Listening to Mother

Listening to Mother
Form: Epistle Sonnet 16

Some days I need to remember those things
The things that give my soul the strength to heal
Allow myself to feel the joy life brings

To take time out, listen as nature sings
Away from keyboards and the glaring screen
A gentle reminder, a note-to-self
It’s never too late to take that one day
In the arms of nature to simply feel

For life isn’t about making cash wealth
Spiritual wealth can’t be a might have been
When time out is good for the mental health
With memories of the beauty I’ve seen

So when I’m quiet I’ve not gone away
It’s time to hear what nature has to say


Those Nights

Those Nights
Form: Free Verse

when the nights are haunted
with repetitive dreams
the radio-active nightmares
of one night
the one night
trust in love died
crucified in sacrifice
to your selfish want
defiling my body
on those nights
shaking with fear
alone in the dark
I remember you
for what you are
you didn’t destroy me
as you wanted
and in that knowledge
I celebrate my victory to live free



Form: Droigneach

Once in a while every now-and-then
a wee light shine through the windowpane
a little hope of healing whenever
a future grasp on my sanity
You thought you’d kill me with unkindness
when you made me feel nothing much
I believed you, like a pessimist
my depression being such as that
But my spirit said take life wherever
a warrior fights for victory
a love like that no, never again
it wasn’t worth my freedom to be


Protecting the Heart

Protecting the Heart
Form: Epistle
Theme: Self-Healing

What is the loving heart
but a thing to be shattered and broken
to be used and abused
and left tattered by words unspoken
the cruel annoyance of desire
the nuisance that turns the eyes blind
in its raging battle to overpower
the quiet sensible thoughts of the mind
sensible thoughts shutting feelings down
shielding the heart in its desperate plight
with a shy voice, softly spoken
as the quiet introvert bids the pain good night


Life Lesson

Life Lesson
Form: Epistle

In nearly 57 circuits of the sun, I have had many life lessons come my way. Choosing one that is more important than any other is impossible as they have all been vital in my growth and development into the person I am now.

A life lesson is a teaching not to make that mistake again. They are also helpful in learning who we really are and understanding ourselves better. Life lessons are the hard reality of consequences from action and without those consequences, we don’t learn putting our hands in the fire is a bad idea. They are things we learn the hard way and always too late to prevent the hurt of learning them

If I must choose one thing, I have learned the hard way this year then I have to say it is learning and accepting it is okay to be me, to live my life my way, and follow my own beliefs. Society is judgemental and people like to judge others. That social pressure pushed me off my own path into something that was totally wrong for me and caused a major problem with my mental health. To my chagrin, I knew it was happening but stubbornly refused to do anything about it until my mental health collapsed.

By putting someone else’s aspirations, dreams, and goals before my own I left myself nothing to hold onto, an existence without living. Over 2022 I have done something about it and the hard lesson has been taken on board. Never again will I let someone else influence my vision of life. This is my path and I decide where it takes me


Questioning Forgiveness

Questioning Forgiveness
Form: Epistle

It is far easier to forgive other people, to let them off the hook, and take the blame for their actions onto myself. They can’t help it; they don’t mean to – too often I hear myself saying or thinking that. In some ways, it makes forgiving others quite self-destructive and that can be problematic

Forgiveness shouldn’t be about letting someone get away with what they do wrong. However, all too often that is exactly what it means. They want forgiveness so they can shift the blame and consequences onto others and feel better about themselves. Is that what forgiveness is?

And there lies the problem for me. Sure, I can forgive someone for what they do to me so they feel okay and let me take the blame for their actions as normally they will say it’s my fault anyway. It probably is in as much I let that person get close enough to make me care about what they do or say to me.

The art of forgiving self is so much harder because I judge myself harsher than anyone else ever will. That is not surprising given the inner critic will always be the unkindest critic there is. Somehow, I must find a way of letting it go when I feel I am beyond my own redemption and that really is about self-acceptance, accepting my faults, accepting my weaknesses, and being okay with that. Sometimes it is also accepting that someone else could help it and did mean it. And it is not my fault they are an asshole.


