Beautiful Masculinity

Beautiful Masculinity
Form: Free Verse

Caution playing a wild card
in thoughts of what may be
in this world where love and sex
are the same thing
and romance is a fuck against the wall
what is there for the asexual man
with a rainbowed heart
and a passionate mind
but his body is out of bounds
can we still dance in the garden
inhaling the scent of the roses
and can our lips meet
erupting our masculinity
into an awe of beauty
like a dazzling star of intimacy
of love that has no desire for sex
that embraces the moment
of pure attractiveness


One Night Only

One Night Only
Form: Free Verse

What is lust if
it does not gratify the mind
but sates the want of physical need
without desire
for intimacy beyond touch
conversation disregarded
in favour of grunts and groans
a sacrifice for a meaningless act
of another
‘For One Night Only’ show
forgotten before the dawn light
and the craving for a hot coffee
from an all-night drive-thru
a moment lost
until it is recalled by
an STD


A Birth

A Birth
Form: Epistle Sonnet 1

The sonnet for so long has echoed my voice
With words and lines my lips find hard to say
In saddest despair and love to rejoice
For the epistles it’s an easy choice
To let my own thoughts flow out in this way
Whilst testing out this, a new sonnet form
Joining the Rovi and Ivor as one
Twisting the rhyme scheme just one more time
And letting them mingle in a brainstorm
A triplet and quintet but can it be done
A quatrain and a couplet, that’s a norm
Just messing with the rhymes, I think I won
Now, the closing lines left to end this rhyme
And I have a sonnet mountain to climb



Olivia Newton-John 1948-2022

Form: Saraband Sonnet 6

I don’t want to feel love this way
For it is love I cannot share
A love that’s once upon a day
No flirty love letters to send
Yet you gaze at me from the wall
My mind runs away with it all
But reality I cannot bend
In my dreams you sing me your song
You, a super star of music
And how I have loved you so long
I look into your eyes on screen
And dream of love in baby blue
This love is pure and always true
Yet is a crush that can’t have been


The Stonemason’s Yard

The Stonemason’s Yard by Canaletto, 1795. Oil on Canvas. National Gallery, London, UK

The Stonemason’s Yard
Form: Quatrains

Weathered city in the morning sun
Beaten, dilapidated by time
Echoing to the chisel tapping sound
A craftsman chipping at stone
Tap tap tapping a rhythm of sound
Resounds across the square
A makeshift and do workplace
Repairs for the decaying mother church
Like an actor taking his performance
To his audience amid the flaking plaster
With rough old timer exposing brick
The craftsman performs to make it good



Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 52

The souvenirs of memory recall
While beckoning my thoughts to think of you
Back to the good days when we had it all
As I walk this beach how my world has changed
But being here I feel our love again
Not even death’s hand can leave us estranged
On the beach with a landscape blurred by rain
Like a painting with its colours rearranged
In this place where into love I can fall
And the missing of you carries no pain
For here, sweet love is more than just a name
Yet saying your name speaks of love so true
Souvenirs of our love making its claim
On this beach where out love remains the same


Bless the Song and Dance

Bless the Song and Dance
Form: Dizain

As we danced among the last falling leaves
To greet chilling winds and the frosty ground
In hanging of holly upon the eaves
Awaiting for the Solstice bells to sound
As silently the Wheel is turning round
The long frosty nights of this wintertide
Of stories and songs shared by the fireside
The eyes of the sun looking forth to spring
To bring new life where another year died
But tonight, the Wassail voices will sing


Imperfect Voices

Imperfect Voices
Form: Free Verse

Where are the promised legions of hope
promised in a sacrifice of redemption
they, the chosen by grace
called to serve only themselves
in a dressage of spiteful judgement
preaching hate and rejecting the gift of love
called by light into darkness
lost beyond wilderness
shouting out their perfections
and rejecting truth in contemptuous acts
against the sacredness of love
the imperfect voices
face a different world
where love is the purest state
unconditional in the giving
unbounded by faith in falseness
born imperfectly perfect
in that darkness that invites
only the truest of light


Practice Makes Imperfect

Practice Makes Imperfect
Form: Diminishing Verse

Practicing notes in a musical scale
Is rather like eating kale
I’d sooner be drinking ale
It’s messing about with this, that, and a scrap
Always sounds totally crap
And will never make a rap
Still, it is part of learning to play
Seeds of tunes it will lay
and that’s good, hey!


