Waiting (Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Form: Rhopalic Verse

the queueline lengthening
the waiting
it isn’t terrible
in sunshine
but raining
it isn’t wonderful
this waiting
for buses
the queueline lengthening
while bankers, redundant
are searching employment
can senses readjust
when closing another
that isn’t sensible
the queueline lengthening
shelves empty disabled supermarkets
no supply
high demand
and prices continue
in raising
a crisis


Neighbourhood Watch (Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Form: Quatern Sonnet

The curtains twitch across the street
Blue lights and sirens rushing past
Ambulance called for number eight
Daft old Fred has taken a fall
Beneath a lamp Jess and Mike kiss
The curtains twitch across the street
Old Miss Lane is watching again
And Mike lifts a middle finger
I walk past ignoring gossip
Old Ma Lane is telling it all
The curtains twitch across the street
Nothing happens she doesn’t know
But a black car came by today
The curtains shut across the street


I Know Him Well (WPWC)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Suem and my apologies I think this one got itself lost in my editing files

Form: Ottava Rima

A sense of fun lightens the day
Reading memes while drinking tea
Mixing work with a little play
Mischief making comes for free
Sparkling eyes give nothing away
Just who put salt in the tea
I look across at those eyes
The blood bond wears no disguise


The Moon Wrapped (WPWC)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Form: Monchielle Stanza

It was never enough
My best never worth it
Go another mile then
Do more than I knew how
But still didn’t meet your yen
It was never enough
To share the words of love
When you wanted the moon
All wrapped in paper notes
For money you would swoon
It was never enough
A cute little cottage
You wanted a big house
What good are ocean views
To a city torn mouse
It was never enough
In living it simple
Instead it must be grand
Such pretentious crap
I think you had it canned


Simply Love (WPWC)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Simply Love
Form: Limerick 3

There ain’t much a house can do
Empty walls, no point of view
A pile of bricks or a bundle of sticks
No sense of being echoes through
An empty place has no beat
It just stands there on the street
An empty plight of future delight
When a house becomes a safe retreat
So how do bricks and sticks become home
That place to be from whence we roam
The answer to the above is simply love
For love will always bring me home


Game Night (WPWC)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Game Night
Form: Heroic Stanza 2

We’re making plans before we start to play
Predictions of what moves to make and when
But chance rolls the dice, it’s all luck, what then
When a double caught me on the wrong foot
I drew the card that says pay a big fine
That wasn’t part of the great master plan
And some gaming cash now sits in the pan
Another throw and I am off to jail
Another player’s turn buys up Pall Mall
But a Chance card then lands him in the nick
I’m out to see what spaces I can pick
As the game plays out the plans are all lost
What game is a foot I can hear you ask
While circuiting the board, gathering loot
My silver piece shaped like an old tramp’s boot
Monopoly, my dear, but you knew that


The Alley

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

The Alley
Form: Mash-up Short Forms

behind W.H. Smiths
runs an old-world narrow lane
of old-fashioned shops
butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers
in the middle of all that
boutiques of all things strange
sweets sold by the ounce
for just a penny
but strangest of all
a purveyor of antiques
things no longer used
from days before Victoria
and no one knows what they’re for
carefully crafted metal
mechanical things of maybe
did it do that or perhaps this
I’m really not sure
marked by maker’s name
objets d’art
detailed in beauty
meets fine art


Pleasing the Boss

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Pleasing the Boss
Form: Enclosed Triplet 1

The last time I put up a tree
With shiny balls, sparkles of light
On the top sat the queen fairy
But it only lasted that one night
Because when we all went to sleep
A crash woke us all with a fright
All I could do was stare and weep
My tree lay scattered on the floor
As silent paws out the door creep
Her fiery eyes glared with ‘no more
This bling is just such trashy tat
The natural look, please, I implore’
So, holly, pine, and logs are sat
As a Yuletide welcome to see
And the cat is happy with that


Victorious Soul

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Victorious Soul
Form: Free Verse

What is the strength that resides within
nurtured by the soul
yet rarely seen
the demons of adversity rise up against
our will to survive
from the pits of despair
when no one is brave enough to say they care
and the heart has nothing left to give
so the soul must stand up alone
the power force
the courage
the strategy to survive
it faces our depression
our deepest fears
while wiping our tears
tears we should never have been made to cry
rebuilding our minds
repairing our hearts
returning our strength to smile again
what is this strength
but the victory of being alive


Comfort Eating

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Love it or hate it, there is no middle ground with the yeasty black nectar of the gods, so I’ll make myself some toasty deliciousness and write

Comfort Eating
Form: Free Verse

Some turn to chocolate
and others to cake
when the heart is aching
I know folk who eat a bucket of ice cream
in the search of solace
but for me none of that is any good
its slices of bread in the toaster
until hot and ready for butter
spread on my old faithful
and top with some scrambled egg
love it or hate it
the choice is yours
but I’m a lover
for Marmite is always my best mate



Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge  – thank you GC and Sue

Form: Free Write

I used to be so good at reading the fine print, and I still do if it’s an old-fashioned paperwork-style fine print. However, when it comes to tick boxing and “I have read the terms and conditions” like most people I tick but sure as hell I ain’t read them. So far, touch wood, that has not caused any major, or minor, problems but perhaps I should read them in the future.

