Listening to Mother

Listening to Mother
Form: Epistle Sonnet 16

Some days I need to remember those things
The things that give my soul the strength to heal
Allow myself to feel the joy life brings

To take time out, listen as nature sings
Away from keyboards and the glaring screen
A gentle reminder, a note-to-self
It’s never too late to take that one day
In the arms of nature to simply feel

For life isn’t about making cash wealth
Spiritual wealth can’t be a might have been
When time out is good for the mental health
With memories of the beauty I’ve seen

So when I’m quiet I’ve not gone away
It’s time to hear what nature has to say


No Cage

No Cage
Form: Epistle Sonnet 15

Your hand is always there, wrapped around mine
Eternal lover still here by my side
Your gentle touch that always spoke divine
I remind myself it’s always been mine
For you have never turned away from me
Not even when our words were crossed with rage
Instead our love grew infinitely wide
Death, how she knows she cannot stop its flow
For we belong as one in every age
In every lifetime our love waits to be
Mortal or immortal there is no cage
For our love demands our spirits are free
Now, when the veil is thin, that’s how I know
In the universe of love we’re the glow


Worth It

Worth It
Form: Epistle Sonnet 14

Without love, we believe that we are lost
Empty and devoid of reasons to be
But should a lover be at any cost
Can we force love to be with stars uncrossed
When we don’t see self worthy of care
How then can we declare a love’s decree
When the heart is saying we’re not worth it
It is time reach out for the self-esteem
To believe in self and thus to redeem
The powers of love and all that they share
To believe the heart is able to dream
And that love is waiting out there somewhere
Rebuilding self is making us love fit
And putting the self down, that’s just bullshit


First and Last

First and Last
Form: Epistle Sonnet 13

I remember our love every day
Recalling the ways you’d make me feel it
“I love you,” the first and last thing I say
In the moon rise and under the sun’s ray
Through storms until the last drops are falling
From this loving you I can never quit
So many words now seem left unspoken
But I believe this letter you will see
As I go through this world my heart broken
I will not sit here crying and bawling
For in the senses you left awoken
Our love has become my honoured calling
Throughout time my devoted destiny
Always, your love, our love echoes in me


The End (NaPoMo 30)

The End
Form: Epistle Sonnet 30 – aba baedc cdcd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Ice Cream

And you thought I was just losing my grip
My sanity falling over the edge
Surely this challenge was going to trip
Me up and send me reeling off the ledge
Almost, some prompts made my mind spin and slip
The pen kept finding its creative bend
Not this time, Muse I swear I heard it scream
Curving its way round all those words absurd
We’re here at the last, and breaking the cord
Pen weary, my mind like melted ice cream
All for the love of the poetic word
A cycle of sonnets no more a dream
Through thirty days the lines and verse commend
NaPoMo begun, here it too will end


For Suzi (NaPoMo 27)

For Suzi
Epistle Sonnet 27 – aba badce cdcd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Helmet

For, in reality, on her I depend
My ride from here to there, from A to B
The 1000cc engine my friend
Or the open road into destiny
Wherever it goes, whatever the wend
A backpack and skid lid, it’s time to go
To a deep forest or sandy beach shore
A decision made once we’re on the road
There’s so many places left to explore
On a day we’re just going with the flow
It’s Suzi and me there’s no want for more
She takes me her way in the sunset’s glow
To her two wheels so much is duly owed
For wild days easing my soul of life’s load


Getting a Chest (NaPoMo 24)

Getting a Chest
Form: Epistle Sonnet 24 – aba aedcb cdcd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Table

As I close my eyes into the rewind
Anaesthetics take me to my dreams
Reality of self soon redefined
And a surgeon’s knife to bring peace of mind
As I close my eyes the past slips away
And the lights fade out while I float on time
As he performs his craft on the table
I’m away with fairies or so it seems
Bright lights, eyes still hazy and unstable
Out of my head drifting in the sublime
The morphine drips slowly; I’m unable
To feel the pain, that’s a matter of time
Time: I feel like a bus hit me this way
Time for healing getting stronger each day


