Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 69

My place of safety behind sunglasses
As they shield my eyes away from your gaze
I can see the truth of you as it passes

In the snide comments that come to reveal
The new reality of what you call love
And the agony you want me to feel
In darkness, it’s not even a kind of

For I have seen what you cannot conceal
From behind my shades that is truth, I see
No more shall your lies in my heart amaze
As when the beauty of love surpasses
As what you want there is no kind of love

Behind shades, the truth set my heart free
As no tears cry for what can never be


Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 69

I look back and see them all smile at me
As I smile back, I know I must forget
Never again can I look back and see

The faces that guided me to my birth
Yet I know they are always at my side
In both moments of sorrow and of mirth
And while my eyes can’t see they’re my soul’s guide

As they push me onward against the tide
Blessed spirits as this life’s journey I take
I wonder if they were making a bet
On me reaching the point of destiny
To find my fated place with Mother Earth

So hard to see when my heart is an ache
My bad choices, now better ones to make


Little Things

Little Things
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 68

Darling, I know you now so very well
From the last tender kiss of sweet goodnight
To your unholy morning unwashed smell
It's then I slip downstairs to make some tea
I hear the shower splatter making steam
The cup waits for you to be ready, free
As for me, I step under the hot stream
As it runs cold; Oh well I have coffee
And while I shiver, I can make some toast
Are you cutting your nails, it’s hard to tell
Is that the smell of hair removal cream?
These the things that say our loving is right
The little things so yeuk and a bit gross
When I love you means I love you the most


Numbing the Hurt

Numbing the Hurt
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 67

No answers lie within the glass
That’s stained with the remains of wine
Nor are they found when smoking grass
But they pass time numbing the hurt
As confusion starts to make sense
When desire is not to be alert
And logic simply won’t commence
To see a shirt replace a skirt
What solutions are there to take
Trying not to care if I pass
And making out that all is fine
Ack! those thoughts, simply too immense
Hard decisions I had to make
No wine or drugs could numb that ache


Genealogical Missing Bits

Genealogical Missing Bits
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 66 (Trimeter)
Theme: Love

Before I understood
Love’s memories were born
They return like driftwood
That floats onto the shore
And the pebbles still shine
But I wish I’d asked more
Your history now mine
But life runs fast before
We think of ways divine
I can’t ask questions now
The way ahead is worn
But pebbles still shine good
I’ll fill the gaps somehow
From the then to the now


Love’s Asp (NaPoMo 29)

Love’s Asp
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 29 – aba cdcd baecd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Ring

In this my own world and my liberty
I’ve learned my lessons living the hard way
But I learned them well and they set me free
To stand in truth may mean I stand alone
But tis better than a narcissist’s grasp
Dragging me down until I am undone
Without even a final breath to gasp
I stood my ground to face another day
Finding myself in all the agony
Through the darkness I let my senses rip
And let my heart turn into coldest stone
When a beautiful ring became love’s asp
I watched our love die drip by lonely drip
And you thought I was just losing my grip


Blinded Heart

Blinded Heart
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 65
Theme: Love

So I knew it would happen from the start
But I ignored my instincts anyway
I deceived my mind with a blinded heart
I should have listened my gut’s always true
You were no different, but just the same
You didn’t care. I meant nothing to you
Yes, you’re just the same by another name
With your dirty mouth I should’ve seen through
And as you cheated you left me with shame
For you getting caught awhile getting laid
Was it because I didn’t fall apart?
I knew it was coming from the first day
But in your cheating, all my love decayed
For ignoring truth that price I have paid


Fight Back (NaPoMo 26)

Fight Back
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 26 – aba cdcd baced ee
Theme: Love Subject: Battle

In such darkness where her love means nothing
I am alone and must face my own hell
For in this place, I can’t give anything
And I dare not take her sweet love with me
In case it’s the time I admit defeat
And that’s something I can’t bare her to see
But for her love these demons I must meet
Because for her love I need to be well
I must be strong enough to do this thing
To stand my ground and set my spirit free
I say love means nothing, but in the end
I must take this task and I’ll not be beat
From the depths of hell for her I’ll ascend
For, in reality, on her I depend


