Labels (Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Form: Redondilla 3

Pictures shown are not real gameplay
The heart sinks in utter dismay
As blurred pixels scroll on the screen
That’s how it's done and I have been
Expecting more from CGI
No moneyback and you know why
Like terms and conditions not read
I let small print pass through my head
Contents may differ from that shown
Complain and you’re left on your own
You were warned before you paid out
They leave you to just scream and shout
Reading labels, what’s in the box
Pretty pictures a cunning fox
But if you look, make your eyes squint
The truth revealed in the small print


Delicate Kisses (Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Form: Quatern

This winter’s night when snowflakes fall
Soft, white, glistening in moonlight
And more follow as drifts begun
By delicate little snowflakes
They’re floating down on frosty air
This winter’s night when snowflakes fall
Loveliness of purity white
Swirling over the dirty streets
We step outside my love and I
Catching one or two on gloved hands
This winter’s night when snowflakes fall
Beautiful snow is our delight
As the delicate kisses chill
The snow making our faces smile
For dawn will bring fields blanket white
This winter’s night when snowflakes fall


Midnight Glow (WPWC)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Midnight Glow
Form: Mathnawi

So many nights lost in the misty moonglow
With thoughts adrift on the midnight river flow
The passing of so many sleepless hours
In awe of her mystic lunar powers
Is it madness or a mind lost to wonder
Caught in her reflection shimmering under
The babbling waters of the woodland stream
Am I crazy or just lost in a dream
Here in the darkness by the willow tree
The glowing moonlight sets my spirit free


Bend (WPWC)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Sorry guys, I can’t resist it

Form: Limerick 2

Identity is something we shouldn’t have to defend
As through the labels and tags of life we wend
Be this, or be that
I can tell you off the bat
Only a ruler for drawing lines has no bend
To know what is or isn’t you’ll just have to wait
As identity flows in a fluid-like state
Never feeling it’s all one way
And that’s fine for today
I’m not a ruler so I’ll be damned if I’m straight


Opening the Eyes (WPWC)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Opening the Eyes
Italian Quatrain

Red flags hidden by rose hued lens
Ignored by wishful thinking dreams
Yet the nothing is as it seems
No love just the fair-weather friends
Only caring for what they take
Giving nothing when pain comes by
So these clipped wings can never fly
Surround by all that is fake
Until truth comes out of the blue
Lifting the soul to see new skies
No warning but with no disguise
True friends are there waiting for you
Showing all that you should have seen
Kicking your ass for being blind
These are the friends of the best kind
They don’t care for what might have been
So, I’m keeping that circle tight
To the few I know I can trust
As the fakes fall away in dust
This time I want to get it right


Treasure Hunt

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Treasure Hunt
Form: English Ode Stanza

In the days of Arabian Knights
And mysterious desert lands
Beneath the skies of Persian lights
Genies lived in lamps buried in the sands
To find one a prince’s quest
To fulfill his heart’s desire
For genies make wishes come true
Over dunes the heat of the sun a test
And starlit nights beside the campfire
A treasure hunt without any clue
But if a prince should find such a thing
And summon his genie to come
What wishes will give his life zing
Riches, a girl, to me that seems dumb
In the lands where no rain ever falls
Perhaps more water for his people to drink
Would be a more sensible choice
Maybe the genie should advise when he calls
That wishes are rare and a prince should think
Before giving his desires a voice.


Gloaming Flight

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Gloaming Flight
Form: Englyn Cyrch

As afternoon meets the dusk
He rises from field of husk
A solo caw in farewell
Clear as tolling bells at dusk
In darkening skies, he soars
Shopkeeper closes his doors
At last, it’s time to go home
Now gloaming is on its tours
Raven bird fly to your roost
By twilight don’t be seduced
The night is near, time to rest
Your feathered breast needs the boost


Heart and Mind

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Heart and Mind
Form: Common Measure

Rose-hued eyes see a pretty face
To dream of while asleep
Before the heart learns to see true
That beauty is skin deep
Until then dreams can rule the head
This love the heart will keep
For realization comes slow
That beauty is skin deep
In time pretty begins to show
As pain makes the soul weep
As inner ugly is revealed
And beauty is skin deep


Pink Hydrangea

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

So, I’m writing this on a Sunday morning at my mum’s house, so just a wee ditty poem jotted in my notebook before an overexcited mum opens her birthday pressies and cards

Pink Hydrangea
Form: Free Verse

Latte lazing in a cup
as croissants bake to melt butter
for the jam waiting on the table by the window
Sunday morning window gazing
at the bustle of birds chasing fruits and seeds
on the old wooden bird table
for the cat is too busy
snoozing in the shade of the pink hydrangea


City to City

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

A chance to try my pen at Urban poetry, which is a literary art form for expressing feelings that are related to living in urban communities. Themes include poverty, social injustice, stress, struggles, and survival.

