Old Ones of Tomorrow

A Garret Poet

Old Ones of Tomorrow
Form: Blues Stanza

Tonight we speak in arcane tongue
Tonight we speak in arcane tongue
Until all the soul’s songs have been sung
Every syllable at one with the stones
Every syllable at one with the stones
As we feel the magic in our bones
The old ones, like warriors guide us through
The old ones, like warriors guide us through
For theirs is the magic we can do
The words of their memories speak
The words of their memories speak
And in the old ones we shall not be week
The untrodden paths made by their feet
The untrodden paths made by their feet
Vibrate again with an ancient beat
In nature’s way of the birds and bees
In nature’s way of the birds and bees
Through wilderness and through trees
We sing the songs of joy and sorrow
We sing the songs of joy and sorrow
For we are the old ones of tomorrow
Tonight we speak in arcane tongue
Tonight we speak in arcane tongue
Until all the soul’s songs have been sung


Beltane Blessings

The blessings of Beltane be with you (Samhain blessings in the Southern Hemisphere)

Traditionally celebrated by Celtic Pagans to celebrate the midpoint between spring and summer (May 1st), this period marks the planting time and is recognized as a time of peak fertility. We are now halfway between the Spring Equinox & the Summer Solstice.

During Beltane, we honor the spirits of the spring represented by a handfasting, or marriage ceremony. Today I re-affirm the vows and oaths of honour and heart I made to my wife for all of time, forever and a day. we are one

In love and light
Raven )O(

Cosmic (WOTDC)

Inspired by and written for the Word of the Day Challenge – with thanks to Cyranny

Definition: Cosmic – adj. relating to the universe or cosmos, especially as distinct from the earth

Form: Pathya Vat

in this silence
I hear echoes
as life flows
all around me
and starlight songs
from far away
that simply say
remember me
my heartbeat too
a rhythmic beat
from head to feet
I feel the dance
those galaxies
in specks of light
on a dark night
are watching me
I hear Gaia
calling my name
her cosmic flame
thus burns within
Sacred Mother
pray sit with me
and let me see
your everything
in swirling stars
and moonlight beam
reveal the dream
by the fire’s light


Supernatural (WOTDC)

Inspired by and written for the Word of the Day Challenge – with thanks to Cyranny

Definition: Supernatural – adj. (of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature

Form: Tanka

a mystical light
hangs heavy in the night air
arcane words chanting
and slowly they come gather
for tonight the spirits dance


Whispering Sky

Whispering Sky
Form: Free Verse

I find my pleasure in the moonlight
while my feet dangle
trailing in the flowing waters
not for me the baking heat
of the noon sun dazzling the day
here in the lunar lit trees
whose leaves sparkle with silver reflections
I feel the mystery of power
as energy flows between
earth and sky
and I watch the stream’s waters
rushing in foam
around the rocks
blue in the moonlight
and I listen to the sky as he whispers
his blessings
adorning my spirit with
the treasures of nature
and I feel them within me
and enchanting
the beauty of my soul


Crystals – Sapphire


With corundum as a base mineral, sapphires are in close relation to the ruby with an iron pigment making it blue. Corundum gemstones are the second hardest of precious stones. In fact, sapphire has a range of colours, from blue to yellow to green to orange-pink.

Sapphires are mined from alluvial deposits, primarily in the USA, Australia, Thailand, China, Kenya, India, and Nigeria.

Sapphire is a stone of wisdom and knowledge and stimulates concentration, and creativity whilst promoting purity and deep thinking. It focuses and calms the mind removing unwanted thoughts, depression, and mental tension. Sapphire is the stone of new love and commitment and is useful in encouraging loyalty and faithfulness. It also brings peace of mind, serenity, and prosperity.

The sapphire is connected with the third eye and throat chakras where energy imbalances cause sore throats, headaches, and nightmare.

Affirmation: I can depend on my inner-knowing to guide me through every situation

In love and light
Raven )O(

Crystals – Unakite

A true rock, unakite is a composite of multiple stones and minerals giving it a moss-on-brick appearance. First discovered in North Carolina, USA in the Unaka mountains. It has also been found on the shores of Lake Superior and the rivers of Virginia.


