Not so Coy Koi (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Form: Folded Sonnet

The art of a spy deceiving their too-curious eyes
Takes a pinch of cunning and a simple wily disguise
But in the reality, I just wanted to break free
Escaping the confines of pond life to swim in the sea
They all said I couldn’t I was just a bright orange koi
I’d stand out a mile and bigger fish I’d surely annoy
They would beat me all up and leave me alone there bleeding
But I’m a koi, a goldfish of superior breeding
I’m not a stupid fish so while I am swimming, I think
There must be a way to fake it out there in the big drink
Then pow and bam it came to me like a flashing great spark
A fish like me can only be a mahoosive great shark

Time: 10 minutes 20 seconds
Word count: 157


Leading the Way (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

So let’s get in the mood (naturally) – oh my gods the memories – fabulous

Form: Fatima Stanza Sonnet

From tango to disco you loved to dance
I took the classes; to learn how to lead
Insecure steps of me taking the chance
A rock step and swirling spin to succeed
And as I dipped you my confidence freed
As you too briefly laid over my thigh
And you followed me into the rhythmic deed
My heart was racing I cannot deny
All those weeks I had watched you dancing by
And this dancing the way to catch your eye
I wasn’t that good yet you never sigh
I got better and your heart followed me
A different dance, a different high
In the swing of love we found our glee

Time: 9 minutes 30 seconds
Word count: 112


Sink or Surf (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Form: Envelope Sonnet

A day at the beach, that’s what we had planned
On the long winter nights before lockdown
And life stopped in every city and town
But we kept dreaming of sun, sea, and sand
By then this Covid will have gone away
And once again we’d all be running free
Did you see the crowds on last night’s TV?
There is a spike coming or so they say
Social distancing we don’t stand a chance
Other precautions will have to be made
And then Steve said he had an awesome plan
So here we all are prepared in advance
Covid won’t stop us we won’t be outplayed
And we’ll surf some waves however we can

Time: 10 minutes
Word count: 116


Twilight Gathering (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Form: Elfin Stanza Sonnet

In twilight skies a thousand wings take flight
And pesky insects become hunted prey
Leathery wings shadow the dying day
With each a silhouette in fading light
And some swooping low to catch the first bite
Of the juicy flies who have lost their way
A tasty meal, there’s no feeling contrite
And back into the dark night those wings sway
Radar ears pick up where the midges play
With their poor vision still they need no light
For sound alone guides them on the right way
And insects can’t hide from this sonic sight
And on these warm evenings of late May
I sigh as I watch the bats at twilight

Time: 7 minutes 20 seconds

Word Count: 112


Bear (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Not often do I try to create a sonnet variant for a prompt – but here goes – one-syllable lines, just for fun.

Form. Christine’s Sonnet
Created by Jezzie G for Christine Bialczak
Structure: Three quatrains and a couplet
Meter: 1-syllable per line
Rhyme Scheme: AbbA BccB deeD fD (uppercase being repetitions)


Time: With form creation and notes 25 minutes
Word count: 14


Mr. Stresshead (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Form: Doggonet Sonnet

It’s too late for breakfast
It will have to be brunch
If only they had asked
And why not suggest lunch
Time to get some stuff in
Instead, he’s hunting high
And low, just for somethin’
He can put in a pie
Rabbit will make a fuss
Or throw a hissyfit
Or maybe even cuss
If there’s no tasty bit
But squirrel is so stressed
He forgot to get dressed

Time: 7 minutes
Word Count: 70


Baiting His Hook (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Form: Deplorable Sonnet

Isn’t it time you got a new car, mate?
So cool on your drive and you won’t be late
Pick up a girl and take her on a date
Take them away, I have a motorbike
I hear what you’re saying, bud, take a look
These beauties are hot. and just off the book
And the salesman keeps on baiting his hook
Take them away, I have a motorbike
But behind the wheel, man, you’ll feel alive
Give one a chance, take it for a test drive
Dude, can’t you hear no, just give it a rest
There’s a problem, mate. I ain’t done the test
I ride and a biker’s life suits me best
Take them away, I have a motorbike

Time: 9 minutes 10 seconds

Word count: 122


Death’s Bloom (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Form: Cymraeg Soned