I think people should come with terms and conditions. A this is the reality not the fake smile type thing. Think of the pain and aggro that would solve if you could read the TOCs and make an educated choice. In fact, I know too many people who I would have hit the “Decline” box if I had been more aware. It’s too late once you’ve been sucked in and instead look for ways to not opt-out.

The fine print on products is a real bug for me. Finding a flash of “may contain nuts” on a packet of peanuts – do the manufacturer’s actually think we are that stupid we don’t know that? In the next breath, the companies are moaning that degrees and other qualifications are being “dumbed down”. Well, is it any wonder if we need that fine print put on a packet of peanuts. I am lactose intolerant I get the need to check manufactured goods for ingredients but I don’t know are there really people out there that don’t know a packet of peanuts may contain nuts – guess I will be hitting “Decline” on them

Thrifty Beginnings

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Wow, this is a bit of trip back to my late twenties and thirties. Back then I was very much in the closet and doing what I did in private. I learned pretty quickly buying new stuff was a waste of money as within a week or two it would be in a charity shop as I purged myself of anything male. Charity shops became my lifeline in those early days.

Thrifty Beginnings
Form: Free Verse

A grey suit and pale grey shirt
sat on the cash desk
beneath a blue frock
and a black pencil skirt
that first time
my guts churning with fear
she didn’t blink behind her round glasses
not a strange look
not a knowing stare
and I handed her a tenner
before stepping out in the rain
did she notice they came back
in a charity sack just a few weeks later
did she notice me buying chinos and shirts
without a frock and with no skirt
did she notice they took longer to come back
did she know
did she have a clue
not a word did she say
when I asked to try a suit on
he even helped me find a matching tie
perhaps she knew
as I paid the money
this time there would be no charity sack
but several
full of dresses
and Laura Ashley prints
pretty tops with delicate lace
and never worn stiletto shoes
did twinkling blue eyes
behind round glasses know
a man found his style in her charity shop


I Can See

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Dear Aggie Cromwell is on the nail as always. Thank you for that precious reminder. There is no greater magic than love in all its powerful glory. Samhain is so close now, and I am really feeling a presence of a certain lady so this is for her, my GG

I Can See
Form: Free Verse

It is too easy to focus on the missing
with only tears for company
to see only emptiness in the days ahead
because to forget is impossible
in the echoes of let her go
and the broken promise I cannot keep
for love, my love, will always be yours
so, darling there can never be
anyone holding me but you
tonight as the veil thins between life and rest
as you call me to dance again
in the magic of you and me
as we put out the stars and dim the moon
for the light of love to shine
so tonight I can see
there is nothing missing in love
our love, baby, makes me whole


Pumpkin Crisis

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you, GC and Sue

There is nothing that beats a bowl of homemade soup on a cold autumnal day. I am a bit old-fashioned and like making soup but I am falling flat with pumpkin. If any Americans or Canadians are reading I need a good recipe for pumpkin soup – so far I am not succeeding at that. And the form next on the list is an Anagrammatic – all words must start with letters from the title – well, hopefully not as messy as them pies

Pumpkin Crisis
Form: Anagrammatic

Carving pictures in its skin
Rubbishing seeds,
Insides mixed in pie
It’s not right
Pumpkin pie – no, I made messes
Search recipes
More messes – it’s not pretty
Nothing is right
I need something new
No more pie
Pumpkin soup – recipes required


Whisperings of a Witch

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

With Samhain only 19 days away (oooh this wee witch can’t help himself) I feel myself getting stronger spiritually and mentally. After a really lousy end to 2021 and an even worse beginning to 2022, I am amazed I am even here and I’m ready to close out a really tough year. Samhain is a time to reflect on the year passed ready for a fresh start in November. Here goes…

