Tet Zayin Sonnet Notes

Created by: Amera M. Andersen
Structure: Four quatrains
Rhyme Scheme: Aabb bbcc ccdd ddaA

Stanza 1=11 syllable lines
Stanza 2=9 syllable lines
Stanza 3=9 syllable lines
Stanza 4 =11 syllable lines


Tell Me of Your Anger in Whispers by Larry Eberhart

Persuade and convince with whispers in the night.
Speaking out in anger is apt to incite,
invoking defensive fight. One should just wait,
make sure their words are clear; let anger abate.

An angry start assures a debate
Let’s solve the problem, not aggravate.
Harsh words once tossed out, fly like a spear.
You want concurrence, it would appear,

so, wait and let anger disappear.
You convince me best when you are near.
If angered by blunder of my own
once I understand I will atone.

Between you and I no harsh words need be thrown
for granting joy to you, increases my own.
Tranquil ev’ning musings always turn out right.
Persuade and convince with whispers in the night

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