Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 69

My place of safety behind sunglasses
As they shield my eyes away from your gaze
I can see the truth of you as it passes

In the snide comments that come to reveal
The new reality of what you call love
And the agony you want me to feel
In darkness, it’s not even a kind of

For I have seen what you cannot conceal
From behind my shades that is truth, I see
No more shall your lies in my heart amaze
As when the beauty of love surpasses
As what you want there is no kind of love

Behind shades, the truth set my heart free
As no tears cry for what can never be


Taichi Sonnet Notes

Structure: Three quatrains and a couplet
Meter: Pentameter or Decasyllabic
Rhyme Scheme: aabb cccc ddee ff


Morning Alarm by JezzieG

As the day begins breath deep a few times
And listen to the sound of the wind chimes
As the eyes soften to see the new day
Before the birds waken to lead the way

Now limber up with a yawning stretch out
Before touching the toes or there about
Gently does it without a fear or doubt
For the today, body and mind need clout

And the will doesn’t always come from coffee
If only, how simple then life would be
But when you are ready go make a cup
And let the muse know you’re awake and up

But first things first go turn off the alarm
For that incessant beeping has no charm

The Night of the Violet Moon

A Garret Poet

The Night of the Violet Moon
Form: English Sonnet

We’ll live again the time we knew before,
a place where only love can touch the soul,
as on an eagle’s wings we swoop and soar,
once more, my dearest love, we can be whole.
Ev’ry embrace shall take us to our place
and write the precious words in amber sands
to honour love divine in all its grace,
while walking to the night as it demands.
And there beneath the violet moon, so rare,
I’ll ask you from my knee to be my wife,
to stay with me in this old place we share,
and once again, I offer you, my life.
On this sweet night in our love’s purple haze
where we belong until the end of days


Sunday Sonnet – Pied Beauty by Gerard Manley Hopkins

Gerard Manley Hopkins 1844-1889

Pied Beauty

Glory be to God for dappled thing –
For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow;
For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim,
Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls; finches’ wings,
Landscape plotted and pieced – fold, fallow, and plough;
And all trades, their gear and tackle and trim.
All things counter, original, spare, strange;
Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?)
Well swift, slow; sweet, sour; adazzle, dim;
He fathers-forth whose beauty is past change:
Praise him

Listening to Mother

Listening to Mother
Form: Epistle Sonnet 16

Some days I need to remember those things
The things that give my soul the strength to heal
Allow myself to feel the joy life brings

To take time out, listen as nature sings
Away from keyboards and the glaring screen
A gentle reminder, a note-to-self
It’s never too late to take that one day
In the arms of nature to simply feel

For life isn’t about making cash wealth
Spiritual wealth can’t be a might have been
When time out is good for the mental health
With memories of the beauty I’ve seen

So when I’m quiet I’ve not gone away
It’s time to hear what nature has to say


Not so Coy Koi (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Form: Folded Sonnet

The art of a spy deceiving their too-curious eyes
Takes a pinch of cunning and a simple wily disguise
But in the reality, I just wanted to break free
Escaping the confines of pond life to swim in the sea
They all said I couldn’t I was just a bright orange koi
I’d stand out a mile and bigger fish I’d surely annoy
They would beat me all up and leave me alone there bleeding
But I’m a koi, a goldfish of superior breeding
I’m not a stupid fish so while I am swimming, I think
There must be a way to fake it out there in the big drink
Then pow and bam it came to me like a flashing great spark
A fish like me can only be a mahoosive great shark

Time: 10 minutes 20 seconds
Word count: 157


Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 69

I look back and see them all smile at me
As I smile back, I know I must forget
Never again can I look back and see

The faces that guided me to my birth
Yet I know they are always at my side
In both moments of sorrow and of mirth
And while my eyes can’t see they’re my soul’s guide

As they push me onward against the tide
Blessed spirits as this life’s journey I take
I wonder if they were making a bet
On me reaching the point of destiny
To find my fated place with Mother Earth

