Poplars on the Epte

Poplars on the Epte by Claude Monet, 1891. Oil on canvas. National Gallery, London, UK

Poplars on the Epte
Form: Cardinal Stanza

Quiver on the breeze
Beneath a blue sky
Standing straight and tall
Along riverbank

Quiver on the breeze
Capture artist’s eye
In flowing waters
Dark shades and light

Quiver on the breeze
Evergreens reach high
Of dreams gently stroked
On canvas in air

Quiver on the breeze
Visions in a sigh
Words left unspoken
For trees cannot speak

Quiver on the breeze
Listen as they cry
No words
Yet they talk freely
By artist’s hand


Surreal Life

Surreal Life
Form: Epistle Sonnet 31

A sadness filters deep within my soul
Always there as something I have to feel
For where you are is where I can be whole

Living this life is somehow too surreal
Because I am here and not there with you
For now, Mistress Fate has taken control
And I wait for love’s crescendo to play
As this sadness meanders on through me

My darling, please tell me what I should do
Where do I find the will to make the day
As in Fate’s twisted hand, I have no clue
Somehow for your love, I will find a way

Whilst sadness lingers there for me to see
I know it’s you who holds my destiny



Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 69

My place of safety behind sunglasses
As they shield my eyes away from your gaze
I can see the truth of you as it passes

In the snide comments that come to reveal
The new reality of what you call love
And the agony you want me to feel
In darkness, it’s not even a kind of

For I have seen what you cannot conceal
From behind my shades that is truth, I see
No more shall your lies in my heart amaze
As when the beauty of love surpasses
As what you want there is no kind of love

Behind shades, the truth set my heart free
As no tears cry for what can never be



Form: Free Verse

A gathering of grey at the end of the day
And I listen to the jasmine sipping the rain
As I drink a chilled white wine
I watch the summer rain drizzle from the tiles
Refreshing the climbers on the trellis
Their leaves thirsty from a hot day
Softly falling drips and drops
As I bid my garden goodnight

In the morning the rain has gone
The light of the sun shining on vibrant green
Making dark shadows a cool space for sparrows
Their black eyes watching with caution
The dish fill in time for breakfast
From the deck table I see the flurry of brown feathers
Chitter-chat and flutter over the seeds and nuts
And the stillness of the raven on the shed roof
Content to chew over the bacon
A lovely sight on a summer’s day


Apocalyptic Night

Apocalyptic Night
Form: Canzonetta 1

Crashing thunder echoes through the night
Blue light dances in the distant sky
Like strangers coming into our sight
And the clouds roar tempest from on high
A shard of light sets the grass on fire
As we watch through the old windowpane
Another flash and another pyre
For the gods are at war in the rain

Searing rage it’s one hell of a fight
While we cuddle close, just you and I
And here we cower out of the light
As holy tempers rage as they fly
For in their battle the gods won’t tire
The end of days with storms so insane
Recalling legends sung to a lyre
For the gods are at war in the rain


Eleven Books

Eleven Books
Form: Book Spine Poem

Solomon’s cat
a mythical beast
dark inside
clichés and verse
in a book of form
writing a dirty story
in a journalist’s handbook
for a year and a day
love’s serenade on a violin
echoes among the trees
of an English garden


Unworthy Beast

Unworthy Beast
Form: Awdl Gywydd

The lessons of love gone wrong
A song that I learned from you
Love became a bitter choice
And my voice only sings blue

You took my strength, made it weak
Unable to seek inside
To see beauty within me
Yet couldn’t see love denied

An unworthy beast’ you said
My head easily believed
That to be true; you knew it
The flitting way love deceived

But now I see who you are
My scars prove gorgons live
Your venom was killing me
See you had all I could give

I’ve nothing left, you are right
The night you said I deserve
It all: Yes, you’re right, I do
Thank you, now I’ve found my nerve

Gorgon, you can’t fuck me up
Take your cup, drink your vile brew
For I know you are the beast
And I’m worth better than you


Listening to Mother

Listening to Mother
Form: Epistle Sonnet 16

Some days I need to remember those things
The things that give my soul the strength to heal
Allow myself to feel the joy life brings

To take time out, listen as nature sings
Away from keyboards and the glaring screen
A gentle reminder, a note-to-self
It’s never too late to take that one day
In the arms of nature to simply feel