Unakite is a stone of vision and is useful for scrying. It is also a stone of balance and good for grounding the self while bringing the emotional and spiritual together.

Due to its use in vision and scrying unakite is closely associated with the third eye chakra and also the heart chakra due to its ability to balance emotions.

In healing, unakite is used to support convalescence from illness and is believed to aid the reproductive system aiding a healthy pregnancy and the growth of skin and hair.

Affirmation: I am open to receive useful insights and psychic vision

In love and light
Raven )O(

Thaumaturgy (YDWP)

Inspired by and written for Your Daily Word Prompt – my thanks to Sheryl

Definition: Thaumaturgy – v. the working of magic

Form: Pathya Vat

sacred circle
cast in moonlight
magical rite
of pure intent
to gather round
the Pagan fire
express desire
while sipping wine
protect and love
in witches’ spell
the sick make well
in love and light
the magic done
we merry part
the pure of heart
‘til next we meet


Crystals – Sodalite

Sodalite is a group of minerals rarely seen in crystal form. It is predominantly blue but can also be found in red, white, yellow, and green. Sodalite is associated with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. It is the stone of understanding.


Sodalite is associated with insight and mental enhancement and its vibrations can unlock intuition. Expanding mental energies allows us to tackle the mental hurdles that we struggle with in daily life. Sodalite enhances mental capabilities allowing the natural contradictions of the mind to slowly weaken as it delves into our subconscious, making us evaluate ourselves and highlighting our personal strengths and weaknesses.

Sodalite helps to develop the intuition with the stone’s vibrations aid the visualizing of truth and the ability to understand the self. It enables a calm and reflective state that aids in pulling out the negativity held within.

Sodalite works with the Throat Chakra, a key ley line within the body. It assists in the expansion of the communicative centre to enable the vocalization of internal thoughts. It is often a challenge to understand others, but understanding ourselves can seem even more challenging. Sodalite links the Third Eye and Throat Chakras enabling us to understand our thoughts better and communicate them correctly.

In love and light
Raven )O(

Bless the Song and Dance

Bless the Song and Dance
Form: Dizain

As we danced among the last falling leaves
To greet chilling winds and the frosty ground
In hanging of holly upon the eaves
Awaiting for the Solstice bells to sound
As silently the Wheel is turning round
The long frosty nights of this wintertide
Of stories and songs shared by the fireside
The eyes of the sun looking forth to spring
To bring new life where another year died
But tonight, the Wassail voices will sing


Crystals – Ruby

Today’s crystal is the Ruby. Its red colour comes from chromium, and it is the stone of passion. species.

Ruby promotes loving, health, nurturing, knowledge, and wealth. The ruby is associated with the root chakra due to its red hues and the heart chakra as a stimulant. Although, it is a relatively expensive stone it is a worthwhile addition to a witch’s healing stones.

The ruby is connected with improved energy, concentration, creativity, loyalty, honour, and compassion. It can be used to protect the home, family, and possessions. In stimulating the heart chakra, the ruby brings spiritual wisdom while shielding the user against psychic attack.

Affirmation: I have the courage to move forward with passion and zeal.

In love and light
Raven )O(

Guardian of Fate

Guardian of Fate
Form: Common Measure

A temple tower stands eastward,
the guardian of fate,
emerging from my confusion
before it is too late.
In shadow realms of forest greens,
a Lady watches me,
Her gentle eye can pierce my soul,
if I could only see.
In ancient clearings, looking round,
so I may meet Her eyes,
and know the truth with clarity
as found in cloudless skies.
And by the river hear Her song
while strumming guitar strings,
in melodies of olden days
I listen as She sings.
The words of love and gentleness,
shall fill my heart with joy,
when darkness comes to haunt my sleep
I feel Her love's envoy.
The musky scent that feel my dreams
enchanting ecstasy
diffusions of eternal things
in Her Divinity.
A temple tower stands eastward,
the guardian of fate,
emerging from my confusion
before it is too late.