Myth and Legend

Myth and Legend
Form: Englyn Byr Cwca

I am the custodian
protecting courage in every part
the brave heart’s guardian
I’m the echoing legend
that speaks of the brave deeds of long ago
so, on me you depend
I am myth and memory
remembered in fireside tales told by bards
in shards of poetry


Coming Out

Coming Out
Form: Alfred Dorn Sonnet

A lucid dream to echo love
among the shards of silver light
in thoughts alone, I'm thinking too.
and while I sleep my dreams accrue
impatient needs fulfill the night,
beneath the moon, recalling love.
A lucid dream of love and me,
another night, a sanctuary.
It can't be hidden anymore
there are no other words to see
I'm not confused, it's who I am
and you may think it's all a sham
the fact remains, the truth, I'm me
and I'm not hiding anymore


Turn of Season

Turn of Season
Form: Descort

No more daffodils sway in the lane
The spring has lost the dancing breeze
Replaced by April’s tears of rain
Frogs are courting by the slippery logs
Never asking more than a brief encounter
And as April turns to May
Dog bark in the green grass fields
Amid the budding dandelions
And yellow buttercups
And the summer begins to blossom


Not a Good Place

Not a Good Place
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 51
Prompt: Obsessive Love

With you I am alone trembling in fear
I’m shaking as I try to understand
This imprisonment of you so near
Like a demon sucking up my self-will
Determined to mold me to your own desire
How did it happen? Did you slip me a pill
So, my inner strength burned within your fire
And you didn’t see that you made me ill
You didn’t care, I doubt you cried a tear
Perhaps my death was really your desire
For that is what I believe you had planned
As you made me feel like the odd one out
With my identity something to doubt
While yours was all you ever cared about


Unbound Love

Unbound Love
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 84
Prompt: Love and Infidelity

The pain of infidelity is lies
For deceit is not a pleasant disguise
In its betrayal of respect and trust
As words of love deny truth with a smile
Inside the heart is beginning to bust
Honesty matters in keeping it real
When love isn’t bound by a sacred vow
For truth in itself will always reveal
The desire for lust the heart will allow
If words truly say what the heart can feel
It won’t make vows that fade slowly to dust
Unconditional love the only how
Releasing a lover to roam awhile
The unbound heart sees with different eyes


Constant Rewind

Constant Rewind
Form: Deibide Baise Fri Toin

In darkness
With clarity and starkness
We see the light meant to be
Of fashion
As senses breathe with passion
And the old words of romance
But instead
The past endlessly reread
A mind on constant rewind
We survive
But never to be alive
For love to be it’s too late


A Voyage of the Mermaid’s Viper Tail

A Voyage of the Mermaid’s Viper Tail
Form: Nonsense poem

A craft from the east a worthy beast
Was the “Mermaid’s Viper Tail’
No winds could rage to rattle her cage
And the crew knew she wouldn’t fail
The leading hand had it all planned
Setting sail against the wind’s rage
And all appeared well despite the sea's swell
That his decision seemed wise and sage
She carried her freight as if the seas were sedate
To the land where the Guttersnipes dwell
With their threats to invade unless there be trade
A barter of goods to keep things well
But here’s the trick it’s all laced with arsenic
The Tattybell tribe were not all that dumb
For cannon fire, they had no desire
But poison, well, that can be fun
Let’s not be lame the clue in the name
Of a mighty wind-beating ship
A powerful craft, to think less is daft
But the Tattybell brain is sharper than a whip
To plot a demise, one must devise
A plan that the enemy can’t see
Therefore, you will find that thinking mind
Is the most powerful weapon there be