Haunted Mind (NaPoMo 23)

Haunted Mind
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 23 – aba cdcd aedbc ee
Theme: Love Subject: Pencil

On canvas, her pleasure my brush can flaunt
From pencil sketches and photos I took
And that smile, her smile, feeling my want
With brushstrokes and knives, watercolours and oil
She’s always smiling within my mind’s eye
My heart isn’t racing from artist’s toil
Ye painting captures the unbidden sigh
Yet don’t stop that smile on its gentle haunt
Through the wandering thoughts inside my mind
I love the feelings of her floating by
And sensing her wherever I dare look
When lines of a pencil begin to coil
Like hair in my fingers in art defined
As I close my eyes into the rewind


Cold to Hot (NaPoMo 20)

Cold to Hot
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 20 – aba cdce aebdc ee
Theme: Love Subject: Syrup

With that floosy cherry, she has no soul
As she sits atop desserts of ice cream
No cherry will ever my heart console
But delicious syrup that gently swirls
And drips over the frozen creamy ice
It is there my tongue savours as it twirls
Remembering senses that you’d entice
Intimate embraces making me whole
Of those desires only you could stir up
Lost in a moment of a sexual dream
My tongue seeking all your senses to splice
The hunger of love that slowly unfurls
For in going down that means floating up
Who needs a cherry when you got syrup


Some Breakfast Please (NaPoMo 17)

Some Breakfast Please
Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 17 – aba cdcd adebc ee
Theme: Love Subject: Peanut Butter

For you’re gone, what the hell do I do now?
You may think I’m a bit of a nutter
Because jam on toast don’t set me aglow
And shock! I’m not in the mood for Marmite
A bowl of Weetabix no, not today
Call me picky but I want things just right
A simple breakfast on my plate to lay
Easy to eat and get the words to go
To the places where the muse is at play
It really isn’t asking for too much
For my toast, a little peanut butter
Nothing too heavy, just simple and light
The nut flavour spread with a gentle touch
To take my thinking out of double-dutch


Love and Beans

Love and Beans
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 63

At the back of the shelf a can of beans
Comfort waiting for when I need it most
Low sugar sauce for the sake of my jeans
I hear you laugh and saying I’m a nut
Because you’re always here to hold me tight
Yes, I hear you, and that chastising tut
And, darling, I suppose you are right
But it’s in this knowing there comes a but
Of what to do on that cold lonely night
I make me a supper of beans on toast
To lift my mood with the extra proteins
And I’m touched your presence is always here
Because I have no doubts, you’re with me, dear
That is our lovers’ truth I still hold near


Flaky Paintwork (NaPoMo 14)

Flaky Paintwork
Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 14 – aba cdcd adbec ee
Theme: Love Subject: Sandpaper

In a promise made life begins anew
And whimsical days of courting are done
It seems in the wedding day cry and hue
As we departed to our honeymoon
I wonder, did we even taste the cake
While we lazed on a hazy sunburnt dune
For the seafood gave us the bellyache
And when we got home there was much to do
Sand papering woodwork that seemed to flake
Somehow, we made making a home be fun
Because our promise made put our love first
Come what may or not, that remained our tune
Through the sunshine day and those a cloudburst
Our love made us strong through the best and worst


Rain Stopped Play (NaPoMo 11)

Rain Stopped Play
Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 11 – aba cdcd acebd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Tennis Racket

My disconnection from all that’s divine
Always comes when rain halts gameplay
In late June when the weather should be fine
But rain will pour, it’s almost guaranteed
During tennis on the Wimbledon courts
And the players dash for cover with speed
It really puts a match out of its sorts
Some see it as strawberries, cream, and wine
I want to see the play, who will succeed
With rackets chasing a fast-moving ball
And a good match well, that just makes my day
Rain, c’mon, I only like a few sports
Ain’t much to ask if anything at all
But for the British Summer rain must fall


Just Done

Just Done
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 62
Theme: Love Subject: A snake

