Form: Viator
Theme: Love
Subject: A broken ring

in the trash can without a lid
tossed aside
A promise of love
and forever is just
a broken heart
Disease with no cure
beyond science
to realms of nothingness
Tis better not to love
than to love and have lost
it is no sweet agony feeling


On Travel Sickness

On Travel Sickness
Form: Malayan Wave Sonnet
Theme: Travel/Journeys
Subject: Bad dream

The night before brings those feelings of dread
Nightmares started before I go to bed
In queasy visions involving the car
They swirl in dizzy thoughts around my head
No matter how near, no matter how far
I’d rather stay put, right here, where we are
Or can’t we simply go by bus or train
Everyone knows I feel sick in a car
With windows wide open in sun and rain
My eyes closed tight so I don’t go insane
And motion sends my body in a seiche
As I swear I’ll never do this again
In a car the feeling sick I don’t like
Why the hell can’t I go by motorbike


One Tree, Four Seasons

One Tree, Four Seasons
Form: Free Verse
Theme: Nature
Subject: A tree

I. Spring
First tender embrace brings warmth;
vernal caresses that brought souls from death;
undeveloped fountains of fertility
attire my unkempt, naked limbs;
sweet hearted blossoms,
subtle; delicate; light;
once more, I feel life.
II. Summer
Initial enticing touches turn in heated lust;
in you growth and fulfilment flourish,
nectar brings emergence of procreation;
petals fall, fruits of love grow;
dark, heavy, branches giving shade,
hunger; thirst; dreams;
entwined long hazy days.
III. Autumn
Cooling breezes coat vibrant hues;
yielding mature and mellow seed,
garlands red and gold shimmer
rays fading to night;
warm embrace releasing me;
falling tears scattered on ground
chills beckon with sleep.
IV. Winter
Bare naked alone wild limbs dance,
frosted gales the rhythm;
bleak white blankets cover land,
boughs heavy lay broken;
yet dancing hopeful to feel one touch,
brief non-existent carom;
waiting for your return.
Love and passion over four seasons
Between tree of spirit and Sun king.


Taking Chances

Taking Chances
Form: Persepolis Sonnet
Theme: Life
Subject: A closed door

A doorway to where, a mystery to go
A ready-made adventure and who’s to know
What lies just beyond this, an unopened door
I don’t know as I haven’t been there before
Yet anticipation tingles on my tongue
And I am ready to see that old door flung
Open to a new tomorrow that could be
Perhaps first just a crack to look out and see
But as my hand touches the handle there
A sudden chill shudders beneath my skin
Instead of boldness I feel cold hard fear
And I question if I should even dare
To look, to peek and see what lies within
Or should I simply stay where I am here?


Elphin and the Boy

Elphin and the Boy
Form: Cyhydedd Hir
Theme: Welsh Mythology
Subject: Taliesin

Fishing lines were bare
Heart filled with despair
But a child found there
So it shall be
Elphin’s heart so sad
And what of the lad
This child needs a dad
So it shall be
Taliesin by name
His brow shines no shame
His wisdom acclaim
So it shall be
And he speaks this lad
No fish, don’t be sad
What is yours be glad
So it shall be


Peace and War

Peace and War
Form: Pathya Vat
Theme: Art
Subject: Peace and War by Peter Paul Rubens

Hey little girl
With big wide eyes
Why are you scared
Of those dark skies
Call me in sighs
Tell me your thoughts
Why you’re feeling
So out of sorts
In sacred courts
They fight for peace
And you’ll be safe
The war will cease
And wealth increase
Oh little girl
Let go of fear
Gods can be churl
Peace and War by Peter Paul Rubens, 1629-30. Oil on canvas: National Gallery, London, UK


Exposed Senses

Exposed Senses
Form: Free Verse

She wept as a bride sat on the edge of winds,
her senses raw to emotional dreams.
Her mouth quenched by bitter tragedy,
the sweetness of lemons would have kinder taste.
Her eyes see clearly the blurring figures,
illusions of reality quest in her mind.
The scent clouds of burning ice and fire,
tremble as she inhales in sobs of hunger.
Her fingers grip in futility of a gesture
grasping the strands of the nothing that remains.
The anguished screams making music in her ears
melodious cries formed in the heaving light.
Pubescent energies foretell of the will to be
in a world of contradiction and strife.
Entrapped by the senses and deprivation
a web of perception in fantasy's realm


