Dictionary Corner

Dictionary Corner
Form: Englyn Cyrch

Another book on the shelf
A precious thing in itself
Seeking a meaning in words
Seems absurd, it’s poetic wealth
For when it comes to that time
A poet’s lines cannot mime
And though his thoughts may rehearse
The verse still needs a new rhyme


Gloaming Flight

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Gloaming Flight
Form: Englyn Cyrch

As afternoon meets the dusk
He rises from field of husk
A solo caw in farewell
Clear as tolling bells at dusk
In darkening skies, he soars
Shopkeeper closes his doors
At last, it’s time to go home
Now gloaming is on its tours
Raven bird fly to your roost
By twilight don’t be seduced
The night is near, time to rest
Your feathered breast needs the boost