Five A.M. by Allen Ginsberg Five A.M.1996 Elan that lifts me above the cloudsinto pure space, timeless, yea eternalBreath transmuted into wordsTransmuted back to breathin one hundred two hundred yearsnearly Immortal, Sappho's 26 centuriesof cadenced breathing -- beyond time, clocks, empires, bodies, cars,chariots, rocket ships skyscrapers, Nation empiresbrass walls, polished marble, Inca Artworkof the mind -- but where's it … Continue reading Five A.M. by Allen Ginsberg

Dodoitsu Notes

A Japanese form, the Dodoitsu was developed at the end of the Edo Period. It has no meter nor rhyme constraints, instead, the focus is on syllables. The poem consists of four lines with 7-syllables in lines 1, 2, and 3 and 5-syllables in line 4. The Dodoitsu often utilizes the themes of love or … Continue reading Dodoitsu Notes

Metal March Day 23 Hell's BellsAC/DC1980 Lilydog celebrates her 14th (98th in dog years) birthday today. Lots of special treats for my lil lady today - and homemade cheesy doggo biscuits. While I was baking AC/DC were rocking out on my DAB with this classic so it seems fittingly bangin' in a "Hell's Bells" kinda way

Rispetto Notes

An old Italian form, the Rispetto is comprised of two quatrains written in iambic tetrameter or 8-syllable lines. They were originally poems written in respect or admiration of a woman, however, over the centuries it has offered itself for other subjects Rhyme Scheme: abab ccdd Example Moonlit Gypsy by JezzieG On moonlit nights she dances … Continue reading Rispetto Notes

Give It Away by Red Hot Chilli Peppers Give It AwayAlbum: Blood Sugar Sex MagikDate: 1991Genre: Funk MetalArtist: Red Hot Chilli Peppers Red Hot Chilli Peppers are a rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1983. The line-up is vocalist Anthony Kiedis, bassist Flea, drummer Chad Smith, and guitarist John Frusciante. With music incorporating elements of rock, funk, punk, hard rock, psychedelic … Continue reading Give It Away by Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Sicilian Sonnet Notes

Structure: Octet and sestetMeter: Tetrameter or octosyllabic linesRhyme Scheme: abababab cdcdcd Example Old Cassette by JezzieG The first step into a new worldAnd time became a memoryAs the beauty of love unfurledLike words written in poetryInto your dream my senses whirledThus enchanted by mysteryAnd in each new day becomes curledIn our magical history Cherry blossom … Continue reading Sicilian Sonnet Notes

Memorial (RDP)

Inspired by and written for Ragtag Daily Prompt – my thanks to Drkottaway Definition: Memorial – n. a statue or structure established to remind people of a person or event Well, I don’t like that definition but will go with it Form: Minute Poetry A statue castthe pastin stonealone But you’re not thereyou’re herewith meyou … Continue reading Memorial (RDP)

Derive (YDWP)

Inspired by and written for Your Daily Word Prompt – my thanks to Sheryl Definition: Derive – v. obtain something from (a specified source) Form: The Fib wordscomefrom thoughtsof somethingor even nothinginstincts and senses combiningthe words into lines, and that’s how verses are derived ©JezzieG2023

Stomach (WOTDC)

Inspired by and written for the Word of the Day Challenge – my thanks to Cyranny Definition: Stomach – n. the internal organ in which the major part of the digestion of food occurs, being (in humans and many mammals) a pear-shaped enlargement of the alimentary canal linking the esophagus to the small intestine Form: … Continue reading Stomach (WOTDC)

The Final Frontier (Weekend Writing Prompt)

Inspired by and written for Weekend Writing Prompt – Thank you, Sammi Form: Free Verse science-fictiona starship to beholdfor making bold voyageswhere no one had been beforestrange planets and placesbeaming down to the surfacewill danger be waitingnever mindthat guy in red will be dead soonand the rest will be safefor another adventure next weekover … Continue reading The Final Frontier (Weekend Writing Prompt)

Shady (YDWP)

Inspired by and written for Your Daily Word Prompt – my thanks to Sheryl Definition: Shady – adj. situated in or full of shade; of doubtful honesty or legality. Form: Bina beneath the tendrils of willow, sheltered and darkcan a cool breeze whisper suspicion sweet willow weeping with suspicionfor the old trees understand the dark … Continue reading Shady (YDWP)

Thaumaturgy (YDWP)

Inspired by and written for Your Daily Word Prompt – my thanks to Sheryl Definition: Thaumaturgy – v. the working of magic Form: Pathya Vat sacred circlecast in moonlightmagical riteof pure intent to gather roundthe Pagan fireexpress desirewhile sipping wine protect and lovein witches’ spellthe sick make wellin love and light the magic donewe merry … Continue reading Thaumaturgy (YDWP)

Spring Sunshine

The years keep passing and time cannot stand still I wonder how the warmth of your love holds me Flowing through my body as it always will Like spring sunshine gently warms the early bee I think of your kiss; how it made my heart thrill And how you chose to love me and let me see

Curve-billed Thrasher — Morning Accompaniest — Sonoran Images

You may enlarge any image in this blog by clicking on it. Click again for a detailed view. Recently, we adopted a dog from our local animal shelter. Snoozer — we named him that because sleeping is one of his preferred activities — is a very large, somewhat shaggy, and altogether amiable mixed breed of […] … Continue reading Curve-billed Thrasher — Morning Accompaniest — Sonoran Images

Ronovan Writes SIJO Wednesday Poetry Challenge #54. Use RELIABLE as your inspiration this week.

Sharing this one as I want to say thank you to Willow of the Dot for being my rock in a dark place – much love xxx


©hotpinkwellintons © willowdot21

You can depend on me, always here for you through the nightmares
No need to worry I will be just one step behind you, your safety net
In the darkest hour I will be your light and your guide.


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Between Heaven And Earth — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Artist, Photographer and Author  Lisa Cassell-Arms is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From the project ‘Between Heaven and Earth’.  To see Lisa’s body of work, click on any image.           In this work I reinterpret the landscape of the natural world as a reflection of… Between Heaven … Continue reading Between Heaven And Earth — Edge of Humanity Magazine

the death of ignorance (ecstatic symmetry)

unbolt me

dancing in the ruins of the dead divines
i smelled the earth after the first rain
no more crackle of grass in a lake like glass
near ashimmer with new possibilities

and i lumbered through pain
to free me from the chains

stomping on a skull in its ruined crown
i heard the sound of its gnashing teeth
a lesser antilles of emptied homilies
near ashameless with inert fragilities

and i forged through pain
to free me from the chains

flaming through the deep of waters parted
i roared the defiance of an open tomb
saved two of each kind of all souls to find
near asundered with reassembled symmetries

and i frolicked through pain
to free me from the chains

© All rights reserved 2023

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Basket of Dreams

A Garret Poet

Basket of Dreams
Form: Blank Verse

As sips of tea now ponder in a dream,
A square of white the canvas that awaits
The silk to weave; the needle point is sharp
But gently pierces marking art's design,
The sewing dreams my basket holds for me
Long stitch, short stitch are drawn with ease,
A patch of grass, vibrant with shades of green.
A river divides with glistening floss
And water ripples silent ebb and flow.
The figure-paddling child at wistful play
Blue shorts, no socks, blue eyes, and golden locks
And umber sticks become his racing boats
While grandpa fishes wearing darker shades.
Another sip of tea and life returns


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