Old Whispers

Old Whispers
Form: Closed Couplets

Old whispers carry summer's breeze
through fields of barley corn with ease.
The softly sung drumbeat echoes
when ev'ning sun still warmly glows.
From valleys up to roaming hills
the season turns as Goddess wills.
At Lughnasadh, first harvest feast
our thanks for bread, the grain and yeast.
The plaited sheaves beneath the moon
for reaping fruits that ripen soon.
We count the ways the Goddess gives
Her love with nature's gifts; She lives.
Our music played with pure delight
beneath the silver moon tonight


Song From the Mist

Inspired by and written for #Writephoto – thank you, KL

I admit I am a bit odd in that fog and mist holds something beautiful for me, but it is a beauty I am not ready to see.

Song From the Mist
Form: Barzelletta

In silent dawn echoes of sound
As mystic swirls come from the ground
Her voice calling I can hear it
I hear her song from where I sit
So grows the urge to listen more
Then rise to walk into the mist
To garner more than just a gist
Like many times I have before
Follow her song to the unknown
To step upon the path I’m shown
But what if my way is so lost
How then do I repay the cost
So grows the urge to listen more
Then rise to walk into the mist
To garner more than just a gist
Like many times I have before
Oh spirit guide I know I must
Believe in you, again to trust
Lady sing to me, take my hand
Lead me back to the way you planned
So grows the urge to listen more
Then rise to walk into the mist
To garner more than just a gist
Like many times I have before


Oh, Maybel!

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Ooops, did someone forget their belladonna and aconite – again!!!

Oh, Maybel!
Form: Bowlesian Sonnet abba cddc effe gg

Come my witches, come cast our magic spell
This Samhain night there’s so much to be done
Bring the tools of flight, bring them one by one
Come my witches and stir the cauldron well
Oh Maybel have you got the aconite
The bubbling potion brewing still awaits
Don’t just stand there holding those empty plates
No belladonna we can’t make the flight
Still Maybel dances naked neath the moon
As in her heart there burns a wild desire
A witch she is dancing around the fire
With pure intent she’ll learn her magic soon
As for the freedom of flight we now go
By taxi and train heading to Heathrow

Word count: 111
Time: 8 minutes


Pagan Footsteps

Inspired by and written for What Do You See – thank you, Sadje

I see the wise path of the old ones meandering through nature’s serenity to the echo of the earth’s rhythm.. Going with that…

Pagan Footsteps
Form: Tuckerman’s Sonnet

Take the unused road, so the poets say
Follow paths untouched by another’s feet
Listen to the earth and dance to her beat
For living is finding life your own way
Today is different, time to retreat
On to the beaten track to hear them talk
The ancestral path I follow today
To hear them speak such a beautiful treat
For the old ones wise to the game to play
As in the shadows they return to me
To ease my pain so I can understand
And as they talk the talk I walk the walk
Be strong enough to face what Fate has planned
To follow their love, their wisdom to see


Elements of Magic

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Wow, the image is hitting my chakras, it feels profound and spiritual. A sacred magic circle is a place out of time and space, a spiritual link between the worlds of physical and spiritual. Here goes…

Elements of Magic
Form: Beymorlin Sonnnet

The circle cast by three inviting peace
And spirits gather keeping demons out
Commune in whispers there’s no need to shout
The arcane words as time begins to cease
Lady Moon, Father Sun, dance wild and free
In love and light, there is nothing to fear
As spirits gather there is magic here
And their crystal orb is surrounding me
My body in robes and the altar set
I welcome them all to my sacred place
And hear their wisdom never to forget
For they grant me, love, throughout time and space
In elements of magic, I’ve made mine
Earth, Air, Water, Fire my spirit combine

Word count: 106
Time: 23 minutes


Writephoto – Autumnal Insight

Inspired by and written for #Writephoto – thank you KL

Namaste, KL.

