Good Morning, My Love

Good Morning, My Love
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 90

In that moment just before the sunrise
Between sleep and awake a dream’s disguise
My senses feel you lying here beside
Me and my eager thoughts drift in the joy
In that moment where memories reside
I feel the warmth of love reach to my soul
The tenderest embrace, but still I know
That all too soon the morning light will stroll
Into our room, my time will come to go
For that moment with you once more I’m whole
No words of verse, I need no envoi
To express this, a lover’s grief on show
I take your love with me, always my bride
As the day comes with its pale-yellow skies


Mr. Stresshead (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Form: Doggonet Sonnet

It’s too late for breakfast
It will have to be brunch
If only they had asked
And why not suggest lunch
Time to get some stuff in
Instead, he’s hunting high
And low, just for somethin’
He can put in a pie
Rabbit will make a fuss
Or throw a hissyfit
Or maybe even cuss
If there’s no tasty bit
But squirrel is so stressed
He forgot to get dressed

Time: 7 minutes
Word Count: 70


Inside Madness

Inside Madness
Form: Epistle Sonnet 10

Sweet sorrow tastes good on bloodied fingers
As now the blood flows freely from my pen
But the pain of you echoes and lingers
For my eyes were blind to love’s harbingers
Telling me you were not meant for my arms
And my heart ignoring the warning signs
Stubbornness costing me my sanity
I couldn’t wish the pain away again
For me, the red flags should come with alarms
As in love I just don’t see the confines
Believing in all the old wily charms
Easy meat then for you and your designs
As I lost my mind, I saw destiny
And in my madness, I set myself free



Form: Haiku Sonnet

the judgement of love
devouring trust in its wake
I am not safe here
the glance of his eyes
piercing, stinging like the bees
on a summer’s day
vacated feelings
yield to the descending pain
thoughts suffer in fear
invaded flesh rots
a carcass in the gutter
at least I am free
for echoes of love bring hope
while the nightingale still sings


You Showed Me

You Showed Me
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 61

Everything I know of love comes from you
In all the ways you showed me you love me
Turning my self-loathing to a better view
Such compassion you had in abundance
Understanding confusion I held within
Inviting me to learn how to romance
Reminding me love is never a sin
I wanted to love you, wanted a chance
“Take it slowly” you said, “and you will win”
Like a child learning everything was new
In you I found love and it set me free
From the doubt that held my soul in downfall
You took my hand and helped me to stand tall
And in your affection, you gained my all


Sunday Sonnet – When our two souls by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1806-1861

When our two souls stand up erect and strong,
Face to face, silent, drawing nigh and nigher,
Until the lengthening wings break into fire
At either curved point, what bitter wrong
Can the earth do to us, that we should not long
Be here contented? Think. In mounting higher,
The angels would press on us and aspire
To drop some golden orb of perfect song
Into our deep, dear silence. Let us stay
Rather on earth. Beloved, where the unfit
Contrarious moods of men recoil away
And isolate pure spirits, and permit
A place to stand and love in for a day,
With darkness and the death-hour rounding it

Scent of Perfume

Scent of Perfume
Form: Divino Sonetto 1

The scent of Anais Anais on the air
Waiting for a train I look up and stare
My heart expecting something I can’t see
Still I look again for what cannot be
And my senses yearn for a change of view
As I feel a tear pricking on my eye
The moment of hope is lost on a sigh
For over again I am missing you
Always that perfume that whispers your name
Every time it echoes round just the same
A reminder of love rocking my soul
And my wild heart that you made yours to tame
Your gentleness of touch making me whole
Sweet the memories that come to console


Spring Sunshine

Spring Sunshine
Form: Spanish Sonnet 1

The years keep passing and time cannot stand still
I wonder how the warmth of your love holds me
Flowing through my body as it always will
Like spring sunshine gently warms the early bee
I think of your kiss; how it made my heart thrill
And how you chose to love me and let me see
You, my spark of life that would my heart fulfil
Your passion and desire were my destiny
And the years go by yet my heart feels the same
The eternal urge to hold you close and near
And tantra of the night breathing out your name
The very same urgent breath that stakes your claim
On my body, heart, soul; oh my precious dear
‘Tis your love took my wild soul and made it tame


Sicilian Sonnet Notes

Structure: Octet and sestet
Meter: Tetrameter or octosyllabic lines
Rhyme Scheme: abababab cdcdcd


