The Blue Door

I woke up with a start. Beads of sweat forming then trailing down my forehead. I had dreamt of the blue door again. The doors that whisper of the unknown, yet of destiny. In my dreams I resisted the urge to open it as if instincts were telling me there would be no going back if I stepped through it.

The Windy Wheelbarrow

Rusty dusty spirals lay ahead of him and his eyes squinted as he tried to make out the other side and Antonick sighed in these gales it was impossible to tell how far he had come how far he had left to go but he knew he must finish his trip the queen was expecting him in her palatial nest just over the high end...

#Writephoto: The Rabbit and the Warrior

Author’s Notes: Once again KL Caley has supplied a great #Writephoto prompt which can be found here As I am working on some notes for a sonnet form and need an example I thought I would use the Grammarian Sonnet. My rabbit seems to be more appearing than vanishing but equally mystical I guess … Continue reading #Writephoto: The Rabbit and the Warrior