For life isn’t about making cash wealth
Spiritual wealth can’t be a might have been
When time out is good for the mental health
With memories of the beauty I’ve seen

So when I’m quiet I’ve not gone away
It’s time to hear what nature has to say


Grandma’s House

Grandma’s House
Form: Byr a Thoddaid

As the sun returns to the summer skies
Reprise of days of fun
Of holidays with my grandma
The best days that seem not so far

Of learning to skim pebbles on the beach
Out of reach points to swim
And rainy days we’d make some cakes
But not as nice as ones she bakes

The perfect place to escape term time rule
So cool to have some space
She told stories of magic ways
Those were the best of summer days


Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 69

I look back and see them all smile at me
As I smile back, I know I must forget
Never again can I look back and see

The faces that guided me to my birth
Yet I know they are always at my side
In both moments of sorrow and of mirth
And while my eyes can’t see they’re my soul’s guide

As they push me onward against the tide
Blessed spirits as this life’s journey I take
I wonder if they were making a bet
On me reaching the point of destiny
To find my fated place with Mother Earth

So hard to see when my heart is an ache
My bad choices, now better ones to make


When Eyes Open

When Eyes Open
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 94

I’m living, breathing with my senses dead
So lost in fear I’ve lost myself instead
A nobody; invisible to eyes
Now that love isn’t blind and I can see
Your words of love were just a sly disguise
The sweet bait in a narcissistic trap
And for far too long you had me deceived
Indeed you had me there under your wrap
Not seeing truth of what should be believed
In all that time I was taking your crap
While in your lies my esteem was relieved
But did you think I would not recognise
There was a better place for me to be
When being with you can only bring dread


Tree of Mystery

Tree of Mystery
Form: Ottava Rima

The spirits are dancing here and there
Where my bruised senses rest to heal
For she is the beauty born of my despair
Burning the midnight oil so I can feel
O willow tree speak to me like you care
O lady let me lie here a moment to steal
Embraced in your tendrils beside the stream
My dryad of mystery and dream



Form: Horatian Ode

Another war breaking out
The papers all say ‘don’t go’
Humanitarian aid can’t get through
With mercenaries stealing the show
But they say our world is at peace
Yet has a single day passed by
Without war somewhere else
And no one asks for the why
Can humanity know of peace
While some desire only to kill
From the old days of duels at dawn
Through wars and those who seek the thrill
Of bringing death onto the streets
Shouting their anger, screaming with hate
Is this the lasting peace
Or is death humanity’s fate?


Y Dduwdod Cymreig

Y Dduwdod Cymreig
Form: Abecedarian

Arianrhod our lady of the moon
Bran the Blessed mighty ruler
Cerridwyn goddess of inspiration
Dylan father of the seas
Evnissyen bad-tempered brother of Bran
Five divine names of the Welsh pantheon
Gwion Bach gracious guide of spirit
Hail to thee as you wander among us
Inspire our path through mortality
Joyous in our living
Kindred souls in the realms of immortality
Llew Llaw Gyffes and Blodeuwedd
Mabon the god of lovers
Nurturing through nature
Offa the African king
Pryderi son of Pwyll
Quietly stolen from his mother
Rhiannon queen of death
Securing all hell broke out
Taliesin god of magic, storyteller, and bard
Ultimately these are the names
Valleys echo in song as
Welsh mountains reveal their power
Yes, this is the
Zenith of the motherland


No Cage

No Cage
Form: Epistle Sonnet 15

Your hand is always there, wrapped around mine
Eternal lover still here by my side
Your gentle touch that always spoke divine
I remind myself it’s always been mine
For you have never turned away from me
Not even when our words were crossed with rage
Instead our love grew infinitely wide
Death, how she knows she cannot stop its flow
For we belong as one in every age
In every lifetime our love waits to be
Mortal or immortal there is no cage
For our love demands our spirits are free
Now, when the veil is thin, that’s how I know
In the universe of love we’re the glow


All That Jazz

All That Jazz
Form: Dutch Sonnet

Just before sunset I feel your presence
In the magical light you’re drawing near
Amid pink and orange echoes on glass
That are dancing with strains of a jazz gas
I look around hoping to see you here
As my thoughts dream in this time of pleasance
And I hear your whispers softly chastise
These precious moments I’ll not compromise
As my window glows in the sunset’s fire
I want the magic of our love as mine
Is it too much to ask for one desire
When the sunlight fades welcoming nightfall
In the silence back where we used to be
Some jazz and some wine; I can see it all


