A Poem’s Persona (Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

I can’t escape sonnets, or so it seems, maybe I should go with that and look at the character of the sonnet

Form: Rondel Prime Sonnet

To what makes a sonnet in verse
A theme of love its constant thing
A strong rhyme to make it sing
Constant line length, a poet’s curse
And strict meter just makes it worse
But once in zone the words have wings
To what makes a sonnet in verse
A theme of love its constant thing
But sonnets can still be diverse
And speak love, that beautiful thing
Whether joy or sorrow it bring
A journey we cannot rehearse
To what makes a sonnet in verse
A theme of love its constant thing


Sedulous (YDWP)

Inspired by and written for Your Daily Word Prompt – my thanks to Sheryl

Definition: Sedulous – adj. showing dedication and diligence

Form: Etheree

good care
dear poet
so all words count
where syllables rule
line by line increasing
for one too many matters
and too few, which is even worse
recount again be thorough, poet
and be sure this line stands at exactly ten


To My Pen (NaPoMo 1)

Poet’s Notes: My Challenge to write a cycle of thirty sonnets over NaPoMo

A cycle of sonnets: The last line of the sonnet becomes the first line of the next. And to make the cycle complete the last line of the final sonnet is the first line of the first.

Sonnets are love songs so I will be keeping to that theme to give me some control and direction of content, however, the object of the poem (in some way) will be chosen by prompt gen just before I write

To stand a fair chance of completing the cycle I will keep with my familiarity with the forms and will be using the following sonnets – Ivorian, Raven’s Rovi, and Epistle

To my fellow writers of poetry – have a great month

Form: Ivorian Sonnet 1 – aa bcb dede abcede
Theme: Love Subject: A pen

NaPoMo begun, here it too will end
A journey of sonnets this year to wend
While challenging my pen and mind to think
For the days ahead are a mystery
Concealed on blank pages waiting ink
My beloved pen are you up to this task
I promise the India black is full
Be mine for thirty days all I ask
Let’s not waste the new ink staining old wool
This early spring on love we will depend
While writing this, that, and the kitchen sink
Inspired by friends, nature, and history
As we walk fields with a picnic and flask
I thank you, my love, you are wonderful


Get It Sorted, Poet (#Writephoto)

Courtesy of KL Caley

Inspired by and written for #Writephoto – thank you, KL

That’s never a writer’s desk – it’s too damn tidy

Form: Rhupunt

A half-drunk cup as files back-up too late to sup coffee gone cold
Friday clear down, try not to frown, note piles have grown too much to hold
I’m uninspired too much required I’m getting tired and feeling old
Chaotic desk seems grotesque and no burlesque to make me smile
Weeks of research seem to besmirch every spare perch I’m in denial
Time to get done and have some fun my mind in stun is it worthwhile
This writer’s life a double-edge knife don’t need no wife to give me stress
No need for ink as ideas sink just type and think poeticness
What would I be if I couldn’t see reality in fancy dress
But trash must go it makes me slow and words don’t flow, my desk’s a mess!


Derive (YDWP)

Inspired by and written for Your Daily Word Prompt – my thanks to Sheryl

Definition: Derive – v. obtain something from (a specified source)

Form: The Fib

from thoughts
of something
or even nothing
instincts and senses combining
the words into lines, and that’s how verses are derived


Ingenious (YDWP)

Inspired by and written for Your Daily Word Prompt – my thanks to Sheryl

Definition: Ingenious – adj. (of a person) clever, original, and inventive

Synonyms: inventive, creative, imaginative, original, innovative, resourceful

Form: Pathya Vat

a mind’s resource
thinking it out
working it out
sketchy outlines
of what could be
setting it free


Dictionary Corner

Dictionary Corner
Form: Englyn Cyrch

Another book on the shelf
A precious thing in itself
Seeking a meaning in words
Seems absurd, it’s poetic wealth
For when it comes to that time
A poet’s lines cannot mime
And though his thoughts may rehearse
The verse still needs a new rhyme


Lave (AWAD)

Inspired by A Word a Day – thank you, Anu Garg

Definition: Lave – n. Residue or remainder; v. wash, bathe, flow, pour

Synonyms: cleanse, shampoo, shower, dip, bubble, launder, soap, sponge

Form: Bina

bubble and foam wild waters flow
tempting the mind to dream with a dip
empty nib into ink dip, dip
writing the lines words flow
like fluid thoughts flow the mind cleansed in a dip


Write (JustJoJan)

Inspired by and written for JustJoJan – thank you, Linda

Definition: Write – v. mark (letters, words, or other symbols) on a surface, typically paper, with a pen, pencil, or similar implement.

Synonyms: put down, note, compose, address, create, draft, pen, scrawl, rewrite, scribble, ink, jot

And I caught up after a delayed start, and here I am, 31 Jan, writing the first draft to the final prompt for JustJoJan – of course, it must go for editing before it sees the screen let alone gets posted

Form: Haiku

outline – jot down notes
pen and ink of rough ideas
something or nothing
pen roughing outlines
out of order but in sync
scribbles in first draft
edit and rewrite
read through and edit some more
until final draft
check meter and form
count syllables to be sure
are rhyme patterns, right?
syntax and vocab
and there in ink it is done
now ready to type
they think it’s easy
composing words into verse
it’s bloody hard work


Can I Borrow the Book You Wrote from the Library, Please?