Old Cassette by JezzieG

The first step into a new world
And time became a memory
As the beauty of love unfurled
Like words written in poetry
Into your dream my senses whirled
Thus enchanted by mystery
And in each new day becomes curled
In our magical history

Cherry blossom scent at sunset
While we sit by the fires of dusk
Watching you smoke a cigarette
White wine captured the moonlit musk
And sweet sounds from an old cassette
No more shall the night’s chill seem brusque

I Knew Him

I Knew Him
Form: Epistle Sonnet 9

I can’t recall the first time I saw him
His grey eyes staring from behind the glass
A trick of the eye or was the light dim
Just a boy with no name but I knew him
Over the years I felt his pain in me
For all the boyish things he should have been
For all those things I know I should have asked
And I began to promise one day, one day
The one day would come and I’d set him free
Accept the things inside that no one’s seen
For I knew from the start that he was me
Hidden behind the mask of girly sheen
That day when the mirror gave him away
He became a man and is here to stay



Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 60

My soul is driftwood floating on the sea
As the sun sets upon my empty heart
While my thoughts dream upon what used to be
I feel the saltwater lapping around
It tickles my senses from head to toe
In the twilight hues can I find the ground
On those distant shores that we used to know
Saltwater like your love I feel surround
My body with warmth yet we are apart
I hunger for the night you bring me home
For in this world, I have nothing to show
For love was always about you and me
No matter what I do or where I roam
I wish for night when you come take me home


Baiting His Hook (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Form: Deplorable Sonnet

Isn’t it time you got a new car, mate?
So cool on your drive and you won’t be late
Pick up a girl and take her on a date
Take them away, I have a motorbike
I hear what you’re saying, bud, take a look
These beauties are hot. and just off the book
And the salesman keeps on baiting his hook
Take them away, I have a motorbike
But behind the wheel, man, you’ll feel alive
Give one a chance, take it for a test drive
Dude, can’t you hear no, just give it a rest
There’s a problem, mate. I ain’t done the test
I ride and a biker’s life suits me best
Take them away, I have a motorbike

Time: 9 minutes 10 seconds

Word count: 122


Neighbourhood Watch (Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Form: Quatern Sonnet

The curtains twitch across the street
Blue lights and sirens rushing past
Ambulance called for number eight
Daft old Fred has taken a fall
Beneath a lamp Jess and Mike kiss
The curtains twitch across the street
Old Miss Lane is watching again
And Mike lifts a middle finger
I walk past ignoring gossip
Old Ma Lane is telling it all
The curtains twitch across the street
Nothing happens she doesn’t know
But a black car came by today
The curtains shut across the street


A Fine Bromance

A Fine Bromance
Form: Canadian Sonnet (English)

Love is the honoured man, a soul’s own twin
Who, without the need for family blood,
Stands as a brother and my bestest bud
And knows all the secrets beneath my skin
In modern terms they call it a bromance
Okay, I suppose it could be called that
It is love nonetheless for modern chat
Devoted spirits taking the same stance
I have his back and I know he has mine
Nothing comes between brothers of the soul
As in each other emotions console
So, I need no modern words to define
I’m Jeeves to his Wooster, or switch it round
We are gentlemen’s gents, to me that is sound


Moonlit Snow

Moonlit Snow
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 89 (trimeter)

Late night falling of snow
White outside my window
In my hand a warm mug
Hot chocolate good night
Beneath the duvet shrug
To the place of my dreams
Where I know I’ll find you
Among the lunar beams
Waiting; you always do
Your kiss like fondant creams
Make me feel sweet delight
Just dreams of me and you
Of moonlight in the snow
How I miss your warm hug


Volcanic Fireburst Notes

Created by: Jose Rizal M. Reyes
Structure: Three quatrains and a couplet
Meter: Pentameter or decasyllabic
Rhyme Scheme: abba ccDD eeDD ff, D lines are feminine rhyme


Barefoot Youth by Larry Eberhart

In summertime I never would wear shoes
unless I hiked the rocky mountainside,
and nearly all my time was spent outside,
and shoes I’d choose most happily to lose.

My preference helped mother make ends meet
I felt no anguish playing in bare feet.
My family had its very own depression
and bought me shoes when school began its session.