Little Things

Little Things
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 68

Darling, I know you now so very well
From the last tender kiss of sweet goodnight
To your unholy morning unwashed smell
It's then I slip downstairs to make some tea
I hear the shower splatter making steam
The cup waits for you to be ready, free
As for me, I step under the hot stream
As it runs cold; Oh well I have coffee
And while I shiver, I can make some toast
Are you cutting your nails, it’s hard to tell
Is that the smell of hair removal cream?
These the things that say our loving is right
The little things so yeuk and a bit gross
When I love you means I love you the most


BBC News Cut-Up

BBC News Cut-Up
Form: Cut-Up Poetry

blocked from buying
bad for Britain
decades of working
EU is a better place
best for people
and future of opportunity
post-Brexit goals bring
our darkest days


Road to Self

Road to Self
Form: Free Verse

I was never one for looking
for the easy answers
the easy way out
the road of my life was never going to be straight
or one taken by so many
the grooves were there to follow
mine is the path that changes direction
without warning
taking half a dozen steps back
at a missed junction
because there is no map
then I meet someone coming towards me
“Hey, you are sure you want to go that way?”
so it’s find a rock to sit on awhile
and ponder on someone else’s thinking
as they tell me all that is wrong up ahead
revealing their hurt inside
but I know I must keep going
trust my instincts ain’t lying
as I take the next winding bend
but I say thank you anyway
and that this is my journey
my path
and I go where it goes
until I meet myself at the other end


Unbreakable Bond

Unbreakable Bond
Form: Cerispring Sonnet

To love once is to love for time
This truth the heart learned well
When your sweet lips kissed upon mine
And on poet’s words cast your spell
So his heart sings for you
And of his love he yearns to tell
To see the world and turn you on
In your arms his soul is undone
For all he wants is loving you
To feel your kiss on his
As there’s nothing else, he can do
Poet wants no other love than this
For, baby, you’re his fire
For this is love’s eternal bliss


Steely Grey

Steely Grey
Form: Minute Poem

It’s all good fun while it lasts
I’m up for blasts
Giggles and shit
Always a hit
I don’t promise there will be more
Not like before
I’m done trying
And done crying
For as you went your merry way
My eyes of grey
Saw through your lies
Set my heart wise


No Gentleman Thief

No Gentleman Thief
Form: Barzelletta

A stolen car out on the run
The driver not to be undone
Going too fast on the wrong side
It’s a certainty he’ll collide
Write-offs two cars done in a smash
Uninsured thief has run away
He’s in the wrong so made a dash
And the victim is left to pay
A hunted man who took a chance
Without concern or slightest care
Police led on a merry dance
What a mess no hope of repair
Write-offs two cars done in a smash
Uninsured thief has run away
He’s in the wrong so made a dash
And the victim is left to pay


Numbing the Hurt

Numbing the Hurt
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 67

No answers lie within the glass
That’s stained with the remains of wine
Nor are they found when smoking grass
But they pass time numbing the hurt
As confusion starts to make sense
When desire is not to be alert
And logic simply won’t commence
To see a shirt replace a skirt
What solutions are there to take
Trying not to care if I pass
And making out that all is fine
Ack! those thoughts, simply too immense
Hard decisions I had to make
No wine or drugs could numb that ache


Going In Circles

Going In Circles
Form: Free Verse

“forget your feelings”
I already did when I said I love you
“you can be grey instead”
and just why would I do that
“it isn’t normal”
and what you are doing is I suppose
“you’re some kind of freak”
if that means I am different to you, then good
“can’t you just fake it?”
like you do when you say you love me?
and repeat
it won’t change who I am


High Tide

High Tide
Form: Free Verse

she is the ocean
undulating emotions
to her shore
of my body
and in her rippling waves
she takes me to the ends of eternity
be I sand or shingle
her caress dances over my skin
and in my breathlessness
she lifts me higher
and higher
until I crash on some vague
distant horizon
and there I lie
clinging to the swirling shadow
as the salt of my tears
flow into her depths
fulfilling her need
until the demands
of the next high tide
and her desirous waves
break over me again


The Boulevard Montmartre at Night

The Boulevard Montmartre at Night by Camille Pissarro, 1897. Oil on canvas. The National Gallery, London, UK