Stolen by Time

Stolen by Time
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 19
Theme: Love
Subject: Forgetfulness

If I could have one wish, just one, come true
To relieve emptiness as I forget
And to recall the day I first met you
You never say how could I forget it
As you tell me again in gentle sighs
For time is taking my mind bit by bit
And what season did love lose its disguise
For my heart knows you and that love is true
And how without you I would surely mope
I see your eyes spark and try not to fret
Take me to the garden so we can sit
Come see me again as we say our good-byes
I wonder how you continue to cope
And is our love enough to bring you hope


Dreams of Summer Love

Dreams of Summer Love
Form: Kyrielle
Theme: Love
Subject: Holiday romance

From airport to hotel and beach,
Come thoughts of holiday romance.
Eyes meet and drink as fingers teach,
Amidst the dreams of summer love.
The passion intense, the feelings real,
Two hearts in union, sipping wine.
Sun tanning days, lust moments steal,
Amidst the dreams of summer love.
Two weeks go fast, back on the plane,
Undying love declared goodbye.
Promises of letters in vain,
Amidst the dreams of summer love


Not Quite Past It

Not Quite Past It
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 18
Theme: Love
Subject: Grey hair

Years go and sex becomes a passing thought
Yet my heart skips when I feel your touch
Are my senses acting in ways they ought
For lustful pleasures are surely what was
And our love a joining spiritual might
My greying hair must be past all that jazz
But still in your presence is my delight
For desire goes beyond the sexual sort
As lust no longer lasts throughout the night
But insane giggles and pillow talk can
For lust a transient passing where as
My heart remains strong to love you so much
Maybe that is the wonder of love’s plan
In these rambling thoughts of your aging man


Uttered Vibrations

Uttered Vibrations
Form: Free Verse
Theme: Magic
Subject: An old man

Today I wandered deeper inside
with trees reaching closer
the forest held me
pulling me onward
until we reached a clearing
in the centre stood the oldest
widest tree I’d ever seen
and I sat at the edge of the clearing
my instincts vibrating
with messages arcane and wise
and as I looked at the tree
my eyes could see it glowing
the magic flowing free
the tree like and island of power
on an enchanted lake of flowing magic
and then I saw him
in flowing robes – a wizard , perhaps
a king, maybe
or just an old man
gliding across the clearing towards the tree
then as he stood at bottom of the tree
he spoke
uttering words I could not understand
and in a cackle and a sparkle
the tree yield an old stool
for the man to sit
and he sat as if in deep conversation
they two
tree and man
sharing ancient secrets
their words I could not understand
yet I listened intently
absorbing the cadence if it could charm
then I felt their eyes
staring at me
and a gentle ripple of magic came over me
closing my eyes in its wonder
and when I awoke at the far edge of the forest
I felt the silence
yet remembered everything
now each day I wander the forest
trying to find my way home


Drifting Back in Time

Drifting Back in Time
Form: Epistle
Theme: Music
Subject: a pen

My senses drift and the pen dithers
as the strains of the Blue Danube begin
words floating on the three beat measure
falling softly on paper
like autumn leaves on a babbling stream
and I smile
as in my mind’s eye
your eyes sparkle at me
through the dark dusky tresses
into the clouds of my imagination
and I write before the moment is
forever lost to me
yet the strings play on
in the wordless song
that captures love in the moment
in a dance
before new fashions and trends
broke the heart of love
music swelling and sweeping
as passion explodes
enchanted by a violin's tune
now that’s something rock ‘n’ roll can’t do

always, all ways
your Crazy-assed Poet xxx


Consent Matters

Consent Matters
Form: Free Verse
Subject: Forgetting
Object: Stiletto heels

I wear my skirts short but I’m no airhead
and life ain’t easy on these downtown streets
with your predatory eyes watching me walk
following me round a grocery store
so you can pinch my ass
like I am not human
but buddy I can punch like one
and I can kick you to the ground
if I need to
so don’t you forget mister
as my stiletto heel pierces your skin
this girl is no bimbo
and you ain’t touching without consent