I felt a pride in having feet so tough,
(it proved that I was made of sterner stuff.)
When roads of tar got hot there was no question,
I’d stand on them to make a deep impression.

My feet today have nothing wrong at all
though other parts succumb to aging’s call

Dreamy State

Dreamy State
Form: Epistle Sonnet 8

Where reality and fantasy blur
And the seawater mingles with the sky
Lies the one place where I’ll always find her
My very own Venus dressed in her fur
When my eyes drift to that dreamy state
For ours is the love that keeps rolling by
I know she’s there when the waiting is done
As the sun gives way to another night
I close my eyes so senses integrate
Hers and mine and as our passions ignite
Longings of desire begin to sate
Once more we are one for a love-filled night
Until my heart must again be undone
With the light rising on a new day’s sun


Death’s Bloom (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Form: Cymraeg Soned

Withering summer’s end
Omens send warning’s call
A fate wishes cannot change
Exchange me I’ll give my all
A raven’s heart breaks in two
Half for you to hold me near
Our paths must part for awhile
This vile thing has found our fear
There is no cure left, they said
You’ll be dead; I mustn’t cry
“stay strong, babe, stay strong for me”
How can I be? How? How? Why?
Without you my poems are prose
Raven weeps for his dying Rose

Internal rhyme and Welsh meter – no way it will be done in 6 minutes

Not a day goes by I don’t miss Gabbie – this raven is broken until…

Time: 20 minutes

Word Count: 63


Sunday Sonnet: Gipsies by John Clare

John Clare 1793-1864

The snow falls deep; the forest lies alone;
The boy goes hasty for his load of brakes,
Then thinks upon the fire and hurries back;
The gipsy knocks his hands and tucks them up,
And seeks his squalid camp, half hid in snow,
Beneath the oak which breaks away the wind,
And bushes close in snow like hovel warm;
There tainted mutton wastes upon the coals,
And the half-wasted dog squats close and rubs,
Then feels the heat too strong, and goes aloof;
He watches well, but none a bit can spare,
And vainly waits the morsel thrown away.
‘Tis thus they live – a picture to the place,
A quiet, pilfering, unprotected race

New Toothpaste

New Toothpaste
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 59

On the shelf is a new tube of mint paste
A different brand from the one I choose
Yet my heart smiles seeing it there so placed
And a shower gel-scented summer rose
Stands next to mine of musky sandalwood
Towelling down; scent of coffee you chose
Decaffeinated is doing me good
You’re wearing my t-shirt I suppose
And my fluffy robe too, is yours to use
I am making note of things I should get
My jeans clinging to my shower-damp waist
A slow Sunday morning maybe we could
Just go back to bed and build up some sweat
Reliving the moments we’ll never forget


Epistle Sonnet Notes

Created by: JezzieG
Structure: Triplet, Quintain, Quatrain, and Couplet
Meter: Poet’s choice
Rhyme Scheme: aba abcde cdcd ee
Notes: The order of the end rhymes of the quintain are in any order, giving 120 variants.


A Birth by JezzieG
Quintain – abcde

The sonnet for so long has echoed my voice
With words and lines my lips find hard to say
In saddest despair and love to rejoice

For the epistles it’s an easy choice
To let my own thoughts flow out in this way
Whilst testing out this, a new sonnet form
Joining the Rovi and Ivor as one
Twisting the rhyme scheme just one more time

And letting them mingle in a brainstorm
A triplet and quintet but can it be done
A quatrain and a couplet, that’s a norm
Just messing with the rhymes, I think I won

Now, the closing lines left to end this rhyme
And I have a sonnet mountain to climb

Violet Skies (WPCC)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – thank you Sue and GC

Form: Paulo Comitatu Sonnet

Come quietly please violet skies
softly enter my room
eyes adjust to the gloom
ready to meet my doom
Take me quickly sweet violet skies
my love don’t make me wait
don’t let the hour get late
don’t pause, don’t hesitate
My violet skies come to ease my pain
no more time left to weep
violet skies come to reap
eternal souls must sleep
Violet skies released me into the rain
So you and I may dance with love again


