Curry and Jazz

Curry and Jazz
Form: Free Verse

Golden liquor shimmers in the late morning sun
a whiskey before noon
perhaps it’s too soon
but whose to judge but me
as I ponder another evening meal for one
the warm feeling slips through my throat
a subtle reminder of other nights
of cooking lamb curry
eaten by candlelight
soft jazz setting a rhythm
enticing and inviting her and me to our bed
and a warm feeling slipping slowly through my throat
diced lamb and sliced onions
simmer in the slow cooker
spices scenting the air
lingering in my throat –
I’ll freeze the other half


Ticket to Some Place (Weekend Writing Prompt)

Inspired by and written for Weekend Writing Prompt – Thank you, Sammi

Form: Free Verse

automated reactions
the nervous twitch
sparks electric through my nerves
yet hands and words
like wheels spinning
without revelation of feelings
and emotions
making jokes at my own expense
my lips on autopilot
before my thoughts jam the cogs
matter over mind
say never mind it doesn’t matter
as pain erupts in varying explosions
my soul is stranded
on the platform of Heartbreak Station
checking the time for
the next clockwork train
to any destination
anywhere and nowhere in particular
away from here
I no longer care
a ticket to a new destination
some place
away from you

Word Count: 99


Snapshot of Desire

Snapshot of Desire
Form: Free Verse

My eyes captured a brief moment of your desire
forbidding my heart not to love you
and having seen that moment
how could I not
when to be with you is all I crave
without pressure or coercing words
nor matchmakers setting it up
at that moment, my heart was enslaved

Yet your gentle hand refuses me
waving its intent I should go away
I don’t understand, confused by your grip
with no want to set me free
and in your holding me
you know I am at your command

I feel the tenderness of your touch
demanding I leave my solitude
to clutch at the dreams
while they’re creating my want for you
in my confusion, I don’t know what I should do
as your lips whisper “Go away!”

Should I call your bluff and leave?
would you stop me with words: “Please don’t”
would you command me to make that vow
in a lover’s kiss
as acceptance of your possession of my soul



Form: Free Verse

A gathering of grey at the end of the day
And I listen to the jasmine sipping the rain
As I drink a chilled white wine
I watch the summer rain drizzle from the tiles
Refreshing the climbers on the trellis
Their leaves thirsty from a hot day
Softly falling drips and drops
As I bid my garden goodnight

In the morning the rain has gone
The light of the sun shining on vibrant green
Making dark shadows a cool space for sparrows
Their black eyes watching with caution
The dish fill in time for breakfast
From the deck table I see the flurry of brown feathers
Chitter-chat and flutter over the seeds and nuts
And the stillness of the raven on the shed roof
Content to chew over the bacon
A lovely sight on a summer’s day


Road to Self

Road to Self
Form: Free Verse

I was never one for looking
for the easy answers
the easy way out
the road of my life was never going to be straight
or one taken by so many
the grooves were there to follow
mine is the path that changes direction
without warning
taking half a dozen steps back
at a missed junction
because there is no map
then I meet someone coming towards me
“Hey, you are sure you want to go that way?”
so it’s find a rock to sit on awhile
and ponder on someone else’s thinking
as they tell me all that is wrong up ahead
revealing their hurt inside
but I know I must keep going
trust my instincts ain’t lying
as I take the next winding bend
but I say thank you anyway
and that this is my journey
my path
and I go where it goes
until I meet myself at the other end


Going In Circles

Going In Circles
Form: Free Verse

“forget your feelings”
I already did when I said I love you
“you can be grey instead”
and just why would I do that
“it isn’t normal”
and what you are doing is I suppose
“you’re some kind of freak”
if that means I am different to you, then good
“can’t you just fake it?”
like you do when you say you love me?
and repeat
it won’t change who I am


High Tide

High Tide
Form: Free Verse

she is the ocean
undulating emotions
to her shore
of my body
and in her rippling waves
she takes me to the ends of eternity
be I sand or shingle
her caress dances over my skin
and in my breathlessness
she lifts me higher
and higher
until I crash on some vague
distant horizon
and there I lie
clinging to the swirling shadow
as the salt of my tears
flow into her depths
fulfilling her need
until the demands
of the next high tide
and her desirous waves
break over me again


Aplomb (Weekend Writing Prompt)

Inspired by and written for Weekend Writing Prompt – Thank you, Sammi

Definition: Aplomb – n. self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation

In addition, in the world of ballet aplomb refers to unwavering stability during a vertical pose or movement, possibly best exemplified by the Dying Swan – not that I need an excuse to include a clip of Zakharova

Form: Free Verse

as she dances again
her poise of elegance and grace
not even a flutter of a tutu
out of place
as she moves onto the stage
her audience in rapture
sell-assured liquidity
fingers and arms a swan’s wings
portraying the poignancy of the moment
in the desperate struggle
between life and death
maintains her gentle composure
and sweet sadness enters
the memory
entwining everlasting beauty
with the music
denying the scythe of the reaper
for in the magical movement
and in the beauty of her dying
is forever immortal

Word count: 92


Story Behind a Picture

Story Behind a Picture
Form: Free Verse

There is a photograph of two ladies
with high-button boots
walking along the beach where the sea
sooths over the pebbles; their scarves unfurled
like the flags outside the old library
and the wind was blowing in an easterly direction;
towards the prom. The younger one, the one
with flowing blonde hair,
looks over at the older,
as if listening to what she is about to say.
And I smile, remembering the story
and I can imagine I am there, present.
How they suddenly hoisted their skirts
above the foaming waters, dashing
back towards the prom
scattering resting gulls to the heavens
above the glistening sea.
My Edwardian ladies with their delicate
lace parasols and straw boater hats
on the exact same beach
where Nana and I spend the summers
dressed in 70’s casual
beach wear –
- what would the ladies so think
and I look at Nana, pictured with
flowing blonde hair as she tells me how
so decadently she’d loosen the buttons
and her dress would fall
unceremoniously in a heap
while her mother tutted and fussed
before finishing whatever it was
she happened to be saying
as Nana ran into the sea
for a dip


Broken Record

Broken Record
Form: Free Verse

I thought I could make my body home
yet a broken record played within my mind
endlessly chanting the same thinking
I don’t belong in her
you don’t belong in here
until I could hear nothing else
but the repetition of identity
until I understood
wherever I roam
this body is not my home
and the inner voice had to speak aloud


Dissolution (Weekend Writing Prompt)

Inspired by and written for Weekend Writing Prompt – Thank you, Sammi

Definition: Dissolution – v. the action of formally ending or dismissing an assembly, partnership, or official body; debauched living; dissipation

Form: Free Verse

Sunday mornings
waking up in the misty fog
left over from the night before
the decadent indulgences
of fine dining
and, of course
damn good sex
come at a price
as the afterglow diminishes
and aftereffects come in
uninvited and unwelcome
aches and pains
and her snoring is deafening
as it echoes from room to room
once more the resolution
a cessation of hedonistic pleasure
but watching TV
not my thing
in conclusion
what to do on Saturday nights?

Word Count – 81


Those Nights

Those Nights
Form: Free Verse

when the nights are haunted
with repetitive dreams
the radio-active nightmares
of one night
the one night
trust in love died
crucified in sacrifice
to your selfish want
defiling my body
on those nights
shaking with fear
alone in the dark
I remember you
for what you are
you didn’t destroy me
as you wanted
and in that knowledge
I celebrate my victory to live free


Diamonds and Wine

Diamonds and Wine
Form: Free Verse

How I love to taste the wine of wild desire
wet and warm upon your ruby lips
and the diamonds of lust that sparkle
passion’s fire within your eyes
as you melt into my arms
your flesh embracing mine
and your hair glowing in the candlelight
as you kiss me
Not for us the cold loveless kisses
of virginal purity
nor the want for saintly bliss
as white as the spotless dove
for ours is the love that hungers freely
and laughs at the world of denial
for your body is mine
and my flesh is yours
as you set my soul in flames
So kiss me now
while your lips are warm and fragrant
and taste like wine
clasp my heart and hold me close
as the shining stars go pale
for ours is the pleasure
of living in love


Cognitive (Weekend Writing Prompt)

Inspired by and written for Weekend Writing Prompt – Thank you, Sammi

Definition: Cognitive – adj. relating to cognition. Cognition – n. the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses

Form: Free Verse

researching for understanding
absorbing information found
in a pile of books
learning and relearning
highlighting things to remember
what is useful
for future reference
mentally storing key points
and words
triggers of acquisition
to the memory
noted for rapid recollection
an instant withdrawal
at the right time
like the PIN code for an ATM
get it wrong
access denied