Beating the Sunrise

Beating the Sunrise
Form: Sonnetina Uno
Theme: Introspective
Subject: Bait box

To rise early and head out to the lake
A fisherman’s plan of action is set
With rods and tackle sat beside the door
His alarm set to beat the rising sun
And in first rays of light he finds his spot
While sitting watching swims gathering in
From ground bait to casting out the first line
The stress of living fades away with ease
As silence waits for the all-telling tug
Fish play catch-me-if-you-can with a bite


Figuring It Out

Figuring It Out
Form: Free Verse
Theme: Identity
Object: Schoolbooks

In the forgettable pages of old textbooks
amid acne and growing pains
the pubescent right of passage
where it all went wrong
and a boy making the best of it
the best of adolescence in a body
taking shape in all the wrong places
while studying for a math test
notes in binders
binding down the chest
reading science books
and packing the jocks
who is this girl really
who is this boy waiting inside
and his thoughts drift through her mind
as eyes read algebraic equations
and nothing makes sense
he that is a girl needs results
building pressure of exams
for her future as a man
looking at smart suits and buying a skirt
would a pair of Levi’s really hurt
pulling down the hem-line
rushing to work
she’s doing the expected
he fears the rejection
rejecting him in a pile of discarded jeans
she knows he won’t leave
and in her darkest hour
he steps from her shadow
and is free to be he


Curls of Smoke

Curls of Smoke
Form: Rondeau
Theme: Love
Subject: A cigarette

The afterglow, a quiet smoke
No words, passion already spoke
Of the deepest love we declared
In intimate moments we shared
A love only we can invoke
For love is truly that bespoke
With desires that the heart awoke
When our two souls as one were paired
The afterglow
In the curls of cigarette smoke
Embraced by love none can revoke
For love finds its way unimpaired
By mundane words the others shared
We were one when ‘I love you’ spoke
The afterglow


Ballad of Sir Jeff

Ballad of Sir Jeff
Form: Ballad

Oh knight in shining armour stand
A watch on rhymes and flows.
A lance of words is in your hands
As meter’s glory glows.

The shining waistcoats your defence
They come and lay the curse.
They write while questing for suspense
The dragons of free verse.

Oh knight in shining armour stand
A watch on rhymes and flows.
A lance of words is in your hands
As meter’s glory glows.

So gather shields of metered rhyme
Be firm with iamb feet.
Release spondaic darts in time
To save the poet's seat.

Oh knight in shining armour stand
A watch on rhymes and flows.
A lance of words is in your hands
As meter’s glory glows.

The fiery breath of random word
Descends the walls of verse
And cause the sonnet, now absurd,
To flow a little terse.

Oh knight in shining armour stand
A watch on rhymes and flows.
A lance of words is in your hands
As meter’s glory glows.

Sir Jeff, is he legend or myth?
From iambic wizards
He used his magic poet gift
As flow defeated lizards.

Oh knight in shining armour stand
A watch on rhymes and flows.
A lance of words is in your hands
As meter’s glory glows.

And when he sleeps in mermaid dreams
Inside dark fantasy.
The rhyme and rhythm are the seams
And words of ecstasy

Oh knight in shining armour stand
A watch on rhymes and flows.
A lance of words is in your hands
As meter’s glory glows.

The quest is done time for PG
And scones with cream and jam.
A mug of brew his cup of tea
And his feet are iamb.

Oh knight in shining armour stand
A watch on rhymes and flows.
A lance of words is in your hands
As meter’s glory glows


Good Without God

Good Without God
Form: Kal’s Wondercloth Weave Sonnet
Theme: Nature
Subject: Person from history

Does his soul still linger on the Beagle
And does he still sail to far away isles
Where scientific truth spoke on a finch’s beak
As we look at religion with knowing smiles
Creationism blown to historic files
We know the earth is anything but flat
And a man is not made from piles of dust
Still there are those who want to believe that
And that science is just meaningless chat
And if they must believe that then they must
If it helps with living until they die
Darwin never said that it was unjust
But it is in nature I place my trust
Because it’s better without god, that’s why



Form: Quatrains

After the war lands list lifeless and grey
The men return like melodic zombies.
Battle weary and beaten like dulled clay
All victims of conflicts between the Tshombes.
The women have no hope in their soulless eyes
Devoid of emotion, no will to care.
The cruel loyalty of endless sighs
As loved ones fail to appear, none will share.
A child in confusion is war's toll.
Father slain by a bullet, left to die.
Mother raped by grief; it's taken her soul.
Such anger breeds inside, the next war cry.
When will the lessons of peace be given
As anger for vengeance remains in mind.
The rage for war is endlessly driven.
Are we destined to remain always blind


