NaPoMo 2023 (WIP)

April is nearly here and along with it NaPoMo and the challenge of writing a poem every day for 30 days. This year I am focusing on the Ivorian, Raven’s Rovi, and the Epistle Sonnet. As sonnets, the theme is, naturally, love, however, the subject matter is totally random. I am also setting a challenge to myself to make a 30-sonnet cycle. I must be mad!!!

Poem 1 – To My Pen

Form: Ivorian Sonnet 1 – aa bcb dede abcede
Theme: Love Subject: A pen

NaPoMo begun, here it too will end
A journey of sonnets this year to wend

While challenging my pen and mind to think
For the days ahead are a mystery
Concealed on blank pages waiting ink

My beloved pen are you up to this task
I promise the India black is full
Be mine for thirty days all I ask
Let’s not waste the new ink staining old wool

This early spring on love we will depend
While writing this, that, and the kitchen sink
Inspired by friends, nature, and history
As we walk fields with a picnic and flask
I thank you, my love, you are wonderful

Poem 2 – From Toast to Cake

Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 2 – aba cdcd abced ee
Theme: Love Subject: A fork

I thank you, my love, you are wonderful
For the memories who have given me
That keeps me going when doubt starts to pull
The sweet little things that seem nothing much
That come from nowhere when I need them most
In thoughts of you here with your gentle touch
Just like today while I’m making the toast
And I wanted some jam just a spoonful
In the drawer of my jam spoons and such
It sat there gleaming daring me to see
You here and savouring chocolate cake
Right beside the knife for carving roast
The bargain deal that you haggled to make
A Deco fork from the sale by the lake

Poem 3: Travelling Home

Form: Epistle Sonnet 3 – aba abdce cdcd ee
Theme: Love: Subject: Wordsearch

A Deco fork from the sale by the lake
For a Bakewell tart with my cup of tea
On a long journey a much welcome break
This travelling by train can be an ache
Looking out windows with nothing to see
The views are a blur when going so fast
With a clickety click I read my book
Or do a puzzle with the freebie pen
While circling words I’ve found the pink ink shook
Another train whistles while rattling past
But I’m that engrossed I don’t even look
And the final word I’ve found it at last
A wordsearch or two in a sort of Zen
And I’ll soon be back at my mum’s again

Poem 4: Biological Inheritance

Form: Ivorian Sonnet 4
Theme: Love: Subject: Genetics

And I’ll soon be back at my mum’s again
My sanctuary when my life’s insane
Where I can be me in this world bizarre
For I can’t be as crazy as my mum
I love her dearly whether near or far
To be fair it is a family gene
And I really can’t say too much, can I?
Beneath steel grey eyes I have always been
A crazy geek and mum’s the reason why

This genetic stuff affected my brain
So my destiny was always ga-ga
To me, my mum will always be the queen
So what if we’re nuts, who gives a sigh
We’re anything but boringly humdrum

Poem 5: Lover Sublime

Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 5 – aba cdcd abecd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Handmirror

We’re anything but boringly humdrum
Living as reflections behind the glass
Our world in reverse, as she goes, we come

In her handmirror laid by her hairbrush
Forgotten we are out of place and time
Her make up is done, there’s no need to rush
As she’s gone to meet her lover sublime

Let you and I play and sup the bay rum
For this loving is not just for the brass
So, come, my lovely, come and dance with me
Don’t be quiet or make love in a hush
We’ve got until the morning bells chime

Let’s dance and drink so we can be merry
Come with me, my lovely, let our love free

Poem 6: One Wish

Epistle Sonnet 6 – aba abedc cdcd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Binoculars

Come with me, my lovely, let our love free
Let us go there where the birds come to fly
On the shady paths of forest and tree
The perfect spot for us to watch and see
All our birds as they come down from on high
And I promise I won’t teach you how to fish
I’ll give you my nocs so you can see clear
Come with me once just to scratch on this itch
I’ll keep you safe; guide you from every ditch
For in the forest, there’s nothing to fear
Let’s go birding, a twitcher’s gotta twitch
And you, my love, I want you to be near

Darling, I know it’s not swanky or swish
Baby, just grant me this one single wish

Poem 7: By the White Rose

Ivorian Sonnet 7 – aa bcb dede acbde
Theme: Love Subject: Flowers

Baby, just grant me this one single wish
For my heart it feels like a broken dish

Let me see you standing by the white rose
Just so I may know that you still love me
But I shouldn’t have these doubts I suppose

But today it is so hard to believe
I feel alone and it feels so damn cold
Was my destiny meant to only grieve
They say be brave but I am not so bold

I long to see you if only in ish
A ghostly moment of what used to be
But I need the hope the veil didn’t close
Like a flower needs the green verdant leaf
I just wish you were here for me to hold


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