City to City
Form: Urban Poetry

In this season of self-obsessed greed
spending money we haven’t got
while complaining about the cost of living crisis
not stopping to think of a man losing his job
of a family made homeless
squeezed into a one-room bedsit
kids not getting a visit from a Santa
laden with over-indulgent presents
while a dad contemplates suicide
in the depths of despair
and a mum visiting a food bank
in desperation to feed her children
nothing fancy a basic meal
on Christmas day
over-priced turkeys memorialize
the tragedy of so many left in the cold
from city to city
the darkness of decision
and old man faces a decision in the darkness
heat or eat
his pension can’t do both
and alone he visits
his wife in the graveyard
to say “I love you”
the kids won’t be visiting this year
instead, they are lapping up the sun
in a country, he’s never been to
still, he feels the disappointed loneliness
of old age
in a city like any other
crowded with people
yet no one to care


Combining the Two

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

“Writers need their totems, their altars. Mine, I feel, share the same randomness and utility of those belonging to painters I know, who are relentlessly visual and even poetic.” ~ Kevin Young.

What a banging quote – I have to go with it.

Combining the Two
Form: Free Write

I have never really looked at my writing desk as an altar nor have I looked at my home altar as a writing space but yes, there are some similarities between the ritualistic behaviours of my witchery and my writing if I think about it. There are also some marked differences. I think this calls for using my senses.

Incense – I use incense in both my witchcraft and writing. In both cases there is sandalwood, that base note of masculinity really does help inspire my thinking whether for magic or writing. That is where the similarity of smell ends. In the magic circle, the incense reflects the task at hand whether a healing, a cleansing, etc. In my writing space, the scents are often more a part of life as a writer so that of Italian coffee, my preferred blend, and the aroma of roses from the reed infuser. I love the smell of flowers.

Sound – when I am writing I use ambient music such as Enigma, Enya, or similar, the same in the circle. In both cases, it is generating a sense of peace, calmness, and tranquillity. In either case, it helps me, sometimes inspires me, and more often just keeps me company.

Visual – in the magic circle everything is lit by candles, and my writing desk is lit by a daylight lamp as is my easel if I am painting or drawing. This just says my eyesight isn’t all it should be and I need the help. On my altar are various statuary symbolizing the divine in some way. In my work area, here comes the randomness, I have a box of postcards, arty pictures photographs, quotes, word lists, form lists, and other creative nuggets which I often dip into for some random thinking.

Taste – the only similarity here is that of cookies, well, digestive biscuits to be exact. McVites digestive biscuits to be even more exact. I live on digestive biscuits with tea or coffee, and in circle, the said biscuit with mead is a part of the rituals I do. Back in the day, it used to be chocolate but I know I can get absorbed in what I am doing and just kill any chocolate I have before I know it. I am a diabetic I can’t be doing that

Touch – Pebbles, there are pebbles everywhere in my house. I have PTSD so pebbles are a grounding device that brings my crazy head back to the here and now OR takes it off to a realm of fantasy.

The Fur Babies – both Lilydog and Shadow the Ninja Cat make themselves at home in whatever space I am in. Right now Lilydog is curled up cozy under my desk having a second-afternoon nap. At her grand age life is about naps, little walks, and food. Shadow is sitting on a chair impatiently waiting for her tea which she has been doing since she ate breakfast.

I won’t bore you with magic circle rituals – they happen right? I guess I do start my writing day the same way every day so that could be called a ritual. I wake up at sunrise and take a cup of tea out into the garden, with a pen and notebook, and a Lilydog. Rain or shine she mooches around the garden snuffling at things that are not there. Rain, I sit under the shed roof and write a haiku over tea, sun I sit by the pond and do the same. Either way, the world is quiet, so quiet I can hear the koi splish and hear Gabbie’s rose rustle with the breeze. Actually, I start my non-writing days this was too so maybe not a writing ritual as such, but hey!

