Sonnet Reversed Notes

Created by: Rupert BrookeStructure: Couplet and 3 quatrainsMeter: Decasyllabic or pentameterRhyme Scheme: aa bcbddedefgfg Example Sonnet Reversed by Rupert Brooke Hand trembling towards hand; the amazing lightsOf heart and eye. They stood on supreme heights. Ah, the delirious weeks of honeymoon!Soon they returned, and, after strange adventures,Settled at Balham by the end of June.Their money … Continue reading Sonnet Reversed Notes

Mathnawi Notes

The Mathnawi is written in rhyming couplets and emerged from an Iranian form around the 4th-10th century, which goes a long way to explain the form’s Persian name. The subject matter is normally heroic, religious, or romantic.There is no limit to number of couplets employed, however the lines are usually between ten and twelve syllables.The … Continue reading Mathnawi Notes

Magic 9 Notes

So the story goes typing too fast led to abracadabra being misspelled as abacadeba and thus creating the Magic 9,Nine lines of nine syllables with a rhyme scheme of abacadeba Example Bewitched by Divina Collins Shalt not thy deprave the spell of loveenchanted words that melts the heartthat cast thy spells deep within thereofwithin a … Continue reading Magic 9 Notes

Sephallian Reverse Sonnet Notes

Created by: Dennis NguyenStructure: QuatrazainMeter: No meter specifiedRhyme Scheme: abcdeedcbaffaAdditional Notes: when read from the top has a pessimistic tone, when read from the bottom it is more optimistic Example A Measure of Character by Larry Eberhart What you are told in confidenceif you hold secret to your breastreward will flow in unknown ways.An urge … Continue reading Sephallian Reverse Sonnet Notes

Lai Notes

The Lai looks simple comprising a nine-line stanza over a five-syllable couplet and a two syllable-line. The couplets rhyme with each other and the single lines rhyme with each other. There is no limit to the number of stanzas. Rhyme scheme: aabaabaab ccdccdccd and so on. Example Clay of Life by Ryter Roethicle Dig your … Continue reading Lai Notes

Rime Royal Sonnet Notes

Structure: 14-line stanzaMeter: Decasyllabic or pentameterRhyme Scheme: ababbccdedeeff Example The Prioress’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer Domine, dominus noster. O Lord, Our Lord, Thy name how marvelousIs spread through all this mighty world,” said she“For not alone Thy praise so gloriousIs given by men of worth and dignity,But from the mouths of children Thy bountyIs hymned, … Continue reading Rime Royal Sonnet Notes

Free Fall

Inspired by and written for Weekend Writing Prompt – Thank you, Sammi Free FallForm: Free Verse Opposing forces attractdeluded by rose tinted liesand unkept promises whisper sweet nothingswhen nothing is all there can bepushing and pullingfallingfalling in lovefalling outthere is no way outbut misguided desirefallinginto a climax of self-destruction Word count: 44 ©JezzieGFarmer2022