Médrano II by Alexander Archipenko

Médrano II by Alexander Archipenko Médrano II1913-14CubismPainted tin, wood, glass, and painted oilclothThe Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA “Médrano II” displayed the influence of Cubism on Archipenko’s work. Set off by colour and a back panel that framed and supports the figure, the volumes of the body are articulated through intersecting planes, cone, … Continue reading Médrano II by Alexander Archipenko

The Birth of Consistency by Angus Fairhurst

The Birth of Consistency by Angus Fairhurst The Birth of Consistency2004SculptureBronze, stainless steelWalker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK One of a series of bronze works from the mid-2000s featuring stylized gorillas in absurd scenarios, “The Birth of Consistency” makes no attempt to render a realistic gorilla, merely a recognizable one. Fairhurst portrays the gorilla looking at … Continue reading The Birth of Consistency by Angus Fairhurst

La petite sirène (The Little Siren) by Henri Laurens

La petite sirène (The Little Siren) by Henri Laurens La petite sirène (The Little Siren)1950SculptureBronzeMildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, St. Louis, Missouri, USA Inspired by Laurens' trip to the Brittany coast “La Petite Sirène” is part of a series of siren sculptures. Laurens depicts the treacherous mythical woman as an extension of the sea itself, … Continue reading La petite sirène (The Little Siren) by Henri Laurens

Extra Spheres for Klapper Hall by Vito Acconci

Extra Spheres for Klapper Hall by Vito Acconci Extra Spheres for Klapper Hall1993-95InstallationFiberglass, granite finish, lightPermanent installation, Queens College, New York, USA A public installation, “Extra Spheres for Klapper Hall” consists of seven spheres of various sizes ranging from 36cm to 3.2 meters in diameter. The spheres populate the Klapper Hall Plaza of Queen’s College, … Continue reading Extra Spheres for Klapper Hall by Vito Acconci

Ratapoil by Honoré Daumier

Ratapoil by Honoré Daumier Ratapoil1851SculpturePatinated bronzeMusée d'Orsay, Paris, France Ratapoil represents the shady, indefatigable image of the Napoleonic propaganda of the 1850s. Ratapoil translates as ‘skinned rat’ and Daumier, a committed Republican, was attacking the pro Bonaparte agents of the time. Produced in 1851, the exaggerated caricature seems fragile yet powerful. The frenetic lines of … Continue reading Ratapoil by Honoré Daumier

HOPE by Robert Indiana

HOPE by Robert Indiana HOPE by Robert IndianaHOPE2008SculptureStainless SteelPrivate Collection A large-scale steel sculpture, HOPE was created for the presidential campaign of Barack Obama in 2008. Featuring the same iconic composition of Indiana’s LOVE the artist conveys the central message of Obama’s campaign Robert Indiana Robert IndianaPop Art, Minimalism, Hard-edge PaintingBorn: 13 September 1928, Indiana, … Continue reading HOPE by Robert Indiana

Nue Couchée by Dorothea Tanning

Nue Couchée by Dorothea Tanning Nue Couchée1969-70SculptureCotton textile, cardboard, 7 table tennis balls, wool and threadTate, London, UK A sculptural piece, Nue Couchée introduces Tanning’s weighty, contorted, and headless figures. The work stands in defiant subversion to the languid reclining female sitter of classical painting, confronting outdated fantasy projections of the female body by presenting … Continue reading Nue Couchée by Dorothea Tanning