Withering summer’s end
Omens send warning’s call
A fate wishes cannot change
Exchange me I’ll give my all
A raven’s heart breaks in two
Half for you to hold me near
Our paths must part for awhile
This vile thing has found our fear
There is no cure left, they said
You’ll be dead; I mustn’t cry
“stay strong, babe, stay strong for me”
How can I be? How? How? Why?
Without you my poems are prose
Raven weeps for his dying Rose

Internal rhyme and Welsh meter – no way it will be done in 6 minutes

Not a day goes by I don’t miss Gabbie – this raven is broken until…

Time: 20 minutes

Word Count: 63


Purrfection (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Form: Cornish Sonnet 3

If she goes up, or, maybe, she goes down
The Ninja Shadow ain’t telling you which
Just meow sounds from an amber eyed frown
Perhaps I didn’t get her timing right
As I see quivers of a whisker twitch
That tells me she is getting all uptight
“Quickly, hoomin, fetch me a tasty treat”
And I grab the bag before she can blink
The pillows of cream cheese she loves to eat
Pretending I know where it is all at
Still she gives me her knowing kitty wink
She is purrrfectly herself as a cat
If she goes up, or, maybe, she goes down
She is purrrfectly herself as a cat

Time: 6 minutes 10 seconds

Word Count: 111


One of the Boys (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

One of the Boys
Form: Cornish Sonnet 1

I never was a girl for the Barbie pink
Just another thing that didn’t feel right
Back then the shades of pink made my heart sink
Without understanding the reasons why
A colour can bring the heart to such plight
With only confusion my tears to cry
All I ever wanted was shades of blue
To echo feelings that lived inside me
Even then it was something I just knew
I didn’t want dolls or the other girl toys
All of that just was not how it should be
When I should have been just one of the boys
I never was a girl for the Barbie pink
All I ever wanted was shades of blue

Time: 8 minutes, 20 seconds

Word count: 116


My Zen (Simply 6 Minutes)

The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein the Younger, 1533. Housed at the National Gallery, London, UK

I make a point of visiting this painting at least once a year because it is simply amazeballs. However, I haven’t always loved it- – let’s go

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

My Zen
Form: Choi’s Sonnet

My eyes, still innocent, drew back in fear
As skeletons and skulls scared me back then
Made me cry while shedding many a tear
It seems so long ago in way back when
Before the world of art became my Zen
With inherent beauty a thing of yen
Nothing to fear but my own inner peace
This created wonder never seems to cease
To amaze my eyes with tricks in this piece
In fine lines and paint from a brush or knife
Changing perspective, the artist’s caprice
The wonder of art that can ease all strife
New and old the images running rife
As in this world I have made my own life

Word count: 113

Time: 9 minutes 20 seconds


I’m Still Standing (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

2022 has been a good, if not a great year for me. I set the bar high as I needed to get back on track. Anyway, different type of sonnet with very little rhyme. A joyous new year to all that read.

And my song says it for 2022, I don’t think Elton will mind me stealing the title

I’m Still Standing
Form: Capped Sonnet

2021 brought the spirals
Bipolar was kicking me down and down
With depression inviting suicide
2022 I fought it back
A year of growing stronger, fighting it
No regrets, the year has been bloody good
My thanks to my friends who stayed for the ride
This is why you mean everything to me
You offered me light in that darkest place
And to those who just couldn’t be bothered
I don’t need you now, and I never will
And with the new year waiting at the door
What to do in 2023?
Keep getting stronger as I claim back me

Time: 8 minutes 20 seconds

Word Count: 101


Leftovers for Christmas (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Seriously, last week I did the English Canadian, and this week the Italian Canadian – the only difference is the structure of the presentation. However, I discovered a new word for my vocab. Sometimes, writing sonnets feels samey. Thank you, Christine – have a blessed Yule xxx

Leftovers for Christmas
Form: Canadian Sonnet (Italian)

Insane panic buying of toilet paper
As if one hundred rolls is covidsafe
Even soft tissue can begin to chafe
A world in chaos with this right caper
Did you sterilize after wiping ass
Before going outside without a mask
That did far better at meeting the task
For a virus that cares not about class
Leftover rolls clogging up the attic
Quelle surprise! That so many didn’t get used
And we are reeling, feeling so confused
What to do with this stuff bought in panic
It’s Christmas and the tree is out of sight
Get crafty with loo rolls and some lamp light

Word Count: 104
Time: 6 minutes 40 seconds (oh bugger!!)