Whisperings of a Witch
Form: Free verse

Io io io
and happy new year as love died in November rain
as the lights went out
icy winds of winter hold no compassion
yet in the darkness the veil was thin
namaste, namaste
go back
it’s not time
go back
io io io
shintay shintay
io to spring
new life dancing yellow on the field
the all clear
the all is good
and light returns on a warm April breeze
my lady of May dances at Beltane
a promised remade
one love
one ring
a vow made so long ago
an oath for all time
for true love never dies
io io shintay
io summer sun and a jubilee
the field is dry and brown
berries shrinking on the bramble hedge
no rain
no water
they have nothing to drink
namaste sunrise
sunset namaste
walking the dog avoiding the heat
chasing the shadows of coolness
a brief respite in the forty degrees
shintay io
io autumnal haze
dusting red and amber on a green field
the Queen is dead
long live the King
cold nights and sunny days
roaming clouds bring showers of rain
red floating down with gold
colours abound cover the ground
the year must end so let it go
let go
let go
io io


Glinting Reflection

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you, GC and Sue

I remembered making some notes in my writing journal on looking through the window this summer so I have pulled them up and will see where it takes the creative gene and a bit of Clapton while I’m at it.. here goes

Glinting Reflection
Form: Free Verse

The sorrow inside weeps
my tears like raindrops on the pane
unhindered they convey loss from my heart
yet through the window
glimpses of sunshine peek through the clouds
glinting a sparkle on the pond
in nature’s way to soften the pain
the future remains and I have to live it
and in my tears that scares me
making it hard to see possibility
and I stare out through the window
at the dancing reflections of sunshine
the garden so peaceful and serene
offering tranquillity to a heart in turmoil
in my garden where I am at ease
by my pond where my mind can rest
a place of sweet memories of you and me
together, when the living was best
and through the window I see
the jasmine growing wild in the sunshine
without your hand to tame it
and out of the drawer I take your cutters
walking out to the snipping snip
putting the shrub back in order
outside I feel the sunshine
rest on my shoulders
a burst of reminder sunshine glints from the window
an invitation to step outside
and feel the warmth of your love again


It Must Be Love

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

This just invites an “The Poet and Her” write. Now whether the ‘Her’ is Lilydog the spanner spaniel or Shadow the Ninja cat who fits in with the phrase Pernickity Pets – who am I kidding they both do. However, without them life would be pointlessly empty – it must be love

The Poet and Her: It Must be Love
Form: Free Verse

It’s been a long night of insomniac thinking
when my head finally lets go to sleep
and the soggy nose nuzzles my hand
she wants to go out at 530am
but not on her own
the sun isn’t awake
but the poet has to go too
while she snuffles about
looking for the right spot
the perfect spot
the only spot for a pee
she’s straight back in to her cosy bed
with brown eyes of you gotta love me
and it’s just as well I do
so the poet heads back to his bed
and amber eyes of it’s not your bed gaze at me
seeking her attention
but not wanting a fuss
‘go on rub my belly’
but I know it’s a trap
moving her over gently instead
for a few inches of bed
so to sleep by the grace of the cat
yet I wouldn’t change a thing
for my girls know they have a poet’s love


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Fine Dining

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

If there is a reason I prefer buffet-style restaurants this is it. I really don’t like the fuss of having my meal waited, in fact, I can count the restaurants that are not buffet-style I feel okay in on one hand. I have concluded fine dining is not meant to be an enjoyable experience. Here goes…

Fine Dining
Form: Free Verse

He led us to a table, his nose in the air
then as we sat he presented menus
like a magician performing a card trick
and I’m asked to taste the contents of a freshly opened bottle
a sharp, refreshing white wine
and I say ‘it’s good’ and he proceeds to fill the glasses
as I wonder what if it had been vile
would I have dared say
would I have dared to disturb the pompous smirk on his face
from the kitchen comes a guy
swishing his hips with a board of bread rolls
‘please, may I introduce our in-house bread of the day’
and I’m still waiting for the one called ‘Fred’
as plates of art are set in place
all very pretty
it’s food for the eye but not enough to taste
he comes back with his nose even higher
‘is everything to your satisfaction?’
and I think ‘I’ll let you know when I have tasted it’
but I say ‘ everything is fine’ instead
and so it goes until the dessert
the marble-sized balls of ice cream on a biscuit
with a delicate swirl of cream
and after the fine dining, we pay the bill
before heading to a Chinese takeaway
to get some dinner


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Love at Samhain

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

The Sabbat of Samhain (31 October) translates as summer’s end. Samhain is my favourite Sabbat and is considered one of the most holy days of the year. The veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is at its thinnest and our loved ones in spirit can return to be with us for a brief time. My own experience tells me that is true, and I have no doubts about that. Here goes…