Until You Feel Right

Until You Feel Right
Form: Epistle Sonnet 7

Is this what you think our love really is
Yelling at me in another staged row
In the hope we can make up with a kiss
Is this your idea of lover’s bliss?
What is so wrong with just getting along
What is wrong with feeling love anyhow
Why do you always want to make a fight
And do you get off on putting me down?
When you fuck up it is me in the wrong
I’m saying sorry until you feel right
This is not the love of my heart’s sweet song
Fighting until you want sex for the night
For making love, it is not; lust alone
As all I will ever see is your frown


Sunday Sonnet: It is a beauteous evening by William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth 1770-1850

It is a beauteous evening, calm and free;
The holy time is quiet as a nun
Breathless with adoration; the broad sun
Is sinking down in its tranquillity;
The gentleness of heaven broods o’er the sea:
Listen! the mighty being is awake,
And doth with his eternal motion make
A sound like thunder – everlastingly.
Dear Child! dear Girl! that walkest with me here,
If thou appear untouched by solemn thought,
Thy nature is not therefore less divine:
Thou liest in Abraham’s bosom all the year,
And worship’st at the Temple’s inner shrine,
God being with thee when we know it not

Call It Art

Call It Art
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 58

Do not let love fade into the shadow
For it is the language known to the heart
The light of the soul where our feelings go
It’s heard on the winds and in the bird song
An eternal beauty walking the ground
Love remains be the living short or long
For the truth of love can’t be lost once found
It’s the power that keeps the spirit strong
So paint it and write it and call it art
Speak its name whenever you hear its sound
This love will be there to hear the soul call
To hold you close while letting the tears flow
To the heart no love is too great or small
So hold her closer and give her your all


Old Cassette

Old Cassette
Form: Sicilian Sonnet

The first step into a new world
And time became a memory
As the beauty of love unfurled
Like words written in poetry
Into your dream my senses whirled
Thus enchanted by mystery
And in each new day becomes curled
In our magical history
Cherry blossom scent at sunset
While we sit by the fires of dusk
Watching you smoke a cigarette
White wine captured the moonlit musk
And sweet sounds from an old cassette
No more shall the night’s chill seem brusque


Tennyson-Turner Sonnet Notes

Structure: Three quatrains and a couplet
Meter: Pentameter or Decasyllabic
Rhyme Scheme: abab cdcd effe fe


The Edge of Love by JezzieG

Three words she said beneath the autumn moon,
and touched my soul with softly whispered sighs,
a breathless moment cast on mystic rune
my mind askew before my heart replies.

Above the Northern Lights where winter sleeps,
my joy can find no words to give my voice
as to her gentle kiss my spirit leaps
so shall my loving heart declare its choice.

The shining stars ascend above the land
are vaguely dimmed compared to love tonight,
within my heart I feel her words incite
my own; as on the edge of love I stand.

When in her eyes I see tribade delight
my fingers reach to slowly grasp her hand

Morning Blue

Morning Blue
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 88

Watercolour blue skies of morning light
Cups of coffee after working the night
As the sunrises I am thinking you
A quiet moment before drifting sleep
While shades of love turning to azure blue
These are the times with you I miss the most
The coming home after a long night shift
As we shared coffee and hot buttered toast
And the strains of the night your kiss helped lift
On Sundays we would walk along the coast
Now sat here alone I can only weep
My nights dream of you and our love so true
You were my life and the most precious gift
For love to bestow on a morning bright


Swannet Notes

Structure: Three quatrains and a couplet
Meter: Tetrameter or octosyllabic lines
Rhyme Scheme: A1bbA2 cddc effe A1A2


Black Bird by JezzieG

The lord of prophecy and artistic word
Returning silent life to the war dead
Before he too came to lose his own head
The cauldron-god with wings of a blackbird.
For seven years foreseeing Harlech’s fate
And then four score and seven more in Gwales
In music, art, and song he shared his many tales
That traversed time and space to where we wait.
Bran the Blessed keeps the enemy at bay
They dare not venture cross the channel sea
So we may live a life forever free
Through distant times we remember today
The lord of prophecy and artistic word,
The cauldron-god with wings of a blackbird


Form: Epistle Sonnet 6

Divine spirit in a frail human form
A King of men with the wisdom of saints
To hear his words many followers swarm
A simple life lived with a heart so warm
The dreams of peace with simple words he paints
As he won his wars without bomb or gun
Stormed by emotions and awakened souls
Speaking for peace, without sabre or sword
Sanctions of trade in steps moving forward
Break the rules for the rebellion goals
Dismantle the empire from far abroad
While calling for change at government polls
A thin old man always a gentleman
Gandhi, almost sacred beneath the sun