Clarity of Fear

Clarity of Fear
Form: Rhyming Triplets
Theme: Daytime
Subject: Demons

He walks freely in the sunshine
On the street and beneath the forest pine
To send tingles down the spine
Yet we do not see him there
As we live life without a care
Never pausing to look and stare
Unguarded, he knows he can draw near
And all we’ll know is a moment of fear
When his evil powers become clear
In the bold bright light of day
Whether we are at work or play
Without a doubt he’ll come our way
In a chilled breath lost to fright
The soul is broken in broad daylight
For demons don’t only walk at night


She Wins Again

She Wins Again
Form: Free Verse
Theme: Life
Subject: Mopping the floor

The dog’s walk revealed in
paw trails to her bed
brown eyes glint in mischief
catch me if you can gaze
she looks at the towel
better luck next time dad
oh and mop that floor dad


Sleep Talk

Sleep Talk
Form: Epistle
Theme: Love
Subject: Strange conversation

As the lights go out to thoughts of sleep
odd things turn up in the mind
and the trivial becomes randomly important
impatiently waiting on the lips
like a hungry kiss
words erupt in chaotic questions
and drowsy meaningless answers
discussing the meaning of nothing much
and as I turn over to kiss you good-night
I realise
you are lost in your dreams

always, always
your crazy-assed poet xxx


Lust Undone

Lust Undone
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 67
Theme: Love
Subject: Tantra

In the candlelit shadows of desire
Our inhibitions cast into the fire
And so our eyes meet to open the way
Awakening the chakras to pleasure
Neither heaven nor hell will see the day
As the universe unites us as one
Opening our hearts to the astral skies
Even the impossible can be done
As our senses reach to the tantric highs
Just divine ecstasy without measure
As glances invite a lover’s soft sighs
And eyes make love as we’re driven higher
No words speak for there is nothing to say
Intrinsically love with lust undone


Beneath the Tears

Beneath the Tears
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 17
Theme: Love
Subject: Broken soul

And you, my heart, do you still love me now
Now I seem lost in depths of grief and pain
And how the sad furrows across my brow
That mark each day passing my broken soul
That lies shattered beneath the tears I cry
Are you willing to take that trying role
Knowing your love may be met with a sigh
Without answers giving clues to the how
Without asking questions that seem to pry
Because my voice no longer wants to talk
Will you free me from hell to love again
Help me rebuild to a different whole
When through my senses I feel the pain stalk
And I need our love to now walk that walk


What is an Image

What is an Image
Form: Free Rhyme

A moment of emotional instances of time
As complex or as simple as a brief thought.
Abstracts caught by poets making a rhyme
With a pen just as they were taught.
Surreal nature trapped by colour in paint
From artists who see with their inner eyes.
Photographs of the mind, intense or feint
They stay as a reminder as time flies.
Hold the moments that make those brief images
For when you take trips on past pilgrimages


Love in Red and Gold

Love in Red and Gold
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 16
Theme: Love
Subject: Getting older

The honeymoon shine is faded in time
And the dusky dawn hours of love have past
This autumn of life we are in our prime
My fingers seeks yours while kicking through leaves
The dying memories of passing years
In boxes of photos stored in the eaves
The summer of youth slowly disappears
But in those days did we bother with time
Chasing dreams and running from all those fears
Not understanding what the mind perceives
Yet now we have grown to be wise and strong
By believing that only love can last
The hot summer days when time seemed too long
As autumn comes so we have found our song



Form: Free Verse
Theme: Revenge
Subject: Angel eyes

Looks of an angel
enchanting a man’s mind
deceiving his heart with a single look
and his back pierced with the blades of her love
her trail of broken dreams
as she plays her game of lust
she met him
the man skilled in arts of wickedness
and he played her game
in the certainty of knowledge
she could only dream of
for he wrote the book


Let It Rain

Let It Rain
Form: Epistle
Theme: Love
Subject: Rain

Autumn sunshine hidden behind
Dark moody clouds
Threatening the moment with raining sheets
As we run to shelter
Beneath the arch of an old fallen tree
Soaking wet amid the October leaves
Clinging to jeans and hoodies
We no longer feel the rain
Teasing and nibbling
Sensually hungry
Soft lips kiss