The biggest difference between my altar and desk is neatness. My altar is spit spot at all times, not a thing out of place. My writing desk – well it’s obvious when I am in mid-project it’s a shipwreck of books, notes, pens, and doodles in semi-organised chaos. I do clear down when a project is finished and ready to start again but while I am doing it – never, I lose my direction and focus and have to restart.

Perhaps, then, creativity requires a combination of random and ritual. I think mine certainly does

Leaves and Words

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

There are many reasons autumn is my favourite time of year – pups and leaf heaps is one of them.

Leaves and Words
Form: Ars Poetica

A golden carpet in the garden
inspiring a poet’s pen
to write of sunny autumnal days
everywhere a leaf awaits
to be raked in piles
like words in haphazard verse
making sense out of the chaos
neatness in disorder
each leaf a reminder of
smiles or tears
their fragile veins bared to the season
like ink on the page
revealing the soul of a poet in his blood
weathered and withered through the year
thoughts and leaves in a heap
as the shadows of longer nights
betray the empty branches
like the fingers of winter reaching out
each leaf a reason
each word a connection
carrying dreams of foolish desire
a memory of hindsight in reflection


Odd Ball Geek

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Hell yeah, that quote says it. Trying to fit into planet normal is doomed from the word get-go. I tried doing that for nearly forty years and got to no place but depression and self-hate. I am going to run with that time and in doing so reassure all who read me it is the past, and I am now me. Let’s do this…

Odd Ball Geek
Form: Free Verse

I bought into the dresses and lipstick
just a man trying to be a girl
red nails and high heels
watching soap operas to keep up
with school-gate conversations
and gloss red smiles hiding the tears
my crying done behind closed doors
and I was never as pretty as the girl next door
never as feminine as a princess
never as
never as
never good enough to be she
not brave enough to be he
purging my senses of masculine
purging the closet of jeans and t-shirts
so I could stay in there
away from the hate
alone with the hate
crashing mirrors to blind reflections
crying alone hiding in fear
‘cos, man, I tried so hard
to be just another girl
to fit in with a world built on discrimination
and hate
hate the freak
the odd ball geek in a shirt
riding a motorbike
and wiping the grease stains into my hair
with the angry tears
of the silent death threats coming from within
fitting in is killing me
and I don’t want to fit in
I just need to be me



Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

“What a lovely surprise to discover how unlonely being alone can be.”~ Ellen Burstyn. Indeed the quote is correct. If you are in a situation where you have to hide who are to fit in with someone else’s agenda it is the loneliest place on the planet. The last few years have taught me that is a place where I crave to be on my own, as then I won’t be lonely. Add that to a bit of Enigma, which is always good And a sonnet that in effect writes itself. Here goes…

Triolet Sonnet

“If you love…” words that shut me out
And so I crave to be alone
Love to fill me with so much doubt
“If you love…” words that shut me out
I can’t be me, no voice to shout
In this love, I have come undone
“If you love…” words that shut me out
And so I crave to be alone
My worthless feelings have no clout
“If you love…” words that shut me out
Such love can never come to nowt
For my soul, none can ever own
“If you love…” words that shut me out
And so I crave to be alone


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Pinprick of White

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you Sue and GC

My daddy taught me from a young age that it is in the deepest darkness that our light shines brightest. As I have gotten old I have learned that means I shouldn’t fear stepping into my darkness to see my own truth in the light so I can get back on track. In effect, it is to face my fear. Here goes…

Pinprick of White
Form: Free Verse

A tremble rippling down my spine
and I know the time is coming
to take that turning into an unlit road
where no one can walk with me
the demons that are my questions
waiting and wanting answers
and I fight, refusing to go until
all I know is fear
feelings of afraid of I don’t know what
getting worse each time I turn my back
on blackness
blinding my eyes in the sunlight
unable to see
but even in the warm sun, I feel cold
it is time to lift my face to the sun
one last time
before turning to face my fear
eyes wide open staring into the darkness
for now, I am ready to understand
ready to walk through the tunnel of confusion
to walk towards the glimmer of enlightenment
the pinprick of white emergence
refreshed, rebuilt, reborn
understanding a little more


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – A Little Foresight

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you Sue and GC

I practice divination, and while I will never say it gives you the complete picture of the future or one’s destiny, it can provide a useful peek into what is possibly to come, and if needs be act on things to change the direction as oft happens. Well, here goes…