Bite Me, Baby

Bite Me, Baby
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 57

I see you looking at me tempting you
With your thoughts evoking your deep desire
Your tongue caressing your lips, it is true
I’m teasing you and enticing your lust
Your fingers tremble as you undress me
You know you’ll surrender; you know you must
Give in to the torment set yourself free
Yes, I want you to devour me baby
Do it, darling, set your senses on fire
To fulfil your greed is my destiny
Baby I know you know you want it too
Curve your tongue around me until it rocks
Go on, let me knock you out of your sox
Eat me, that last chocolate in the box


Sacred Key

Sacred Key
Form: Deplorable Sonnet

I belong where love is the sacred key
I belong where hope sets the spirit free
Among stars for all of eternity
Where nature entwines with the inner soul
Here in the woodlands talking with the trees
As the rustling leaves meet the morning breeze
Amid their branches I find spirit ease
Where nature entwines with the inner soul
I hear ancient voices chanting the rhymes
From that place beyond pains of modern times
I hear them chanting and chanting my name
They know me well and I know them the same
Wild voices calling never to be tame
Where nature entwines with the inner soul



Form: Byronic Sonnet

Tempestuous heart that speaks my own creed
Lest I forget that you have laid love’s claim
Upon me and taken my soul to tame
In such general terms you’re all I need
To understand such a love we decreed
On that distant night, on that distant shore
Three words but how they grew to so much more
Three words planted deep like a flower seed
The growth of love within the bonds of trust
With our own aristocratic desire
Untitled yet uncovered within lust
Finding tranquillity in passion’s fire
If in love I must confess, then I must
And you are the muse with whom I conspire


Love Letters

Love Letters
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 87

What are letters of love meant to reveal
If not the passion’s desire that I feel
Explicit expressions of sensual want
As understanding of love and lust
Unites us two as one on every front
Yet still I wonder if you truly know
How much I love you; how much joy you bring
Can words alone say it is this much, so
How else can I let you see my heart sing
For all our days I let thoughts freely flow
And in your hands my feelings I entrust
For in your arms I found my own savant
The truth of our love my heart can’t conceal
You, my life’s reason, you, my everything


Honeyed Twilight

Honeyed Twilight
Form: Epistle Sonnet 5

Just sat on the wall watching the dusk fall
Peaceful beneath a melting honey sky
And silhouette trees echo with birds’ call
The dimming of light reflecting it all
Crossing of a t or dotting an i
Breathing freshness of slowly cooling air
And silence becomes music to the ears
To ease the troubles of a busy day
No, not for me a pub for a few beers
When chilling down is so easy this way
And in the twilight the mind gently clears
Ready for the night and come what it may
To the very last glimmer of sun’s ray
Tis the perfect end to the working day


Rolling Wave

Rolling Wave
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 56

Sweet thoughts of you that come to embrace me
So making my heart beat again with love
That sweetest love that forever will be
The moment you took my hand I felt it
Washing over me like a rolling wave
Overwhelming, all-consuming love hit
My senses; you’re everything I crave
At first so much more than I can admit
As you showed my heart what it was made of
You bound me with desire setting me free
And at that moment, I gave you my all
And now without you, there’s nothing to save
I won’t cry, I’ve let all those tears fall
For your love is mine whenever I call


Saraband Sonnet Notes

Saraband Sonnet 1

Structure: Triplet, quatrain, triplet, and quatrain
Meter: Tetrameter or octosyllabic lines
Rhyme Scheme: axa bcbc dxd efef


October Nights by Jezzie G

With October nights drawing in
Autumn arrives in gowns of gold
Gathering apples for bobbin’

And Canada geese call goodbye
To journey south for winter time
A rigid v across the sky
Among the clouds in flight they climb

As northern winds begin to blow
Taking their turn to lead the squad
These wily birds know where to go

While helping each other keep up
I wish I could fly with them too
To leave life to clean itself up
Among those memories of you

Saraband Sonnet 2

Structure: Triplet, quatrain, triplet, and quatrain
Meter: Tetrameter or octosyllabic lines
Rhyme Scheme: axa bcbc dxd effe


Love in Stillness by JezzieG

How silently time passes by
Like a river that flows through fields
A force of life lost to the eye

