Dodoitsu Notes

A Japanese form, the Dodoitsu was developed at the end of the Edo Period. It has no meter nor rhyme constraints, instead, the focus is on syllables. The poem consists of four lines with 7-syllables in lines 1, 2, and 3 and 5-syllables in line 4. The Dodoitsu often utilizes the themes of love or … Continue reading Dodoitsu Notes

Spring Sunshine

The years keep passing and time cannot stand still I wonder how the warmth of your love holds me Flowing through my body as it always will Like spring sunshine gently warms the early bee I think of your kiss; how it made my heart thrill And how you chose to love me and let me see

Rispetto Notes

An old Italian form, the Rispetto is comprised of two quatrains written in iambic tetrameter or 8-syllable lines. They were originally poems written in respect or admiration of a woman, however, over the centuries it has offered itself for other subjects Rhyme Scheme: abab ccdd Example Moonlit Gypsy by JezzieG On moonlit nights she dances … Continue reading Rispetto Notes

Sicilian Sonnet Notes

Structure: Octet and sestetMeter: Tetrameter or octosyllabic linesRhyme Scheme: abababab cdcdcd Example Old Cassette by JezzieG The first step into a new worldAnd time became a memoryAs the beauty of love unfurledLike words written in poetryInto your dream my senses whirledThus enchanted by mysteryAnd in each new day becomes curledIn our magical history Cherry blossom … Continue reading Sicilian Sonnet Notes

Derive (YDWP)

Inspired by and written for Your Daily Word Prompt – my thanks to Sheryl Definition: Derive – v. obtain something from (a specified source) Form: The Fib wordscomefrom thoughtsof somethingor even nothinginstincts and senses combiningthe words into lines, and that’s how verses are derived ©JezzieG2023

Neighbourhood Watch (Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue Form: Quatern Sonnet The curtains twitch across the streetBlue lights and sirens rushing pastAmbulance called for number eightDaft old Fred has taken a fall Beneath a lamp Jess and Mike kissThe curtains twitch across the streetOld Miss Lane is watching … Continue reading Neighbourhood Watch (Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge)

Delicate Kisses (Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC Form: Quatern This winter’s night when snowflakes fallSoft, white, glistening in moonlightAnd more follow as drifts begunBy delicate little snowflakes They’re floating down on frosty airThis winter’s night when snowflakes fallLoveliness of purity whiteSwirling over the dirty streets We step … Continue reading Delicate Kisses (Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge)

Dansa Notes

Created by Robert Skelton the Dansa which consists of an opening quintain followed by any number of quatrains. The opening line is also the refrain line and is the final line of every stanza including the first. There are no rules regarding meter, line length or subject. Rhyme scheme: AbbaA ccaA ddaA eeaA and so … Continue reading Dansa Notes

Swannet Notes

Structure: Three quatrains and a coupletMeter: Tetrameter or octosyllabic linesRhyme Scheme: A1bbA2 cddc effe A1A2 Example Black Bird by JezzieG The lord of prophecy and artistic wordReturning silent life to the war deadBefore he too came to lose his own headThe cauldron-god with wings of a blackbird.For seven years foreseeing Harlech’s fateAnd then four score … Continue reading Swannet Notes

Cethramtu Rannaigechta Moire Notes

The Cethramtu Rannaigechta Moire is an Irish poetic form consisting of quatrains (four-line stanzas). All the lines have three syllables and lines two and four rhyme giving the following structure xxaxxbxxcxxb. Example The Cup by JezzieG China cupHeld in palmSimple tasteTo bring calm Peace of mindWhen tears flowWarming teaLets it go And in joyPerfect supAnd … Continue reading Cethramtu Rannaigechta Moire Notes