My Saving Grace – #dark #poetry

Brilliant poem

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

I burn, with the edge of the forest,

Alight like embers, glowing bright.

I choke on the air, acrid and sharp,

Enveloping my being, diminishing sight.

I cry, in the loneliness,

A forlorn and forgotten face.

I escape, into the darkness,

It is always my saving grace.

It pounds, my head feels shattered,

Must they always take it out on me?

They laugh, my heart, in tatters,

This is not how I want life to be.

Turned away from the reality and madness,

I seek the truth in an often oddly way.

No one ever really understands me,

And so my soul, in totality, does decay.

Explain to me the reasons, perhaps,

Do you even know why you choose?

To scoff and belittle, torment and betray,

Unloving, you continue to abuse.

I shall no longer allow this, I can’t

It’s torn my body, limb from limb

I’ve allowed you too…

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