Yesterday Is Done

Yesterday Is Done
Form: Epistle in Haiku

new dewdrops shimmer
like diamonds on a green baize
gentle tears the night wept
comforting music
welcomes the first light of day
blackbird is awake
morning is breaking
shimmering on spider's silk
the jewels of dawn
a new day begun
another chance to do what’s best
yesterday is done


Matter of Survival

Matter of Survival
Form: Epistle
Theme: A Self-Healing Journey

As a Celtic Pagan the old year is ending
and new year is about to begin
it seems more than a little apt that my self-healing journey
is at an evaluation point
so the first half of the year was hideous
with my mental health shot
and my emotional state a complete car crash
the impact of three years of negative toxicity
was taking its toll that’s for sure
so moving quickly past that shit
and sitting with a fabulous therapist
a lovely guy who put me into a self- healing course
which I thought would be a complete waste of time
but I was used to wasting my time
and doing the worthless things I do by then
so went with it
it couldn’t get any worse
I am not ashamed to say I got that totally wrong
I’m not saying things got better instantly either
in fact to begin with they got worse
but it was digging among the scraps of myself
I found that one thing that was solid
that became a new foundation stone to rebuild me
I’m proud of how far I have come
and I know I still have a long way to go
so instead of a beginning, the new year is a continuation
because this year I know I am worth it


Hitting Reset

Hitting Reset
Form: Epistle
Theme: A Self-Healing Journey

Regaining love for self is not an easy task
it is an uphill challenge
with progress often followed by a falling back
because to love self is to acknowledge
I am human with human frailties
and vulnerabilities
with innate yearnings
of natural wants and needs
wants and needs that often make the heart lose sight
of boundaries I need to protect myself
boundaries that remind me
not everybody is deserving of being close to me
holding my hand
touching my soul
and reaping the benefits of my loving
and those boundaries are also there
to allow myself to be deserving of my love


Saying Thanks

Saying Thanks
Form: Epistle
Theme: The Self-Healing Journey

When I first saw the question on being grateful to self
my initial thoughts are that’s a bit dumb
yet I don’t think twice when saying thank you
when someone does me a favour or offering thanks
to the universe when life is going right
or if life is crap for pulling me through
but through these introspective self-healing prompts
I have learned to say sorry to myself
and that really sounded like a dumb idea
but it works in allowing me to move forward
by acknowledging my fuck-ups, putting them right or
stepping away from them
and if someone did that for me I wouldn’t think about it
I would simply say thank you, so perhaps
saying it to me when I do it makes sense
so for awhile now I have been practicing
and I started with something simple – a cup of tea
because I always say thank you if someone makes me a brew
the result has been I find I am more aware
of being allowed to stop and pause for a cuppa
anyone who knows me knows I can be a tad ceremonious about tea
and by acknowledging my gratitude to me
I am finding I get my teapot out
making my tea how I like it
instead of the quick rush job of a teabag in a mug
which I hate to the point I don’t enjoy it
it’s giving me time to do something for me
permission to enjoy my brew
to pause in the chaos of life
and let it all be
and I should be grateful for that


Who Am I to Judge?

Who Am I to Judge?
Form: Epistle
Theme: The Self-Healing Journey

After years of being made to feel not good enough
it has become second nature to judge myself as not good enough
not the best mind set for building confidence
or a sense of self-worth really
and I can’t jut say it is what it is about that
this is currently a work in progress
which started with letting go of what other people think
and I am now very aware developing that
I don’t give a fuck thinking
was the easy bit
even though it felt alien to begin with
once I started asking my self why I needed validation
from someone who clearly couldn’t give a fuck about me
their self-obsessed approval was never going to happen
and I realised I didn’t need that approval
and letting that go which I thought would be hard
in the end it was easy
the more I let go
the more I felt myself growing
the more I felt myself worthy of me
and now I am learning to approve of me
who I am
what I do
how I think
it doesn’t matter one fucking bit what others say
it has to be me who says I’m good enough for me
and that is hard



Form: Epistle
Theme: The Self-Healing Journey

Gratitude is a powerful thing
and it is difficult to know where to start with gratitude towards self
what are the aspects of me I am grateful to have
in times of low self-esteem it’s even more difficult
reliance then falls to those core aspects
aspects that nothing and no one can knock off kilter
for me that is my spirituality
that spiritual path that I know I should be walking
and when I am not I know I need to get back on it
whatever it takes I need to regain my footing
and get back on it
and I am grateful I know how to do that
the ability to isolate myself so I can look at my life
look at the ways I am going wrong
try and find solutions or if not
eradicate them completely as they are not for me
and I am grateful that at these times I can find the strength and wherewithal
to make decisions and take actions needed
even if they hurt me and sometimes others
simple fact
if something is wrong it is wrong
that needs sorting
and I should be grateful I can do that