Yet in fiery skies of sunrise
There’s a momentary stillness
Between sleeping and waking eyes
A moment for love to confess

While knowing your love is still near
Another day will pass alone
Yet holds nothing for me to fear

It’s one more day closer to you
As I sit here drinking my tea
And I whisper “I love you, too”
Soon baby, soon, you’ll be with me

Saraband Sonnet 3

Structure: Triplet, quatrain, triplet, and quatrain
Meter: Tetrameter or octosyllabic lines
Rhyme Scheme: axa bcbc dxd eeff


Perfect Love by JezzieG

She is a mystery to me
Just how she does it all and some
Being all things she needs to be

Whatever gets thrown in the mix
She hears my pain both big and small
As she finds that emotional fix
So I can stand and stand up tall

Her perfect love every day
Seems fearless when crying my tears
I know she loves me anyway

And I wonder how she does it
Her love seems a bottomless pit
As she makes me smile when I’m glum
And I am grateful for my mum

Saraband Sonnet 4

Structure: Triplet, quatrain, triplet, and quatrain
Meter: Tetrameter or octosyllabic lines
Rhyme Scheme: axa bccb dxd efef


My Light in the Dark by JezzieG

When tears were falling from my eyes
And words of love just didn’t care
You were there to hear my heart’s cries

Listening to my confused fears
While I fought those battles within
me, old wars of what might have been
But you stayed and brushed up my tears

Stood beside me as I grew weak
My world ending, falling apart
I knew your love was mine to seek

In my darkness you took my hand
When none could be bothered to care
Your love was there for me to share
My soul, only you understand

Saraband Sonnet 5

Structure: Triplet, quatrain, triplet and quatrain
Meter: Tetrameter or octosyllabic lines
Rhyme Scheme: axa bccb dxd effe


Abiding Love by JezzieG

We stand and fight for what is right
For the truth of love, we both know
Belongs to us in sweet delight

You hold my hand to lead you through
For one day we will dance the moon
For love composed our special tune
But understand that you lead me too

For our love to be we stand as one
Forever together we are
Strong enough for the rising sun

Another day to work it out
Another night to feel you close
Sweet dreams kisses before we doze
All is okay there’s no more doubt

Saraband Sonnet 6

Structure: Triplet, quatrain, triplet, and quatrain
Meter: Tetrameter or octosyllabic lines
Rhyme Scheme: axa bccb dxd eeff


Livvy by JezzieG

I don’t want to feel love this way
For it is love I cannot share
A love that’s once upon a day

No flirty love letters to send
Yet you gaze at me from the wall
My mind runs away with it all
But reality I cannot bend

In my dreams you sing me your song
You, a super star of music
And how I have loved you so long

I look into your eyes on screen
And dream of love in baby blue
This love is pure and always true
Yet is a crush that can’t have been

Saraband Sonnet 7

Structure: Triplet, quatrain, triplet, and quatrain
Meter: Tetrameter or octosyllabic lines
Rhyme Scheme: axa bbcc dxd efef


Inside Black by JezzieG

Her secrets hidden inside black
Patent leather, and nobody knew
Behind the compact at the back

Dreams of a girl falling in love
Tucked neatly beside a white glove
His words offered from just before
The Kaiser brought about the war

His heart declared now he must fight
For her, his country, and for peace
As to her dreams she held on tight

But war is cruel with black-edged pain
His life taken in bullet fire
Letters she reads over again
Before the war she knew desire

Saraband Sonnet 8

Structure: Triplet, quatrain, triplet, and quatrain
Meter: Tetrameter or octosyllabic lines
Rhyme Scheme: axa bbcc dxd effe


Feathers of Hope by JezzieG

The feathers of destiny
Embracing hope to dream a bit
Where wings of life are flying free

Hope the bird of different song
That hold our dreams all the night long
To sing it sweetest at sunrise
Releasing our fate to the skies

A new start on another day
As our waking eyes greet the sun
The hope nothing gets in the way

Of all the plans we may have made
But some things are not for us to do
And hope helps us accept that too
So what is ours can make it through

Saraband Sonnet 9

Structure: Triplet, quatrain, triplet, and quatrain
Meter: Tetrameter or octosyllabic lines
Rhyme Scheme: axa bbcc dxd eeff