Love at Samhain
Form: Sestet Couplets

In Autumnal rain the evening shimmers wet
Reflecting the light of love I’ll never forget
I’m lighting candles of black and white
Preparing a feast for you tonight
Watching the shadows cavort with the fey
The magic of you is on its way
Samhain night a time to celebrate
The love that was destined to be our fate
In eternal love you are my bride
In life, in death, I am by your side
In the stillness of time I feel you, dear
As once again our love is holding us near
And though I’ll miss you to the end of my days
Love brings you to me in so many ways
To hold my hand when times are dark
In howling winds where no dogs bark
For eternity was my love’s vow
I meant it then and I mean it now


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Willow by the Stream

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Well, I am sure most have worked out I am a bit of a tree-hugger or a tree-whisperer, probably both. Over the years I have gotten to know the trees where I walk every day. They are like good friends, solid and reliable. In my beliefs, different trees tell us different things and are useful for making those decisions or actions related to that tree. Here goes…

Willow by the Stream
Form: Free Verse

Not so far away
you wait for me
knowing my heart is broken again
and I am feeling the pain
of mistaken love
you know I will come
seeking the gentle green tendrils
of your embrace by the stream
the whisper of your leaves comforting me
with your tips drifting on the ripples
flowing in the water
and I hear you whisper clearly now
‘let it go, my love, let it go’
and I feel the water dancing on my fingers
washing it away
taking the pain on its journey
until just a dull ache remains
emotions washed into fresh senses
discarding the meaningless things of the past
and I hear your whisper
‘the future is yours, my love, don’t look back’
beneath the boughs of solace
my willow by the stream
I see life begin to clear


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Time to Tee

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you, GC and Sue

I know mini golf as crazy golf, we also had pitch and putt. These days I am a bit of a bad golfer despite loving getting out with my clubs as often as I can. Tiger Woods is one of my heroes and not only for his golf. I am going to run with the idea of golf – here goes…

Time to Tee
Form: Free Verse

Long gone are the days of pitch and putt
with my uncle guiding the aim of my shot
when we played the green every Sunday
leaving the old ladies to their church
for the glory of a hole in one
such a rarity it became the sacred dream
shooting for a hole the eye cannot see
striking the ball from the tee
and watching it fly the skies
towards a fluttering flag
my dream to simply hit the green
before putting that holy orb
into the depths of darkness
marking the pad a score
with a childlike squeal
but that was the first
seventeen more to do
before heading home for tea
nowadays my aim is much better
and I ain’t squealing on the fairway
enjoying it’s sanctuary of peace is far better
and I no longer dream of being Tiger
instead I am thinking of characters and fiction
jotting ideas on the pad instead of a score
out on the fairway pondering with dreams
with my clubs
I’m always a winner


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – The Poet and Her: The Midnight Hour

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

With the extreme heat of the last few weeks, Lilydog’s walks have had to be rescheduled – not sure she is overly impressed by that. However, I do think she has enjoyed her late-night walks as she is now raring to go walkies between 11pm and midnight. Does that have something to do with the chicken and sausage treat after – probably. Here goes…

The Poet and Her: The Midnight Hour
Form: Quatern Sonnet

When we’re walking out in the dark
Only the moonlight on the path
Around the park in silver hue
Now the grass is cool on her feet
The park looks different at night
When we’re walking out in the dark
Crossing the bridge stream ripples shine
But the fish can be seen so clear
Lilydog picks up a new scent
Old fox has been looking for scraps
When we’re walking out in the dark
In the cool air of summer nights
A low-flying owl hoots hello
When we’re walking out in the dark


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Saw

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you, GC and Sue

Every year I meet up with one of my friends for a day out doing something totally bonkers. In 2010 it was Saw at Thorpe Park. The rules are simple, each year we take it in turns to choose an activity; it has to be out of the safety box and preferably totally insane. We have jumped out of planes, bungee jumped, and many other ‘you must be out of your tiny minds’ stuff. It was her year to choose what we did, she chose this and I actually hate rollercoasters, I am terrified of them so this was a real challenge. We did it, we didn’t die. Here goes…

The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893. Multimedia on cardboard. National Gallery and Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway

Form: Paulo Comitatu Sonnet

The queues were so long that day
And we stood gulping fear
The screams all we could hear
Our dread hidden in cheer
The queue moved and its all one way
Committed to the ride
Waiting, no place to hide
Such fear, I think I cried
Our turn, darkness making us stay
A crack; a closing bolt
A power surging volt
We both felt the sharp jolt
Into the light and we are climbing high
My thoughts, ‘this is it we’re going to die!’


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Biker Dudes

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you, GC and Sue

I love two-wheels, but I have to admit I would rather a Suzuki Gixxer (not exactly a moped) to a Raleigh, I think that was the pushbike I had as a kid. Somehow “Funky Moped” made #5 in the UK charts, the B-side was “Magic Roundabout” so we all know what sold that record, right?