Forgiving Self

Forgiving Self
Form: Epistle
Theme: The Self-Healing Journey

To myself I write
before the dark thoughts claim my mind –
again –
and they will
they always do
but each time I am more ready
a little bit more aware
and a little bit more forgiving
towards myself
if not towards others
for I am learning forgiveness starts with self
and not someone else
so I forgive myself
for those times I let my self-esteem fall
for those times I forget I am worthy of love
even the love from myself
I forgive myself
for choosing the situations that make me feel less
because I believe I am less
someone else doesn’t do that to me unless I let them
and for letting them
I forgive myself
but I will never forgive them
no more will I pretend they didn’t mean it
as I know perfectly well that they did
and I forgive me for knowing it
it is in my own forgiveness I release me
to find my worth and identity
free myself to love me for who I am
and that to forgive them lessens me
which reminds me
no one is worthy of that


More Than That

More Than That
Form: Epistle
Theme: The Self-Healing Journey

Just like everyone else
l have negative points like
the things I can’t or won’t do
yet feel I have to just
because someone else wants that
because they say I have to make them happy
because if I don’t it breaks their dreams
because if I love them I will
so what if by doing these things
the negative impact on me is not good
or worse it is degrading my own self opinion
it is soul-destroying
and devalues my self-worth
is that worth their happiness
no it bloody isn’t
I believe I am worth more than that
because I am not a happiness toy
performing for someone else’s satisfaction
if I need to do that because I love them
then damn they see me as less than nothing
and I am worth more than that
and if they had any love for me at all
they wouldn’t ask for it
so to prove my love
is accepting I am unloved
and there is where it all goes wrong
and again I say
I am worth more than that


Red Flags

Red Flags
Form: Epistle
Theme: The Self-Healing Journey

Rose-tinted lenses
disguising red flags
yet they were there all along
there to be seen
there as a warning
yet went by unheeded
logic denied by stubbornness
stubbornness knowing better than reality
we can work it out
iron out the creases
pretentions of they don’t exist
my mind is seeing it all wrong
and I’m strong enough to live with it
strong enough to make it all okay
strong enough to destroy my own thinking
let my mental health dwell in destruction
it will heal again quick enough
enough to keep going
enough to take the chances
a chance against all the odds
the price of love
cheap at half the price
paid in full
only self-loathing and depression as small change
cheap at half the price
self-esteem left shattered on the floor
in the dawning realization
that this love just ain’t worth it



Form: Epistle
Theme: The Self-Healing Journey

In my teens and 20s I wanted to fit in
wanted to be normal
and I didn’t want the labels
still don’t want the labels
but now I know they have their uses
Wanting some sort of normality
a reality that really wasn’t mine to have
but I wanted it
so in effect was comparing myself to the stereotype women
imitating their conversation
their desires and ambitions
and using them to bury myself deeper
pretending I couldn’t see that reflection
looking at me from the bathroom mirror
pretending I didn’t know one day
those cold piercing grey eyes wouldn’t win through
and I’d stare back blankly
shrugging what can I do
What can I do but nothing much
nothing much as in my 30s
love refused to be denied
as it gripped every sense in me
reading me deep beneath my skin
and accepting
understanding who I am
in its embrace of tranquillity
and in loving me
she taught me how to love me
understand and accept me
to feel safe in men’s jeans
and an oil-stained t-shirt
she brought him out of the shell
to be the strength I would need
when love fell asleep
in eternal rest
I lost that strength grieving
for the love that seemed out of reach
to never hold me again
and I forgot to love me
buried deep in the endless pain
endless tears
endless future of emptiness
had she taken me with her?
and perhaps I believe so
believing I should be me
stand tall in her love
once more safe in an old pair of jeans
watching rugby with a take-out curry
and I swear she took a swig of my beer
just as she always did
perhaps then
I am just a guy
and my love is hers for the keeping
just as it always was
and I am good with that


Cruel to Be Kind

Cruel to Be Kind
Form: Epistle
Theme: The Self-Healing Journey
Question: Where am I blocking my own love from myself?