Not Paying It

Not Paying It
Form: Spenserian Stanza

To say her love set me free is a lie
When it bound me to pain and feeling shame
In return desires to let go and die
“I didn’t mean it” her excuses claim
Again and again, it’s always the same
My freedom to be the price of her dreams
As I lost it all even my own name
This price of love is too high, so it seems
And I left to find peace and life by woodland streams


Miss You Nights

Miss You Nights
Form: Decima

Wistful dreams of you and me
A sadness for those days long gone
This broken heart beating alone
A homesick child wanting to be
Resting his head upon your knee
That day will come, I know it’s true
And once again love will come through
The summer’s sun and winter’s rain
Sweet music of our love again
And we will dance, just me and you


Invisible Illusion

Invisible Illusion
Form: Cyhydedd Fer Sonnet

I wish you knew how I love you
That you’re the light that sees me through
You’re the reason I breathe each day
And I love you in every way
But love means nothing to your heart
For such things you are far too smart
Instead, you want the shiny things
A wedding day with golden rings
And a dress in pure satin white
The grandiose your heart’s delight

A wedding but no marriage
I’m just the horse and carriage

As from my soul you freely take
There’s nothing left but my heartbreak
I wish you knew how much I care
But I may as well not be there


Heart’s Reflection

Heart’s Reflection
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 50

Of all the women laid claim to my heart
And I thought I may love over the years
Only you could truly know Cupid’s dart
Was yours alone to throw into my soul
Holding me with your gentle affection
While accepting me as yours to console
Guiding my way in a new direction
The years go by you still make me whole
With our love from which I’ll never depart
The memories no longer bring me tears
For all those days when our lives were so good
It’s you I feel in my heart’s reflection
You and I as one like we knew we could
Yet to love another, I don’t think I should


Abiding Love

Abiding Love
Form: Saraband Sonnet 5

We stand and fight for what is right
For the truth of love, we both know
Belongs to us in sweet delight
You hold my hand to lead you through
For one day we will dance the moon
For love composed our special tune
But understand that you lead me too
For our love to be we stand as one
Forever together we are
Strong enough for the rising sun
Another day to work it out
Another night to feel you close
Sweet dreams kisses before we doze
All is okay there’s no more doubt


Cookie Jar

Cookie Jar
Form: Free Verse

I taught you to stand
on your own two feet
to face the world with
your head held high
yet always you knew
I would be beside you
when life went the wrong way
and not how you had it planned
instead bending it
turning it around
making it fit your own box
and it is with pride in my heart
love in my soul
I know
there is no curve you can’t make it round
and I hear your tears
and I feel your pain
yet we both know there will be laughter again
for you are my son
a tough cookie
from a tough cookie jar


Getting It Right

Getting It Right
Form: Free Verse

I’m older now
but probably not much wiser
seasons turn and years go by
one transitioning into the next
it doesn’t bother me now
this journey has reached its destination
with me content in my own skin
so, what if they still get the name wrong
it’s not done to hurt me
sometimes I don’t answer
as I forget that name was me
yet love gets us by just the same
and I’m no longer the rebellious child
demanding it must be my way
when the reality of truth is
love between mother and child is the way
it is my strength during the good times
and my solace in the hard
and that is worth so much more
than getting a name right


Flowery Mead

Flowery Mead
Form: Busta Sonetto 2

A warmth as intense as flowery mead
Entwined with a memory and castaway
Like a pilfered thought from a dream
Recalling a place, a holiday
How did I forget with so little heed
Such a poignant moment within your kiss
When your love is the one thing I cannot forget
That deep intensity so brief, yet
I can still feel that wonderous bliss
Echoing the longing within my soul
To reignite desire’s burning flame
Rekindling my heart within your love
Forgive me as frustration calls out your name
As I yearn for your presence to make me whole


Redondilla Rose

Redondilla Rose
Form: Redondilla

The beauty found within a rose
as tender petals softly spread
intimate scent to fill my head
and all my wanton thoughts disclose.
Velveteen touch upon the lips
seraphic kiss, my pure delights
the nectar feast butterfly sips
when sonant perianth invites.
A rosebud gleams with early dew
beneath the summer skies of blue
reveal the ancient yearning pain
I'll not be blind to love again.
If I should hear the rosebud call
I'll pause just here a little while
to see the beauty in her smile
and with her touch, my heart enthrall


