Crystals – Amethyst

Said to be the crystal that connects the concrete with the divine, the Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz. A semiprecious stone it has a vitreous lustre and comes in shades varying from violet to deep purple.


Amethyst is synonymous with spirituality and has a close association with the Third Eye and Crown chakra.

The healing powers of the Amethyst involve boosting the immune system, enabling the wearer to sleep better, and relieving migraines. Amethyst also aids in balancing emotions, calming the mind, empowering courage, and making decisions.

Spiritually the Amethyst empowers intuition by awakening the Third Eye chakra. It also aids in the reduction of the effects of negative energies and their influences. In this respect, it is a stone of protection.

Affirmation: While travelling my spiritual path, I am safe

In love and light
Raven )O(

Talking to the Trees – Apple

Quiert (Q), the Apple tree is the tenth tree of the Ogham and represents the energies of abundance, open-hearted generosity, cleansing, and gratitude.

Apple Energy

The key to understanding what the apple tree offers us is the extravagant abundance of its fruit in the autumn. It is teaching us to give all in the total trust all will be replenished and to open up our hearts to the abundance already in our lives.

When we give all of the self, freely and openly, our hearts become open to receiving more. Holding back in any way is symptomatic of greed and insecurity. The apple tree’s message is to value and celebrate all that we have in our life. Feelings of anger, bitterness, and irritation are often the result of not feeling worthy. Such negative feelings lead to a pattern of imbalance which often reduces the flow of the life force within the body. By feeling unworthy and not being worthy of receiving things blocks the passage for them to come to you. Positive affirmation and feelings of gratitude for what we already have opens up the way for our own abundance

In love and light
Raven )O(

Talking to the Trees – Hazel

Coll (C), the Hazel tree is the ninth tree of the Ogham and represents the energies of divination, visions, intuition, the divine source, and the essence of knowledge and being.

Hazel Energy

The hazel has the ability to connect the conscious with the unconscious, allowing ideas to come to the surface and enabling the transformation of dreams and visions into reality.

Strongly connected with meditation and the connection between the divine and the essence of being, hazel also brings wisdom and knowledge, as well as empowering psychic abilities, intuition and inspiration.

We need to harness these forces and channel them into our creativity. Acting upon visions and intuitive instincts changes our future as well as transforming the here and now. Our dreams can become reality through creative and life-enhancing solutions and in the areas of life that instinctively need changing.

Hazel brings healing by understanding the instinctive essence of any situation revealing insights and inspiration to guide us through. In a world where rational thought is revered and honoured intuition has been neglected or even rejected. It is time to redress the balance and respect the intuitive process.

Following an intuitive path rather than any pre-designed plan empowers the change in daily life routines that bind us down. Everything we do from the food we eat, to what we do for work, and our home life reflects the core of our being. Like us, it is individual and unique and doesn’t fit nicely into anyone else’s box.

In love and light
Raven )O(

Talking To the Trees – Holly

Tinne (T), the Holly tree is the eighth tree of the Ogham and represents the energies of unifying strength, restored balance, restored direction, unconditional love, and responsibility.

Holly Energy

An evergreen, the holly is a masculine tree and powerfully symbolic of potent life energy. It helps in restoring direction to living and life, uniting the actions of the past with actions required in the present, and past lives with the life being lived now. It has the ability to unify two sides of a problem and find a balanced solution. Holly also empowers the raw energy required to deal with the draining emotional entanglements of life.

Bach states that ‘Holl protects us from anything that is not unconditional love . It opens the heart and reunites us with divine love’ Holly aids us when we are troubled by negative emotions such as jealousy, hate, and revenge, all of which greatly weaken our life force by causing constant inner turmoil and thoughts of negativity.

Holly offers love and compassion to help us understand our own pain. It helps us to psychically sever the emotional ties formed by a draining relationship. It provides a great balanced power guiding our actions towards unconditional love and an increased detachment from emotional turmoil.

