A Voyage of the Mermaid’s Viper Tail

A Voyage of the Mermaid’s Viper Tail
Form: Nonsense poem

A craft from the east a worthy beast
Was the “Mermaid’s Viper Tail’
No winds could rage to rattle her cage
And the crew knew she wouldn’t fail
The leading hand had it all planned
Setting sail against the wind’s rage
And all appeared well despite the sea's swell
That his decision seemed wise and sage
She carried her freight as if the seas were sedate
To the land where the Guttersnipes dwell
With their threats to invade unless there be trade
A barter of goods to keep things well
But here’s the trick it’s all laced with arsenic
The Tattybell tribe were not all that dumb
For cannon fire, they had no desire
But poison, well, that can be fun
Let’s not be lame the clue in the name
Of a mighty wind-beating ship
A powerful craft, to think less is daft
But the Tattybell brain is sharper than a whip
To plot a demise, one must devise
A plan that the enemy can’t see
Therefore, you will find that thinking mind
Is the most powerful weapon there be