A Little Foresight
Form: Free verse

Cards, runes, and crystal ball
open my eyes
to see potential coming into view
black silk and sparks of light
bring the universe into my sight
with arcane words of ritual
magic spoken across the blue
before simple questions asked in truth
seek the answers within starlight
senses soaring into the sky
into destiny where my soul can fly
but what of the shadows haunting the light
where the end of days isn’t quite right
open my eyes
to all that is wrong
so I can be free from that negative grip
releasing my heart’s darkness to another place
hold me in the universal embrace
to walk my path of sacred bliss
Father Sun and Mother Moon
unto my journey’s end
protect me in love and light


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Destination Unknown

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge, thank you Sue and GC

This is one of those prompts that I see with a sinking feeling as I don’t want to write that stuff, but I know I will. As a dear friend says it might help someone so that makes it okay, right? No form with these types of writing they have to be free to be. Here goes…

Destination Unknown
Form: Free Verse

He sat there
a pink bandana on his head
the starting point of a journey
without a map
with no destination
he sat there
his voice speaking
his thoughts being revealed
for the first time he could talk
not baby words
but the words of aman
taking his first tentative steps
into the unknown world of transition
but he wanted to do it alone
without the opinions
without the judgments
and without discrimination
he wanted his journey to be his alone
and has he answered more questions
each answer a step in his direction
his path forming behind him not ahead
as each step forward was into the unknown
Tunnels of darkness
meandering around
going in circles
travelling up and down
like a cart on a rollercoaster ride
high points the mile stones of getting there
before crashing back down into the abyss
into the dark tunnels
of frustration and pain
anguish and depression
hormones raging into the insanity
puberty and menopause at the same time
where all he can do is cry
before snarling with rage
when will this end
He sat there
on the edge of the bed
like a train at the station
this is not the final destination
but he needed to stop here
he sat there
looking out the window towards the sea
blue skies meeting blue waters
until he had to walk down
down the corridor
where he laid down and the world went black
bright lights of mid afternoon
tightly wrapped chest he wanted to breathe
they stood him up
and he shook seeing his feet
nothing blocking the view down
he sat there
there on the edge of the bed
unable to speak
just smiling his ecstasy
Confusion cascades in now what
where to go
what he should do
opinions pushing him into a corner
concerns that should never have mattered
calling his shots
as he sped into coma
burning with infection
and in the darkness
he knew he must stop
He sat there
his lips moving between the facial hair
speaking his words with gruff throaty tones
his voice deeper
as the train moves onward
to another stopping point
on the journey
blue jeans mingle with the other guys
looks like one of the crowd
now he’s on his own journey
a new destination further down the line
and it is still destination unknown


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Speckled Glass

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Poetry is often reflective writing whether that is personal reflection or reflections on an event or aspect of history. For me as a poet, I have certainly used poetry to address and focus on aspects of life and the living of it. It may be buried deep in something else but nonetheless writing it has been one way of reflecting and clarifying things. Here goes…

Speckled Glass
Form: Pentastich

I watched as Alice chased a tardy rabbit
and listened as the queen demanded to be the fairest of all
and wondered as she poisoned the apple
how jealousy enraged her to kill
just what was in that old mirror
I stared into the speckled glass
even a mirror shows its true age
as always the demon with grey eyes
stared back with twisted torment
and glared right back like a wild brat
I heard her voice calling me
‘my darling what are you looking at?
Tell me, what do you see?’
I covered that glass with a dust sheet
‘Nothing, Grandma, nothing at all’
Later as we sat drinking tea
I asked if mirrors told lies
‘I wished they did then
I’d still be beautiful’ she said
and I sighed ‘you are beautiful to me’
Grandma smiled, dunking her shortbread
And she said ‘the mirror may lie
but some reflections do not
for the eyes of child see truth
revealed in their innocence’


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Rio

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue ad GC

It is true we creative types need someone we can trust to give us honesty, good or bad, about the things we create. For me, that person has to have the ability to over ride my biggest critic – and that is me. It takes someone special to do that – and I think a sonnet is in order. I think they know who they are