Biker Dudes
Form: Muzdawwidj

Each year they would say what would like
For Christmas and I’d glare at my old trike
I really wanted a bike
And each year I’d hope under the tree
A sparkling bowed bike would be
But no not this year not for me
So I made do with the old tricycle
Until me and my mate, Michael
Built a proper two-wheeled bicycle
Now the fun we were gonna raise
Has we sped off into the summer haze
Ended up with knees in a graze
We’d made some obvious mistakes
While distracted by mum’s chocolate cakes
We had forgotten the brakes
But we were willing to learn
We bought brakes with the money we earned
Now we were ready to burn
At last our bike was really brill
And we were up for the thrill, until
We had to cycle uphill
And this year they asked what I would like
And I said I wanted a fast and loud motorbike
They said take a hike

And for all that patiently read through to the end, here’s Jasper and “Magic Roundabout”


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Landlocked Pirate

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

This prompt and PotC playing on my playlist – that’s got the imagination going better than any coffee. So I will let it run and see where it goes…

Landlocked Pirate
Form: Free Verse

Toes dipping and dangling into clear blue
sunshine ripples reflecting like glass
are they echoes of the things I’ve done
the things I’ve not done
returning to haunt me
should I send out messages of
‘I’m sorry, maybe next time’
or bottle them all up until my return
this is not my last chance
to navigate the waters of living
defending my reasons to be
but I am a landlocked pirate
and messages caught in bottles
don’t travel far in glass bottomed pools
and Davy Jones don’t keep his locker
here in the crystal blue
so slipping in to the waters
as the ripples bind my flesh and bones
the only gold the sun light
I think today I will swim
for to sink for treasure needs more
than Jack Sparrow’s rum


Weekly PromptsWednesday Challenge – Criahtrana

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Extremism, the breeding grounds of hate and bigotry. It’s not radical to hate, it is not cool to discriminate. You know those two are waiting in the wings don’t you? Kip and Gai, mainly Gai this time, and some memories of his old country – here goes

Flash Fiction

I was watching my future husband working on his project for Adasi. Kip was full of hope, full of dreams for the future, his passion for peace radiated from him. I think he just wanted to forget his past, even pretend it never happened. Not that he could, of course. I know the evils done to him by the political regime of Criahtrana, our old homeland, ripple through his nightmares most nights. Most nights I hold the love of my life as he sobs and screams.

Kip doesn’t remember the old Criahtrana, before the despot President Robles and the Free People Party took power. The irony in their political name is heart-breaking. Before them, Criahtrana had been free. Maybe a bit backward as it was a mainly rural country and most people worked the land in some way. The FPP came along with promises of modernity, technology, and a world competitive economy.

Rapidly the beautiful countryside was taken over by smoke-belching factories, and those who protested against that simply disappeared. All too soon freedom meant toeing the party line and kowtowing to Robles dictatorship. Well, that world competitive economy never happened as the outside world hit Criahtrana with economic sanctions and more economic sanctions. To Robles that was a declaration of war.

All too soon the Borderlands were seen as a place of refuge for those of us who opposed the regime, Getting there was seen as treason against the state and, if caught, meant certain death. I had travelled from the coast, using the system to survive. I dressed in the grey trousers and white shirt uniform, not to conform but to hide. It didn’t pay to stand out.

I had been in the capital Qiekery for no more than a week when I met the young and naïve teenager, Kip. I remember how he tried to fight me for a piece of stale bread. His scrawny malnourished body pained me and I let him have the bread. I watched him eat like a starved animal, then listened to the rebellious spirit that was Kip tell me of his plans to escape.

‘You’ll be dead within a month,’ I said.

‘Worth the risk, even death has to be better than this.’

‘True,’ I said. ‘Tell you what, maybe, if we work together, make real plans, one of us might stand a chance. I have been working the system for years to get this far. If you want to eat you have to work, if you want to work you have to appear like them.’

‘It’s knowing when it is safe when there is a way into the Borderlands’

‘That’s what nights are for, do you think it is only us wanting to get out’

‘So you know how to find things out too,’ said Kip.

I nodded. Looking around for an empty building to shelter in. I saw an old shop, empty and silent. ‘C’mon, let’s get outta here the militia will be out prowling soon’


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Naïve Kisses

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

As a hay fever sufferer summer has always been about the summer nights when the pollen levels drop and life is breathable again. So my somewhat misspent youth was in a south coast city so I am going to divert from my norm and not write summer nature for once. Here goes