Walking the Chase by JezzieG

To walk with you through untouched snow
The chilled breeze unnoticed by love
Just footprints behind where we go

But should I do it on my own
Making the trail through the fields alone
Would I still find the snow-kissed rose
That brushed the flakes off of my nose

Can I still feel you walking beside
Or hear you laughing through the Chase
While matching my legs stride for stride

It’s not the same out here today
And there’s no snow on the pathway
But I’m feeling you everywhere
Like a misty breath on cold air

Birds Sing Love

Birds Sing Love
Form: Epistle 4

Let the winds fall into a gentle breeze
So birds begin singing a lover’s song
And caressed by dew the flower buds tease
We walk the meadow path, my world at ease
My heart will follow and before too long
The first shy words of love will leave my lips
While yearning to belong in your embrace
And taste the delight in love’s first sweet kiss
The music of spring echoes with a bliss
While falling in love brings the heart’s eclipse
That brings me willingly to your abyss
My desire to fall at your fingertips
Falling in love and giving up the chase
For here, with you, I’ve found my sacred place


Volcanic Workshop Notes

Created by: Jose Rizal M. Reyes
Structure: Three quatrains and a couplet
Meter: Pentameter or decasyllabic
Rhyme Scheme: abbb ccbb ddbb ee, b rhymes are feminine


Poppy’s Pride by Larry Eberhart

The poppy probably does feel it’s blessed
when pondering the universal quest
for beauty by the bards of creatures human.
You don’t deny they think, I’m now assumin’.
“No thorns have I dissuading roaming beasts
yet I’m not favored as a bovine feast.
I’m not as fragrant smelling as is cumin.
I serve to honor killed and missing crewmen,
…and soldiers lost in battles everywhere.
who, fakes upon their lapels proudly wear.
I reject the very thought of doom and
expect that happiness ought be resuming.
For like draws like, and thus most naturally
I often find it peering down at me

Sunday Sonnet – When the Assault Was Intended to the City by John Milton

John Milton 1608-1674

Captain, or colonel, or knight in arms,
Whose chance on these defenceless doors may seize,
If deed of honour did the ever please,
Guard them, and him within protect from harms:
He can requite thee, for he knows the charms
That call fame on such gentle acts as these,
And he can spread thy name o’er lands and seas,
Whatever clime the sun’s bright circle warms.
Lift not thy spear against the Muses’ bower:
The great Emathian conqueror bid spare
The house of Pindarus, when temple and tower
Went to the ground; and the repeated air
Of sad Electra’s poet had the power
To save th’ Athenian walls from ruin bare

Hiding Place (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Not often I see it straight away, but I glanced the right way this morning and saw the pussmog looking at me

Hiding Place
Form: Cross Sonnet 1

The logs cut ready to keep warm
Through winter wind and snowy storm
Each day a few taken from the stack
Topping up the pile in fire rack
Close the door to keep out the cold
The frosty winds are taking hold
But where is she my little cat
I left her sleeping on the mat
Warming her paws beside the fire
Now where’s she gone my thoughts inquire
I look outside and see her stare
But don’t tell her I know she’s there
It will soon be time for her tea
And she won’t go that far, you see

Time: 7 minutes

Word Count: 100


Time to Go

Time to Go
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 55

The time has come to say a last goodbye
As our lives divert in different ways
And our love is now an unwanted tie
Our souls no longer one returned to two
As from our lives love has long since gone now
Heartbreak and pain all that is left of you
And me; apart the tears will cease to flow
As life moves on towards a brighter view
With no more anguished nights or bitter days
Of fighting rage carried on acid sigh
It’s best we part, before another row
For angry words that hang around and lurk
When there’s nothing left but a glaring smirk
Let’s now accept this love can never work


Walking the Chase

Walking the Chase
Form: Saraband Sonnet 9

To walk with you through untouched snow
The cold wind unnoticed by love
Just footprints behind where we go
But should I do it on my own
Making the trail through the fields alone
Would I still find the snow-kissed rose
That brushed the flakes from on my nose
Can I still feel you walking beside
Or hear you laughing through the Chase
While matching my legs stride for stride
It’s not the same out here today
And there’s no snow on the pathway
But I’m feeling you everywhere
Like a misty breath on cold air


Empty Words

Empty Words
Form: Sonnet

In barren deserts flowers never bloom,
and distant mountains greet another death;
an angel's face devoured by war's ghastly breath,
a waif abandoned to the dust and doom.
No life to live in this predestined hell
where words refuse to meet actions made;
as morality hides inside the shade
in silence tolls another lonely bell.
The pious utterances mean nothing,
they're empty words without reason to be,
and only blind ignorance cannot see
there are no joyful praises left to sing.
No hope in this, a world of hatred's fears
what hollow words replace a mother's tears?