A Very Middle Earth Problem

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

A Very Middle Earth Problem
Form: Canadian Sonnet (English)

Bilbo Baggins lived in a Hobbit Hole
He liked it kept tidy, ordered, and neat
When Frodo called by with snow-covered feet
There was nothing that could his heart console
For wiping feet, he placed mats by the door
But the puddles beneath were not so sweet
But hobbits must never admit defeat
So another plan, better than before
Bilbo installed giant feet there outside
A subtle hint or so he thought it be
An obvious thing anyone could see
And sure Bilbo’s logic can’t be denied
Until the chill came along with the cold
Frodo’s feet stuck out, a sight to behold

Word Count: 104
Time 11 minutes 10 seconds


Above the Brine

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

This week’s sonnet is the Byronic Sonnet created in honour of that moodiest of moody romantic poets, Lord Byron. Kinda matches the pic well, I think

Above the Brine
Form: Byronic Sonnet

The hidden caves on a rugged coastline
That the ancient smugglers knew so well
Now stories the legends of which we tell
Of pirates and rum and all things fine
And their booty hidden above the brine
Avoiding dutymen and their taxes
By the lunar light before she waxes
They hauled it all in, including fine wine
But the king, he ordered the caves barred up
For taxes paid for his warmongering and sin
His people were left with no booze to sup
No brandy or wine, let them have dry gin
Nowadays those rusty bars remain up
But don’t keep the ghosts of old pirates in

Word Count: 107
Time 14 minutes 40 seconds


Simple Choice

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Simple Choice
Form: Busta Sonetto 3

Hidden in the density of trees
The secret plans of escape
While humans lurch from scrape to scrape
As the world falls to its knees
And into chaos living must descend
And the time is coming when we will go
Or stay and meet the face of death
A simple choice, still some will say no
And stay until the bitter end
But me I’m gonna take that flight
To see a new world in another place
Born for peace before time stands still
A brighter future born of grace
For me the time has come, the time is right

Word Count: 100

Time: 9 minutes 30 seconds


Changing Guards

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

My gut instincts are to go with a ditty from A. A. Milne but I can’t resist adding some jam to that slice of bread to make the trip to my youth complete

Changing Guards
Form: Busta Sonetto 2

They're changing the guard at Buck house
Jump on the tube or we’ll be late
“Mind the gap” the tinny voice shouts
I wonder if we will see Will and Kate?
Or are they away shooting grouse?
The train stops and the carriage is full
But still, more get on at the next stop
Crossing the city in a quick hop
Beneath sights it’s brimful
Our stop, squeezing past a mower, it’s a madhouse
It’s sat there in everyone’s way
And nobody seems to ask why
So maybe it's just a case of today
They're mowing the lawns at Buck house

Word Count: 101

Time 7 minutes 40 seconds


And Around Again

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

And Around Again
Form: Busta Sonetto 1

To escape there must be a way out
A door that opens into the light
Away from the darkness of being inside
For a brighter horizon to come into sight
Of this, I’m certain, no shadow of doubt
And the door opens onto a stair
A bright white invitation to climb
To reach aspirations the path must
Go higher, upward to touch the sublime
So I’, heading for up there
At the top another door to where I have been
I’m living in circles it seems
While chasing the tail of my dreams
And the only way out is to go back in

Word Count: 103 words
Time: 9 minutes 20 seconds


More of the Same

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

More of the Same
Form: Burns Sonnet

On the veranda, their playing the blues
In soulful tunes expressing their sorrow
At hateful bullshit, they heard on Fox News
And is it worth waking up tomorrow
When tomorrow brings only more of the same
Cops chasing robbers with guns in hand
Its dark times out there in this land
And they sing the blues this sadness, not in their name
They play their blues and jazz time rag
No one listens they need a gimmick
These working-class guys need something to mimic
Overworked underpaid, life is just a long nag
So if you wondered but never dared ask
There’s why their blues are sung behind a mask

Word count: 110
Time: 11 minutes 10 seconds


I Feel You

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

At Samhain, the veil between mortal and immortal worlds is at its thinnest. Having said that, feeling the spirits close and around you is not the same as seeing and being able to hold that loved one. I wish….