Word Count: 59


Whispering Sky

Whispering Sky
Form: Free Verse

I find my pleasure in the moonlight
while my feet dangle
trailing in the flowing waters
not for me the baking heat
of the noon sun dazzling the day
here in the lunar lit trees
whose leaves sparkle with silver reflections
I feel the mystery of power
as energy flows between
earth and sky
and I watch the stream’s waters
rushing in foam
around the rocks
blue in the moonlight
and I listen to the sky as he whispers
his blessings
adorning my spirit with
the treasures of nature
and I feel them within me
and enchanting
the beauty of my soul


Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest
Form: Free Verse

I kept our letters from long ago
in a chest under my bed
my treasure of hidden messages
in the stories of every day
and I smile when I think of the coded ways
we used to say “I love you”
our love that can never die
for you and your love changed my life
the only love I will ever want is you
so I cherish our letters
recalling the days I will remember always
as if I only saw you yesterday
in the echoes of promised love we made
forever and a day


Unrepentant (Weekend Writing Prompt)

Inspired by and written for Weekend Writing Prompt – Thank you, Sammi

Form: Free Verse

always the one to say it
when nothing I‘ve done was wrong
because fighting seemed a bad option
sorry came out instead
but then I stopped feeling
the need to give a shit
so I simply stopped saying it
I’m no longer taking the blame
for your behaviour
as seriously there are no excuses
so no I am not saying I’m sorry
instead, fuck you
and I’m done

Wordcount: 69


Love is Missing

Love is Missing
Form: Free Verse

you see my lack of desire
as a sign love is missing
but you are wrong
I feel love
I just don’t desire sex
I don’t see sexy
I see beautiful
curvaceous or slender
it is the beauty within I see
the sparkle in the eye
joy in laughter
pleasure of souls in union
I see your beauty in the galaxies in your eyes
and stardust in your smile
the eighth wonder of my world
the spectacular sunset on a mountain
and when I say you are beautiful
all that is what I mean
the sensual ambiance of a night out
without the threatening pressure
of what comes after
of feeling used like a breathing toy
of beauty fading as you take pleasure
in my degradation
and love is dead


Family Resemblance

Family Resemblance
Form: Free Verse

Sorting through
boxes of long forgotten letters,
and sepia photos, a flapper girl
with her cards offering to dance
a beautiful girl I never knew
yet it stopped me in my tracks
with a chill in my spine
her delicate features so youthful
I thought I remembered them
a slender figure dressed in lace
but I don’t remember that
her black bob framing her eyes
and I bet those eyes are grey
a boyish grin
yes, I recognise that
but were her lips a glossy red?
Eileen, 1926
my Nana
a beautiful girl
but I thought I saw my dad
and I thought I saw me


The Final Frontier (Weekend Writing Prompt)

Inspired by and written for Weekend Writing Prompt – Thank you, Sammi

Form: Free Verse

a starship to behold
for making bold voyages
where no one had been before
strange planets and places
beaming down to the surface
will danger be waiting
never mind
that guy in red will be dead soon
and the rest will be safe
for another adventure next week
over time the captains change
and we all have a favourite
be it A, B, C, or bloody D
Picard is still best

Word Count: 73


Whoever You Are

Whoever You Are
Form: Free Verse

take my hand brother
whoever you are
stand with me, brother
in the name of peace
are we so different
you and I?
when all is said and done
do we not live under the same sky
struggling to make ends meet
as prices go up
and the pay goes down
do we not both feel that bite
just the same
take my hand brother
whoever you are
stand with me, brother
in the name of peace
are we so different
you and I?
fighting for the same rights to exist
to live free from discrimination
just be who we are
take my hand brother
whoever you are
stand with me, brother
in the name of peace
are we so different
you and I?
when the bombs of war
don’t know which of us is which
in the name of that
beyond our control
take my hand brother
whoever you are
stand with me, brother
in the name of peace
does it matter what colour skin or religion?
does it matter what gender or sexuality?
does any of it matter
when the bombs won’t care
killing us all equally
take my hand brother
whoever you are
stand with me, brother
in the name of peace


Said It Out Loud

Said It Out Loud
Form: Free Verse

before I understood
I was nothing much
and never anything worth thinking about
just a rhythm out of beat
playing the wrong tune
in a world of misunderstanding
that I would never fit in
I said it out loud
and will keep saying it
for in that saying
I became enough for you –
enough to make ridicule
enough to degrade
enough to leave
I’m happy you left


7:00 a.m.