Old Bear (NaPoMo 21)

Old Bear
Form: Epistle Sonnet 21 – aba aecbd cdcd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Plush Toy

Who needs a cherry when you got syrup
And who needs loving when you got a bear
A bear that’s always there, to cheer you up
But a bear can’t make coffee in a cup?
There are limitations as you can see
Yet still my old bear is my bestest friend
For he’s the one that has always been there
In him there is nothing I can’t confide
So when it comes down to it in the end
I will keep him just here right by my side
A privilege I will always defend
He’s never played tricks or even lied
And maybe his loving matters to me
For in this love I can let myself be


Rhino???? (NaPoMo 18)

Form: Epistle Sonnet 18 – aba adecb cdcd ee
Form: Love Subject: Rhino

To take my thinking out of double-dutch
Removing that elephant from the room
For my insanity has lost its touch
The moth-eaten rhino’s talking too much
(Well, I had to work it in somehow, right? –
I dare myself not to take that bit out) –
This challenge I am beginning to regret
But I won’t give in to the doom and gloom
Elephants and rhinos, I never met
Any, not one, that would not stand and fight
In fact they have offered me this here bet
So for my love of words I have to write
Nonsense in a sonnet I’m almost out
A last line to bring a new one about


Twilight Beach

Twilight Beach
Form: Epistle Sonnet 12

Fiery feathers ripple on sunset’s shore
As our hearts greet the beauty of the night
Thus bound by love with new dreams to explore
And I knew I could never ask for more
Your impressions left swirling on my skin
You gave me the wonder of love’s delight
And so my heart became your own device
While destiny shone like it was brand new
And on the cold nights I feel you close in
To snuggle up against the winds of ice
And I don’t care if they think it’s a sin
Remembering the nights that felt so nice
I gave you my heart in love ever true
Hold it gently, baby, take it with you


Ripped Button (NaPoMo 12)

Ripped Button
Form: Epistle Sonnet 12 – aba acedb cdcd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Shirt Button

But for the British Summer rain must fall
Sunny days on the beach not guaranteed
Yet we walked the shore on grey days and all
All those memories are ours to recall
So many first moments down by the sea
From a first kiss and a first “I love you”
And when you ripped the button from my shirt
While taken over by your sensual need
Before we rushed home to set our love free
You picked up the button out of beach dirt
And I found it yesterday so you see
That day I recalled in a sudden blurt
Back to the day that greys skies turned blue
A magical moment as if on cue


Buttered Toast

Buttered Toast
Form: Epistle Sonnet 11

Morning sunshine lingers for a new day
No headlines screaming out from the TV
For everything felt new that day in May
Even the Weetabix changed in some way
Yet it looked the same sat there in the bowl
Had my eyes lost their way or I my sense
But today is different and I see
You as you smile while buttering your toast
Just breakfast yet love is making me whole
You stayed for dinner, our first Sunday roast
Before going home, darling you took my soul
That Monday was lonely here on the coast
My love for you held in aching suspense
As I made wishes over the incense


A Little Surprised (NaPoMo 9)

A Little Surprised
Form: Epistle Sonnet 9 – aba acdbe cdcd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Deodorant

Yet sweet memories bring me my smile back
And I can’t tell the when, how, where, or what
But tonight it was a whoosh of Lynx Black
I’m too tired to let my brains try to rack
Why on earth it would be something like that
And I admit I’m a little surprised
Perhaps you think my deodorant’s hot
Not that it matters I’m glad you are here
Even when standing on a bathroom mat
Beneath a towel my body disguised
But how to explain my gasp to the cat
Her looks says my mind is, um, compromised
But I don’t care as long as you are near
And now I will go to bed in good cheer


One Wish (NaPoMo 6)

One Wish (NaPoMo 6)
Epistle Sonnet 6 – aba abedc cdcd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Binoculars