In love and light
Raven )O(

Talking to the Trees – Oak

Duir (D), the Oak is the seventh tree of the Ogham and represents the energies of inner strength, endurance, courage, doorways, and self-determination.

Oak Energy

The oak is a doorway to our inner spirituality and the strength that reveals itself with each new connection we make along the journey of the Ogham. It is the inner resilience to overcome and survive any situation.

The oak is the leader on the way to the truth, especially when related to past layers of action and it is this revelation that brings strength and vision with the gateway to a new level of understanding.

The restorative power of the oak gives back the self-will and self-determination that may have been weakened in times of stress and pain, as well as the faith in the vision of what we are working towards.

Talking to the Oak

Sometimes we need to rest beneath the oak and use its accumulated strength to restore our equilibrium. The strength of love carries us so far, this the power with which we can endure. Sacred to the Druids who would gather beneath its mighty branches the oak tree can reach a great age.

Beneath its branches or a wand made of oak are ideal tools to get in touch with our inner spirit, strength and power.

In love and light
Raven )O(

Talking to the Trees – Hawthorn

Huath (H), the hawthorn is the sixth tree of the Ogham and represents the energies of love, cleansing the heart, releasing blocked energy, protection, and preparation for spiritual growth.

Hawthorn Energy

The hawthorn has the subtle ability to open the heart to spiritual growth and love. A process begun by the ash of healing the inner self the hawthorn completes the cleansing with love of any areas of the self that are still manifesting emotional pain, keeping us vulnerable. The blocked energy in the aura is dislodged making a pathway for the energy of love.

The hawthorn releases energy that is blocked, not only by relieving stress but by creating a trust in self to let go of fear. As fear is released the psychic energy is liberated, primarily centred in the heart.

Talking to the Hawthorn

The hawthorn is a wild, enchanted tree protected by the realms of the Fae and old magic and must be greatly respected. Sit with an old tree if possible and keep your eyes open for cut wood along the hedgerows as hawthorn is continuously being cut back by farmers.

A talisman made of hawthorn enhances the ability to release love, opening the heart to spiritual development. A wand made of hawthorn can be used for healing magic and given as tokens of friendship and love.

In love and light
Raven )O(

Talking to the Trees – Making an Ash Spear

The ash spear is a physical reminder of the responsibilities of a spiritual warrior. Its creation should be done in a spiritual frame of mind, from cutting the wood to shaping and decorating it.

As with the making of Ogham sticks, it is important to connect to the tree you intend to take wood from and to seek the tree’s consent to do so. If possible cut from a freshly fallen branch, I found mine after a storm a few years ago – it was worth waiting for. Always thank the tree for its gift.

Celtic Spears

Work the wood, removing as much or as little of the bark as desired, into a spear shaft. One end of the spear can be sharpened or fitted with a metal spearhead. Decorate the spear shaft as desired with symbols and sigils that reflect your spiritual path.

As always when making sacred tools it is important to keep in mind they are sacred and something to be honoured.

Blessed Crafting
In Love and Light
Raven )O(

Talking to the Trees – Ash

Nion (N), the Ash tree, is the fifth tree of the Ogham

Ash Energy

The Ash is the key to universal truth and understanding to the spiritual warrior, Every deed, every thought forms part of an endless chain of reactions and events, The Ash interlinks the circles of existence, and whatever is done in the physical world has an effect on the other levels of existence. Abred, Gwynedd, and Ceugant (loosely translated as Past, Present, and Future), the three Celtic levels of existence encompass the physical, the mental, and the spiritual as well as the forces of confusion, balance, and creativity

These three levels of existence are so interwoven together that whatever is done on one level it is inevitable that it will have an effect on the other two.

Talking to the Ash

Considered in Druidry to be one of the five sacred trees, the Ash is not hard to find with its distinctive features of smooth twigs and black velvety buds. For myself sitting with my back against the trunk of an Ash was a deep spiritual moment of enlightenment as if I was breathing in the trees wonderful wisdom. It was also the first tree I dared ask to give me a twig to start my Ogham sticks – the resounding positivity I felt was my yes.