I Feel You
Form: Brisbane Sonnet

Today I feel you there right beside me
So close I should be able to hold you
Was that a breeze or your breath on my neck?
Yet only with my eyes closed can I see
While my heart still feels and still longs for you
I wish Fate had dealt a different deck
Here in the living I miss you so much
I miss your laughter and I miss your smile
I miss all the love we had between us
And I wish I could simply feel your touch
So to ease my heart for a little while
But I couldn’t let go without a fuss
So I wait for time to stop as is Fate’s will
Until that day, my love, until… until…

Word count: 125
Time: 15 minutes 20 seconds


Oh, Maybel!

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Ooops, did someone forget their belladonna and aconite – again!!!

Oh, Maybel!
Form: Bowlesian Sonnet abba cddc effe gg

Come my witches, come cast our magic spell
This Samhain night there’s so much to be done
Bring the tools of flight, bring them one by one
Come my witches and stir the cauldron well
Oh Maybel have you got the aconite
The bubbling potion brewing still awaits
Don’t just stand there holding those empty plates
No belladonna we can’t make the flight
Still Maybel dances naked neath the moon
As in her heart there burns a wild desire
A witch she is dancing around the fire
With pure intent she’ll learn her magic soon
As for the freedom of flight we now go
By taxi and train heading to Heathrow

Word count: 111
Time: 8 minutes


The Trick

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Tricks of light, of the eye, or just plain illusion. Whatever it is leave them wondering

The Trick
Form: Bowlesian Sonnet

All the kids come out calling Trick or Treat
Their plastic buckets are overflowing
With sweet treats, but there are no tricks showing
So this year my trick must have them all beat
Abracadabra raising up the game
I doubt they will even find my front door
Let alone knock it to say they want more
Izzy wizzy and a magical name
‘Mum how do we get up there’ I heard shout
The door raised so high up above the ground
Where are the stairs winding around and round
Then, “Oh, well they are probably all out”
And as night descends into the dark thread
Let magic bring home the souls of the dead

Word count: 114
Time: 11 minutes 20 seconds


Zombie Queen

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Oh! Boy! Well, this is going to take some imaginative thinking is it not? A sonnet (definition – a little love song) and zombies so a bit of help from The Cranberries won’t go a miss (I love the track). No idea where this will go but here goes…

Zombie Queen
Blues Sonnet

I want to write you a love song, baby
I want to sing my love to you, baby
As your glazed eyes look at me with maybe
Instead, you want rotting flesh and torn limbs
My horror penned in blood upon your limbs
So my thoughts of love turn to antonyms
I want to kiss - want to suck your blood, love
And drain your soul through your dying heart, love
To dine on morsels of your flesh thereof
And I want to see fear appear in your eyes
The terror within burning out your eyes
For in your nightmares I wear no disguise
Come to me, let me be your vampire king
And you, my zombie queen – that sort of thing?

Word count: 122
Time 18 minutes 20 seconds


Night-time Reunion

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Night-time Reunion
Blank Verse Sonnet

On Halloween night when the veil is thin
I hear your footsteps touch upon the ground
The shadow from the corner of an eye
As the howling wind steps up a notch
I feel you closer and know you are there
The old ones have returned in autumn’s call
You come to join me sat by the fireside
To share the night as I pour out the wine
While the feast is waiting for us to eat
At last, my love, I feel you closer yet
But still, I long to feel my lover’s kiss
Instead, we stroll through trees, our woodland space
Reunited once more for such a short time
Sweet goodnight my one, I love you until…

Word Count: 120
Time: 11 minutes 10 seconds


Elements of Magic

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Wow, the image is hitting my chakras, it feels profound and spiritual. A sacred magic circle is a place out of time and space, a spiritual link between the worlds of physical and spiritual. Here goes…

Elements of Magic
Form: Beymorlin Sonnnet

The circle cast by three inviting peace
And spirits gather keeping demons out
Commune in whispers there’s no need to shout
The arcane words as time begins to cease
Lady Moon, Father Sun, dance wild and free
In love and light, there is nothing to fear
As spirits gather there is magic here
And their crystal orb is surrounding me
My body in robes and the altar set
I welcome them all to my sacred place
And hear their wisdom never to forget
For they grant me, love, throughout time and space
In elements of magic, I’ve made mine
Earth, Air, Water, Fire my spirit combine

Word count: 106
Time: 23 minutes


Simply 6 Minutes – What?

