Bewray (WOTD)

Inspired by Word of the Day Definition: Bewray – v. to betray. Form: Dodoitsu trust exposed as breaking glassthousands of shards of falsenessreparation impossiblethe mirror’s shattered ©JezzieG2023

Caravel (WOTD)

Inspired by Word of the Day Definition: Caravel – n. a small Spanish or Portuguese sailing vessel of the Middle Ages and later, usually with triangular sails that allowed for tacking upwind Synonyms: schooner, sloop, yacht, pinnace, corvette Form: Tanka fabric catching windsdestinations across seassail away or homesailors tacking directionwaves crashing across the bow ©JezzieG2023

Tenacious (WOTD)

Inspired by Word of the Day Definition: Tenacious – adj. holding together; not easily pulled asunder; tough. Synonyms: firm, tight, strong, unshakeable, Form: Dodoitsu hang in there and stay on trackno looking back stay focuseduse that stubborn streak to winthen relax, have fun ©JezzieG2023

Pandiculation (WOTD)

Inspired by Word of the Day Definition: Pandiculation – n. the act of stretching oneself, especially on waking Synonyms: yawning, stretching, oscitancy Form: Dodoitsu rock ‘n’ roll, the wake-up calllimbs stretch before eyes opengathering the energydawn yawns good morning ©JezzieG2023

Vaudevillian (WOTD)

Inspired by Word Of The Day Definition: Vaudevillian – adj., of, relating to, or characteristic of theatrical entertainment consisting of a number of individual performances, acts, or mixed numbers. Form: Kimo greasepaint smears on smoke-stained glass reflectionsdressing-room drama chitter-chatsuntil the curtain call ©JezzieG2023