In love and light
Raven )O(

Septet of Annfwn

Septet of Annfwn
Form: Sicilian Septet

Beneath the sun my pen will write a wreath,
the wreathing words composed amid this rhyme.
In rhymes that flow from silver ink-stained sheath,
unsheathed the tears reflect a bardic crime,
a crimson bell that tolls across the heath
below the heathen lands, there is no time,
as time shall cease as Annfwn slips beneath


Talking to the Trees – Willow

Saille (S), the Willow tree, is the fourth tree of the Ogham

Willow Energy

The essential energy of the willow is the power to go forth into the unknown with confidence and trust in self and one’s own ability. Willow enhances the power of intuition, inspiring the leaps of faith and imagination to connect with the unconscious and deeply buried emotions.

Willow opens the way for emotions to come to the surface releasing the deep emotional pain that blocks the natural energy of the body that can lead to many physical and mental health problems. Willow is the encouragement to face and move through the many levels of sadness, releasing the grief and tears to facilitate emotional healing. A willow twig disconnected from its parent tree and be planted and grows into a new tree quite easily, reminding us that in loss and separation there is a new life and a new direction. The watery energy of the willow is flowing energy encouraging the letting go and giving in to how we feel, breaking with the conditioned responses and dealing with emotional circumstances.

Willow stimulates the ability to follow our intuition, our gut feelings, and discover what is beneath the surface. In today’s society intuition is considered unreliable, however that is not true and by using it we can allow our intuitive powers to develop and grow.

Talking to the Willow

The willow tree, found along the banks of rivers and streams, is easy to recognize with trailing branches often growing and reaching out to the water. Its canopy provides a peaceful and shady place to sit while listening to our intuition, maybe writing down thoughts, feelings and insights. The willow is a communicative tree and receptive to contact with human beings including through ancient traditions and crafts such as basket making and wand making.

In love and light
Raven )O(

Talking to the Trees – Alder

Fearn (F), the Alder tree, is the third tree of the Ogham

Alder Energy

Fearn is symbolic of the energies of fire and water, activity and receptivity, balance, preservation, and inner confidence.

Like the rowan, the alder has protective qualities but is more the protection of a spiritual warrior going bold forth to face the unknown. Alder assists in the taking up of challenges, new situations, and facing things that have previously been avoided.

It has a balanced with the fire of the masculine direct approach and water, feminine and receptive.

Talking to Fearn

Using whatever ritual practice, intuitive means or simply being with the tree do so with an openness ready to receive the tree’s wisdom and healing vibrations. Ask for guidance and help from the tree to develop your powers of psychic intuition and insight that will lead to a quickening of personal and spiritual power and understanding.

When the time comes to end the communication do so slowly and with gratitude for what the tree may have given you. Keep a record of your feelings and communication with the tree, and let the relationship develop.

In love and light
Raven )O(

Talking to the Trees – Rowan

Luis (L), the Rowan tree, is the second tree of the Ogham

Rowan Energy

Luis provides a protective energy that also helps to increase the psychic abilities and aids the energies set in motion by the birch tree.

Throughout history rowan twigs have been used to protect from and ward off evil, curses, bad luck and unhelpful influences. It has the potential to increase the ability to receive forewarnings of previously unknown outside influence which may be affecting our ability, Rowan strengths individual power so that the individual is able to withstand psychic attack, intentional or unintentional.

Connected to the Celtic sabbat of Imbolc the rowan is also associated with the deity Bridget who kindles the divine fires of inspiration and visionary abilities, and also represents the spirit reborn.

Talking to Luis

Using whatever ritual practice, intuitive means or simply being with the tree do so with an openness ready to receive the tree’s wisdom and healing vibrations. Ask for guidance and help from the tree to develop your powers of psychic intuition and insight that will lead to a quickening of personal and spiritual power and understanding.