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

My initial reaction is how do I make that cutie a sonnet. And then a line jumped into my head that comes from my youngest whose first comprehensible sentence was ‘you what?’. He’s now 32 and not so cute– which really doesn’t help with sonnetry but with a bit of cheating, I think it can be done so this week it is 6-syllable lines. Here goes…

Form: Betwixt Sonnet

She talks in baby talk
About I know not what
My frown that says a lot
Confused before I walk
She says I need a poo
And I know I do not
A nappy change her shot
Still she hasn’t a clue
This teddy is in my face
I give it all I got
Getting through I am not
Move it out of my space
Coochie-coo I wonder what
You what? You what? You what?

Word Count: 75
Time: 5 minutes and 45 seconds – well, shucks!!!!


Simply 6 Minutes – She Comes

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

As a poet, I noodle about with words, and this prompt seems to be noodling with my noodles. The sonnet form is the Beginning of the Line Rhymed Sonnet which I will work around the format for the English Sonnet. Here goes…

She Comes
Form: Beginning of the Line Rhymed Sonnet

Hail, the beauty of the lake as she comes
Skin is pale yet bright as the Mother moon
Fail ye not to accept her living grace
Intended delight in her touch divine
Fair is her majesty upon this night
When she ascends from the depths of the lake
Bearing the sword so she can claim her king
Then shall we dance to the old pagan songs
Claiming our lands once stolen in bloodshed
By murder then our mother tongue was lost
Blaming the old ways of those heathen men
Crying tears of blood til she breaths again
Call her name, perhaps then you will be king
All hail, the lady into life she comes

Word count: 114
Time: 11 minutes 40 seconds


Simply 6 Minutes – Go Away I’m Reading

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Oh yes, I get the feeling for this picture. I am an avid reader and I like to read in peace and quiet away from everyone – it’s my time in my space. Given I read a lot of crime fiction the police tape should be on my bedroom door – for now, a Keep Out sign will do. This week’s sonnet is the Balanced Sonnet

Go Away I’m Reading
Form: Balanced Sonnet

The damn phone that doesn’t stop it’s ring-ring
And the list of calls left unanswered grow
For talking right now is just not my thing
I’m reading a book like you didn’t know
So stop calling me and leave me alone
A plot thickens while the outside winds blow
And I am not picking up that damn phone
My mind is lost while turning a new page
And by my side the cuppa has got cold
Imagination runs out of its cage
Just leave me alone, I’m not yours to hold
I am in overtime with the dapper sleuth
As Lord Peter and I begin to engage
Leave me alone, before the words uncouth

Word count: 114
Time: 9 minutes 45 seconds


Simply 6 Minutes – Master of Flamboyance

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – my thanks to Christine for the prompt.

The flamingo, I believe, is as romantic as the swan in that it has an elaborate ritual to invite a mate, and they pair up for life. That’s Nat Geo for backing that up. Perfect then for a little song of love – the sonnet, the Aussie this time.

30 wildlife destination pictures from …

Master of Flamboyance
Form: Australian Sonnet

The day has come at last; he’s waited so long
He’s practiced his moves in the shady glades
Alone he danced to move as if on blades
Learning his rhythm without any song
Every step he’s learned deep in his heart
And now she’s watching with his love to perform
Letting his soul show; taking her by storm
Each graceful movement his own lover’s art
It’s too late now to play it coy and shy
It is his moment to show her his dance
Inviting her heart into sweet romance
An elegant ballet just to say hi
And soon their chicks will join in with their play
As he danced his dance for her love today

Word Count: 116
Time: 16 minutes


Simply 6 Minutes – Dance Monkey Dance

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Looks like a lemur to me, the Sifikas lemur is known as the dancing lemur. Not that I am any kind of monkey expert, not even sure lemurs are monkeys, to be honest, but that cheeky thing looks like one, but I ain’t David Attenborough so don’t take my word for it