Inspired by and written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser – thank you, Sadje

Okay, cat among the pidgies with this one. If someone shares my work via a link-up or reblog I am chuffed to beans that someone thinks it is good enough to share. Do they need my permission to do that – hell the fire, no. It is easy enough to remove the reblog feature in the settings for one’s blog if it is that bothersome. If you leave the reblog feature active, then you are actively asking readers to share your work – if they deem it worthy of sharing.

When we blog, we are putting our work out there for people to see. How huge a compliment is it that someone reads your blog and thinks it is worth promoting to a wider audience. That is massive, and a thank you is in order. My blog isn’t private, it would be if I didn’t want people reading it – and really what is the point of that.

Writing isn’t just about hitting keys and pulling an article, story, or poem out of the hat. It is also using the various means available to promote our work to a wider audience. In modern times, that includes social media as well as book signings, readings, and meet-the-author workshops.

A reblog isn’t stealing someone’s work as it is a direct link to the original post. It is part of building up a following. As writers putting our work out there, we don’t get to choose who reads it, the reader chooses us. Like many bloggers, I have various sharing buttons on my blog posts, and I know they get used, probably by my mother as she thinks everything I do is fantabulosa.

This really feels like asking an author if you can borrow a copy of their book, their intellectual property, from the library in case they don’t want just anyone to read it. The courtesy in reblogging is saying thank you when someone thinks our work is good enough that their readers would also enjoy it.

Sorry if that is the wrong answer but it is my thoughts


Inspired by Word of the Day

Form: Haiku/pantoum

Author’s Note: Not sure this will work, but using the Haiku format of 575 and rhyme my thinking is stanza 1 5757 a1b1a2b2, stanza 2 7575 b1c1b2c2 and so on and in Malay format no circle back

Words and poet’s pen
Testing the line and a rhyme
So far so good then
For another verse it’s time
Testing the line and a rhyme
Lines one and three done
For another verse it’s time
Now let’s have some fun
Lines one and three done
A poem of sorts maybe
Now let’s have some fun
A poem maybe we’ll see
A poem of sorts maybe
Easy no it’s not
A poem maybe we’ll see
I’m counting a lot
Easy no it’s not
Yet is kinda fun to do
I’m counting a lot
And so for now this will do


Good Morning Taffy

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – thank you Sue and GC

It all started so nicely, a cracking prompt, a few lines coming to mind, and a fresh cup of coffee. So I go to the next form on my list, the Welsh Byr A Thoddaid. Internal rhymes first thing in the morning – even I am saying Jezzie you are some sort of masochist

Good Morning Taffy
Form: Byr a Thoddaid

A wake-up call as the dawn breaks
The last of sleep needs some sharp shakes
But a good morning softened by sweetness
A zesty early mood
While the coffee filters now spurt
And my arms stretch in a clean shirt
By nature’s design, the senses are teased
With freshly squeezed sunshine
The poet then ready to word play
The writer set to face the day
The word play is fun but it’s tough sometimes
Internal rhymes, I’m done



Inspired by and written for What Do You See – thank you, Sadje

I feel a free write coming with this one as I am asking myself the question of the meaning of a door in my writing and art…

Free Writing

A door in my writing or art can be more than a little symbolic. More often than not it is asking a question of should I or should I not. In this picture the door is open and could be seen as an invitation.

Initially it is an invitation to walk through it, leave the here and now for something new and untried. But let us not go rushing through it just yet. Is that path going anywhere, is it going somewhere we need to be, or perhaps it is the road to nowhere.

Now looking at this picture would I take my readers through that door? If I was giving them a nice guided tour of perfectly landscaped gardens most probably yes. Is that really what I am seeing? Perhaps it is too perfect. I see a very straight path with no room for variation, no room for error, and no room to grow. It’s a path to nowhere.

It is an open door and an invitation but is that simply to walk through it? Perhaps the invitation is not to walk through the door but to close it as if closing off an unwanted part of our lives so we can move on.

Well that’s my thinking

Poet by the Stream

Poet by the Stream
Form: Ottava Rima

In ink the words of a poet’s dream
Releases the musings of the inner child
That wanders the path beside the stream
At one with nature and the call of the wild
And from his pen the seasons gleam
Of stormy nights and where the moonshine smiled
In simple forms of rhythm and rhyme
Each verse a moment in spirit time


Bomboozling Myself

Inspired by and written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser – thank you, Sadje

The easy answer is yes as I am currently revising old poetry writes from 12 years ago, however, they never were blogged = well, not really. These poems come from when I was studying for my MA and as such were published on a university thing.

As I said the easy answer is yes. Does this university thing count as a blog? I’m not altogether sure as it wasn’t open to public viewing but I know there are such things as private blogs. So if a private blog counts then yes it was a blog.

I also write up poetic form notes and will often use a previously published poem as an example. Does that count as reposting it? This is getting complicated!!!

I guess I will stick with the easy answer