Naïve Kisses
Form: Italian Quatrain

As pink skies shimmer the night lights
And city streets begin to buzz
Rhythms inviting just because
We’re dancing away summer nights
A G and T or whiskey shot
Before heading to the next place
Neon lights shine bright in the face
Summer heat and the chicks are hot
The romantic strolls by the quay
Where unloading cargo shines shout
The sailors and girls making out
In the echoes of the city
And we walk on down to the shore
A midnight picnic on the beach
That cheap wine as sweet as a peach
But young hearts need for nothing more
Away from lights and from the crowd
Away from clubs and rowdy bars
Naïve kisses beneath the stars
Exploring love that’s not allowed
As Saturday night greets the dawn
A bleary-eyed walk through the park
And folks think we’re up with the lark
As church bells ring the Sunday morn


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Waterlilies

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you, GC and Sue

Garden art just brings Monet to my head, a great artist inspired by his garden at Giverny. I am privileged in that I have been there a few times and can honestly say they bring his art to life- so here goes

The Water-Lily Pond by Claude Monet, 1899. Oil on canvas. The National Gallery, London, UK

Form: Free Verse

Serenity in brushstrokes of paint
when all we see is images of war on the screen
political scandals
and a stabbing on city streets
yet he gave a sweet escape
from the living hell of reality
a moment of tranquillity
from his gardens of art
impressions of beauty
light dancing with colour
floating on the surface
of the dark hidden depths
enchanting the mind
with exotica
and erotica
so sensual the delight
nature evocatively posed
as Monet’s nude
and for me
this is garden art


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Dusty Cobwebs

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Two things sprang to my mind and I just wasn’t going to look up a Shake’n’Vac ad as I love Queen, and this is a classic. This year for me has been one of clearing out and dumping the mess of life and getting life back on track. Is my mind any cleaner, well, it is clearer, but it still has its down and dirty moments – naturally? So here goes

Dusty Cobwebs
Form: Heroic Stanza 1

Open eyes, I can’t see the way ahead
Just drifting through, listless from here to there
Like an empty ship with nowhere to go
Nothing is left and no reason to care
Inside my mind, no thinking is found
And looking back that hindsight is a pain
Things I should have seen, things I should have known
Hindsight where red flags fall like pouring rain
Cobwebs of the mind cluttered up by love
Passions of the heart that should be sorted
Out of my reach, it don’t belong to me
Imaginings of love, old and distorted
It’s time for a clear-out, time to forget
Discard the sorrows and drown it all out
Sleep it off to awaken the new dreams
Part with holding back, shaking off the doubt
No more hiding in shadows of decline
Nor refusing to see the way ahead
The reality of a love gone wrong
It’s time to wake up, get out of that bed
To look for the moment the senses feel
The shake of the dust as the cobwebs fall
And the future sweeps it in a trash can
New beginnings await to show it all
Discarded sadness and anger in the past
No longer matters, I no longer care
Old memories may come but they will go
Now, a fresh start and it’s going somewhere
Dust, cobwebs, love, emotions off my back
I am moving on, I’m ready to grow
Dejunked and refreshed with my dreams alive
In the tranquillity I need to know


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Old Bits of Wood

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

In the days when health and safety wasn’t even a thing, when as kids we did crazy-assed things, got battered and grazed, and oooh we are still here, building carts that had no brakes or real steering was the bees – here goes

Old Bits of Wood
Form: Envelope Sestet

Those old bits of wood hidden in the shed
We had plans to put them to better use
Drawn out on scrap paper stained with spilt juice
Summer holidays no lazing in bed
We hunted for hammers and nails instead
Those old bits of wood hidden in the shed
Packing some sandwiches out on a trip
No swimsuits, no towels inside our bags
Just a bundle of old torn greasy rags
As we headed out for the rubbish tip
While some mates dragged through a rusty old skip
Packing some sandwiches out on a trip
And in those adventures we found some wheels
One from an old pushchair, one from a trike
A broken pedal car what’s not to like
Not one wheel looked the same and all were steals
This ain’t about style but how freedom feels
And in those adventures we found some wheels
We put it together, found some old rope
Tied to the front wheels to act as a guide
And then it was ready for the first ride
So we set out to a nearby hill slope
Not standing a chance and even less hope
We put it together, found some old rope
Pulling at cut straws to see who would drive
Mike got on board and so off he went
It wasn’t long before the wheels were bent
He crashed and we called out ‘are you alive’
Those homemade carts just how did we survive
Pulling at cut straws to see who would drive


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Running Out of Juice

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

With Metallica acting as my wake-up on my DAB alarm this morning – I love heavy rock, especially Metallica so not complaining. A write about alarms, well, I know what alarm drives me batshit crazy so here goes-

Running Out of Juice
Form: Triple Bina

Wake-up alarm time to do
Thoughts still lost in a dream
Sipping tea pausing a dream
Getting dressed ready to do
Bright yellow says let’s do this, work is not a dream
Outside a car breaks the silence
But it’s outside leave it alone
The phone rings I’m not alone
And I wonder what happened to silence
Empty streets of silence working home alone
Then I hear it piercing my mind
My soul cries and my heart feels flat
Incessant echo from inside my flat
Where is it now haunting my mind
The worst sound in my mind, somewhere a battery going flat


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Where Destiny Begins

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you, GC

As a non-driver parallel parking isn’t an issue for me as I am forever a biker. So maybe I skip that and go into the definition of the word parallel instead. Well, good old Google has thrown this at me – a parallel poem takes its form from another poem and uses the same line structures as another poem, but the focus is on a completely different topic. Some words from the original poem are retained, but some words are replaced with new words. Interesting, here we go….