Form: American Forte Sonnet

The one who keeps me going when I can’t
And sees through my darkness to see me shine
Don’t give up, Mister, and I know I shan’t
Because for her I’ll make my art divine
From the depths of hell to words sweet as wine
Just to see her thumbs-up, that job is mine
From words to strokes of paint I want her smile
One more edit to go the extra mile
Can art and poetry really beguile
To take her mind to where sea breezes blow
Yet still, I question is it worth her while
To sail with me where poetic seas flow
And for this sonnet her name is Rio
Though it’s not, but it rhymes and nicely so


Weekly Prompts Weekend challenge – White Roses

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Sometimes memories are all there is, and it is so easy to feel sad and alone because of that. I made a decision to accept the wonderful memories I have of Gabbie, embrace them, and keep the love going until we are together again. Our hand fast was for all eternity, and it does mean forever. We both wanted it that way. If, as I believe, time has no meaning in the spirit world then I am glad, as on this side of the veil it’s a bloody long wait.

White Roses
Form: Nonet
Theme: Love

My words are not enough to recall
The joy of love you made me feel
Yet years seem like yesterday
When you were here beside me
But I can’t see your face
I can’t kiss your smile
This emptiness
Is it all
I have
But is it emptiness that I feel
As I know our love surrounds me
It’s the coolness on a breeze
Sunshine’s kiss on my face
And a gentle thought
To remind me
You always
Will be
No, my words will never be enough
But it’s not because I forget
Never can I forget you
In my heart, in my mind
You will always be
And memories
Are enough
To know


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Thin Line

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you Sue and GC

As I was growing up I saw the man within as my evil twin, I now know he really isn’t but “twin” probably is the closest description to the way it felt sometimes. This is really appealing to my darker mind, I hope that is okay. Here goes

Thin Line
Form: Free Verse

I fear it
that existence on the otherside
yet within
within my on fear
at the darkest edge
where rainbow colours begin
and never shine
it lies waiting, anticipating
for the moment when balance
loses its sense of compassion
creeping and growling through the shadows
slowly moving in silence
crossing the thin line
through the crying soul
to whisper temptations of vengeance
its potency intensifying
curdling through the blood
twisting the mind with the desire
for that pound of flesh
deep within it takes shape
the immoral flip side of the coin
mocking compassion and kindness
into oblivion
as it serves that dish
cold on a steel blade


Writing Prompts Weekend Challenge – As Gloria Sings

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you Sue and GC

“Stay focused and stay determined. Don’t look to anyone else to be your determination – have self-determination. It will take you very far. ~ Justice Smith”

Now that quote reverberates through me. Over the last few years I have come to know just how true those words are, and in the last six months or so self-determination has become a mantra of survival – here goes

As Gloria Sings
Form: Italian Octave

Too long drifting without hope nor desire
My heart, broken and life starting to fray
The question: would I see another day?
Did I want to, did I still have that fire?
As life mercilessly acts to conspire
Those words against me are all they can say
I see no way out, no cards left to play
Let go, drift back and let the fates inspire
Gently refocus love to love myself
And rebuild again every bloodied shard
Of my heart, the fucked up mind will be hard
The drifting too much damaged mental health
So long in hiding and living in stealth
So carelessly how I let down my guard
Even though all signs warned I’d end up scarred
And scarred I am but that is now my wealth
From love’s blades, the same that tore into me
Ripping all sense, all feeling from my skin
Came something stronger waiting deep within
Like a warrior fighting to be free
Released in deep breaths refocused to see
A new day shines, a new life to begin
Nothing to lose, everything to win
For now, I determine what’s right for me


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Greater Reward

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Sometimes we just come to the end of a road in life and that means we have to change direction to keep moving forward, onward to better things. That and this morning on DAB is Boys II Men – really, Classic Rock having a bad day, obviously but okay here goes…

Greater Reward
Form: Envelope Stanza
Theme: Love

Love cannot breathe in the stale air
The mind lost to a broken heart
It’s time to move on, time to depart
Let it all go, breathe in self-care
Nothing can be seen with blind eyes
Losing sight of the wonder of life
To toxic thoughts of pain and strife
That’s not living, that’s a demise
A screaming point at the road’s end
When love has gone beyond insane
Discarded sanity brings pain
There’s nothing left, nothing to mend
So let the tears cry, let them go
Change direction without the fear
Of self-destruction drawing near
Follow instincts and let them flow
Open the eyes to a new dawn
A fresh start from which to rebuild
New hopes and dreams to be fulfilled
From shades of darkness light reborn
Believe in self, stepping forward
As sadness blows out on a breeze
And remember life does not freeze
But moves to a greater reward


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Flown

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you Sue and GC

The word ‘middle’ certainly carries a lot of possibilities, and I’m not liking many of them as they seem to say settling for second best is a good thing – it isn’t! I’m well into middle-age now-whatever that means – but all that means is I am far more cynical, don’t trust easily, and so on. Oh well to the garden before it rains, coffee and pen in hand and here goes.