Always, all ways
Your crazy-assed poet xxx


Rising Up

Rising Up
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 66
Theme; Love
Subject: Spiritual Release

While seeking pleasure beyond the mundane
To rise above this, mortality’s plane
The world of instant gratification
Storming the wild oceans of sweet delight
And still some say it’s above our station
That we grasp passion so to ride the skies
For such heaven is far beyond our reach
But one kiss closes their deceiving lies
As we love as one on horizon’s beach
And in sensual desire we take our flight
Should we have said farewell to fond good-byes
For love is not just a figure of speech
But another world of our creation
Where there is nought to lose and all to gain


Another Night Another Tear

Another Night Another Tear
Form: Free Verse

Alone in the darkness
thoughts running wild
vivid and vibrant
as they antagonise the nerves with doubt
belittling my soul with fear
like leeches sucking on blood
yet my senses are numb
exhausted and wasted
from fighting within what is wrong
what is right
what is truth
what is a lie
and you say ‘I love you’
but how can you love me when you don’t know me
the me hidden in denial
the me you never see
the me that don’t fit your ideology
and don’t belong in your expectations
how can you love me
when I can’t love myself
and I can’t be myself
you wonder why I cry so much
so now I cry alone the dark shadows
the shadows where my tears can weep
in the shadows where I can embrace me
in the shadows of non-existence
here I can love me
rebuild me
so you can love me too


A Wave of Hedonism

A Wave of Hedonism
Form: Free Verse
Theme: Senses – taste
Subject: The sea

No candy is sweeter
and no lemon more sour
as the moment our lips meet
inviting desire
initiating the tantalizing torment
of intimacy
as the power of sensually awakened bodies
pushing through the cold vestiges of resistance
cast aside the last veils of decency
to dive in wild abandonment
into the depth of the oceans
of sexual pleasure


As You Lightly Go

As You Lightly Go
Form: Australian Sonnet
Theme: Death
Subject: Floating leaf

As the autumn leaf that floats on past me
Sacred waters must carry you away
And there are no words left for me to say
For now you must travel forever free
To sail the lingering waters and tide
Passing the shores we knew and distant beach
To that place that is near but out of reach
Your soul now carried by the tears I cried
My love is with you as you lightly go
As Lilith comes to take you by the hand
To lead you home over pebbles and sand
And we will meet again, darling , I know
For that moment, now I can only crave
And cast my eyes to watch the ocean wave


Moonlight’s Bliss

Moonlight’s Bliss
Form: Pantoum
Theme: Love
Subject: Creaking floorboards

A gentle love you and good night
While waiting for the house to sleep
So passion can again take flight
And across the old floorboards creep
While waiting for the house to sleep
And the candles flickering out
And across the old floorboards creep
A barefoot love that fears no doubt
And the candles flickering out
Into the silence hearts will walk
A barefoot love that fears no doubt
As voices whisper where stars talk
Into the silence hearts will walk
Sharing the secrets of romance
As voices whisper where stars talk
And so begins the lovers dance
Sharing the secrets of romance
As lips meet in a sensual kiss
And so begins the lovers dance
At the edge of moonlight’s sweet bliss
As lips meet in a sensual kiss
So passion can again take flight
At the edge of moonlight’s sweet bliss
A gentle love you and good night


Material Matters

Material Matters
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 15
Theme: Love
Subject: The Dress

A chaos flows in taffeta and silk
The fabric cascading on chairs and floor
In the sweetened hues of honey and milk
As her eyes gaze on this design and that
An off the shoulder number, or a veil
Would her hair be better under a hat
How far behind should the flowing train trail
A satin bodice instead of the silk
And out comes another ivory bale
The choices flow around where she is sat
And still she knows there will be so much more
Will she ever decide before the day
As deep in her heart she can hear him say
‘I will just see you, my girl, anyway


Misleading Beauty

Misleading Beauty
Form: Free Verse

Intricate weavings bedazzled by early morning dew
offer the promise of the rising sun
beautiful and beguiling jewellery
draping delicate white jasmine
and velvet red roses
inviting the fly to believe
and in those beautiful lies
is the art of the spider’s deception