Dance, Monkey, Dance
Form: Arabian Sonnet

In the hazy memories of romance
I swear it happened by a random chance
While we were to walking the South of France
‘Tis on my oath I saw a monkey dance
You said it was the demon wine I drink
And my mind set in too crazy to think
Yet as we sat watching the sunset sink
I swear I saw my dreams in dark eyes twink
But could it be in your love I am lost
And for your dear heart is my mind the cost
Has real and my creation become crossed
And as my pen writes down this sonnet rhyme
Declaring my love to be in its prime
Let the monkey dance its tune one more time

Word count: 121
Time: 9 minutes 45 seconds


Simply 6 Minutes – Outcast State

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Now, either that sunflower is so vain it likes being the centre of attention, or it’s wise and knows something the rest do not. I like the latter. Like most people, I feel the fear of making changes to make life better or right. Sometimes we just get to that point where we have to walk alone in the right the direction and let them go the wrong way – here goes….

Outcast State
Form: Arabian Onegin Sonnet

Their feelings of love promote my self-hate
And my eyes saw nothing until too late
To leave me alone within my own hate
With thoughts of dying as for love, I wait
Yet amid the tears of my crying soul
My heart knew it must now fight for my soul
Away from her crowd, that’s taking its toll
To let my soul heal so it could be whole
Let degradation leave me the bad guy
Leaving unanswered questions in the why
In the end, I am just another guy
Lost in the chaos going the wrong way
Then turning around to go his own way
Better alone than to do what they say

Word Count: 113
Time: 7.15 minutes – so close!!! Perhaps sonnets with refrains are the way to go!


Simply 6 Minutes – Time and Space

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

This just takes me to my spiritual home, Avebury. It’s so close to my actual home too. To get there we have to travel through a patchwork of fields, lavender and crops. Is it an ancient temple, well, for many of us Pagans it sure is now. Blessed be. Here goes…

Time and Space
Form: American Sonnet

In ancient wonder I found sacred peace
Fair Selene, called my name, I’m not alone
My back against rock as life stresses cease
In the silence of the mind’s arcane dream
Where ley lines cross amid mystic stone
And the grass dances in her lunar beam
A reminder here I’m not on my own
For time stops, standing still inside this place
And the spirit soars as the heart can gleam
To smile again upon her silver face
Once more her light shines down a bright stream
Her glory shining on her chair, her throne
For this is her time and this is her space
Fair Selene, called my name, I’m not alone

Word Count: 113
Time: 43 minutes


Simply 6 Minutes – Someone’s Fool

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

I listen to music while I am writing and by complete chance Pink Floyd were doing their thing when I opened Christine’s post. I guess my subject is going to be bricks then, who am I to argue? Here goes…

Unbelievable Pictures – Home | Facebook

Someone’s Fool
Form: American Libre Sonnet
Theme: Love
Subject: Bricks

Around my heart the wall of shattered dreams
Each brick concealing another broken shard
As sharps as diamonds lost within my screams
Once beautiful love now painful and hard
Each one evidence I let down my guard
Allowing my heart to be deeply scarred
“Never again” so oft I hear me say
And yet another brick to block the way
Beneath my skin to where my senses play
Desire easily overrides my mind
So rebuilding those walls without delay
Now by the pain of love my soul defined
And I think it’s time to let the head rule
For in love my heart is just someone’s fool

Word Count: 107
Time: 12 minutes 30 seconds


Simply 6 Minutes – Fools and Kings

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

The jester, the joker, or the fool – one thing I am sure of is that he is not stupid as they were also advisors at the royal courts who a king or queen would turn to. Pretty sure king and queen would use the fool to get what they wanted from the other too Here goes…

Fools and Kings
Form: Amanda’s Dark Sonnet
Theme: Love

For the love of the queen he said I should
And for her heart, of course, he knew I would
For a laugh, she will be amused, he said
And kiss the crown sat upon my grey head
Maybe I should, maybe just take a chance
For all is fair in the ways of romance
The love of my queen, the cause is good
For the love of the queen he said I should
But I ask can a king be so misled
Should I be wary of the way to tread
For he isn’t daft but a wise old fool
Who can trick a man which isn’t so cool
And that jester of chaos sits and sings
Of the dilemma between fools and kings

Word Count: 125
Time: 14 minutes


Simply 6 Minutes – Trompe-l’oeil

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Wow, I love art that plays the eye, and this pic did that beautifully. But a little love song, or sonnet -is that even possible? Here goes