Perfect Love

Perfect Love
Form: Saraband Sonnet

She is a mystery to me
Just how she does it all and some
Being all things, she needs to be
Whatever gets thrown in the mix
She hears my pain both big and small
As she finds that emotional fix
So, I can stand and stand up tall
Her perfect love every day
Seems fearless when crying my tears
I know she loves me anyway
And I wonder how she does it
Her love seems a bottomless pit
As she makes me smile when I’m glum
And I am grateful for my mum


Good for the Health

Good for the Health
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 83

A wild revolution of body and mind
When towards self you begin to be kind
No longer crying of worthless and small
But reaching for the stars in skies above
A sense of self-esteem and standing tall
Energies created by the universe
Like stardust bound together in the self
In this life there is no need to rehearse
When loving self is so good for the health
Released from the binds of another’s curse
Then living your own truth is best of all
As well-being becomes the greatest wealth
The time has come to discover and find
All the feelings that words express as love


Thus, Love Speaks

Thus, Love Speaks
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 49

What are these words that speak of love so true
In the wilderness of our busy world
The wild words of love speak to me and you
That power between us was never weak
For our love would not shrink into silence
Unashamed the passion fire ours to seek
Enshrined in perfect trust and with patience
A love expressed with a softly kissed cheek
In soulful stillness a moment with you
As in your hair, my fingers gently curled
Just before patience became impatience
Lustful desire swept through our throbbing veins
Between delights and the sweet, pleasured pain
Convulsive raptures of your kiss remain


Inspired by Peanuts

Inspired by Peanuts
Form: Bob and Wheel

Talented hound
Going back to my youth
“Good Grief” it’s Charlie Brown
And he’s acting the goof
Now Snoopy is around
Faithful friend
A boy and his dog team
Best mates until the end
Inspired a child to dream
Of how his life could wend
Black and white
My dog is the right shade
My best friend and delight
That dream could never fade
Beside me, she’s always right


My Light in the Dark

My Light in the Dark
Form: Saraband Sonnet 4

When tears were falling from my eyes
And words of love just didn’t care
You were there to hear my heart’s cries
Listening to my confused fears
While I fought those battles within
me, old wars of what might have been
But you stayed and brushed up my tears
Stood beside me as I grew weak
My world ending, falling apart
I knew your love was mine to seek
In my darkness you took my hand
When none could be bothered to care
Your love was there for me to share
My soul, only you understand


Lost in Bach

Lost in Bach
Form: Free Verse

Lost in the last strains of
the intensity of sound
and the intimacy of Bach
on the moonlit air
yet suddenly aware
his eyes are playing the music in mine
a perfect rendition
of a long-forgotten love song
lost in the wonder
of his beauty reflected by moonlight
opening the secrets of love
I am bound in his unbreakable creation
and the loveliness of his lips
that kiss with kiss of an angel
my angel


Scent of Honeysuckle

Scent of Honeysuckle
Form: Free Verse

You are here
and I am not running away
I answer you with my tears
each one trailing down my cheek
as if afraid of the emotions
unsure of the shadows you cast on my skin
as uncertainty and doubt mingle with desire
unsaid words moisten
as your lips linger on the tear trails
a moment too long
but not long enough
and I inhale the scent of your skin
sweet like honeysuckle
enticing a bee to taste nectar
just enough temptation
to linger through until the next time
you are here again


Cacophony of Discord

A Shipwreck in Stormy Seas by Claude-Joseph Vernet, 1773. Oil on canvas. National Gallery, London, UK

Cacophony of Discord
Form: Dechnad Cummaisc

The night assaults all the senses
Crashing sublime
As beauty and terror collide
Waves ride and climb
Horror of tempestuous sea
Foreboding night
Elements dictating our fate
A date with fright
Sweeping clouds into the darkness
Of breaking ships
Of defeated broken remains
Wind strains and whips
The beams of light let them all down
Frantic scrambles
In the lost echoes of discord
Towards shambles
Towards boulders along the shore
Lightning strikes shocks
Storm’s aftermath revealed at dawn
Death on the rocks