Form: English Quintain 1

Sat in the dawn of quiet contemplation
A moment of peace my escape
From being caught in the middle of the drama
And the sense of self in a drape
Of nothing sealed up in Sellotape
Sipping hot coffee
Inhaling on a cigarette
Question self in the dim light
As feelings close in like a net
When did love turn to regret
A promise is a promise
And there is no way out
Forced to choose what I don’t want
In the middle of so much doubt
Is that what love is about
In the middle of nowhere
No place with common ground
There’s nothing left to hold us tight
As I long for the cacophony of sound
Of morning birdsong with you not around
This life is screwy
and I’m heading for that emotional fall
With no beauty worth loving for
I want to run but can’t even crawl
Trapped in the middle of it all
My happiness is to escape
To quiet moments alone
But I know I’m worth more than that
Now you put down your phone
Too late, honey, this bird has flown


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Scrappage

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you Sue and GC

I’m not sure where this one will take me, possibly into my lifelong love affair with art. Scrappage, a play on the words scrap and collage, is a new art form where an artist takes what most of us would see as junk, and pretty much unusable junk at that, and creates art. And I think it’s wonderful. So here goes….

Sculptures by Michelle Reader

Form: Free Verse
Theme: Waste:

An old man sits on an old park bench
watching the lake
what was and what is
defined in art
rusty fences no longer required
contorted into the shape of a man
two drunk beers on the way home
bottles left on a wall
piecing green eyes
old tyre on the roadside
a pair of shoes
yesterday’s news within the wire
shrouded behind
plastic bottles and old tin cans
his jacket sparkling in the sunlight
casting jazzy reflections on
someone’s discarded jeans
an old tramp sat patiently
on an old broken bench
yet nature is kind
and sends her love to grow
in the spaces of time gone by
flowers bloom with new life
old junk constrained for eternity
in modern art


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Love’s Portico

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue.

Waking up to Frankie’s Power of Love on my DAB and the quote “An arch consists of two weaknesses which, leaning one against the other, make a strength.”~ Leonardo da Vinci – which is on an arty poster on my bedroom wall. Pen ready, here goes

Love’s Portico
Form: Free Verse
Theme: Love
Subject: Arch

That night I held your tears
that wept from your shattered heart
tears of injustice
tears of sacrifice
and you thought you were broken
your soul left tired and weak
drawing on my determination
and inner resilience
we put the pieces of you back together
stronger than ever before
That night you held my fears
echoing screams from my nightmares
fears of it all happening again
fears of no escaping the past
and I thought I was nothing
my body aching with the anguish
hearing your whispers of calming
and words of grounding
we put the shards of me together
stronger than before
This night we hold each other
stronger and wiser
my darling, we are unbeatable


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Jaded Wings

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue

This one feels like a free verse and letting the muse do her thing and see where it goes. I have been writing a lot of love and happy poems lately I have a feeling this will be somewhat darker – indeed, I need a dark write. Bipolar has been an issue most of my life and my writing helps release those darker thoughts. So here goes

Jaded Wings
Form: Free Verse

There is no room for love
as hope begins to fade
and jaded wings bereft of flight
mantle in a defensive shield
refusing to yield
for a damaged soul needs to heal
no time to escape into
imagined worlds
while reality kicks the heart down
no drink nor drugs to free the mind
from this unkind world
and there is no escape
except that one
through a cracked door
whispers a beam of light
a guiding beacon
speaking louder now
open the door
just open it
take that one step out
one step away from the abyss
of self-destruction
one step is all it takes to escape
and jaded wings take flight


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Sapling

Inspired by Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue

I didn’t get much further than the DH Lawrence quote “Instead of chopping yourself down to fit the world, chop the world down to fit yourself” to be honest. And sure enough, the mulling creatures of my mind are rolling it over – and I swear some are looking at me saying ‘that’s you that is’. And as I’m thinking, Planet Rock is on my DAB and Fleetwood Mac comes on – Ok JezzieG, grab your pad and pen, and a brew, of course, and to the pond to scribble.

