue
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 88

Watercolour blue skies of morning light
Cups of coffee after working the night
As the sunrises I am thinking you
A quiet moment before drifting sleep
While shades of love turning to azure blue
These are the times with you I miss the most
The coming home after a long night shift
As we shared coffee and hot buttered toast
And the strains of the night your kiss helped lift
On Sundays we would walk along the coast
Now sat here alone I can only weep
My nights dream of you and our love so true
You were my life and the most precious gift
For love to bestow on a morning bright



Form: Glosa

This tyrant may deserve a harsher end
as payment for his crimes, but
in this moment, the assassin
will love him none the less – Byron

Visitations brought by Karma
Are our destiny, our fate
Rewards for our deeds lavished
In the certainty it is what we have earned
It is not death that we have deserved
For we all must meet that demise
What comes after is the recompense
Too late to seek grace when dying, then
The time is up and what has been done is done
And how many will say
This tyrant may deserve a harsher end
Human judgement is mortal
And human punishments die with the judged
For the punished will face their crimes
With the joy of spirit denied by their living
And that is for destiny to decide
When the assassin, Fate, brings the souls
To be judged and found wanting
In death no penance can be made
And the tyrant has nothing to offer
as payment for his crimes, but
he will try screaming from his knees
empty promises as in life
passions and lust dispersed in offerings
but no sacrifice is left to be made
like all other bills it must be paid
not with money, power, or treasures
the eyes of destiny have no room for that
as they look away it is access denied
and Fate seals the deal
in this moment, the assassin
The end of the tyrant is nigh
for nothing will remain of his soul
a soul sold for riches and command
as he stood against sweet destiny’s truth
and he prays her blade will be swift
as Fate looks him up and down
one last time her eyes are cold
her heart drizzled by ice
yet in this moment of his spiritual death she
will love him none the less


For Time and All

For Time and All
Form: Quatrain

I’ll not forget any of your moods
From the passive thoughts to noble rage
That freed your spirit from the body’s cage
For I feel them all when walking in the woods
But I’ll be jealous of death and what she took
In the license that is the cycle of life
But you were, no, are my wife
Yet I am sat alone by the babbling brook
And I know I have been truly blessed
By giving all that I am to you
In a solemn oath of love so true
For in you, my darling, I found my rest
And I will again when the lady comes to call
To bring me home to where I belong
Within your arms away from a world gone wrong
For my love is yours for time and all



Form: Epistle Sonnet 6

Divine spirit in a frail human form
A King of men with the wisdom of saints
To hear his words many followers swarm
A simple life lived with a heart so warm
The dreams of peace with simple words he paints
As he won his wars without bomb or gun
Stormed by emotions and awakened souls
Speaking for peace, without sabre or sword
Sanctions of trade in steps moving forward
Break the rules for the rebellion goals
Dismantle the empire from far abroad
While calling for change at government polls
A thin old man always a gentleman
Gandhi, almost sacred beneath the sun


Bricks and Mortar

Bricks and Mortar
Form: Blank Verse

My heart so easily pleased – so they say
Too easily impressed by nothing much
When looking on but looking gets nowhere
Because my eyes were caught at the first glance
Long before my thoughts could utter some sense
My heart was taking over and in command
Too easily won, easily broken
With my mind was screaming I told you so
Each time I’m left with a brick of mistrust
Left amid the fresh mortar of my tears
Now the wall is built high my heart is safe


Bite Me, Baby

Bite Me, Baby
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 57

I see you looking at me tempting you
With your thoughts evoking your deep desire
Your tongue caressing your lips, it is true
I’m teasing you and enticing your lust
Your fingers tremble as you undress me
You know you’ll surrender; you know you must
Give in to the torment set yourself free
Yes, I want you to devour me baby
Do it, darling, set your senses on fire
To fulfil your greed is my destiny
Baby I know you know you want it too
Curve your tongue around me until it rocks
Go on, let me knock you out of your sox
Eat me, that last chocolate in the box


Sacred Key

Sacred Key
Form: Deplorable Sonnet

I belong where love is the sacred key
I belong where hope sets the spirit free
Among stars for all of eternity
Where nature entwines with the inner soul
Here in the woodlands talking with the trees
As the rustling leaves meet the morning breeze
Amid their branches I find spirit ease
Where nature entwines with the inner soul
I hear ancient voices chanting the rhymes
From that place beyond pains of modern times
I hear them chanting and chanting my name
They know me well and I know them the same
Wild voices calling never to be tame
Where nature entwines with the inner soul



Form: Byronic Sonnet

Tempestuous heart that speaks my own creed
Lest I forget that you have laid love’s claim
Upon me and taken my soul to tame
In such general terms you’re all I need
To understand such a love we decreed
On that distant night, on that distant shore
Three words but how they grew to so much more
Three words planted deep like a flower seed
The growth of love within the bonds of trust
With our own aristocratic desire
Untitled yet uncovered within lust
Finding tranquillity in passion’s fire
If in love I must confess, then I must
And you are the muse with whom I conspire


Gift (YDWP)

Inspired by and written for Your Daily Word Prompt – my thanks to Sheryl

Definition: Gift – n. a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present

Synonyms: present, donation, offering, contribution, handout, presentation

Form: Bina

an offering of love
a token of gratitude and thanks
in terms of thanks
always thankful to feel love
yet freely given love requires no thanks


Love Letters

Love Letters
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 87

What are letters of love meant to reveal
If not the passion’s desire that I feel
Explicit expressions of sensual want
As understanding of love and lust
Unites us two as one on every front
Yet still I wonder if you truly know
How much I love you; how much joy you bring
Can words alone say it is this much, so
How else can I let you see my heart sing
For all our days I let thoughts freely flow
And in your hands my feelings I entrust
For in your arms I found my own savant
The truth of our love my heart can’t conceal
You, my life’s reason, you, my everything