The venomous snake has poisoned my blood
Leaving me writhing in this searing pain
But my tears come slow, without a flash flood
The snake is a disguise, I know your name
But a viper would be a better deal
Now I am no longer playing your game
This anguish of pain I just gotta feel
Tis better than feeling I am your shame
To feel this pain means I will only heal
And come back stronger, a blossoming bud
Defying the snake released from your grip
Your rage melting love like the pouring rain
As you shout at me letting it all rip
I make no comment not even a quip


A Solitary Track (NaPoMo 8)

A Solitary Track
Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 8 – aba cdcd acbed ee
Theme: Love Subject: Toothpick

I just wish you were here for me to hold
But are such wishes like picking at teeth
To get me nowhere but this feeling cold
When you told me to live my life with joy
To find love and give of my love again
But such pure love is no more for this boy
It’s you I want to dance with in the rain
And with you let all my desires unfold
As my dreams wander so loose yet so coy
For it was too soon to lay that widow’s wreath
And wear old fashioned weeds of darkest black
I hope that isn’t me being too vain
This grief is now my solitary track
Yet sweet memories bring me my smile back


Lover Sublime (NaPoMo 5)

Lover Sublime (NaPoMo 5)
Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 5 – aba cdcd abecd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Handmirror

We’re anything but boringly humdrum
Living as reflections behind the glass
Our world in reverse, as she goes, we come
In her handmirror laid by her hairbrush
Forgotten we are out of place and time
Her make up is done, there’s no need to rush
As she’s gone to meet her lover sublime
Let you and I play and sup the bay rum
For this loving is not just for the brass
So, come, my lovely, come and dance with me
Don’t be quiet or make love in a hush
We’ve got until the morning bells chime
Let’s dance and drink so we can be merry
Come with me, my lovely, let our love free


From Toast to Cake (NaPoMo 2)

From Toast to Cake (NaPoMo 2)
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 2 – aba cdcd abced ee
Theme: Love Subject: A fork

I thank you, my love, you are wonderful
For the memories who have given me
That keeps me going when doubt starts to pull
The sweet little things that seem nothing much
That come from nowhere when I need them most
In thoughts of you here with your gentle touch
Just like today while I’m making the toast
And I wanted some jam just a spoonful
In the drawer of my jam spoons and such
It sat there gleaming daring me to see
You here and savouring chocolate cake
Right beside the knife for carving roast
The bargain deal that you haggled to make
A Deco fork from the sale by the lake


You Showed Me

You Showed Me
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 61

Everything I know of love comes from you
In all the ways you showed me you love me
Turning my self-loathing to a better view
Such compassion you had in abundance
Understanding confusion I held within
Inviting me to learn how to romance
Reminding me love is never a sin
I wanted to love you, wanted a chance
“Take it slowly” you said, “and you will win”
Like a child learning everything was new
In you I found love and it set me free
From the doubt that held my soul in downfall
You took my hand and helped me to stand tall
And in your affection, you gained my all



Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 60

My soul is driftwood floating on the sea
As the sun sets upon my empty heart
While my thoughts dream upon what used to be
I feel the saltwater lapping around
It tickles my senses from head to toe
In the twilight hues can I find the ground
On those distant shores that we used to know
Saltwater like your love I feel surround
My body with warmth yet we are apart
I hunger for the night you bring me home
For in this world, I have nothing to show
For love was always about you and me
No matter what I do or where I roam
I wish for night when you come take me home


New Toothpaste

New Toothpaste
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 59

On the shelf is a new tube of mint paste
A different brand from the one I choose
Yet my heart smiles seeing it there so placed
And a shower gel-scented summer rose
Stands next to mine of musky sandalwood
Towelling down; scent of coffee you chose
Decaffeinated is doing me good
You’re wearing my t-shirt I suppose
And my fluffy robe too, is yours to use
I am making note of things I should get
My jeans clinging to my shower-damp waist
A slow Sunday morning maybe we could
Just go back to bed and build up some sweat
Reliving the moments we’ll never forget