When my self-esteem is struggling I am my own worst critic on everything, and I mean everything. From my writing to what colour underpants I am wearing if my self-esteem is being sucky then it is all wrong and not worthy of anything, let alone love.

I now know the urge to hit delete at every word, line, poem or story is a good warning shout something is askew with me. In most cases, it is just a dose of the blues and we all get those and the answer is simple – take some time out and do something else. In my case it’s often grabbing my rods and heading off for a bit of fishing.

But if it’s a long-term thing, and the bipolar spirals start happening and thus inviting the deep depressions and related self-loathing back in then it’s a bit of a problem. Something or someone is making me look negatively on myself, and I am not seeing it. I am, without being negative about it, not very good at seeing things like that as they happen, probably because I don’t want to see them. By the time I do see it, it’s too damn late and the damage is doing its work on me.

The only answer then is to withdraw, step back and take a long hard look at my life. It also means making some choices and taking a proverbial axe to cut out what is harming me. And harming is the correct word, as spirals, depression, and lack of self-worth are the direct cause of darker suicidal thinking.

It is something I have to be tough about, accept the hell it may cause, and the hurt. It means I have to be kind to me and give myself time to adjust and get over it. Cruel to be kind as it were. Taking back me and taking back control of my life more like. Cruel to just be says it better.


What Trees Know

What Trees Know
Form: Free Verse

Dreary green waves hustle
and rage
thrashing against the shore
and the trees shiver
hunched against the cold
but they know where the storm has been
this wild winter seascape
cannot hide secrets
where the waves churn to crash and fall
seething from the depths found
where the horizon lies
a bleak green vista fading into grey
the battered and weary trees know
the storm comes from sadness
without pleasure
without delight
yet in its tempestuous rage
it brings closure
an end to another long night


Writing Prompts Weekend Challenge – As Gloria Sings

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you Sue and GC

“Stay focused and stay determined. Don’t look to anyone else to be your determination – have self-determination. It will take you very far. ~ Justice Smith”

Now that quote reverberates through me. Over the last few years I have come to know just how true those words are, and in the last six months or so self-determination has become a mantra of survival – here goes

As Gloria Sings
Form: Italian Octave

Too long drifting without hope nor desire
My heart, broken and life starting to fray
The question: would I see another day?
Did I want to, did I still have that fire?
As life mercilessly acts to conspire
Those words against me are all they can say
I see no way out, no cards left to play
Let go, drift back and let the fates inspire
Gently refocus love to love myself
And rebuild again every bloodied shard
Of my heart, the fucked up mind will be hard
The drifting too much damaged mental health
So long in hiding and living in stealth
So carelessly how I let down my guard
Even though all signs warned I’d end up scarred
And scarred I am but that is now my wealth
From love’s blades, the same that tore into me
Ripping all sense, all feeling from my skin
Came something stronger waiting deep within
Like a warrior fighting to be free
Released in deep breaths refocused to see
A new day shines, a new life to begin
Nothing to lose, everything to win
For now, I determine what’s right for me


Turning It Around

Turning It Around
Form: Epistle
Theme: The Self-Healing Journey
Question: Where in my life do I have feelings of unworthiness for my own love?

After years of therapy, I know the self-hate comes from my youth and I think self-hate is saying I am unworthy of my own love, isn’t it? I am not going to apologize for the words I use as it is how I felt at the time.

Growing up in a time when being trans and gay were something to be, to put it politely, frowned upon I hated myself for being wrong. It’s not that I hated the inner man growing inside me, nor did I hate the outer woman, they didn’t feel right together and I hated that. It made me who I am wrong, and I really hated that.

Questioning gender and sexual identity during the puberty years made that self-hate so much worse. My body was doing the things I didn’t want it to do. I hated boobs growing, who in the hell wants to bleed once a month anyway, and did I mention I hated boobs, man I really hated them. So during that period of puberty, which at best is confusing, at worst a living hell, the self-hate took control. I learned the ways to deny reality, hide who I am, and hate myself privately and quietly. No one else needed to know I was a freak.

Self-hate has driven me to suicidal states more times than I want or care to remember. Self-hate not only makes for feelings of unworthiness of love but also unworthiness of life. It is not all doom and gloom. Gender transition was only the start of the process of healing that is still ongoing. It led to a therapist I could trust and who has helped me, bit by bit, turn a life around so it is a life I want to live. He has opened my eyes to the power of accepting self-love and being worthy of it. For that, I am forever grateful.