When the time comes to end the communication do so slowly and with gratitude for what the tree may have given you. Keep a record of your feelings and communication with the tree, and let the relationship develop.

In love and light
Raven )O(

Talking to the Trees – Introduction

When I am walking among trees I feel an overwhelming sense of tranquillity and a oneness with nature. I also become aware I am entering their interconnecting energy fields and the harmonious flow of balanced energy, an energy that is deeply healing and connects me to Mother Earth. Of course, I wanted to make a deeper conscious connection to that tree energy, to that emotional and spiritual healing and enlightenment.

Inspired by my intuitive Celtic spiritual path and the understanding that has given me through the Tree Ogham I began to listen and when I felt the urge drawing me towards a tree I knew a connection was establishing itself between the tree and my soul. So I sit leaning against its trunk giving myself and the tree time to get to know each other. With an open mind, heart, and soul I breathe in the atmosphere and the energy of the tree, allowing it to flow through me. As with all meditative practice when my mind drifts and my thoughts wander I bring my focus back to the tree.

As with anything new, it takes time, patience, and practice but I now listen to my deeper intuition and trust in my deepest innermost thoughts, For that, I am eternally grateful, and always thank my trees for their time. Through them, I have learned it is vital to my sense of spirituality to spend time with the trees no matter what time of year, no matter what the weather, no matter what time of day or night. In essence, spending time with the trees has not only given me a deeper understanding of the Tree Ogham but also of myself.

The following posts in Talking to the Trees will discuss individual trees and what they offer the mind, heart, and soul

In love and light
Raven )O(


Ever Turning Circle

Ever Turning Circle
Form: Pantoum

In winter’s white, as angels cry
for early spring to warm the wind,
to bring to life with gentle sigh,
in love, the bitter frost has thinned.
For early spring to warm the wind,
at Valentine’s romantic calls,
in love, the bitter frost has thinned,
where dancers twirl amid stone walls.
At Valentine’s romantic calls,
rebirth of nature’s light divine,
where dancers twirl amid stone walls,
and blossoms pastel shades recline.
Rebirth of nature’s light divine,
when day equals the hours of night,
and blossoms pastel shades recline,
to hail the queen of May in light.
When day equals the hours of night,
a summer’s sun will come to play,
to hail the queen of May in light,
we chant and sing along the way.
A summer’s sun will come to play,
so life can grow as gods decreed,
we chant and sing along the way,
with warmth and light our hunger feed.
So life can grow as gods decreed,
the rays of sun on seeds we’ve sown,
with warmth and light our hunger feed,
the wealth of harvest is our own.
The rays of sun on seeds we’ve sown,
in autumn breeze that chills the heat,
the wealth of harvest is our own,
as gold and red belie our feet.
In autumn breeze that chills the heat,
a year that ends with blessed Samhain,
as gold and red belie our feet,
the call of Ancient’s name to reign.
A year that ends with blessed Samhain,
to bring to life with gentle sigh,
the call of Ancient’s name to reign,
in winter’s white, as angels cry


The Runes: Reading Three Runes


Prepare yourself and your surroundings to set the right mood. Concentrate on the task ahead of you. When you are ready spread all the runes face down. Think of your life as it is at this moment in time, and silently ask for the runes to guide you. Choose your runes as follows:

First Rune

This rune shows your current and immediate situation as it is.

Second Rune

The second rune reveals an obstacle or an opportunity

Third Rune

Finally, the third rune reveals the likely outcome if the obstacle is successfully avoided or the opportunity is taken.

In love and light
Raven )O(


The Runes: Wyrd

Wyrd is the rune that reminds us that no matter what we do, what we say, or think we cannot manipulate destiny. Wyrd symbolizes what will be, will be, and is the inevitable rune.



Wyrd reveals that the outcome or given situation is inevitable and lies in the hands of destiny. We cannot change it. Que sera, sera.