Call It Art

Call It Art
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 58

Do not let love fade into the shadow
For it is the language known to the heart
The light of the soul where our feelings go
It’s heard on the winds and in the bird song
An eternal beauty walking the ground
Love remains be the living short or long
For the truth of love can’t be lost once found
It’s the power that keeps the spirit strong
So paint it and write it and call it art
Speak its name whenever you hear its sound
This love will be there to hear the soul call
To hold you close while letting the tears flow
To the heart no love is too great or small
So hold her closer and give her your all


Bite Me, Baby

Bite Me, Baby
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 57

I see you looking at me tempting you
With your thoughts evoking your deep desire
Your tongue caressing your lips, it is true
I’m teasing you and enticing your lust
Your fingers tremble as you undress me
You know you’ll surrender; you know you must
Give in to the torment set yourself free
Yes, I want you to devour me baby
Do it, darling, set your senses on fire
To fulfil your greed is my destiny
Baby I know you know you want it too
Curve your tongue around me until it rocks
Go on, let me knock you out of your sox
Eat me, that last chocolate in the box


Rolling Wave

Rolling Wave
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 56

Sweet thoughts of you that come to embrace me
So making my heart beat again with love
That sweetest love that forever will be
The moment you took my hand I felt it
Washing over me like a rolling wave
Overwhelming, all-consuming love hit
My senses; you’re everything I crave
At first so much more than I can admit
As you showed my heart what it was made of
You bound me with desire setting me free
And at that moment, I gave you my all
And now without you, there’s nothing to save
I won’t cry, I’ve let all those tears fall
For your love is mine whenever I call


Time to Go

Time to Go
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 55

The time has come to say a last goodbye
As our lives divert in different ways
And our love is now an unwanted tie
Our souls no longer one returned to two
As from our lives love has long since gone now
Heartbreak and pain all that is left of you
And me; apart the tears will cease to flow
As life moves on towards a brighter view
With no more anguished nights or bitter days
Of fighting rage carried on acid sigh
It’s best we part, before another row
For angry words that hang around and lurk
When there’s nothing left but a glaring smirk
Let’s now accept this love can never work


Home Time

Home Time
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 54

As the kids came in from a long school day
They threw their bags onto its smooth pine top
And grabbing a bite before time to play
As I cook the dinner, something and mash
While on the table the school bags must wait
And homework books to be done in a dash
Unless it was Friday chips on the plate
That algebra giving us all a rash
And between mouthfuls make it go away
Washing up as the new stories are read
Some TV time before it gets too late
Time to relax, let go a bit and stop
They drift to sleep to the dreams in their head
With the kiss good night all tucked into bed


Goodbye Kiss

Goodbye Kiss
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 53

How do you look through me like I’m not there
When all my eyes see are visions of you
In my mind, you are here and everywhere
And while I hold my breath, you freely breathe
My emotions confined, hidden desires
As through the crowded room I watch you weave
I serve your drinks as reality conspires
Our destinies never as one will sheathe
But if for just one moment you should care
I wish you’d share a goodbye kiss with me
Before you drift away from my heart’s view
My beauty with no time for my passion fires
Now the bar is closed with nothing to see
Except a lip-stained glass you left for me



Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 52

The souvenirs of memory recall
While beckoning my thoughts to think of you
Back to the good days when we had it all
As I walk this beach how my world has changed
But being here I feel our love again
Not even death’s hand can leave us estranged
On the beach with a landscape blurred by rain
Like a painting with its colours rearranged
In this place where into love I can fall
And the missing of you carries no pain
For here, sweet love is more than just a name
Yet saying your name speaks of love so true
Souvenirs of our love making its claim
On this beach where out love remains the same


Not a Good Place

Not a Good Place
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 51
Prompt: Obsessive Love

With you I am alone trembling in fear
I’m shaking as I try to understand
This imprisonment of you so near
Like a demon sucking up my self-will
Determined to mold me to your own desire
How did it happen? Did you slip me a pill
So, my inner strength burned within your fire
And you didn’t see that you made me ill
You didn’t care, I doubt you cried a tear
Perhaps my death was really your desire
For that is what I believe you had planned
As you made me feel like the odd one out
With my identity something to doubt
While yours was all you ever cared about


