Sailing Ships

Inspired by and written for What Do You See – thank you, Sadje

My grandad was a carpenter by trade, and his old work shed was a world of fantasy for me when I was a little kid. Grandad passed away 32 years ago, thank you, for triggering a beautiful memory.

Sailing Ships
Form: Free Verse

Running through the house
down the garden path
past the cold-frames covering
salad for the summer ahead
my childish legs eager
to reach your shed
the shed of stories and childhood dreams
and I’d sit in the wood-shavings
inhaling their scent
as you drew deeply on a rolled-up cigarette
‘what shall we make today’ you said
as you handed me pieces of wood
and I’d sit thinking
wood-shavings sticking to my chubby legs
while mum brought you a cup of tea
and while you chatted with her
my thoughts would be on the bits of wood
but what could they be
then mum would go to help with the lunch
and you gave me a biscuit from the secret tin
a custard cream to help me think
and I looked at the wood
‘a boat, grandad, let’s make a boat’


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