In love and light
Raven )O(


The Runes: Daeg

The Daeg rune is one of opportunity that lie ahead and gives us the reason to look forward, Daeg symbolizes hope for the future.



Daeg is another rune that is the same in either the upright or reversed position and is indicative that an opportunity lies ahead that will relieve worries and give a reason to look forward with hope to a brighter future.

In love and light
Raven )O(


The Runes Inguz

Inguz, also known as Ing, tells that effort brings rewards and more importantly, it shows us that we will experience the greatest of rewards.



Inguz is the same in whatever position it appears and the runes is teaching us that our efforts will be rewarded and we are blessed with a positive outcome to our efforts.

In love and light
Raven )O(


The Runes: Lagu

Encompassing the elements of water, Lagu deals with emotions. It teaches patience rather than rushing in and forcing an issue in an attempt to have what we desire before the time is right.


In its upright position, Lagu is a caution to wait for things to come or develop, rather than forcing the desired outcome

In reverse, Lagu is also a caution and a warning that emotional turmoil is inevitable.

In love and light
Raven )O(


Because the Night

Because the Night
Form: Mason Sonnet
Theme: Religion/Spirituality
Subject: Homesick

I yearn for the long shadows of twilight
While the summer sun rages up on high
For the cool of night waited for through heat
On the horizon dusk comes into sight
As the first pink streaks appear in the sky
At last my heart feels a bit more upbeat
And like a soft breeze I hear my breath sigh
As I venture outside to find my seat
As the skies darken and I feel them come
And I see them dance within my mind’s eye
I welcome them all, dear spirits of night
As my fingers tap a rhythm on drum
For in the darkness we all have come home
That’s why I long for shadows of twilight


The Runes: Mannaz

Mannaz, also known as Mann, is symbolic of trust and signifies that there is someone around you that you can share secrets with or trust in some other way.



In the upright position, Mannaz is indicating that there is someone around you that you can trust and will help and support you in some way. Whatever may happen, they can be regarded as a good friend.

In its reversed position, Mannaz is a warning to be careful and not believe everything someone is telling us as they are not to be trusted.

In love and light
Raven )O(


The Runes: Eoh

Eoh is the rune of travel, especially travel involving moving home. This also leads to a strong association with marriage as that is, or used to be, an event connected with setting up a new home.



In the upright position, Eoh is indicative of trusting in destiny as she knows what is best for us as she knows all there is to know about us.

In its reversed position, Eoh is suggestive of travel plans being delayed or canceled. It also advises exercising caution

In Love and Light
Raven )O(

#Writephoto – Brother Stone

This week’s prompt from KL is entitled Stone and can be found here,

Stones in fields, now that is a great prompt to come back to – how to pull at the heart, soul, and pen of a Pagan for sure. This one just has to be a Celtic form, however, I will spare you all my ghastly attempts at writing in the Welsh language, but yeah will throw in some drumming

Stones – Image by KL Caley

Brother Stone
Form: Cyhydedd Hir
Theme: Stones in fields
Subject: Time

How long has it been
In these fields of green
So proud to be seen
Both then and now
Has your time stood still
Is this your free will
Is it just until
I work out how
Beneath sacred skies
The ancient stone lies
His voice that of wise
When his soul speaks
Listen if I dare
Take time to stop there
His words said with care
As my soul seeks
My brother of stone
I sit here alone
But not on my own
For you are here
Your voice connects me
To the wild and free
In you I can see
Nothing to fear
Time is not for you
Keeping all things true
Guiding us all through
The ways of fate
Your wisdom is mine
In the ways divine
Sacred stone or shrine
How long you wait


Spirits Dance

Spirits Dance
Form: Quatern
Theme: Celebration
Subject: Ghosts

They share the wine on Samhain Night
The veil is thin as spirits call
And they return to us once more
In the fellowship of the soul
With food and wine enough for all
They share the wine on Samhain Night
While telling stories new and old
My spirits come to talk with me
The comforting whisper of wind
As the fire burns into the dark
They share the wine on Samhain Night
And I know they are there, close by
I make the toast by magic’s rite
A blessed new year in light and love
And my spirits dance beside me
They share the wine on Samhain Night


The Runes: Beork

Also known as Berkana, Beork is representative of life and the accompanying cycles within life, of birth, life, death, and rebirth.