A Question of Time

A Question of Time
Form: Dansa

How long will your warmth hold me in bed
While your gentleness grazes my skin
From evening until the sun shines in
Through the window of scattered dreams in my head
How long will your warmth hold me in bed
Frothy shaving foam slowly spiralling
Down like tears on my smooth skin
I miss your kiss it has to be said
How long will your warmth hold me in bed
The aroma of coffee and a day can begin
But nothing do will stop the missing
Or the memories of the love we led
How long will your warmth hold me in bed
And as the day’s done and night comes in
I kiss your name while sipping a gin
Not a day goes by when “I love you” is left unsaid
How long will your warmth hold me in bed
Beneath the duvet what a long day it’s been
As eyes close I feel you snuggle closer in
To love me again inside my head
How long will your warmth hold me in bed


A Winding Trail

A Winding Trail
Form: Keats’ Sonnet

The leaf that floats upon the river’s flow
as is my heart upon a winding trail
beneath the boughs of sleepy willow trees,
as over silver shingle waters go.
My heart is caught in love’s billowing sail
to reach her tender kiss and see her smile.
These lazy summer days we laugh with ease
without a care or sense of weary woe
there is no chance for such a love to fail.
Can hearts still beat as one on autumn’s breeze
and make the fading sun appear worthwhile?
The golden leaves that float away at will
reminds my soul though life will oft beguile,
true love will keep us warm from winter’s chill


Guardian of Fate

Guardian of Fate
Form: Common Measure

A temple tower stands eastward,
the guardian of fate,
emerging from my confusion
before it is too late.
In shadow realms of forest greens,
a Lady watches me,
Her gentle eye can pierce my soul,
if I could only see.
In ancient clearings, looking round,
so I may meet Her eyes,
and know the truth with clarity
as found in cloudless skies.
And by the river hear Her song
while strumming guitar strings,
in melodies of olden days
I listen as She sings.
The words of love and gentleness,
shall fill my heart with joy,
when darkness comes to haunt my sleep
I feel Her love's envoy.
The musky scent that feel my dreams
enchanting ecstasy
diffusions of eternal things
in Her Divinity.
A temple tower stands eastward,
the guardian of fate,
emerging from my confusion
before it is too late.


Yesterday Is Done

Yesterday Is Done
Form: Epistle in Haiku

new dewdrops shimmer
like diamonds on a green baize
gentle tears the night wept
comforting music
welcomes the first light of day
blackbird is awake
morning is breaking
shimmering on spider's silk
the jewels of dawn
a new day begun
another chance to do what’s best
yesterday is done


Old Whispers

Old Whispers
Form: Closed Couplets

Old whispers carry summer's breeze
through fields of barley corn with ease.
The softly sung drumbeat echoes
when ev'ning sun still warmly glows.
From valleys up to roaming hills
the season turns as Goddess wills.
At Lughnasadh, first harvest feast
our thanks for bread, the grain and yeast.
The plaited sheaves beneath the moon
for reaping fruits that ripen soon.
We count the ways the Goddess gives
Her love with nature's gifts; She lives.
Our music played with pure delight
beneath the silver moon tonight


One Thing

One Thing
Form: Cywydd Llosgyrnog

The aloneness began before
A shallow breath said no more
And I had to face death
Yet of one thing I’m still sure
That death can never close that door
While I feel your lover’s breath


Flush Crimson

Flush Crimson
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 48

A proud spirit in humility, meek
As a tenderness embraces the heart
In an unknown light where pure love can speak
The world shines with a different splendour
While tracing the eyes that have touched the soul
As even harsh words sound so sweet and tender
When the fair things of love make the world whole
But in this pureness where does a man start
With proud spirit, yet his shy hands tremble
Yet still, he longs to regain self-control
As divine passions begin to render
His senses to flush crimson on his cheek
As first feelings of love reassemble
He knows from this love he can’t dissemble