Yesterday was the beginning of the sabbat of Mabon (21-23 September), the blessings of the harvest with everyone reading. Farmers and nature are busy as the wheel turns from summer to autumn I think I will stay with that train of thought. Here goes…

Farming – Image by KL Caley

Autumnal Insight
Form: Sonnetina Cinque

The wheel is turning what do you see?
Fields harvested of their crops
Sustenance for the winter ahead
As we dance on this Mabon night
What do I see?
I see the colours changing on the trees
Greens fading into vibrant golds and red
I feel a coolness on the breeze
As days move towards Samhain night
And the darkness of winter must surely come
Mother Earth is preparing her rest
Her quilt of vibrant colours brings her warmth
And the Sun King is ready to go
For Mother Moon is taking charge
Yet their message of love is clear
Ask me again what do I see?
The first golden leaves drifting on the breeze
Wise trees letting the past go
In the autumn beauty what I can see
Letting things go is where my peace will be

Mabon Blessings
in love and light
Raven )O(


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – A Little Foresight

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you Sue and GC

I practice divination, and while I will never say it gives you the complete picture of the future or one’s destiny, it can provide a useful peek into what is possibly to come, and if needs be act on things to change the direction as oft happens. Well, here goes…

A Little Foresight
Form: Free verse

Cards, runes, and crystal ball
open my eyes
to see potential coming into view
black silk and sparks of light
bring the universe into my sight
with arcane words of ritual
magic spoken across the blue
before simple questions asked in truth
seek the answers within starlight
senses soaring into the sky
into destiny where my soul can fly
but what of the shadows haunting the light
where the end of days isn’t quite right
open my eyes
to all that is wrong
so I can be free from that negative grip
releasing my heart’s darkness to another place
hold me in the universal embrace
to walk my path of sacred bliss
Father Sun and Mother Moon
unto my journey’s end
protect me in love and light


Spring at Avebury

Spring at Avebury
Form: Quatrains

Cold, grey stone in formation stand,
Old standing stones, they gathered round,
Around the magic close to hand,
Old hands that grasped the Pagan ground.
The joyous come to dance and sing,
They sing the tales the ancients told,
The stories told by bards of spring
That spring shall come end winter's cold.
All seasons turn upon the wheel,
The wheel of life that never ends,
At winter's end the warmth we feel,
All feeling the path springtime wends


Simply 6 Minutes – Time and Space

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

This just takes me to my spiritual home, Avebury. It’s so close to my actual home too. To get there we have to travel through a patchwork of fields, lavender and crops. Is it an ancient temple, well, for many of us Pagans it sure is now. Blessed be. Here goes…

Time and Space
Form: American Sonnet

In ancient wonder I found sacred peace
Fair Selene, called my name, I’m not alone
My back against rock as life stresses cease
In the silence of the mind’s arcane dream
Where ley lines cross amid mystic stone
And the grass dances in her lunar beam
A reminder here I’m not on my own
For time stops, standing still inside this place
And the spirit soars as the heart can gleam
To smile again upon her silver face
Once more her light shines down a bright stream
Her glory shining on her chair, her throne
For this is her time and this is her space
Fair Selene, called my name, I’m not alone

Word Count: 113
Time: 43 minutes



Form: Byr a Thoddaid
Subject: Voodoo Doll

A mystical doll of magic
Yet her intent can be tragic
Needles and pins do it
Twisting it hard so it hurts and I wins
A simple doll, there’s nothing to fear
And a lock of your hair just here
A few needles and pins
And your sins; they will soon come back at you


Simply 6 Minutes – The Future Must Wait

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Wow, an awesome photo and such a perfect reminder that all life is held within her hands. Call her Gaia, Mother Nature, goddess – the Ancient Mother carries and grants all life – here goes

The Future Must Wait
Form: Alternating Sonnet 1

I hear her calling on the cooling breeze
Those unspoken words of the ancient tongue
Of her hands where nature’s beauty sprung
From the mountain peaks to powerful seas
The mother of life within Earth itself
Her bounty given to nurture our health
Her heart beat in a universal sigh
And still I hear her voice among the trees
As rustled whispers echo all day long
As I listen to her mystery song
For in her divine love I find my ease
It’s in her hands that the future must wait
Mother of earth and mother of the sky
Into her hands once more I place my fate

Word Count: 108
Time: 11 minutes


Talking to the Trees – Ivy

Gort (G), Ivy, is the twelfth tree of the Ogham and symbolizes a warning with the energies of a determined power, binding, restricting, freedom and union.