The Boulevard Montmartre at Night
Form: Ballade Royale

The Paris streets sparkle on a rainy night
Yet the same streets that we wandered all day
Taking in every magical sight
Through history and art we found our way
And now we are here at the close of day
In endless reflections of lights aglow
The art is calling wherever we go
The city of romance is ours tonight
But we’ll not go far from the artist’s café
Of cigarette smoke and blue orbs of light
A glass of red wine hears all that we say
And the rain falls at the end of the day
As we watch the water gather and flow
The art is calling wherever we go
Tomorrow Le Louvre’s classical might
Is there a better place for us to stay
For art and romance by a candle’s light
The Pissarro print bought while on the way
Tonight we have time for a little play
To catch the last chance late night show
The art is calling wherever we go
It’s too early to call it for the night
From Montmartre to Moulin Rouge we stray
To watch the girls dance in a pure delight
And our hotel isn’t too far away
For we know we can’t do it all today
When sleep tells us to wait for tomorrow
The art is calling wherever we go


Lost Plant

Lost Plant
Form: Ballad Stanza

I don’t know how to work it out
No reference nor map
To guide the way, I’m on my own
My thoughts bridging the gap

In this darkness how can I grow
A lost plant in the shed
That’s left behind in early spring
Except dreams in my head
No memories bring me here
Taught another way
But I’m here; make the most of it
Because I’m here to stay


Morning Alarm

Morning Alarm
Form: Taichi Sonnet

As the day begins breathe deep a few times
And listen to the sound of the wind chimes
As the eyes soften to see the new day
Before the birds waken to lead the way
Now limber up with a yawning stretch out
Before touching the toes or there about
Gently does it without a fear or doubt
For the today, body and mind need clout
And the will doesn’t always come from coffee
If only, how simple then life would be
But when you are ready go make a cup
And let the muse know you’re awake and up
But first things first go turn off the alarm
For that incessant beeping has no charm


Mother’s Love

Mother’s Love
Form: Balassi Stanza

For my child I have one
Desire when all is done
To feel love upon his face
To know of that deep joy
Be it from a girl or boy
To know it is divine grace
His happiness means most
To me; I hold that close
In my heart’s innermost space


Blinded Heart

Blinded Heart
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 65
Theme: Love

So I knew it would happen from the start
But I ignored my instincts anyway
I deceived my mind with a blinded heart
I should have listened my gut’s always true
You were no different, but just the same
You didn’t care. I meant nothing to you
Yes, you’re just the same by another name
With your dirty mouth I should’ve seen through
And as you cheated you left me with shame
For you getting caught awhile getting laid
Was it because I didn’t fall apart?
I knew it was coming from the first day
But in your cheating, all my love decayed
For ignoring truth that price I have paid


For Winnie

For Winnie
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 92

As the night fades out into morning light
I feel your stare hold me blankly in sight
The numbness of grief is now my embrace
As I know you cannot truly love me
But I am not bereft, just out of place
For the crumbs of comfort, though stale of taste
I know there can never be nothing more
And such a love would simply be a waste
And worse than empty passion of before
Perhaps, I’ll return with my senses chaste
To share the joys and sorrows from my core
I know you will always be here each night
Silent friend ignores all yet sets it free
A divine thing is a teddy bear’s grace


When Living Sings

When Living Sings
Form: Rime Royal

The time has come, and today is the day
To let go of all the pains of the past
And start again living another way
For love and pain as one can never last
And drags the spirit downward far too fast
The heart should rejoice when the living sings
So forfeit this love for the better things


Love Immortal

Love Immortal
Form: Pindaric Ode

Hail! Branwen, lady of love and beauty
Gracious sister of Bran, sweet enchantress
Is this wonder of love a blessing or curse
Dear lady torture me
Oh blessed Branwen, may this soul speak
Mighty mistress, granting the gift of love
Pray tell why the path is so arduous
When the heart loves pure
So many give up in this modern day
Denying rewards of eternal joy
For though the path is an arduous one
It is a worthy walk
When love is the sacred gift of the soul
Surely it can belong to only one
Once the heart and soul has been given
In a hallowed vow
For my understanding the gift of love
The sweetest blessing with such a price
And with all my being I gladly pay it
That price is my grief
Pray Branwen, I seek in this way
Your wisdom and loving counsel
My destiny now placed in your hands
Is this how it is?


