The Poets

Poets’ Bios

Ginsberg, Allen – Another Lover Hits the Universe
Amichai, Yehuda – Echo of a Great Love
Angelou, Maya – Try to Be a Rainbow in Someone’s Cloud
Arnold, Matthew – Greatness Is a Spiritual Condition

Matsuo Basho – Every Day is a Journey
Bishop, Elizabeth – Looking For Something
Blackburn, Paul – Modern American Poet

Hughes, Langston – Let the Rain Kiss You

Issa, Kobayashi – Here, I’m Here –

Poe, Edgar Allen – A Dream within a Dream

Qabbani, Nizar – Poet of Love

Rossetti, Christina Georgina – A Singing Bird

Sandburg, Carl – Poetry Is an Echo, Asking a Shadow to Dance
Soto, Gary – Because Nothing Should Be Wasted