In its upright position, Beork is indicative of an end of one thing and the beginning of something new. It can also indicate the recovery from illness or a fresh start after a period of struggle.

Beork in the reversed position symbolizes loss. This can be a loss of confidence, courage, life or a failing in a venture or plans.

In love and light
Raven )O(

The Runes: Othel

A rune Associated with prosperity, Othel represents those things in life we have become due to the material and spiritual gifts bestowed on us by our ancestors.



Othel, in the upright position, is symbolic of matters concerning the home or property. Personal integrity may be challenged, but the outcome is promising.

In the reverse position Othel is a warning that property matters may yield disappointment and an advisory to exercise caution when signing documents.

In love and light
Raven )O(

The Runes: Tir

Tir is the rune that symbolizes the overcoming of obstacles and victory in times of conflict.



In the upright position Tir is the spiritual warrior and giver of spiritual courage in a current or future situation. It is the knowledge that an outcome will be successful at the end of the day even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

In reverse, the outlook is not so good because it signifies that any endeavours are likely to be unsuccessful.

In love and light
Raven )O(

The Runes: Sigel

The rune of victory Sigel signifies success and overcoming challenges.



Sigel, as the rune of victory reveals successful outcomes to plans and challenges. As there is no reverse of Sigel other runes drawn at the same time will reveal to the reader if the promise success is based in truth or falsehood and whether it should be trusted or not.

In love and light
Raven )O(

The Runes: Elhaz

The rune of protection, Elhaz, also known as Eolh or Algiz, has strong connections with the symbolic figure of the mother. It advises when it is safe to proceed with a task or action.


In the upright position Elhaz is advising that the question is safe and can proceed with any planned course of action in safety.

In reverse the questioner is walking on dangerously thin ice and Elhaz is strongly advising not to continue with a current plan or course of action.

In love and light
Raven )O(

The Runes: Peorth

The rune of mystery, Peorth, Perth, or Pertho symbolizes secret and hidden information that will only be revealed to us at the right time.



In the upright position Peorth is making the reader aware there is information relevant to the current situation that as yet has not been revealed but will be given to the reader in due time when destiny is ready to do so

In reverse, Peorth indicates secrets and information that are being hidden from the reader and to be careful of who is trusted with secret information as it may be revealed without consent or knowledge.

In love and light
Raven )O(

The Runes: Eiwaz

Vector Illustration of the Runes Alphabet Letter Eihwaz

Eiwaz, also referred to as Yr, symbolizes a difficult path and the possibility of unseen obstacles in the way ahead. However, it is not all bad news persistence will eventually reach the destination.


The rune Eiwaz or Yr refers to Yggdrasil, a yew tree, and tree of all trees at the centre of creation, the tree of life. It appears the same whether in upright or reverse position and represents an ongoing project that will require sustained effort and hard work to achieve the rewards.

In love and light
Raven )O(

The Runes: Gara


Gara or Jara is known as the rune of harvest and it represents the concept of that effort is fairly rewarded. The greater the effort that is made the greater the reward and likewise less effort means less reward.


Gara reads the same in both upright and reversed position. When it appears in a reading it is telling the questioner that they will reap the benefits of their efforts, and the harder they work, the greater their reward will be. The time period can be short or extended over months.

In love and light
Raven )O(

The Runes: Isa

Isa or Is represents a warning to leave things as they are for the time being. Isa implies that taking something further or taking an action at this time is akin to walking on thin ice and will create unnecessary difficulties.


The Isa rune is the same in either upright or reverse position and is a strong warning to the stand still, stay where you are, and take no action. It can also mean cancelling plans due to unforeseen circumstances or changes.