Form: Alternating Sonnet 2
Theme: Love

Vision of beauty too good to be true
And I wonder did I really see you
Or were you another trick of the light
For the eyes cannot be trusted to see
What lies hidden behind a smiling face
When the bliss of love has fallen from grace
What remains for our love’s reality
The skin deep beauty now shallow and thin
It’s faded and worn revealing what’s true
This was a game you play and always win
But it is too late and too late for me
For my life is lost to this time and place
And you covered your tracks, left not a trace
As you moved to your next victim-to-be

Word Count: 116
Time: 25 minutes and 20 seconds


Simply 6 Minutes – The Future Must Wait

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Wow, an awesome photo and such a perfect reminder that all life is held within her hands. Call her Gaia, Mother Nature, goddess – the Ancient Mother carries and grants all life – here goes

The Future Must Wait
Form: Alternating Sonnet 1

I hear her calling on the cooling breeze
Those unspoken words of the ancient tongue
Of her hands where nature’s beauty sprung
From the mountain peaks to powerful seas
The mother of life within Earth itself
Her bounty given to nurture our health
Her heart beat in a universal sigh
And still I hear her voice among the trees
As rustled whispers echo all day long
As I listen to her mystery song
For in her divine love I find my ease
It’s in her hands that the future must wait
Mother of earth and mother of the sky
Into her hands once more I place my fate

Word Count: 108
Time: 11 minutes


Simple 6 Minutes – Tracking Truth

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

I’m going to look outside the box a bit with this one as I am using the Alfred Dorn which pivots on a central couplet and is fun for being a wee bit creative with. I will start with the lovely picture from Christine and see where 14 lines can go

Tracking Truth
Form: Alfred Dorn Sonnet

Now Mother Nature has covered the past
And old truths lie hidden in moss and vines
Of journeys to there and the going back
Of journeys begun with a steam train’s blast
The mystery of riding railway lines
Secrets hidden on an old bit of track
A story from a century ago
Whatever happened to old fireman Joe?
Did he lay the lass unseemingly fast
Her husband finding them gave him a clout
On to the rails as the express went past
But in this tale, there is room for much doubt
I hear Joe swapped steam for a sailing mast
To see what life on the waves was about

Word Count: 110
Time: 8 minutes


Simply 6 minutes- Moonlight’s Song

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Well I can’t deny it, and never would, the picture just took my Pagan heart and took me to one of my favourite songs – and of course a moon sonnet for the sacred Mother Moon herself. Blessed be, in love and light )O(

Moonlight’s Song
Form: Acrostic Sonnet

Mother of tides lend me your song
Over the seas echoes of grace
Open my heart and keep me strong
Night-time lady show me your face
Lace my dreams in the ways of light
Invite my soul to go your way
Grant me peace in this world of fight
Hold my heart safe until the day
To trust in your love I am bound
Seeing truth in your lunar glow
Senses burning on silver ground
Oh lady moon I feel your flow
Never-ending rhythm of life
Gentle touch in a world of strife

Word Count: 94
Time: 18 minutes


Simply 6 Minutes – She’s Taking It Back

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

As a biker maybe I should be shocked and horrified, but the bike, albeit a tad rusty and in need of some TLC, is not damaged so I figure this is not a crash site. The truth is I love the power of nature this image creates so challenge on a sonnet in 6 minutes. Here goes

She’s Taking It Back
Form: 13 Line Sonnet — abab cdcd efef g

We think we own it and are in control
Our modern thinking setting all the rules
Money and more money the only goal
And love is sold for the sparkling jewels
Nature has lost because we have her bound
Restricted to what we want her to do
But she’s working her wisdom underground
Ignoring her warnings where fierce winds blew
Dumping our trash that we don’t need no more
A sports car replacing the need to bike
Fly-tipping here and there worse than before
We don’t care so what if nature doesn’t like
Mother Earth in silence does it her way

Word Count: 102
Time: 12 minutes


Simply 6 Minutes – Sweet Dreams

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Another Rob Gonslaves painting puts a grin on my face, I think I am not the only fan of his illusionary art. That doesn’t mean this will be easy and no way this sonnet will be done in 6 minutes but let’s see how it goes.

