Unworthy Beast

Unworthy Beast
Form: Awdl Gywydd

The lessons of love gone wrong
A song that I learned from you
Love became a bitter choice
And my voice only sings blue

You took my strength, made it weak
Unable to seek inside
To see beauty within me
Yet couldn’t see love denied

An unworthy beast’ you said
My head easily believed
That to be true; you knew it
The flitting way love deceived

But now I see who you are
My scars prove gorgons live
Your venom was killing me
See you had all I could give

I’ve nothing left, you are right
The night you said I deserve
It all: Yes, you’re right, I do
Thank you, now I’ve found my nerve

Gorgon, you can’t fuck me up
Take your cup, drink your vile brew
For I know you are the beast
And I’m worth better than you


Across the Skies

Across the Skies
Form: Rhupunt

the lady flies across the skies don’t be unwise she is no bird
mythical beast soars west to east to find her feast yet seldom heard
she seeks the shun for warmth and fun yet many shun her breath
and others still for trophy thrill go for the kill wanting her death
yet they all fail and her wings sail o’er hill and vale ever higher
on winter’s night when on her flight she sets alight the Celtic fire
at firedrake’s call only the fool sets not his stool beside her pyre


Imbricate (RDP)

Inspired by and written for Ragtag Daily Prompt – with thanks to Bushboy

Definition: Imbricate – adj. of scales, sepals, plates, etc.) having adjacent edges overlapping

Form: Kimo

in love with the wind rushing over scales
as his icy wings take flight
imagination’s wisp
winter winds call out his name to come home
soaring high to where the snows fall
before the springtime sun
perhaps a dream or a whimsical wish
where the dragon scales shine blue
in realms of ice and snow


Weathered Wings

Weathered Wings
Form: Hir a Thoddaid

Don’t want to start once upon a time
Despite it being easy to rhyme
Because truth is hidden in our clime
That truth I believe to be prime
Is that dragons still fly above our heads
With sacred love in purity’s chime
The dragons then are no fairy tale
Although they may seem distant and pale
For sunlight deflects on every scale
For theirs is a mission that can’t fail
For while the dragon still flies, we are free
Through the skies his weathered wings must sail


Hands of a Sculptor

Hands of a Sculptor
Form: Golden Shovel

Tell that its sculptor well those passions read ~ Percy Shelley

In old stories I have heard tell
Of marvels in stone that
Speak of history and its
Mystery in the hands of a sculptor
The myths we know so well
Stories from the deep seas and those
From far off lands of strange passions
That in legends we have all read



Form: Gwawdodyn

sometimes I want to run through the trees
in the forest of whispers and breeze
like the times before on to the shore
and to find my ease watching the seas
what if I find I sit for too long
and I am shackled by siren song
my soul would be done this centaur must run
from human places I don’t belong
so I must run fast on my hoofed feet
and burning bridges with my heart’s beat
freedom to find when it’s all behind
on another shore there’ll be a seat


Myth and Legend

Myth and Legend
Form: Englyn Byr Cwca

I am the custodian
protecting courage in every part
the brave heart’s guardian
I’m the echoing legend
that speaks of the brave deeds of long ago
so, on me you depend
I am myth and memory
remembered in fireside tales told by bards
in shards of poetry


Celtic Warrior

Celtic Warrior
Form: Cornish Sonnet 2
Theme: Mythology
Subject: language

My soul stands as a Celtic warrior king
Defending my world, my kin, with my life
And with his spirit my strength will bring
As to my saddened heart he shows my worth
My brother of spirit in times of strife
Celtic war lord, a man of noble birth
And when there is no reason left to fight
He sings the songs of life in Bardic rhyme
And by the fire I listen through the night
As flames dance within a starlight prism
I hear him speak across the realms of time
Spoken words echoed with Gallicism
Celtic war lord, a man of noble birth
Spoken words echoed with Gallicism
Celtic Warrior by Tim Scoggins


Kings of Fingers

Kings of Fingers
Form: Cyhydedd naw ban
Theme: Mythology
Subject: Finger Kings

Ancient title proclaimed in old tales
A man to be king of barren vales
And in days of old they went to war
Like kings both long since and long before
Their greed wanting power at the door
Yet in those old days of ice and fire
What more is it a ruling man desire
With their land so barren and so wet
When life is hardened by blood and sweat
And death comes quick so time can forget
How else will names in legend be set


Elphin and the Boy

Elphin and the Boy
Form: Cyhydedd Hir
Theme: Welsh Mythology
Subject: Taliesin

Fishing lines were bare
Heart filled with despair
But a child found there
So it shall be
Elphin’s heart so sad
And what of the lad
This child needs a dad
So it shall be
Taliesin by name
His brow shines no shame
His wisdom acclaim
So it shall be
And he speaks this lad
No fish, don’t be sad
What is yours be glad
So it shall be