Come with me, my lovely, let our love free
Let us go there where the birds come to fly
On the shady paths of forest and tree
The perfect spot for us to watch and see
All our birds as they come down from on high
And I promise I won’t teach you how to fish
I’ll give you my nocs so you can see clear
Come with me once just to scratch on this itch
I’ll keep you safe; guide you from every ditch
For in the forest, there’s nothing to fear
Let’s go birding, a twitcher’s gotta twitch
And you, my love, I want you to be near
Darling, I know it’s not swanky or swish
Baby, just grant me this one single wish


Travelling Home (NaPoMo 3)

Travelling Home
Form: Epistle Sonnet 3 – aba abdce cdcd ee
Theme: Love: Subject: Wordsearch

A Deco fork from the sale by the lake
For a Bakewell tart with my cup of tea
On a long journey a much welcome break
This travelling by train can be an ache
Looking out windows with nothing to see
The views are a blur when going so fast
With a clickety click I read my book
Or do a puzzle with the freebie pen
While circling words I’ve found the pink ink shook
Another train whistles while rattling past
But I’m that engrossed I don’t even look
And the final word I’ve found it at last
A wordsearch or two in a sort of Zen
And I’ll soon be back at my mum’s again


Inside Madness

Inside Madness
Form: Epistle Sonnet 10

Sweet sorrow tastes good on bloodied fingers
As now the blood flows freely from my pen
But the pain of you echoes and lingers
For my eyes were blind to love’s harbingers
Telling me you were not meant for my arms
And my heart ignoring the warning signs
Stubbornness costing me my sanity
I couldn’t wish the pain away again
For me, the red flags should come with alarms
As in love I just don’t see the confines
Believing in all the old wily charms
Easy meat then for you and your designs
As I lost my mind, I saw destiny
And in my madness, I set myself free


I Knew Him

I Knew Him
Form: Epistle Sonnet 9

I can’t recall the first time I saw him
His grey eyes staring from behind the glass
A trick of the eye or was the light dim
Just a boy with no name but I knew him
Over the years I felt his pain in me
For all the boyish things he should have been
For all those things I know I should have asked
And I began to promise one day, one day
The one day would come and I’d set him free
Accept the things inside that no one’s seen
For I knew from the start that he was me
Hidden behind the mask of girly sheen
That day when the mirror gave him away
He became a man and is here to stay


Dreamy State

Dreamy State
Form: Epistle Sonnet 8

Where reality and fantasy blur
And the seawater mingles with the sky
Lies the one place where I’ll always find her
My very own Venus dressed in her fur
When my eyes drift to that dreamy state
For ours is the love that keeps rolling by
I know she’s there when the waiting is done
As the sun gives way to another night
I close my eyes so senses integrate
Hers and mine and as our passions ignite
Longings of desire begin to sate
Once more we are one for a love-filled night
Until my heart must again be undone
With the light rising on a new day’s sun


Epistle Sonnet Notes

Created by: JezzieG
Structure: Triplet, Quintain, Quatrain, and Couplet
Meter: Poet’s choice
Rhyme Scheme: aba abcde cdcd ee
Notes: The order of the end rhymes of the quintain are in any order, giving 120 variants.


A Birth by JezzieG
Quintain – abcde

The sonnet for so long has echoed my voice
With words and lines my lips find hard to say
In saddest despair and love to rejoice

For the epistles it’s an easy choice
To let my own thoughts flow out in this way
Whilst testing out this, a new sonnet form
Joining the Rovi and Ivor as one
Twisting the rhyme scheme just one more time

And letting them mingle in a brainstorm
A triplet and quintet but can it be done
A quatrain and a couplet, that’s a norm
Just messing with the rhymes, I think I won

Now, the closing lines left to end this rhyme
And I have a sonnet mountain to climb