Sand (RDP)

Inspired by and written for Ragtag Daily Prompt – my thanks to Drkottaway

Definition: Sand – n. a loose granular substance, typically pale yellowish brown, resulting from the erosion of siliceous and other rocks and forming a major constituent of beaches, river beds, the seabed, and deserts

Synonyms: beach, sands, shore, seaside, seashore, foreshore

Form: Dodoitsu

walking the shore lost in thought
following footprints in sand
or the trails within my mind
walking memories


Honeyed Twilight

Honeyed Twilight
Form: Epistle Sonnet 5

Just sat on the wall watching the dusk fall
Peaceful beneath a melting honey sky
And silhouette trees echo with birds’ call
The dimming of light reflecting it all
Crossing of a t or dotting an i
Breathing freshness of slowly cooling air
And silence becomes music to the ears
To ease the troubles of a busy day
No, not for me a pub for a few beers
When chilling down is so easy this way
And in the twilight the mind gently clears
Ready for the night and come what it may
To the very last glimmer of sun’s ray
Tis the perfect end to the working day


The Moon Wrapped (WPWC)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Form: Monchielle Stanza

It was never enough
My best never worth it
Go another mile then
Do more than I knew how
But still didn’t meet your yen
It was never enough
To share the words of love
When you wanted the moon
All wrapped in paper notes
For money you would swoon
It was never enough
A cute little cottage
You wanted a big house
What good are ocean views
To a city torn mouse
It was never enough
In living it simple
Instead it must be grand
Such pretentious crap
I think you had it canned


Rolling Wave

Rolling Wave
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 56

Sweet thoughts of you that come to embrace me
So making my heart beat again with love
That sweetest love that forever will be
The moment you took my hand I felt it
Washing over me like a rolling wave
Overwhelming, all-consuming love hit
My senses; you’re everything I crave
At first so much more than I can admit
As you showed my heart what it was made of
You bound me with desire setting me free
And at that moment, I gave you my all
And now without you, there’s nothing to save
I won’t cry, I’ve let all those tears fall
For your love is mine whenever I call


It’s Not My Thing

It’s Not My Thing
Form: Free Verse

I’m left feeling horrible
with you demanding the physical things
that make me churn in the pit of my gut
no matter how hard I try
in the end I can’t ignore it
and I’m too messed up
to explain it
and there is no point anyway
for you love is sex
and you demand it that way
but what if I told you
pushing it on me is rape
that isn’t love
and never will be


What If You Fly

What If You Fly
Form: Free Verse

My heart like a compass
led me to your sweeter desires
my body the pointer
showing the way to your passion
as my soul drowned in your kiss
awakening my mind to carnal instincts
oblivious of thinking
the senses taking over
liquified and flowing over the edge
wantonly falling into love’s abyss
on waves of sexual energy
until the crescendo of lust’s arousal
floats over
embraced in your sensual depths
to fly with the stars


Churl (AWAD)

Inspired by A Word A Day – thank you, Anu Garg

I do genealogy and one of my ancestors is Annie, a village pauper from the late 18th century. I visit where she is now and then and give her flowers. I am grateful for Annie and her life, she is my direct lineage, and without her, I wouldn’t be here.

Definition: Churl – n. a rude person, a miserly person, a peasant

Synonyms: beast, clodhopper, oaf, provincial;, rustic, chuff, mucker

Form: Haiku

her body lies cold
within a cheap wooden box
for parish send off
no grave marks the spot
Annie forgotten by time
no flowers speak love
a country peasant
so poor her resting place shared
in a common grave


Nights of Romancing

Nights of Romancing
Form: Espinela

How I wish we could go dancing
Like we did in those olden days
Moving rhythm as music plays
In those nights of our romancing
Warm nights of summer entrancing
Enchanting love for you and me
Walking beside the starlit sea
Stroll back home; a bottle of wine
On those nights that were so divine
As we kissed setting our love free


Gloam (YDWP)

Inspired by and written for Your Daily Word Prompt – my thanks to Sheryl

Definition: Gloam – n. twilight or the darker part of twilight. 2. poetic. gloom; shade

Synonyms: crepuscle, crepuscule, dusk, evenfall, fall, gloaming, nightfall, twilight. types: night. a shortening of nightfall

Form: Interlocking Pathya Vat

red skies darken
day turns to night
in soft dim light
dreams wait for me
while crumpets toast
making my tea
how it used to be
in our own sphere
fireside evenings
candlelit cheer
wish you were here
as shadows dance


Birds Sing Love

Birds Sing Love
Form: Epistle 4

Let the winds fall into a gentle breeze
So birds begin singing a lover’s song
And caressed by dew the flower buds tease
We walk the meadow path, my world at ease
My heart will follow and before too long
The first shy words of love will leave my lips
While yearning to belong in your embrace
And taste the delight in love’s first sweet kiss
The music of spring echoes with a bliss
While falling in love brings the heart’s eclipse
That brings me willingly to your abyss
My desire to fall at your fingertips
Falling in love and giving up the chase
For here, with you, I’ve found my sacred place


Time to Go

Time to Go
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 55

The time has come to say a last goodbye
As our lives divert in different ways
And our love is now an unwanted tie
Our souls no longer one returned to two
As from our lives love has long since gone now
Heartbreak and pain all that is left of you
And me; apart the tears will cease to flow
As life moves on towards a brighter view
With no more anguished nights or bitter days
Of fighting rage carried on acid sigh
It’s best we part, before another row
For angry words that hang around and lurk
When there’s nothing left but a glaring smirk
Let’s now accept this love can never work