Ivy Energy

There is a fierce and determined power to the ivy that has the ability to bind many trees together and to restrict passage through the woods, It can, in time, smother and kill a tree, even the mighty oak. If an ivy thicket appears to be dense in our other world travels, we need to stop and take stock of the motives, either there or in life. The destructive aspect of ivy is a warning about doing without thought and giving our attention to the “whys” and “how’s” of what we are doing.

The ivy also represents the search for self and the spiritual and emotional wanderings of the soul in the quest for enlightenment. It links us to others through the group collectiveness of the spiritual self.

It is our decision to understand whether our wanderings are restrictive and binding, or uniting. Stay with one tree, one idea would be restricting and eventually damaging whereas embracing many ideas and energies brings deeper confidence and unites us with our own freedoms and inner resources.

Freedom is going where we choose to go, but where we choose reveals our true inner perspective. What we decide to do with our freedom reveals the aspects of self that need healing.

In love and light
Raven )O(

Simply 6 minutes- Moonlight’s Song

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Well I can’t deny it, and never would, the picture just took my Pagan heart and took me to one of my favourite songs – and of course a moon sonnet for the sacred Mother Moon herself. Blessed be, in love and light )O(

Moonlight’s Song
Form: Acrostic Sonnet

Mother of tides lend me your song
Over the seas echoes of grace
Open my heart and keep me strong
Night-time lady show me your face
Lace my dreams in the ways of light
Invite my soul to go your way
Grant me peace in this world of fight
Hold my heart safe until the day
To trust in your love I am bound
Seeing truth in your lunar glow
Senses burning on silver ground
Oh lady moon I feel your flow
Never-ending rhythm of life
Gentle touch in a world of strife

Word Count: 94
Time: 18 minutes


Talking to the Trees – Vine

Muin (M), the Vine, is the eleventh tree of the Ogham and represents the energies of union, teaching, instinct, determination, and the loosening of inhibitions.

Vine Energy

As the vine grows it interweaves with other trees and that provides the clue to its essential energy. It unites the other trees together as it grows from one to another, uniting the teachings of each into a whole united concept.

This interlinking and weaving union is a key to understanding the human learning process. Links are formed between different parts of the self and they become united. With its determined energy, the wine can be used as a teacher. Helping to encourage and guide others without controlling them. It is a vital lesson to learn that not everyone has the same views and it is important to respect another’s point of view even when we disagree with it. To be a good teacher it is better to inspire others than force them to accept our views. Each person has to be able to find their own path.

The vine brings an awareness of the different levels of interaction and, also, an awareness of the connection between the conscious and the subconscious mind. The vine enables our subconscious instincts to come to the surface and it is up to us to trust and act upon them when they do. We have all been conditioned to follow logical intellect and the vine teaches us that it is important to abandon the self to instinct as it is a conferred and inherited right of power.

In love and light
Raven )O(

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Wild Pagan Heart

Written to the following prompt and what a prompt – thank you, Sue

Be still, my heart, this one is going to be a sheer joy to write to

“Embrace the seasons and cycles of your life – there is magic in change.”~ Bronnie Ware – well no point denying it I feel that quote echo throughout my heart, mind, body, and soul – so mote it be!

My blessings of love and light for Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere and Samhain, happy new year in the Southern Hemisphere. Let the fun begin

As I live in the Northern Hemisphere Beltane, 1 May, is just a few days away so it has to be the fabulous Inkubus Sukkubus (twice)

Wild Pagan Heart
Form: Chant

The longest night, Solstice night
Reborn the king of the sun
Rejoice, rejoice, a baby’s cry
For soon the Winter will be done
Cast your magic well, my love
In the deep-hearted mist
Awakens the sun
No longer a babe
For Winter is done
Cast your magic well, my love
Wake up the sleeping trees
It is time to glow
With Beltane’s blossom
The time has come to grow
Cast your magic well, my love
Sing to the flowers
To the grasses and trees
The summer is coming
On a sun-kissed breeze
Cast your magic well, my love
Dance around the festival flame
To the music of nature’s song
To the rhythm of Gaia’s drum
For nights are short and days are long
Cast your magic well, my love
Instincts whisper to the soul
As gently as butterflies flutter
Indigo children see the fields glow
With breezy ripples golden as butter
Cast your magic well, my love
Swing the scythe from side it side
As to the harvest, we must reap
The summer’s end is coming fast
And Samhain’s secrets we too shall keep
Cast your magic well, my love
This holy night we celebrate
As the dead re-join our throng
The veil is thin as bonfires burn
The days are short and nights are long
Cast your magic well, my love
The longest night, Solstice night
Reborn the king of the sun
Rejoice, rejoice, a baby’s cry
For soon the Winter will be done
Cast your magic well, my love