Chosen completely at random, the original poem is Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein

Where Destiny Begins
Form: Parallel Poem

Where is this place where destiny begins
And the end echoes it’s too late
And classroom lessons have no more impact
And revising exams is no longer fact
And all we see is just an act
Reality check Polo mints can’t change fate
Let us forget the maths where irrational fractions suck
And the voices telling us the sins
Past the buildings where lost souls go
Confessional hearings where justice says no
Lets us go now before walking is too slow
This place where destiny begins
Yes we must learn what our instincts know
When our guts offer signs for us to make it so
As the children of light we see where to go
This place where destiny begins


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Pressing Matters

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thanks GC

And what a prompt, immediately I am taken back to my childhood and visits to my great-granny’s house. In the backroom old fashioned irons sat on the hearth although I think she would have stopped using them by then, she did still use a table covered in a blanket for an iron board – and that I do now. I believe she used to take in laundry to make ends meet, a common practice between the two world wars. I will let my imagination play for my lovely granny, Daisy May

Pressing Matters
Form: Common Measure

On the hearth, they sat in a row
A glimpse back to days past
Of when she took laundry in
And things weren’t so fast
No machines for this or for that
A copper, a mangle
And white linen hung on the line
Freshly squeezed, no tangle
Her irons sat gathering heat
While tea brewed in the pot
Table covered with blanket cloth
For the irons get hot
Bedding sheets and petticoat lace
She pressed them all just so
In neat piles all neatly folded
Fresh and ready to go
The sweet scent of Monday morning
Hangs gently in the air
Perfumes of freshly cleaned linen
Infusions take me there
Away from the hum of machines
Churning and spinning fast
To a cup of tea and steamy heat
And the old ways long past


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Love In the Missing

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – many thanks GC

The prompt of missing – it is so going to be Gabbie – and I am beginning to love writing for her as using my creativity for her brings her a little closer – or, at least I think it does so it does. Twenty-odd years ago I couldn’t have written her because all I saw was the emptiness of not having Gabbie with me – now, whilst still an emptiness, it has also become a warm love-filled presence.

Love In the Missing
Form: Free Verse
Theme: Love

In those moments of delusional thinking
when I felt your presence embracing me
all the times I felt down
all the times I felt weak
I felt your kiss turn my frown into a smile
only to become dazed and confused
by feelings of empty loneliness
yet in that lost emptiness
the ache in my heart reminds me
of our love and how much I miss you
and how this stage of my life
is living the waiting game
for our love to be free again
and no matter how sad I feel
how miserable life may seem
I can still smile with the knowing
of how our love will be
when it is you and me together again
and the long silent hug where tears
melt into joy
in that desperate craving of being you and me
until then I will love and miss you
the missing half of me


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Wind Back the Clock

Inspired by and written for the Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge

Thank you, GC. My initial thinking – ouch this one will be a challenge. I never know quite how old something is to be considered Retro – so I Googled it and landed on this

imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past.
“retro 60s fashions”

I was born in the 60’s – so I must be Retro then. Ok ‘ere goes

Wind Back the Clock
Form: Free Verse

Too old to be modern when
crafted in the era of free love
and flower-powered hippies
dancing to the ’60s beat
but it’s where I’d like to go
with Bakelite door handles
and a crystal set playing The Beatles
I’d feel so fine,
away from the crazy nights
of crystal meths and feeling blue
because some jerk on social media
didn’t click ‘like’
hell, I want to go back,
be retro as I don’t fit in here
maybe the ‘80s and the electro beat
or glam rock stomping the’70s way
that would do
so screw the 21st century and all its mod cons
I’m all set to travel back in time
wind back the clock
and go retro


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Not So Old Style

Written to the Wednesday Challenge prompt from gc – many thanks for inspiring my writing once again

Well I know I am a kitchen gadget nut as I love cooking but outside of that who needs them – well thinking about it. It seems I do