Heart’s Reflection

Heart’s Reflection
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 50

Of all the women laid claim to my heart
And I thought I may love over the years
Only you could truly know Cupid’s dart
Was yours alone to throw into my soul
Holding me with your gentle affection
While accepting me as yours to console
Guiding my way in a new direction
The years go by you still make me whole
With our love from which I’ll never depart
The memories no longer bring me tears
For all those days when our lives were so good
It’s you I feel in my heart’s reflection
You and I as one like we knew we could
Yet to love another, I don’t think I should


Thus, Love Speaks

Thus, Love Speaks
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 49

What are these words that speak of love so true
In the wilderness of our busy world
The wild words of love speak to me and you
That power between us was never weak
For our love would not shrink into silence
Unashamed the passion fire ours to seek
Enshrined in perfect trust and with patience
A love expressed with a softly kissed cheek
In soulful stillness a moment with you
As in your hair, my fingers gently curled
Just before patience became impatience
Lustful desire swept through our throbbing veins
Between delights and the sweet, pleasured pain
Convulsive raptures of your kiss remain


Flush Crimson

Flush Crimson
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 48

A proud spirit in humility, meek
As a tenderness embraces the heart
In an unknown light where pure love can speak
The world shines with a different splendour
While tracing the eyes that have touched the soul
As even harsh words sound so sweet and tender
When the fair things of love make the world whole
But in this pureness where does a man start
With proud spirit, yet his shy hands tremble
Yet still, he longs to regain self-control
As divine passions begin to render
His senses to flush crimson on his cheek
As first feelings of love reassemble
He knows from this love he can’t dissemble


Kiss My Iris Blue

Kiss My Iris Blue
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 82

Through the window, our garden speaks to me
In echoes of jasmine, roses, and maple tree
I feel you near in every scented bloom
But did the white rose kiss my iris blue
As clouds gather to bring a sudden gloom
But dreary skies have nothing left to say
When our garden speaks of tenderness shared
Where a love loved and forever to stay
Within the heart that took that chance and dared
To tell the greying clouds to go away
For those dreary days, our love had no room
Too late to stop the light of love from you
As they have nothing that can be compared
To the pure joy of knowing you love me


Take It Slow

Take It Slow
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 47

In that first avoidance of meeting eyes
In sudden silence, love begins to speak
A hundred unshed tears wear no disguise
Initial emotions still tinged by fear
As the startled heart pulsates in the chest
Prospective love takes hold to draw us near
This party-crasher is an uninvited guest
New desires, new lusts of freshness to seek
As this, a yawning dawn of new love wakes
In coy shyness senses doing their best
Before love can spark the attraction tries
To bury the past so the heart is clear
Of all that clutter a lost-love’s hurt makes
All the while the mind is hitting the brakes


Out of Sync and Style

Out of Sync and Style
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 46

What is the language that love speaks, what tongue
Do the words take that softly flush a cheek
When whispered as gently as the heart sung
On quivering lips beneath averted eyes
Those words that float on a sigh of a smile
How does love speak of the heart’s own advise
With pulses racing out of sync and style
And shyness leaves the spirit lost and meek
How does love speak when emotions are new
When lips feel loose but the tongue is in ties
How does love speak how does it find the guile
How are romantic words from the heart sprung
Is it a mystery known by so few
Or is it something love knows how to do


Synchrony of Love

Synchrony of Love
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 44

I knew her thoughts and she knew mine before
Words could speak; and as we walked hand in hand
The silent embrace of love held us more
A predestined union, blessed and divine
A seed of passion from the rainbow skies
Sown in devotion at the Lady’s shrine
Where heavens lay scattered before our eyes
For ours is the love that the gods have planned
It has been whispered where all the wind blows
Just waiting for us to see love so pure
Not unseen, destiny wears no disguise
For our meeting was of Fate’s own design
And within our love peace and beauty grows
In the synchrony where magic flows