7:00 a.m.
Form: Free Verse

The pulse races
when passions are liquid hot
not even your kiss can staunch the flow of lust
and the delicate pearls of sweat form on your brow
I know your hunger is melting too
I feel it bubbling on your lips as we kiss
you start to whisper a breeze on my ear
all I can say
“just kiss me, baby, just kiss me”
my body burning like molten rock
and coolness of your hands on my hips
your mouth sizzling down my bare chest
anticipation raging for the drag of your nail
over the fly off my jeans
my jeans
my jeans?
“you left them before you fell, babe
before you fell
you fell”
too late I am lost to your lips taking me in
into the depths of sweet penetration
what the hell is that noise
piercing my brain without mercy
another plastic box shatters against the wall
damn you alarm
can you not let me dream?



Form: Free Verse

Our love woven like delicate Belgian lace
intricate strands combining
forming a beautiful design
like a lilac in flower
sharing its fragrance on the cool morning air
combining with the aroma of sun-kissed dew
and the wild mint growing by the pond
pungent and earthy
delicate yet strong
our love was the fierce winter wind
entwined with a warm summer breeze
embracing the golden light of sunrise
with the flaming skies of twilight
for we were the moon and the sun
mingled in the flames of love


Treetop (WWP)

Inspired by and written for Weekend Writing Prompt – my thanks to Sammi

Form: Free Verse

where are you
I can’t see from the ground
with you hiding in the skies
but I will climb up
and join you for the view
while swaying in wind
making you leaves shake with a bustle-rustle
and it seems like you are talking to me
about the panorama of woods and fields
or perhaps you’re saying
it’s time to go down now

Word Count: 63


Deacon (AWAD)

Inspired by A Word a Day – my thanks to Anu Garg

and also the writings of the novelist Dorothy L Sayers and her novel The Nine Tailors

Form: Free Verse

A bad winter in Fenchurch St Paul
a crescendo of bells
in hope for a better year to come
yet a single bell tolls in the night
another death from Spanish flu
Deacon was not a good man
but he laid in a lady’s grave
murdered they said
but by who?
Lord Peter would know what to do
and Bunter too
cutting a long story short
no one killed Deacon
although he deserved it
it were Gaude and Sabaoth
John, Jericho, and Jubilee
Dimity and Batty Thomas
not forgetting Tailor Paul
that signed his death warrant
their tongues clamouring in exultation
brazen as they danced to the leaping ropes
on that New Year’s night
them did it
and I call that Karma


Just Wondering

Just Wondering
Form: Free verse

the good days with fun to be had
playing out until the amber flicker lit the street
and it was yours or mine for tea
there were bad days too
when we held each other’s tears
as secret pain was shared
all those days we said we’d never forget
but times have changed
memories faded yet still I hope
you are okay
then realise you are no longer the boy I knew
as like me you are completing
the sixth decade
we are both old now
you’re not the boy in red shorts
and I don’t have pigtails in my hair
and I don’t know the man you are now
did you marry?
have you got kids?
did you achieve your dream
and become a vet?
or perhaps you worked for Esso
like the other lads


After the Marriage

After the Marriage
Form: Free Verse

her arms dusted with flour
shuddered with the passing years
as her fists pounded
and twisted the daily batch of dough
rolls to serve with dinner
and a loaf take shape
the kettle whistles
a cup of tea with the dough set to rise
she remembers the old days
the early days of happy ever after
just after she married her prince
when the days of domestic chores
became a memory
and they lived happily ever after
that was the traditional prediction
that didn’t see revolution
the evacuation to the small cottage
and she’s here back in the kitchen
making bread
and her price works in a factory
making the money to buy flour
and this is the real happy ever after



Form: Free Verse

Life is a wonderful thing
the passage of time
allowing us to evolve
absorb events
accepting what happens
with a little patience and understanding
it all takes a bit of time
and an open mind


Human Voices

Human Voices
Form: Free Verse

They wait behind that closed door
concealing those prowling shadows
that whisper in human voices
softly whisper my craven name
with words that curse and crawl
upon the soul
gleaming eyes shimmering dishonesty
clamouring at the door
shambling sinews festering and furtive
twisting and churning
they are familiar yet unfamiliar
sensual mortality draped in immorality
softly whispering the echoes of fear