May the blessings of Beltane be upon all who read
In love and light


This Sabbat Night

This Sabbat Night
Form: Free Verse

Reflections in moonlight
entwine with the echoes of equinox
calming the soul as it rides
sublime intuition
amid the forgotten marble remembrances
and the whisperings of the dead
and the wild flowers bloom
where tears were cried
so long ago
beneath the ground lie
bones crumbled by time
there is only peace here
on this blessed Sabbat night


Talking to the Trees – The Making of Ogham Sticks

Ogham Sticks

Each stick should be made as you contact the tree. Do not use old wood that is lying around at the bottom of the tree; however, a recently cut or broken branch is good. The stick needs to have the vibrational energy of the tree with in it, so if there is no recently cut branches it is better to ask the tree if you can take a stick. Listen closely to the tree’s response, if it is a strong sense of ‘no’, try again another time. If it is ‘yes’ always thank the tree after, and treat it with love and respect

With secateurs cut a piece of wood about a centimetre in diameter and 8-10 centimetres long. It will shrink considerably, but with twenty sticks in total, it’s better to keep them small. If you want to strip some or all of the bark from the twig then it should be done as soon as possible so the bark doesn’t shrink onto the wood. Leave the twig in a dry place to dry out for a week or two before carving, shaping, or sanding, whatever you want to do with it. The Ogham symbol can be carved, painted, or inked onto the stick.

Ogham Alphabet

While working with the stick re-establish the conscious link between you and the tress you received it from. This will help in understanding and knowledge of your sticks. Ogham sticks should be stored in a bag made of natural fabric.

In love and light


Talking to the Trees – Beithe

Beithe (B), the Birch tree, is the first of the trees in the Ogham, and therefore marks the beginning of this journey through the trees,

Birch Energy

The birch tree is also the first tree to colonize new ground, depositing its leaves and twigs to provide nourishment and enrichment to the earth for other trees to grow. Symbolically it is seen as a tree of great life-giving properties, vitality, and nourishment.

Beithe is indicative of a new beginning or opportunity, a journey whether physical or spiritual. It is a time to prepare for changes and make ready to begin in any new situation by consciously putting the self in a different frame of mind. On a spiritual level, it might mean being prepared to leave behind old habits and dreams. Beithe empowers self-cleansing and drives out that which is no longer good for the spirit. As the birch sheds its bark, we need to shed these old unhelpful influences in our lives to make way for the new to come in.

Beithe indicates whatever must be done should be done now with the intent to clear the way, cleanse the aura, cleanse our space, and cleanse the tools we use. By finding our own ways to clean out and clear out we are prepared and ready for change and give ourselves the vitality and strength to welcome the new beginning.

It is often difficult to deal with change, and the loss of that which is familiar in our lives, however, Beithe teaches us to trust that all will be well and to let go of the fear of the unknown. During this time of preparation, we learn to nourish ourselves and those around us and with the love we put into that we will ensure we are on the right path.

Talking to Beithe

It may seem obvious but the first thing to do is find a birch tree that you can visit with ease and return to whenever you need to. It can take time and patience to find your trees where you can sit with them undisturbed. Trust your senses, eventually, the energy of a tree will call you, inviting you towards them. Get to know the tree and its surroundings as you sit with your back against its trunk. Allow your senses to feel the tree’s special vibrations. There are a myriad of different ways to be with and talk to trees. What is important is to trust in your own instinctive responses and what feels right for you.

Make your intentions and questions known to the tree. Using whatever ritual practice, intuitive means or simply being with the tree do so with an openness ready to receive the tree’s wisdom and healing vibrations. When the time comes to end the communication do so slowly and with gratitude for what the tree may have given you. Keep a record of your feelings and communication with the tree, and let the relationship develop.

In love and light
Raven )O(