In love and light
Raven )O(

The Runes: Nauthiz

Nauthiz, Naudhiz or Niedis symbolic of a barrier or obstacle preventing us from doing something, achieving something, or going somewhere.


Nauthiz in the upright position represents an obstruction in life or a situation, and forcing our will against it will bring strife and tears.

In the reversed position, Nauthiz is a warning of grief or discomfort, and it is advising us to tread carefully in what we do and where we go.

In love and light
Raven )O(

Zafu Reflections

Form: Ivorian Sonnet 65

Igniting candles of reflection’s flame
As scented curls of incense call my name
The voices within come to guide the soul
Play some tunes, my love, and just seek it out
In sub-conscious dreams the truth starts to roll
Inner balance requires no conscious doubt
As the open heart calls the coming night
Behind closed eyes the divine has some clout
Oh dear goddess who sees my heart put right
In pagan ways I’m is truly devout
Dear goddess your desire brings me about
Behind closed eyes darkness reveals her light
Embracing the stars as my own to claim
Universal healing making me whole


The Runes: Hagalaz

Generally Hagalaz or Hagell represents an unforeseen problem that must be resolved before moving on. It foretells of the unexpected


In the upright position Hagalaz symbolizes a sudden and unexpected change. These changes may be beneficial but it is wise to have a Plan B to fall back on.

Hagalaz in the reverse position represents bad omens. It is not a good time to make plans or take chances as the signs are of ominous portent

The Runes: Wunjois

Among the best Runes to draw in a forecast is Wunjois or Wynn because it is connected with great happiness or success. Often it is indicative of travel associated with an achievement or success.


In its upright position Wunjois will bring great happiness to any question, situation of person. Great success is also forecast in business and career matters with travel bringing extra benefits.

In the reverse position the omens are not so good. Great care should b taken not to put all one’s eggs in the same basket as business or career plans could fail

In love and light
Raven )O(

The Runes: Gdu

Gdu or Geofu is amongst the most widely used symbols in the world. We use it at the end of letters and greeting cards to those we care about as the mark of a promised kiss. Therefore, Gdu represents promises made.


Representing a promise made either to or by the questioner, Gdu can relate to friendship, love, or business. As Gdu is the same either way it falls, other runes drawn with it will reveal if the promises are based on truths or lies.

In love and light
Raven )O(

Guarded Secret

Form: Pentastich

From the beginning of time
The fiery flames have burned in her belly
Flames that nurtured life
Beneath her robes of green lands and blue waters
Dwells the Mother of all.
Her history told in geology
Her mystery a guarded secret
Through countless days She has seen
The joys of life celebrated
Amid the pains of war.
In Her boundless beauty
Her wrath roars without mercy
She knows no compassion
Yet she consoles with Her bounty
Those who heed Her call
From the crystal top mountains
To hidden oceanic depths
Crowned by twinkling stars
Beneath the veil of summer clouds
In meadowsweet pastures Her children play


The Runes: Kano

Kano or Ken represents a new opening, offer, or beginning. It portends action in some situation that may have been stagnating, or movement in life where it has been quiet.


Upright Kano speaks of an opening or offer to be made. Should the questioner accept they will have much to do. It has to be considered that Kano also represents fire, so acting without thought and care can lead to the questioner’s fingers getting burned.

Kano in the reverse position is not a good omen. It is a warning to not get involved or accept what is being offered.

In love and light
Raven )O(

Another Language

Form: Pentastich

In lives gone by, I spoke their language,
The ancient words of Mother Earth
Without the aid of a mobile phone.
I could touch the breeze in harmony
And understand the chorus of dawn birds.
I tasted sweet ambrosia,
The honeyed nectar of the gods.
I danced in the wooded pantheon
To the beat of single drum
While listening to the moon.
Yet now I have forgotten
The ways of age old mystery,
I have lost the joy of creation.
Yet an echo thunders in my soul
Drawing me to the forest trees.