Wherever Life Wends

Wherever Life Wends
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 42

You, the love of my life, my heart, my soul
So close to me and yet so very far
You are the solid core that makes me whole
And in a memory I find paradise
A brief respite from the feelings of grief
The sense of loss from that rolled from Fate’s dice
In this unkind world our love was too brief
Between life and death the door is ajar
And love travels through like a floating leaf
For destiny spoke and love never ends
A promise of all time, without thinking twice
I gave you my heart so to take my soul
Wherever I go wherever life wends
I feel you with me in love’s dividends


Green In Brown

Green In Brown
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 40

With burnt-umber eyes penetrating me
My heart surrenders to demands of love
Impossible love that can never be
Because suspicion hides behind the brown
And jealousy rages within her kiss
Denying the love that my heart has shown
In such a love there is no tender bliss
When each kiss reflecting anger not love
Yet my heart cannot see something’s amiss
While it still craves in her embrace to drown
She wants this, she wants that, change on demand
And I must break out to be truly free
Time to step back, get away from her hand
To breathe again is now my own command


Twilight Shade

Twilight Shade
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 41
Theme: Love

Again, thoughts of your lips gentle and red
The kissing in the twilight arbour shade
Memories running wild inside my head
The brightness of your beauty soft and warm
And the sparkle of laughter in your eye
How they light up the night before the storm
And as I remember my soul flies high
These gentle thoughts of love never invade
As they come freely fleeting on a sigh
Catching me thinking from out of the blue
As clear as the day ‘I love you’ was said
And in a kiss how our love could perform
Bringing me peace as only you could do
I never want to stop thinking of you


Twilight Scent

Twilight Scent
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 39
Theme: Love
Subject: A perfume

A kiss in the sultry air of twilight
The summer air possessed by jasmine scent
Its starlight blossom reflecting the night
Like a snowflake gleaming beneath the moon
And it felt so right to let our lips meet
Amid conversation and wine in June
In a pub garden on a wooden seat
A heady night, but is this love fate meant
For it’s in our kiss my soul is complete
And you are the one for whom I was hewn
The yin to my yang, in my darkness, the light
For without you there is no place for me
In the twilight scent of the jasmine tree
I am an island and you are my sea


Whisper Okay

Whisper Okay
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 45
Theme: Love
Subject: Romance

Baby, as you hold me my senses clear
As vibrant as the starlight in the sky
You make my heart beat with nothing to fear
And as the violin serenades play
Whispered words of love echo from the soul
Baby, when you hold me no words can say
How deep I feel as with you I am whole
Our love needs no questions to reason why
For it just is throughout the day and night
And now as white roses come out to play
I feel you closer and forever near
As again through my mind you’ve come to stroll
Baby, hold me again in sweet delight
Remind my heart, it’s okay, all is right


One Time Only

One Time Only
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 38
Theme: Love

It’s not painted in crimson red
Nor could it ever be called sweet
No matter how many times that’s said
I’m not honey melting in lust
And no kiss makes it all flutter
It will not hurt when lust goes bust
It won’t break nor choke and stutter
For love once made my world complete
She and me like bread and butter
With her, my heart could rule my head
Until cruel fate took her away
And living became naught but dust
Yet I know we’ll be us one day
For such a love comes once to stay


He’s Not Me

He’s Not Me
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 37
Theme: Love

Is it love or an overwhelming lust
Or something else within a stolen kiss
When to love or die becomes make or bust
It is neither bitter nor is it sweet
Yet all the same it brings the greatest pain
The soul demands a more restful retreat
But the heart insists it must love again
And how is love to be the tender bliss
When it speaks of passions I will not feign
So what is love here where there is no trust
When the love yearns for the racing heartbeat
And wants for a man who can give it rough
Where to find this heart to give it out tough
And in that want, I am just not enough


No Treasure Trove

No Treasure Trove
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 36
Theme: Love
Subject: Golden treasure