Sunday Sonnet: Come, darkest night by Lady Mary Wroth

Lady Mary Wroth 1587-1652

Come, darkest night, becoming sorrow best;
Light, leave thy light, fit for a lightsome soul;
Darkness doth truly suit with me oppressed
Whom absence’ power doth from mirth control.
The very trees with hanging heads condole
Sweet summer’s parting, and of leaves distressed
In dying colours make a grief-ful role:
So much, alas, to sorrow are they pressed.
Thus of dead leaves her farewell carpet’s made:
Their fall, their branches, all their mournings prove
With leafless, naked bodies, whose hues vade
From hopeful green, to wither in their love.
If trees and leaves for absence mourners be,
No marvel that I grieve, who like want see

Picture Frame

Picture Frame
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 86

I see your photo in the silver frame
And feel my lips softly whisper your name
While wondering on what it would be like
To hold you in my arms for one more time
As the pain of alone reaches a spike
My broken heart consumed in missing you
But I know it is just one of those days
When a dream has left my soul feeling blue
Wishing life had been in different ways
Photo reminders of our love so true
Images of love, a passion sublime
While I have aged your beauty stays the same
The senselessness of time just a passing haze
‘Cos I still can recall what you look like


Purrfection (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Form: Cornish Sonnet 3

If she goes up, or, maybe, she goes down
The Ninja Shadow ain’t telling you which
Just meow sounds from an amber eyed frown
Perhaps I didn’t get her timing right
As I see quivers of a whisker twitch
That tells me she is getting all uptight
“Quickly, hoomin, fetch me a tasty treat”
And I grab the bag before she can blink
The pillows of cream cheese she loves to eat
Pretending I know where it is all at
Still she gives me her knowing kitty wink
She is purrrfectly herself as a cat
If she goes up, or, maybe, she goes down
She is purrrfectly herself as a cat

Time: 6 minutes 10 seconds

Word Count: 111


Vaughnet Notes

Created by: Henry Vaughan
Structure: Quatrain, couplet, and two quatrains
Meter: Pentameter or Decasyllabic
Rhyme Scheme: abab cc dede fgfg


Chipmonk Bouquet by Larry Eberhart

I love my Tess, I love my Tess, I do.
I must confess it is sweet Tess, I crave.
She rubbed my nose so I suppose love’s true.
She’s crazy over flowers, she does rave.
“The flower power is most sensual.
but neat- it is; they’re sweet and edible.”

So what we’ll do- if fine with you- I say-
Is place my face right here with baby breath.
to frame my fame in cellophane bouquet.
She’ll giggle, laugh or else be scared to death.

But she’s the one, I want to share my nuts.
She’s cute, a beauty really with filled cheeks.
I need to succeed; no ifs ands or buts.
If this works fine she will be mine for keeps

Sweeping Hands

Sweeping Hands
Form: Epistle Sonnet 3

Three brass hands moving while marking out time
Seconds drifting into minutes then hours
But never enough to release the chime
For the old clock’s music covered in grime
Releasing the sound is beyond my powers
I know I keep saying I’ll get it fixed
Because I’ve never heard its little song
Then I think, I like the silence it keeps
I think its chimes will make time seem too long
How will little bells change the time betwixt
The then and now, do I need the ding dong
To remind me of when in love we mixed
Just watching each hand as it slowly sweeps
Is enough to tell me how slow time creeps


Home Time

Home Time
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 54

As the kids came in from a long school day
They threw their bags onto its smooth pine top
And grabbing a bite before time to play
As I cook the dinner, something and mash
While on the table the school bags must wait
And homework books to be done in a dash
Unless it was Friday chips on the plate
That algebra giving us all a rash
And between mouthfuls make it go away
Washing up as the new stories are read
Some TV time before it gets too late
Time to relax, let go a bit and stop
They drift to sleep to the dreams in their head
With the kiss good night all tucked into bed