Midnight Glow (WPWC)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Midnight Glow
Form: Mathnawi

So many nights lost in the misty moonglow
With thoughts adrift on the midnight river flow
The passing of so many sleepless hours
In awe of her mystic lunar powers
Is it madness or a mind lost to wonder
Caught in her reflection shimmering under
The babbling waters of the woodland stream
Am I crazy or just lost in a dream
Here in the darkness by the willow tree
The glowing moonlight sets my spirit free


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Into Tomorrow’s Dawn

Written to this weekend’s prompt – thank you Sue and GC

Well no surprise when it comes to me writing about beginnings – it is going to be free verse and with a single line mulling in my mind and at my fingers I have no idea where it will begin or end. Let’s go —

Into Tomorrow’s Dawn
Form: Free Verse

Waking up with tears to cry
it is dark outside
and darker still inside my mind
the pain of yesterday echoes
around my room
looking out into the night
my eyes follow the moon shadows
to the jasmine tree
her petals glinting silver light
guiding my slippered feet lightly
across the dew laden grass
to inhale the scent of my jasmine tree
while bathing in lunar tranquillity
perhaps, too
the moon shall speak to me
her silvery voice
so gently caressing my soul
as she whispers
‘let yesterday go, my child,
and its pain fade away
take the lessons forward
into tomorrow’s dawn
for it is not too late to reach for the stars
and live your own dream’
as always
my lady of the moon
speaks the wisdom of truth –
it’s never too late to start over