Until You Feel Right

Until You Feel Right
Form: Epistle Sonnet 7

Is this what you think our love really is
Yelling at me in another staged row
In the hope we can make up with a kiss
Is this your idea of lover’s bliss?
What is so wrong with just getting along
What is wrong with feeling love anyhow
Why do you always want to make a fight
And do you get off on putting me down?
When you fuck up it is me in the wrong
I’m saying sorry until you feel right
This is not the love of my heart’s sweet song
Fighting until you want sex for the night
For making love, it is not; lust alone
As all I will ever see is your frown



Form: Epistle Sonnet 6

Divine spirit in a frail human form
A King of men with the wisdom of saints
To hear his words many followers swarm
A simple life lived with a heart so warm
The dreams of peace with simple words he paints
As he won his wars without bomb or gun
Stormed by emotions and awakened souls
Speaking for peace, without sabre or sword
Sanctions of trade in steps moving forward
Break the rules for the rebellion goals
Dismantle the empire from far abroad
While calling for change at government polls
A thin old man always a gentleman
Gandhi, almost sacred beneath the sun


Honeyed Twilight

Honeyed Twilight
Form: Epistle Sonnet 5

Just sat on the wall watching the dusk fall
Peaceful beneath a melting honey sky
And silhouette trees echo with birds’ call
The dimming of light reflecting it all
Crossing of a t or dotting an i
Breathing freshness of slowly cooling air
And silence becomes music to the ears
To ease the troubles of a busy day
No, not for me a pub for a few beers
When chilling down is so easy this way
And in the twilight the mind gently clears
Ready for the night and come what it may
To the very last glimmer of sun’s ray
Tis the perfect end to the working day


Birds Sing Love

Birds Sing Love
Form: Epistle 4

Let the winds fall into a gentle breeze
So birds begin singing a lover’s song
And caressed by dew the flower buds tease
We walk the meadow path, my world at ease
My heart will follow and before too long
The first shy words of love will leave my lips
While yearning to belong in your embrace
And taste the delight in love’s first sweet kiss
The music of spring echoes with a bliss
While falling in love brings the heart’s eclipse
That brings me willingly to your abyss
My desire to fall at your fingertips
Falling in love and giving up the chase
For here, with you, I’ve found my sacred place


Sweeping Hands

Sweeping Hands
Form: Epistle Sonnet 3

Three brass hands moving while marking out time
Seconds drifting into minutes then hours
But never enough to release the chime
For the old clock’s music covered in grime
Releasing the sound is beyond my powers
I know I keep saying I’ll get it fixed
Because I’ve never heard its little song
Then I think, I like the silence it keeps
I think its chimes will make time seem too long
How will little bells change the time betwixt
The then and now, do I need the ding dong
To remind me of when in love we mixed
Just watching each hand as it slowly sweeps
Is enough to tell me how slow time creeps


In Cambrian Hills

In Cambrian Hills
Form: Epistle Sonnet 2

If my words could just paint a mountaintop
Like a brush on canvas creates the scene
With splashes of green trees in a raindrop
And purple heather gathered in a crop
Echoes of where my walking boots have been
As colour memories mingle like the sea
The whispers of you and I talking love
While we sit here making our daisy chains
And I remember how it used to be
In clear reflections in pools of the rains
In nature’s beauty, we shared flasks of tea
And feel the wonder running through our veins
These Cambrian hills rising high above
In nature’s hands the love we were sure of


A Birth

A Birth
Form: Epistle Sonnet 1

The sonnet for so long has echoed my voice
With words and lines my lips find hard to say
In saddest despair and love to rejoice
For the epistles it’s an easy choice
To let my own thoughts flow out in this way
Whilst testing out this, a new sonnet form
Joining the Rovi and Ivor as one
Twisting the rhyme scheme just one more time
And letting them mingle in a brainstorm
A triplet and quintet but can it be done
A quatrain and a couplet, that’s a norm
Just messing with the rhymes, I think I won
Now, the closing lines left to end this rhyme
And I have a sonnet mountain to climb