For Her Love

For Her Love
Form: Divino Sonetto 2

In finding heartbreak in the wrong places
A man learns to understand the graces
As his mind questions everything that is
And understands love is already his
And in its wonder, he can only sigh
The way love came in and gently unfurled
Their destiny is not meant for this world
For their love, so strong there’s no goodbye
United even when hard tears he cried
Look again she said, and so he had tried
To do the impossible; love again
Until that promise must now be denied
He’ll bide his time until he gets her call
For the love she claimed as he gave his all


Story Behind a Picture

Story Behind a Picture
Form: Free Verse

There is a photograph of two ladies
with high-button boots
walking along the beach where the sea
sooths over the pebbles; their scarves unfurled
like the flags outside the old library
and the wind was blowing in an easterly direction;
towards the prom. The younger one, the one
with flowing blonde hair,
looks over at the older,
as if listening to what she is about to say.
And I smile, remembering the story
and I can imagine I am there, present.
How they suddenly hoisted their skirts
above the foaming waters, dashing
back towards the prom
scattering resting gulls to the heavens
above the glistening sea.
My Edwardian ladies with their delicate
lace parasols and straw boater hats
on the exact same beach
where Nana and I spend the summers
dressed in 70’s casual
beach wear –
- what would the ladies so think
and I look at Nana, pictured with
flowing blonde hair as she tells me how
so decadently she’d loosen the buttons
and her dress would fall
unceremoniously in a heap
while her mother tutted and fussed
before finishing whatever it was
she happened to be saying
as Nana ran into the sea
for a dip


In Your Love

In Your Love
Form: Canadian Sonnet (Italian)

Sweet love the road to spiritual bliss
Led by the beautiful grace of your hand
This great desire that Lady Fate has planned
Our imperfect souls in perfection kiss
My noble heart holds high hopes to sustain
Such love that we found in purity’s fire
As now my life only you can inspire
Whether days of sunshine or nights of rain
Your presence cleanses me from living stress
In you, I’ve entered a new way of life
But it’s not always free from living’s strife
Love remains to powerfully impress
That I was nothing much in days before
And it’s in your love I am so much more


Broken Record

Broken Record
Form: Free Verse

I thought I could make my body home
yet a broken record played within my mind
endlessly chanting the same thinking
I don’t belong in her
you don’t belong in here
until I could hear nothing else
but the repetition of identity
until I understood
wherever I roam
this body is not my home
and the inner voice had to speak aloud



Form: Haiku

sakura whispers
where the moon spilled silver light
sweet intimacy
and tranquillity
shivers in lunar embrace
pastel pink cascades


Twilight Beach

Twilight Beach
Form: Epistle Sonnet 12

Fiery feathers ripple on sunset’s shore
As our hearts greet the beauty of the night
Thus bound by love with new dreams to explore
And I knew I could never ask for more
Your impressions left swirling on my skin
You gave me the wonder of love’s delight
And so my heart became your own device
While destiny shone like it was brand new
And on the cold nights I feel you close in
To snuggle up against the winds of ice
And I don’t care if they think it’s a sin
Remembering the nights that felt so nice
I gave you my heart in love ever true
Hold it gently, baby, take it with you


Whimsical of Thinking

Whimsical of Thinking
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 91— aa bcb dede deabc
Theme: Love Subject: Window

The mind’s eye sees through the curtained window
As reality fades into shadow
Slender branches of fantasy inspire
Day dreamers to see a different view
Amid copper leaves of autumn’s desire
Where a man feels the enchantment take hold
Within the orb visions of his own dream
Where everything is warm and the air cold
And sunlight dances with a lunar beam
Here where magic shines in all colours bold
When her kiss tastes of strawberries and cream
If only he could let reality go
As she lays with him by the midnight fire
For in her love he has what he needs know


Love and Beans

Love and Beans
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 63

At the back of the shelf a can of beans
Comfort waiting for when I need it most
Low sugar sauce for the sake of my jeans
I hear you laugh and saying I’m a nut
Because you’re always here to hold me tight
Yes, I hear you, and that chastising tut
And, darling, I suppose you are right
But it’s in this knowing there comes a but
Of what to do on that cold lonely night
I make me a supper of beans on toast
To lift my mood with the extra proteins
And I’m touched your presence is always here
Because I have no doubts, you’re with me, dear
That is our lovers’ truth I still hold near