Form: Free Verse

Sat here alone
in the tears of not good enough
of always being wrong
of not fitting in the right boxes
and not being who you want me to be
so you can be you
and when I’m alone the feelings
change to self-hate
and the dark shadows of degradation
turn on me
pushing me closer to eternal oblivion
until something screams
‘I can’t keep doing this’
and I think of the oak sapling
hidden in the darkness
desperately seeking the light
alone in the dark it cannot grow
before the dead wood meets the woodcutter’s axe
chopped down
revealing the sunlight
above the canopy of leaves
and the sapling soars to a mighty oak
my axe is that of self-worth
hacking and chopping the deadwood
of negativity holding me in darkness
releasing my spirit to the blue skies
so I can grow strong again
and fly where the raven soars
to go my own way


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Into Tomorrow’s Dawn

Written to this weekend’s prompt – thank you Sue and GC

Well no surprise when it comes to me writing about beginnings – it is going to be free verse and with a single line mulling in my mind and at my fingers I have no idea where it will begin or end. Let’s go —

Into Tomorrow’s Dawn
Form: Free Verse

Waking up with tears to cry
it is dark outside
and darker still inside my mind
the pain of yesterday echoes
around my room
looking out into the night
my eyes follow the moon shadows
to the jasmine tree
her petals glinting silver light
guiding my slippered feet lightly
across the dew laden grass
to inhale the scent of my jasmine tree
while bathing in lunar tranquillity
perhaps, too
the moon shall speak to me
her silvery voice
so gently caressing my soul
as she whispers
‘let yesterday go, my child,
and its pain fade away
take the lessons forward
into tomorrow’s dawn
for it is not too late to reach for the stars
and live your own dream’
as always
my lady of the moon
speaks the wisdom of truth –
it’s never too late to start over


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Wild Pagan Heart

Written to the following prompt and what a prompt – thank you, Sue

Be still, my heart, this one is going to be a sheer joy to write to

“Embrace the seasons and cycles of your life – there is magic in change.”~ Bronnie Ware – well no point denying it I feel that quote echo throughout my heart, mind, body, and soul – so mote it be!

My blessings of love and light for Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere and Samhain, happy new year in the Southern Hemisphere. Let the fun begin

As I live in the Northern Hemisphere Beltane, 1 May, is just a few days away so it has to be the fabulous Inkubus Sukkubus (twice)

Wild Pagan Heart
Form: Chant

The longest night, Solstice night
Reborn the king of the sun
Rejoice, rejoice, a baby’s cry
For soon the Winter will be done
Cast your magic well, my love
In the deep-hearted mist
Awakens the sun
No longer a babe
For Winter is done
Cast your magic well, my love
Wake up the sleeping trees
It is time to glow
With Beltane’s blossom
The time has come to grow
Cast your magic well, my love
Sing to the flowers
To the grasses and trees
The summer is coming
On a sun-kissed breeze
Cast your magic well, my love
Dance around the festival flame
To the music of nature’s song
To the rhythm of Gaia’s drum
For nights are short and days are long
Cast your magic well, my love
Instincts whisper to the soul
As gently as butterflies flutter
Indigo children see the fields glow
With breezy ripples golden as butter
Cast your magic well, my love
Swing the scythe from side it side
As to the harvest, we must reap
The summer’s end is coming fast
And Samhain’s secrets we too shall keep
Cast your magic well, my love
This holy night we celebrate
As the dead re-join our throng
The veil is thin as bonfires burn
The days are short and nights are long
Cast your magic well, my love
The longest night, Solstice night
Reborn the king of the sun
Rejoice, rejoice, a baby’s cry
For soon the Winter will be done
Cast your magic well, my love

May the blessings of Beltane be upon all who read
In love and light


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Short

Well, this prompt fell into the hands of vertically challenged me and I initially thought oooh a haiku – the muse had other ideas and chose an Acrostic – who am I to argue with the muse acrostic it is. Adding a bit of Yazz because oh why not.

Form: Acrostic

Standing on chairs to get
Hard to reach places
Of who put it up there
Resolute acceptance
Tall just ain’t my thing

Prompt –