It has not been easy, nothing worth doing ever is. Sometimes the pain was more than I thought I could bear. Pretty much, the pain came from me thinking I could find another way when there wasn’t one, so in part was self-induced, it still bloody hurt though. However, the pain, the tears, the anger, and the sorrows have all been worth it. I am worthy of loving myself and of being who I am.

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Dusty Cobwebs

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Two things sprang to my mind and I just wasn’t going to look up a Shake’n’Vac ad as I love Queen, and this is a classic. This year for me has been one of clearing out and dumping the mess of life and getting life back on track. Is my mind any cleaner, well, it is clearer, but it still has its down and dirty moments – naturally? So here goes

Dusty Cobwebs
Form: Heroic Stanza 1

Open eyes, I can’t see the way ahead
Just drifting through, listless from here to there
Like an empty ship with nowhere to go
Nothing is left and no reason to care
Inside my mind, no thinking is found
And looking back that hindsight is a pain
Things I should have seen, things I should have known
Hindsight where red flags fall like pouring rain
Cobwebs of the mind cluttered up by love
Passions of the heart that should be sorted
Out of my reach, it don’t belong to me
Imaginings of love, old and distorted
It’s time for a clear-out, time to forget
Discard the sorrows and drown it all out
Sleep it off to awaken the new dreams
Part with holding back, shaking off the doubt
No more hiding in shadows of decline
Nor refusing to see the way ahead
The reality of a love gone wrong
It’s time to wake up, get out of that bed
To look for the moment the senses feel
The shake of the dust as the cobwebs fall
And the future sweeps it in a trash can
New beginnings await to show it all
Discarded sadness and anger in the past
No longer matters, I no longer care
Old memories may come but they will go
Now, a fresh start and it’s going somewhere
Dust, cobwebs, love, emotions off my back
I am moving on, I’m ready to grow
Dejunked and refreshed with my dreams alive
In the tranquillity I need to know


Bitch from Hell

Bitch from Hell
Form: Epistle
Theme: The Self-Healing Journey

The question is what aspect of self did I find hard to love and that is easy to answer – it is the remaining streak of femininity. I am not talking about the stereotypical female likes here such as loving to cook
most of the top chefs are men
a love of flowers
I will just say Titchmarsh and Monty Don, even Percy Thrower – all men
it’s none of that
truth be told I can’t really put my finger on it
but I see it
I see it in my stubbornness
I see it in my self-determination
and I see it in my bad temper
and somehow I have got to love this bitch from hell
and I have come to do that
instead of seeing her influences as a negative aspect of self
surely, as with most negatives, there has to be balancing positives
and there is
without her stubbornness, I would give in
without her self-determination, I would have given up
and without her bad temper, I wouldn’t stand up for myself
all I would be is a doormat for others to walk on
and I wouldn’t have the balls to do what I need to do for myself
so yes I have come to love her
for she is my strength empowering me to do it my way, on my own
and that’s cool


Work In Prog

Work In Prog
Form: Epistle
Theme: The Self-Healing Journey

‘You’re so brave’
‘You’re clever’
and various other random compliments including
‘I love you’.
Do I believe them when they are said at me
There are very few people I trust
enough to believe they mean it
when they pay me compliments.
There are a few
the same few people who are honest
enough to tell me when I am screwing up.
They are also the ones that
don’t load what they say with
how they want me to be because
they accept me as me
Learning to tell the difference
to see it before it is too late
that is a work in progress


Destiny’s Demons

Destiny’s Demons
Form: Octave

The old demons descended like a black cloud
Surrounding my heart deep inside their darkest shroud
The glint in their eyes sparkling like stars on the sea
As the white storm horses rise and roll over me
Yet in this embrace I have no need to feel fear
For it’s in these dark hours my destiny is clear
As my soul’s desires stare right into my face
A time of reckoning then, found here in this place


What the Hell Was I Thinking

What the Hell Was I Thinking
Form: Epistle
Theme: The Self-Healing Journey

Yet again I have let my self-confidence be torn apart trying to conform to ideologies that are not my own. I don’t even know why I do that, and I know it is the road to depressive cycles and ultradian trips doing that. The reality is with bipolar it is a self-destructive death wish to do that – and I bloody well know it.