It’s Not My Thing

It’s Not My Thing
Form: Free Verse

I’m left feeling horrible
with you demanding the physical things
that make me churn in the pit of my gut
no matter how hard I try
in the end I can’t ignore it
and I’m too messed up
to explain it
and there is no point anyway
for you love is sex
and you demand it that way
but what if I told you
pushing it on me is rape
that isn’t love
and never will be


What If You Fly

What If You Fly
Form: Free Verse

My heart like a compass
led me to your sweeter desires
my body the pointer
showing the way to your passion
as my soul drowned in your kiss
awakening my mind to carnal instincts
oblivious of thinking
the senses taking over
liquified and flowing over the edge
wantonly falling into love’s abyss
on waves of sexual energy
until the crescendo of lust’s arousal
floats over
embraced in your sensual depths
to fly with the stars


Saxophone (RDP)

Inspired by and written for Ragtag Daily Prompt – my thanks to Drkottaway

Form: Free Verse

City streets bathed in summer rain
reflecting the stars and amber lights
tripping the mind of an old man
walking home along the empty streets
his fading eyes greet the old-fashioned balconies
of old-fashioned apartments
perhaps it is his imagination
that hears the lilt of a saxophone
caress the night air
as it sings his song
enticing his feet to dance once more
along the freshly washed pathways
back home


Croci Spirit

Croci Spirit
Form: Free Verse

Sat by the pond
in the early morning sun
they caught my eye
in glimpses of white, purple, and yellow
from the bottom of the garden
a sign that winter’s time
must soon make way
for spring’s sunshine and showers
and warmth fills my soul
on this cold winter morning


Inglorious Queen (writephoto)

Courtesy Of KL Caley

Inspired by and written for #Writephoto – thank you, KL

I know it’s a British Naval ship, but I’m reading about Bismarck so going with that

Inglorious Queen
Form: Free Verse

From the annuls of war
battles claiming the seas
for the control of the waters
between us and them
a ship set sail
on a maiden voyage
proud in her shades of grey
the queen of the German fleet
heading north
to where bussers once sailed
from the lands of the Vikings
where she met His Majesty’s navy
first the salvos of warrior ships
then from the air
the bombs attacked
sealing her fate
crippled at sea
in the strait of Denmark
she was sunk by her men
without glory
yet her name, Bismarck
lives on


Building the Muscles

Building the Muscles
Form: Free Verse

To the child inside
left with sorrow and woe
because your courage
couldn’t say “No”
and so-called friends
said do this
do that
be this
be that
or we won’t be your friend
courage failed to say “No”
it’s okay
it was the time you needed to fit in
go with crowd
go with flow
and you thought it wrong to say “No”
and when it really doesn’t feel right
it’s okay not to fight
for nothing changes over night
and courage takes time to build
so don’t be ashamed of not saying “No”
instead let your heart work out
little steps of baking away
from all that is wrong for you
each time a little bit more
your courage is strong
and the time is right
to simply say “No, you are wrong”
and walk away


Coffee and a Chat (WWP)

Inspired by and written for Weekend Writing Prompt – Thank you, Sammi

Coffee and a Chat
Form: Free Verse

She’s sat on my desk
today she has a lot to say
like every day she wants to share her news
her blues
and all in between
as I say no, yes, uhhuh
and give her the pets
the pets she desires
a simple request
while chatting
as I drink my coffee
without typing as that would be rude
all she wants is the time
to share love her way
before sauntering off
chatting done
ready to face her day
and be Shadow
the cute ninja cat

Word count: 88


Whispering Nothing

Whispering Nothing
Form: Free Verse

Holding you in my arms
we both knew where it would end,
we both knew we had no choice,
we tried everything to avoid it,
but it was calling the shots
and we had to say goodbye.
Holding you closer,
hoping that would make a difference,
hoping goodbye would never come,
stroking your cheek and whispering,
whispering nothing.
Wishing time would stop,
wishing you would take me with you,
one of us had to stay behind;
somehow, I must try to live
without you


Shakespeare’s Strut (WWP)

Inspired by and written for Weekend Writing Prompt – Thank you, Sammi

Shakespeare’s Strut
Form: Free Verse

the rehearsals done
it is the opening night
for three nights only
dialogue learned
costumes fitted
and the prompter sat in his box
the stage is set
and the Danish prince is raring to go
whilst Ophelia has a case of the nerves
her dress is too tight
the old curtain is rising to the occasion
it has seen better days
it is time for the am-dram Thespians
to get out there
in the hope Hamlet remembers his soliloquy
‘to be or not to be’ and so it goes
with Master Shakespeare can strut his stuff