Be Afraid

Be Afraid
Form: Balada

Just a fleeting feeling as I enter the room
As you fear facing the truth of me
Just a fleeting feeling as I enter the room
While you stare as if you cannot see
Just a fleeting feeling as I enter the room
Yes, I knew what you wanted me to be
Just a fleeting feeling as I enter the room
When you tried to steal my destiny
The man you failed to shape and groom
Just a fleeting feeling as I enter the room
Are you afraid of what my actions will be?
Just a fleeting feeling as I enter the room
And you should be afraid as I set myself free
Now I sense your fear of the impending gloom
Just a fleeting feeling as I enter the room


Those Nights

Those Nights
Form: Free Verse

when the nights are haunted
with repetitive dreams
the radio-active nightmares
of one night
the one night
trust in love died
crucified in sacrifice
to your selfish want
defiling my body
on those nights
shaking with fear
alone in the dark
I remember you
for what you are
you didn’t destroy me
as you wanted
and in that knowledge
I celebrate my victory to live free


Diamonds and Wine

Diamonds and Wine
Form: Free Verse

How I love to taste the wine of wild desire
wet and warm upon your ruby lips
and the diamonds of lust that sparkle
passion’s fire within your eyes
as you melt into my arms
your flesh embracing mine
and your hair glowing in the candlelight
as you kiss me
Not for us the cold loveless kisses
of virginal purity
nor the want for saintly bliss
as white as the spotless dove
for ours is the love that hungers freely
and laughs at the world of denial
for your body is mine
and my flesh is yours
as you set my soul in flames
So kiss me now
while your lips are warm and fragrant
and taste like wine
clasp my heart and hold me close
as the shining stars go pale
for ours is the pleasure
of living in love



Fountain by Marcel Duchamp, 1917. A porcelain urinal. The Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA

Form: Bagarthach Verse

I see what you’re saying, Marcel
A fair point and so you made your shot
At the critics and their parcel
But really, Marcel, art it is not


Whispering Sky

Whispering Sky
Form: Free Verse

I find my pleasure in the moonlight
while my feet dangle
trailing in the flowing waters
not for me the baking heat
of the noon sun dazzling the day
here in the lunar lit trees
whose leaves sparkle with silver reflections
I feel the mystery of power
as energy flows between
earth and sky
and I watch the stream’s waters
rushing in foam
around the rocks
blue in the moonlight
and I listen to the sky as he whispers
his blessings
adorning my spirit with
the treasures of nature
and I feel them within me
and enchanting
the beauty of my soul


Buttered Toast

Buttered Toast
Form: Epistle Sonnet 11

Morning sunshine lingers for a new day
No headlines screaming out from the TV
For everything felt new that day in May
Even the Weetabix changed in some way
Yet it looked the same sat there in the bowl
Had my eyes lost their way or I my sense
But today is different and I see
You as you smile while buttering your toast
Just breakfast yet love is making me whole
You stayed for dinner, our first Sunday roast
Before going home, darling you took my soul
That Monday was lonely here on the coast
My love for you held in aching suspense
As I made wishes over the incense


Just Done

Just Done
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 62
Theme: Love Subject: A snake

The venomous snake has poisoned my blood
Leaving me writhing in this searing pain
But my tears come slow, without a flash flood
The snake is a disguise, I know your name
But a viper would be a better deal
Now I am no longer playing your game
This anguish of pain I just gotta feel
Tis better than feeling I am your shame
To feel this pain means I will only heal
And come back stronger, a blossoming bud
Defying the snake released from your grip
Your rage melting love like the pouring rain
As you shout at me letting it all rip
I make no comment not even a quip


Summer Dancing

Summer Dancing
Form: Spanish Sonnet 3
Theme: Love Subject: Dancing

I long for the twilight and summer dancing
The closeness of you as stars begin to shine
While we whisper caught in the sweet romancing
Like the night we first kissed and you became mine
And in our whispers, I knew I was chancing
Rejection but still I loved you as divine
Oh how I long for that, the night we first kissed
For it is the touch of your lips I have missed
For the memories, I play our songs tonight
To feel you here, floating in my arms again
To dance in the garden because it feels right
As I close my eyes, a moment of respite
We danced whatever be it wind or the rain
And to the stars, I whisper “You’re my delight”