Appreciation of Love

Appreciation of Love
Form: Epistle
Theme: Love
Subject: Gratitude

To you, my sweetheart

Again I am in your debt
a debt money can never repay
there is no price I can place on your love
your loving me when I feel unlovable
for the light you shine when my world turned to darkness
for holding me together as I fell apart
and for smiling when all I can do is cry
yes, I notice these things even if you think I don’t
and perhaps, most importantly, when I scream to be alone
please know I know you are there
and from my heart I am grateful for that

always, all ways
your crazy-assed poet xxx


Name of the Game

Name of the Game
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 14
Theme: Love
Subject: Games

With counters chasing up the ladder stairs
Only to stumble down to a snake’s tail
Outside the rain falls with us unawares
Too busy laughing again down I go
And you hit the top square winning the game
It’s just luck of the dice but still you crow
All bets off, let’s play cards, poker by name
And my eyes blankly observing your airs
The giveaway signs remain just the same
For in love and play this wily old male
Can read you, darling, like an open book
On the turn of cards you let it all show
My teasing wagers simply bait the hook
Then I call it, and you know I will look


The Love of Pan

The Love of Pan
Form: Free Verse
Theme: LGBT+
Subject:: Conversation

I watch you watching me
as if we are divided by the universe
and all the stars and worlds within
and your eyes continue to stare
like I am some kind of experiment
while your pens seek to tick boxes and labels
to categorise my existence
into your view of normality
and you mutter some derogatory comment
on how you are so gay accepting
and I stare back
well good for you
as you still discount my love
my sexuality as nothing
because I feel nothing for the superficial bigotry
of gender and all its meaningless bile
and I yearn for personality
an intelligent conversation into the night
to carry my heart to the stars
enchanting my soul to dance to the music of love
let me state it clearly – again
I don’t want your body or genitals
I want your beautiful mind


Son of Aphrodite

Son of Aphrodite
Form: Free Verse

A sensual little number
she thinks
concealing nothing beneath
sparsely stretched silk
as she walks down the street
tugging the hem that leaves
nothing to the imagination
even Eros can’t be inspired
to fire the dart
the girl with her skirt
lashing her ankles in the wind and rain
inspiring the desolate mountains
on a cold winter’s night
she is the flame that lights the fire
and Eros
well, he knows where to aim


Brief Intro

Brief Intro
Form: Kyrielle
Theme: Poetry
Subject: Introduction

A writer of poems at forty
A lady but not of leisure
I live in England, how haughty
My pet cats are divine pleasure
An eco-warrior I be
A wild Pagan heart is my treasure
Words and pictures set my mind free
My pet cats are divine pleasure
Now learning to write with flow
And classical beat to measure
Form poetry now needs to show
My pet cats are divine pleasure


Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows
Form: Trenta-Sei
Theme: Religion/Spirituality
Subject: The Future

What does tomorrow bring
If only we could tell
Yet the future is ours to sing
In the hope it turns out well
No magic spells tonight
As we pray to the moonlight
If only we could tell
What a life has in store
Until the tolling of the final bell
And what is to come, maybe so much more
While tears cry for a life
Another man takes himself a wife
Yet the future is ours to sing
To the tune of destiny and fate
Still taking chances on a wing
For life is too short to wait
The living is now not when
Too late once it becomes then
In the hope it turns out well
There are many chances to take
These things that none can tell
Some good, some heartbreak
Yet all form the spiritual soul
Making a life something complete and whole
No magic spells tonight
For the craft can’t make the choice
Tough decisions carry much fear and fright
And should one listen to that inner voice
The naysayer full of doubt
Always around to stick in its snout
As we pray to the moonlight
Asking for vision clearer than day
The all seeing in the darkness of night
As going forward is the only way
For love and life are not understood
And maybe that’s the way it should


Slow Jam

Slow Jam
Form: Novelinee
Theme: Travel and Journeys
Subject: A tail back

A hot summer’s day in a jam of cars
All moving forward slower than a snail
By the time we get there views will be stars
The planned picnic today is doomed to fail
As in plastic boxes the sandwiches sweat
Even the fruit cake has begun to melt
It’ll be fine you said, oh yeah wanna bet
It’s hotter out here than out on the Veldt
And the sun burns turning the car to smelt