Yet again this vacation into self-destruction and self-loathing is tied up with love. I let myself believe in love being possible, that someone loved me for me and not what they wanted me to be – wrong again, and I knew it. Like an idiot I didn’t stop it right there – no, I let the destruction of me begin.

I was ignoring my gut instincts which weren’t just whispering but screaming through my head that it was a bad idea. I really need to learn to trust them more as they have a horrible tendency of being spot-on. Indeed, they were nailing it. Instead of listening, I went with the old habit of burying myself behind a smile of conforming to an ideology I didn’t want, and in the process, my self-confidence faded into nothing.

So the depressive cycles started and I started to kid myself that I needed them to be creative, to do what I do. I know I don’t, I really know I don’t but I let myself believe that. Then the mental rollercoaster of ultradian and the highs to mega lows and destructive thinking and still I thought I could handle it. Being a stubborn git is not always a positive thing

This time fate dealt a wake-up call with some harsh life blows that have made me stop and think, and take time to look at life and where it was heading. Those blows hurt deep and still hurt deep, but despite that, I am grateful as I needed the boot up the ass. I was on the wrong path, I was losing everything, and worst of all, I was losing me. That had to stop and has stopped. Through grief and illness that forced me to rethink, I found my self-determination and inner strength.

It is time to rebuild, let go of everything that is not for me, and move on. I got this.


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Jaded Wings

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue

This one feels like a free verse and letting the muse do her thing and see where it goes. I have been writing a lot of love and happy poems lately I have a feeling this will be somewhat darker – indeed, I need a dark write. Bipolar has been an issue most of my life and my writing helps release those darker thoughts. So here goes

Jaded Wings
Form: Free Verse

There is no room for love
as hope begins to fade
and jaded wings bereft of flight
mantle in a defensive shield
refusing to yield
for a damaged soul needs to heal
no time to escape into
imagined worlds
while reality kicks the heart down
no drink nor drugs to free the mind
from this unkind world
and there is no escape
except that one
through a cracked door
whispers a beam of light
a guiding beacon
speaking louder now
open the door
just open it
take that one step out
one step away from the abyss
of self-destruction
one step is all it takes to escape
and jaded wings take flight


The Beginning

The Beginning
Form: Epistle
Theme: The Self-healing journey

Hey JezzieG,

Just to let you know a few things I love about you, man. Yeah, there is probably more but your old fingers ain’t gonna take that much typing are they? And there is the first thing, that self-awareness in that you are getting older and simply accepting that with your usual sense of dry humour. Nobody else gets it but hey why should you care – that is their problem, let them deal with it.

And that leads, naturally, into another thing – your dislike of unnecessary drama and the divas that use it. I swear you have ‘Not my monkeys’ tattooed on the palm of your hand as you roll your eyes and walk away. I know that is an aspect of yourself that you won after a hard fight of feeling you should care just to fit in with other people’s ideals. No, mate, why the hell should you?

I love the fact you stand for your own identity and let other people have theirs. Live and let live, right? So many would deny you your right to be you, even saying being you denies them their identity. What utter rot! They don’t like what you are, there’s a one way door out of your life they can take and you are not afraid to tell them that.

I love your creativity. The way an idea just pops into your head and you make it something powerful, weird, wonderful, or just plain nuts. You see something in the every day world differently and it takes on a new life. Is that magic?

And it is the every day world of nature that fascinates you. I love the tranquillity of your soul as you sit by the stream, night or day, and just absorb the sounds and movements of nature, letting them mingle in your mind with your own thoughts until you are at one with the earth itself. It is there I believe you find that inner resilience to be distanced from others, especially those who have shown they are not worthy of your trust.

Now, JezzieG, I have shown you just how strong you are, mate. You got this, you deserve it, now go for it.

Your eternal twin spirit


Explosions of the Mind

Form: Blank Verse Sonnet

In glares of light that explode in the sky
Just don’t speak to me, don’t you dare touch me
Another squealing flare disturbs the night
As I run away with no place to hide
There is nowhere safe for me to find rest
While humans are setting the sky on fire
It goes on night after night, without end
And while they are laughing, I feel the pain
And all my eyes see is the blood of fear
The once a year crashes, flashes and bangs
Now never-ending and without a care
In the name of fun so what if I’m scared
I’m just an old soldier sent back to fight
In the echoes of a long distant war

©JG Farmer 2020