Word Count: 100


Wild Cat

Wild Cat
Form: Free Verse

She was his ideal match
ticking all the right boxes on the dating app
a wild cat in the bedroom
but hidden behind the algorithms of tech
a much darker secret was kept
her deepest desire to devour
raw meat in the night
under the covers she was gnawing on bones
a bowl of giblets while watching TV
and she would tell him she had a migraine
she needed her medicine
liver fresh from the fridge
the iron is good for the blood she would say
but he loved her anyway
until the day
he walked in and the stench of blood
filled his nose
stale and nauseating
it really wasn’t any good
and despite his love the time had come
to say over finished, we’re done
he paused for a moment as he climbed the stairs
what if – no she loved him
he knew that
and as he walked in the bedroom she pounced
like a tiger claiming its prey
and as she looked in the mirror
his blood still fresh on her lips
she said “it wasn’t a lie”
she was his ideal match
ticking all the right boxes on the dating app
a wild cat in the bedroom


No Excuses

No Excuses
Form: Free Verse

As the song says
“I am what I am”
and damn right that needs no excuses
as excuses just make you feel comfortable
with my reality
and safe in your ideals of what I should be
when what I should be is me
I wasn’t born to be somebody else’s ideal
none of us are
I wasn’t born to be a great explorer
yet I am on a voyage of discovery
exploring the world of me
finding new horizons in my own identity
and facing the fear that may bring
it is my fear to face
and no one can protect me
and I don’t need protecting
from the new discoveries
with no way of knowing where they may lead me
it is my destiny to find
a destiny within my identity
within me


Beautiful Masculinity

Beautiful Masculinity
Form: Free Verse

Caution playing a wild card
in thoughts of what may be
in this world where love and sex
are the same thing
and romance is a fuck against the wall
what is there for the asexual man
with a rainbowed heart
and a passionate mind
but his body is out of bounds
can we still dance in the garden
inhaling the scent of the roses
and can our lips meet
erupting our masculinity
into an awe of beauty
like a dazzling star of intimacy
of love that has no desire for sex
that embraces the moment
of pure attractiveness


One Night Only

One Night Only
Form: Free Verse

What is lust if
it does not gratify the mind
but sates the want of physical need
without desire
for intimacy beyond touch
conversation disregarded
in favour of grunts and groans
a sacrifice for a meaningless act
of another
‘For One Night Only’ show
forgotten before the dawn light
and the craving for a hot coffee
from an all-night drive-thru
a moment lost
until it is recalled by
an STD


Joy Reclaimed

Joy Reclaimed
Form: Free Verse

I don’t hate you because I don’t love you
I feel nothing for you because my emotions
are too precious to waste
on nothing
I don’t want to talk to you
because I don’t have time to waste my breath
and have better things to do
and I am not sorry
that I walked away
it is what I needed to do
because being alone is better than nothing
and if you see a smile on my face
know it’s because I walked away
turned my back on your skies of grey
to lift my face to my skies of blue
and reclaim my joy
that you thought you could strip from me
but happiness was never in your hands
as hands of nothing don’t do much
my happiness was always my own
and the strength within me
so, there is nothing to look back on
as I ain’t going that way


Acrimony (Weekend Writing Prompt)

Inspired by and written for Weekend Writing Prompt – Thank you, Sammi

Form: Free Verse

Bitter words
spoken in haste
the truth of love
meaning nothing
snarling antagonism
aspiring to caustic sarcasm
but failing with its crushing unkindness
bantered in rallies of spite
in a cold soulless courtroom
the only victims now
are the children
forgotten by parents
so lost in their hate
in the twistedness of
a nasty divorce

Word Count: 55


Imperfect Voices

Imperfect Voices
Form: Free Verse

Where are the promised legions of hope
promised in a sacrifice of redemption
they, the chosen by grace
called to serve only themselves
in a dressage of spiteful judgement
preaching hate and rejecting the gift of love
called by light into darkness
lost beyond wilderness
shouting out their perfections
and rejecting truth in contemptuous acts
against the sacredness of love
the imperfect voices
face a different world
where love is the purest state
unconditional in the giving
unbounded by faith in falseness
born imperfectly perfect
in that darkness that invites
only the truest of light