The Deadly Pudding

The Deadly Pudding
Form: Free Verse

An uncrowded bistro in Montmartre
soft music
and the rapture of French cuisine
tormenting the senses with romantic sounds
and long forgotten aromas
reawakening those Parisian days with you
of days sketching cathedrals
and finding this place
so traditionally French
that it tested my understanding
but we got by
absorbing ourselves in the food culture
tonight I have the melt in the mouth pot roast beef
you loved so much
and a fruity red wine
and I glance as the dessert trolley rolls by
even that looks the same
it still has a wonky wheel
it rocks past again and I see it
a magnificent bouffant of lemon and cream
my plans to skip dessert fly
out of the window and my mind
as I remember the sharp sweetness
and I order it one more time
and darling, it is still a pudding to die for


Another Balls-Up

Another Balls-Up
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 13
Theme: Unrequited Love
Subject: Questions without answers

A question briefly crossed my mind today
The question no-one ever seems to ask
And if they did then what is there to say
What is love and what is its purpose here
And if by loving I miss the set mark
Is it a test a man should know to fear
Is his heart just floundering in the dark
No answers to guide him along the way
With only guesswork to offer a spark
As she teasingly sets another task
And never a smile to bring him some cheer
And I ask when will he wake himself up
To face her love is just an empty cup
And letting the heart rule is a balls-up


Love’s Dystopia

Love’s Dystopia
Form: Epistle
Theme: Love
Subject: Dystopia

In this darkened room the feelings are too familiar
so familiar I don’t know their name
for the ravenous silence prowling over my skin
an insatiable craving crying out for nourishment
yet nothing satisfies its hunger
and my tears don’t ease the ache inside
they just make my already sore eyes sting
as I stare into the night
weary eyelashes scratching like needles
daring the dawn to interrupt the darkness
with its haunting mists of daylight
when the hours stretch into nothing new
in the abyss of silence
the void where my existence is now invalidated
some call it loneliness
but I call it the dystopia of being in love


Love in Balance

Love in Balance
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 12

There is no avoiding the mortal pain
Of captivation within chains of love
This life of you and I, there’s all to gain
It is no shield from agonies of fate
As the hurts still come to bring a new tear
The pleasures of love again forced to wait
Once more facing the destruction of fear
But we, like the sun shines after the rain
Will dance again in our ecstatic state
For where there is pain there is pleasure too
Entwined together so priceless and dear
In the balance as below so above
For every day that our loves feels the blue
There is the delight that is me and you


Poet’s Desire

Poet’s Desire
Form: Cyhydedd fer
Theme: Mythology
Subject: Writing

My darling, let your voice be soft
As you lead my thinking aloft
My darling, be gentle and kind
As you take over my mind
My darling, guide my pen and ink
So you and I flow as if in sync
My darling, inspire me again
Your poet desiring Awen


The Boulevard Montmartre at Night

The Boulevard Montmartre at Night
Form: Nocturna

After the rain, reflections of light
Captivate the creative soul
With impressions of Parisian night
As he sits in a café with a glass of wine
He sips initial sketches in kohl
Vagaries of sight in a quick line
And his paint mingles as if compelled
But time was not a thing he stole
The briefest moment captured, not held
The Boulevard Montmartre at Night by Camille Pissarro, 1897. Oil on canvas. The National Gallery, London, UK


The Avenue at Middelharnis

The Avenue at Middelharnis
Form: Muzdawwidj

The flirtatious flight of the breeze
Dancing daringly with trees
His every stride taken with ease
Fair and fanciful the morning sun
Warming as the first flush of fun
As his mind ponders what needs to be done
The last of the dawn chorus winging the skies
A cheerful note as he walks the rise
And for a moment he wishes to reach those highs
But from his path he will not stray
The man knows where he is going today
And nature is charming along the way
With open skies above his head
He walks gently towards the horizon spread
The Earth is his mother, so softly he’ll tread
A man and his best friend by his side
Beneath the azure heavens no place to hide
Yet his secrets he can safely confide
The Avenue at Middelharnis by Meindert Hobbema, 1689. Oil on canvas. The National Gallery, London, UK


Fluffy Boots

Fluffy Boots
Form: Free Verse

Nerve damage
sugar levels unstable
and feet of ice
numbness before
the gradual ache
of tension and stress
clammy sensations
shaky and cold
until the incredible bliss
of gentle warmth in
fluffy softness
and I don’t care what it looks like
I love my slipper boots