Not So Old Style
Form: Burns’ Stanza
Theme: Home
Subject: Gadgets

I thought I was an old-style guy
With few mod cons helping me by
Perhaps I’m wrong or so thought I
The DAB that wakes me up
And the morning is still quite shy
As coffee drips in cup
That’s two before my brain awakes
And the mobile vibrates and shakes
Sipping my coffee as dawn breaks
Denmark is calling me
The Viking speaks they need more takes
That’s how it goes you see
I see a message on my pad
The prompt is in, the poet’s glad
He needs the break from working mad
Gadgets? I have so few
And the laptop casts out its shad
That’s five I’m shocked its’s true
And I’ve not started cooking yet
Pasta machine already set
Lasagne for tea a good bet
And the stand mixer waits
The air-fryer and smoothie set
How is there room for plates?
I think it is time to admit
I use more than the one gadget
For in my life they seem to fit
But one I really need
A teasmaid by my bed to sit
Oh yeah that’s one I need


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Confronting Reflections

Written to the following gem of a prompt – thank you GC

Oh bloody hell!!!! This morning my random word is ‘afraid’ and along comes GC and his prompt of ‘fear’ and ‘what if’ – coincidence most certainly, but one I won’t ignore. I daren’t – living in fear, being afraid, and only what if’s were my life for more years than I care to remember – not anymore! Here goes —

Confronting Reflections
Free Verse

Fear hiding in my room
Afraid and alone
What if they find out?
Fear purging clothing, purging veins
Afraid of a pair of jeans
What if they say too much?
Fear of no way out
Afraid there is no way out
What if there is no way out?
Fear of mirrors
Afraid of her reflection
What if it could change?
Fear they only see her
Afraid of their hate for him
What if?
Fear of the hate
Afraid of discrimination but
What if I stand my ground?
Fear of being me
Afraid I will never be me
What if I can be me?
Fear of living
Afraid destiny is denial
What if I die?
Fear of the questions
Afraid of the answers
What if I survive?
Fear looking in the mirror
Afraid I will see her
What if I see him?
Fear of the future
Afraid of the past
What if tomorrow is the same?
Fear walking down that road
Afraid the doctors will say no
What if they say yes?
What if?
Fear fading into memory I’m
Afraid there are no regrets
What if, what if, what if?
Fear needs to be faced
Afraid or not
What if she can’t survive
But he can

Author’s Note: My thanks to the lovely person who sent me the Trans Raven – absolutely love it


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Oh FFS

Written as a response to the following prompt – hoping the pingback thing works. Thank you for helping me through this year’s NaPoMo and hopefully beyond

My intuitive thought here is a limerick, I have to say I am no Lear but will go with it and see where it goes. And so it went – do I need to put an adult language warning on this – well you’ve been warned there, I guess

And if an excuse is even necessary a bit of silly stuff from my hero, the Macca

Form: Limerick

At nonsense verse I’m not that slick
My humour don’t fit its rhetoric
Dry and dark has no thrilly
And it all gets rather silly
But at least I keep it rhythmic
Now there is something far worse
Than badly written nonsense verse
The bad joke, makes me sink
So silly I can’t be assed with the ink
As it leaves my mood feeling quite terse
Yet the teller thinks they are funny
And get upset at ‘no you ain’t, hunny’
In an irritated tone
So bad I won’t even groan
I’d sooner eat ice cream gone runny
Bad jokes that can never amuse
Or cheer a bloke down with the blues
It really is a case
Of oh please shut your face
And let me watch the paint drying views
Don’t get me wrong I laugh ‘til I ache
When the wit is dry it will make me shake
At humour that’s dark
Overflowing with sarc
Just don’t make me say ‘Oh for fuck’s sake!!!’


Weekly Challenge Wednesday Prompts – The Coat

Written as a response to the following prompt – thank you

Well, the quote “Mannequins are the artificial intelligence of the modeling industry.”― Mokokoma Mokhonoana did it for me. It triggered the memories of my daily ride home from a night shift. Was it AI telepathically talking to me each day as I passed by all those years ago -mayhaps

Like I need a reason to add a bit of Bowie

The Coat
Form: Alternating Quatrain

Confusion of thoughts walking past
A Moss Bros shop in a world of dreams
Behind the glass so wide and vast
His pose caught in spotlight beams
A casual stance in a winter coat
Empty face glistens like sweat on his brow
Trapped in his world as passers-by gloat
I feel his pain, but I don’t know how
Both of us trapped locked on the inside
With no way out for him or for me
Does he know how many tears I’ve cried
Yet I’m sure he knows the longing to be free
I looked in his face and said
I’ll do it for both of us, mate
Setting the path on the way ahead
A destiny echoed by thoughts of fate
Today I walk taller as I pass by
New mannequins dressed for a summer afloat
I don’t stop, I’ve no time to sigh
But in my wardrobe hangs a Moss Bros coat