When love is done there can be no more pain
For there’s nothing left for the heart to hold
Those worn out senses have nothing to gain
Now the moment has passed let it be free
Let it all go easy to meet its own fate
Embrace the joy that a love came to be
When its no longer yours to hold or sate
For love is precious but it is not gold
It is not a treasure the eyes can see
But it's not something we’ll ever forget
From taking that one chance on a first date
To heated moments that seemed too insane
Let love go freely and demand no debt
For pure love is free and holds no regret


Death’s Blow

Death’s Blow
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 35
Theme: Love

Again, landscapes of love can know no bound
For love is free and comes without a fee
And it is silent yet echoes with sound
Yet in the graveyard, the price of love; grief
The pain and anguish of mourning sorrow
That sense of loss that can never be brief
For time is something the heart must borrow
Yet in this debt love is given for free
As like a bud it bursts into a leaf
Its vibrant green must fade to autumn hue
Before drifting so gently to the ground
Yet the beauty remains despite death’s blow
For love does not die but sees the heart through
It holds the soul and no payment is due


Starlight and Chocolate

Starlight and Chocolate
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 33
Theme: Love
Subject: In a chocolate box

The glint of sunshine on her bling distracts
Just briefly from the sparkle in her eye
Yet it is that sparkle that interacts
With my drifting thoughts as I work and play
For her eyes shimmer like the blessed starlight
To awaken my soul throughout the day
Like decadent guidance on a dark night
As her eyes speak before her lips can sigh
Of the love only the silence can say
The glint of her bling has long left my sight
As no bling can match the joy of love’s facts
When the heart mingles with echoes and dreams
As kisses taste of soft strawberry creams
And emotions flow like cascading streams


Sacred Place

Sacred Place
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 70
Theme: Love
Subject: Holy Shrine

My lips need no words to express my love
With the softest touch like a velvet glove
As my eyes observe all that is divine
The divinity of you… and of me
And the kisses we share as sweet as wine
Indulgent delicacies of moment
That speak without words, simply saying it
Our own tranquillity without dissent
For this love no words exist to admit
Yet in a kiss the heart’s want is set free
Without words the fires of passion are lit
And within an embrace a hallowed shrine
Devoted to love and it’s pure intent
And there’s no better place I can think of


Love in a Rage

Love in a Rage
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 32
Theme: Love
Subject Anger

In the wild words that now seem tired and weak
As they drift into the silence of shame
Where a heart of passion dares not to speak
Is love truly lost in her angry glance
Like a lightning flash in a thunderstorm
In the depths of stillness where is romance
To bring the spirit into feel love’s warm
Yet in her anger, she still calls my name
A glimmer of hope of the slightest chance
Her anger will fade and her heart will seek
The joy of love beyond a moment’s rage
Mayhaps, the senses can come to reform
After the storm can our love come of age
With mature wisdom that is love’s own sage


Variegated Feeling

Variegated Feeling
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 31
Theme: Love
Subject: Colour chart

Does love come in varying colour shades
And do these colours shine vibrant and proud
Or gently humble in pastel cascades
In the tender light that floods across space
Enhancing the world with its subtle glow
Where eyes in their fondness linger and trace
The beauty of love that simply must grow
A gentleness of touch found in a cloud
A shy touch inciting the heart to chase
The trembling thrill as desire’s want invades
Undone senses in passion’s ebb and flow
And the colours of love spiral in play
Out of control yet a safe harbour bay
Slowly revealing colours in array


Men of the Docks

Men of the Docks by George Bellows, 1912. Oil on canvas. National Gallery, London, UK

Men of the Docks
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 1
Theme: Winter
Subject: Men of the Docks by George Bellows

The collars turned against the icy chill
A huddle of dockers stand the long wait
In hopes of work, a day’s wage pays a bill
For cargo to come in, cargo to go
While working for low pay to meet the rent
Men with no choice but to go with the flow
As they wait on to make another cent
This life of poverty carries no frill
Some cannot remember when they last ate
Desperate eyes stare where the north winds blow
For the next cargo ship to circumvent
The frozen waters that hug empty docks
Some watch the changing tide, some watch the clocks
With many fearing they’ll hear landlord’s locks