Late Night Caller

Late Night Caller
Form: Cywydd Deuair Hirion

Old man enrobed all in white
Left his footsteps overnight
Without warning he made call
The ground held in his enthrall
No stranger to us is he
His call we did not foresee
A winter’s night afterglow
In October touched by snow


Blurred Confusion

Blurred Confusion
Form: Tercets

The blurred confusion caught in adoration's bliss,
behind my sleeping eyes in dreams of this,
fragmented moments held in her love's kiss.
A fantasy kiss, enchanted by sleep,
a heart's first wish when waking from the deep,
if only precious dreams were mine to keep.
The brightest rose I've seen is in my head,
a dusky pink infused with crimson red,
my heart is bound with words of love she said.
Can love be found where wishes reel in thought?
The feelings wander aimless when love is sought,
and in my dreams, my heart is held and caught.
I understand my wishes are ideals,
in truth nothing in life is as it feels,
can love grow strong if dreaming oft conceals?
These visions beautify the darkest night
and though the dawn may bring a cheerful sight
I fear this loneliness is mine to fight


Hey Babe

Hey, Babe
Form: Cywydd Deuair Fyrion

In love I see
There’s you and me
Still dancing free
Hey babe, how be?
Is there a way
To see the day
I hear you say
A simple ‘hey’
Just to see you
Feel love is true
What can I do
But wait life through
I feel you near
But miss you here
When you set sail
Beyond the veil
This life turned stale
The sun shone pale
Without love’s kiss
Where is the bliss?


The Architect

The Architect
Form: Asean Sonnet

And in her beauty dwells my ludic sprite,
my honour freely given to love's delight,
hand holding hand throughout the darkest night
revealed the place we dream when life's contrite.
Her voice in quiet whispered words invite
a curving smile to bring a kiss of light
within the moonless room again tonight
the taste of honey found in passions flight.
She is the architect that dreams incite
my tribade lover easing lusts harsh plight
the sanguine touch that bears no rage or spite
or lacks the courage sought in social fight.
Her kiss the sign my heart is in respite,
for love, at last, has filled my wanting sight


Sneak Attack

Sneak Attack
Form: Cyrch A Chwta

As fireworks set the night alight
While bonfires burn on Guy Fawkes night
The Christmas ads race to invite
Taste buds yearning festive delight
Their greed for money shines too bright
And kids wanting, parents take fright
The pressure to please is so hard
Those credit card bills out of sight


Love in Stillness

Love in Stillness
Form: Saraband Sonnet 2

How silently time passes by
Like a river that flows through fields
A force of life lost to the eye
Yet in fiery skies of sunrise
There’s a momentary stillness
Between sleeping and waking eyes
A moment for love to confess
While knowing your love is still near
Another day will pass alone
Yet holds nothing for me to fear
It’s one more day closer to you
As I sit here drinking my tea
And I whisper “I love you, too”
Soon baby, soon, you’ll be with me


Kiss My Iris Blue

Kiss My Iris Blue
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 82

Through the window, our garden speaks to me
In echoes of jasmine, roses, and maple tree
I feel you near in every scented bloom
But did the white rose kiss my iris blue
As clouds gather to bring a sudden gloom
But dreary skies have nothing left to say
When our garden speaks of tenderness shared
Where a love loved and forever to stay
Within the heart that took that chance and dared
To tell the greying clouds to go away
For those dreary days, our love had no room
Too late to stop the light of love from you
As they have nothing that can be compared
To the pure joy of knowing you love me



Form: Free Verse

Crushing waves battle
with the rage of tempestuous winds
tossing the little boat
between themselves like a ping pong ball
her sails tattered and torn
and her mast lost to the deep
as his lone voice shouts
over the radio
and the boat is again thrown
between wave and wind
three bodies huddled in a cabin
not daring to stare at the swirling sea
inviting their souls to the deep
three souls clinging on to life
clinging on to the impossibility of chance
and wishful thinking hears the wailing response
yet dare not believe it was more than an echo of wind
as death draws ever near
and eyes dare not see
the metal grey walls of a frigate
with its siren wailing
“we’re here”
“we’re here”