The Runes: Rado

Black Simple Medieval Runes Alphabet Letter R

Rado, or Rad, is symbolic of the turning of the wheel. In modern society it can also represent transport and anything that concerns that. It represent a journey someone travelling to the questioner. The reasons may not be apparent and understanding that there should be no harm caused.


Upright, Rado means a journey by the questioner or towards them. However, the outcome of this trip cannot be depended upon and may in a different outcome than expected. There are hidden agendas so the questioner must remain alert.

Rado in reverse symbolizes the cancellation or rearrangement of plans at the last minute, The questioner is likely to meet someone, who appears outwardly trustworthy, but they cannot be trusted. Be careful

In love and light
Raven )O(

The Runes: Ansuz

Ansuz or Ansur represents communication and advises to listen as well as speak. Communication of some form will be important.


In the upright position, Ansuz advises that letters, phone calls and other communication will be important to the questioner. Communication is undoubtedly the key, and listening is equally important. If the questioner is bottling something up it is time to talk about it.

In reverse Ansuz symbolizes all sorts of communication breakdowns from face-to-face conversations, meetings being cancelled to technological issues with telephones and the internet. If the questioner is in a one-to-one conversation they need to be careful not to say too much

The Runes: Thurizas

Thurizas or Thorn represents the need for caution. It is advising the questioner things with care and where it is necessary to give due consideration to circumstances before acting.


Thurizas in the upright position is advising the questioner of a forthcoming opportunity, however, this opportunity must be handled with extreme care o avoid the destruction of a positive outcome.

In the reverse position, Thurizas is a warning to the questioner to proceed with caution and at their own peril. It is a warning that matters may not have the desired or positive outcome.

In love and light
Raven )O(


Form: Mistress Bradstreet Stanza

In ancient ways of magic I can see
The guiding light I need to find my way
The future mine to take
While dealing cards but not in play
Acarnas major and minor please tell
What things will serve me wise and serve me well
Blessed spirits speak today
Let my eyes gaze upon what is that is to be


The Runes: Uruz

Ur or Uruz symbolizes challenge. It is also known as the Rune of Passage representing the end of the old and the beginning of the new.


The upright Uruz represents an interview for a new job, taking a test, or any other challenging event. Uruz symbolizes overcoming obstacles and a successful conclusion to the challenge.

Uruz, in reverse, is symbolic of failure and odds that are insurmountable. At this time do not speculate on matters of finance, business or anything else that poses a challenge.

In Love and Light
Raven )O(

The Runes: Feoh

In the upright position, Feoh or Fehu is symbolic of assets, wealth, and possessions. Historically, it represents cattle as anyone who owned cattle would have been considered very wealthy and well to do.


Feoh in its upright position represents an increase of wealth or financial gain and bodes well for the questioner’s financial matters

In reverse, Feoh represents a period of financial loss and suggests not to borrow of lend money at this time.

In Love and Light
Raven )O(


Form: Novelinee

Across the bay where beauty waits for me,
beneath the sun-kissed mountain waterfalls,
enchanting eyes shall tame the wild and free,
my heart is bound by love as Cymru calls.
The cloudy blue of railway smoke dissolved
against the ageing roofing slates of old,
attractions mined before our time evolved,
and children chalked their words in letters bold,
when mountain streams still flowed with yellow gold.
The mountain streams that flowed with yellow gold,
and wrought the wedding bands of royal kings,
still whisper love and tales the bards oft told,
and magic echoes o'er the valleys and springs.
The land where dragons roam and wizards dwell,
where singing voices set our fathers free,
returning home my heart begins to swell,
rejoice my pride in Wales, her mystery,
across the bay her beauty stood by me


The Runic Alphabet – The Elder Futhark

The Elder Futhark is considered to be the eldest of the Runic alphabets and was widely used throughout Europe and Scandinavia. The 24 runes of the Elder Futhark are shown below with a brief insight into their meaning. I will do each rune as a separate article in future posts.

In Love and Light
Raven )O(