Sweet Dreams
Form: 12 Step Sonnet 2

‘Good night, my child, may all your dreams be sweet
Let the day go to shadows of the night’
Soft words whispered behind the bedside lamp
As my eyes close I feel cold on my feet
Hidden beneath sheets within the dim light
The feather soft pillows begin to feel damp
I sit up in my bed breathing the breeze
While pulling up my warm blanket of snow
I hear the rustling of white trimmed trees
And look to the light for the way to go
A child again in a world at its ease
Ready to play wherever the winds blow
Imagination in a land of dreams
There is nothing here that is what it seems

Word count: 117
Time: 18 minutes and 20 seconds, just slightly faster than last week


Simply 6 Minutes – Escape

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you for an awesome prompt, Christine

This gorgeous painting by Rob Gonsalves landed in my notifications this morning, it also hangs on my wall as it is indeed beautiful. For once I read Christine’s post all the way through, not being one for rules and regs, and a sonnet, in 6 minutes – now that is a challenge for a sonnet writer, is it not? Didn’t see that before so I am reckoning a few sonnets are going to come from Christine’s challenges now – how cool is that. This variant of the 12-Step Sonnet is written over lines of 8-syllables – ouch, but will stay with it – clock on writing…

Form: 12-Step Sonnet
Theme: Love

My darkness blinds me to all things
Lost without light to lead me out
On the edge where the harpie sings
I wonder what it’s all about
Should I run across this abyss
As bridges crumble in the past
Should I run now to meet her kiss
And take the dare of love she tasked
As my feet hit the waiting deck
There’s no way back into the night
Too late now to take a raincheck
In this battle of fight or flight
The die is cast and winds set sail
Across the seas with love my grail

Word Count: 98

Author’s Note: Well, that took 20 minutes, I guess it will take some practice to do a 6-minute sonnet – challenge accepted!!!


Simply 6 Minutes – Fluffy Butt Strut

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

©Mary McGowan/The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018

Oooh she’s giving someone a right talking to, I’m going with that initial thought. I have nothing against grey squirrels but our native British red squirrels have been decimated by the invading greys. There are no dialogue marks as I don’t include those until editing – ok clock on

Fluffy Butt Strut
Form: Free Write

For the last time
and I won’t tell you again
I do not know the location of the nut stash
and if I did I wouldn’t be telling you
you grey squirrels think you can
just come over here
stealing our best territories
and spreading you diseases
even the dumdum humans see you as vermin

Magpie stares up from the lawn
in confusion
just who does that daft red squirrel think
she is talking to
there are no grey squirrels near this garden
just her
dashing about as if she’s lost something
batty as birdseed cake she is
oh well I’ll be nice and offer her some
of this rather delicious suet ball with worms I found
it’s only proper for a gentleman and all that

You… you expect me to eat that
like some vile rubbish munching bird like you
do you know where it’s been? No of course you don’t
it’s simply disgusting

Well I may be a gentleman
but that is no lady muttered the magpie
with dark eyes watching the red fluffy butt strut across the lawn

180 words


Simply 6 Minutes – Until Today

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Been a long while since I have written free hand to a time limit so here goes

Until Today
Form: Prose
Theme: Witchery of Sorts
Subject: Dragon’s Blood

As a witch, I use Dragon’s Blood incense in a lot of rituals and witchery. Yes, I know it is not made from the blood of dragons but a resin harvested from trees and plants. Well, I had never seen a dragon’s blood tree – until today.

Dragon’s blood is a key ingredient in magic for protection, power, and good fortune. I know this, and have felt its protective qualities, its powerful energies, and benefited from the good fortune of insight it gives me. Yet, I had never seen a dragon’s blood tree – until today.

However, it doesn’t have the power to slow down time and this is a timed write – eek. Better get a move on. Seeing the tree I can see how protection is part of its power. It’s greenery seems spikey and very much touch if you dare. That may explain my love of the incense a bit more as I am spikey and touch if you dare in nature.

I won’t say I understand the power of this incense but my experience has shown me it intensifies the energies of other things used with it. If I know shady or negative energies are going to be coming into contact with me or have been in contact with me I have felt them leave when smudging with sage and dragon’s blood – oh yes those negative boogers leave and leave in a hurry.

I’d call that pretty useful for a spikey, touch if you dare type … time’s up.

Word Count: 249