So hard to see when my heart is an ache
My bad choices, now better ones to make


When Eyes Open

When Eyes Open
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 94

I’m living, breathing with my senses dead
So lost in fear I’ve lost myself instead
A nobody; invisible to eyes
Now that love isn’t blind and I can see
Your words of love were just a sly disguise
The sweet bait in a narcissistic trap
And for far too long you had me deceived
Indeed you had me there under your wrap
Not seeing truth of what should be believed
In all that time I was taking your crap
While in your lies my esteem was relieved
But did you think I would not recognise
There was a better place for me to be
When being with you can only bring dread


No Cage

No Cage
Form: Epistle Sonnet 15

Your hand is always there, wrapped around mine
Eternal lover still here by my side
Your gentle touch that always spoke divine
I remind myself it’s always been mine
For you have never turned away from me
Not even when our words were crossed with rage
Instead our love grew infinitely wide
Death, how she knows she cannot stop its flow
For we belong as one in every age
In every lifetime our love waits to be
Mortal or immortal there is no cage
For our love demands our spirits are free
Now, when the veil is thin, that’s how I know
In the universe of love we’re the glow


Spanish Sonnet Notes

Spanish Sonnet 1

Structure: Octet and sestet
Meter: 11-Syllsble lines
Rhyme Scheme: abababab cdccdc


Spring Sunshine by JezzieG

The years keep passing and time cannot stand still
I wonder how the warmth of your love holds me
Flowing through my body as it always will
Like spring sunshine gently warms the early bee
I think of your kiss; how it made my heart thrill
And how you chose to love me and let me see
You, my spark of life that would my heart fulfil
Your passion and desire were my destiny

And the years go by yet my heart feels the same
The eternal urge to hold you close and near
And tantra of the night breathing out your name
The very same urgent breath that stakes your claim
On my body, heart, soul; oh my precious dear
‘Tis your love took my wild soul and made it tame

Spanish Sonnet 2

Structure: Octet and sestet
Meter: 11-Syllsble lines
Rhyme Scheme: abbaabba cdccdc


Love Incomplete by JezzieG

An old song on playing remembers it all
Of falling in love, but always incomplete
As you cried your tears that I could never meet
But I would hold you until he came to call
All those weeks and months he was having a ball
As he left you behind with nothing so sweet
But I’d comfort you with no thought of retreat
As my heart had already begun to fall

In love with you; knowing you never loved me
You just wanted somewhere to cry it all out
So you let me believe our loving could be
But still in your heart you could never be free
And I knew that without a shadow of doubt
Cruel love blinded me so I could not see

Spanish Sonnet 3

Structure: Octet and sestet
Meter: 11-Syllsble lines
Rhyme Scheme: abababcc dedded


Summer Dancing by JezzieG

I long for the twilight and summer dancing
The closeness of you as stars begin to shine
While we whisper caught in the sweet romancing
Like the night we first kissed and you became mine
And in our whispers, I knew I was chancing
Rejection but still I loved you as divine
Oh how I long for that, the night we first kissed
For it is the touch of your lips I have missed

For the memories I play our songs tonight
To feel you here, floating in my arms again
To dance in the garden because it feels right
As I close my eyes, a moment of respite
We danced whatever be it wind or the rain
And to the stars I whisper “You’re my delight”

Her Tender She

Her Tender She
Form: Teacher-pupil Sonnet

“Touch me gently and you’ll find my desire
Kiss me there, baby and ignite my fire
Close your eyes and play my skin like a lyre
Go gently baby let my lust inspire
Your thoughts and deeds into our passion’s pyre
Let my senses with your hunger conspire
As you lead me like a maid to her sire
Into that moment where there is no higher”
As in this art of loving she taught me
To make her feel this so wanton and free
Taking time releasing passions to be
To sip her slowly as if drinking tea
So hot my lips burned with her tender she
And in her pleasure my own I could see


All That Jazz

All That Jazz
Form: Dutch Sonnet

Just before sunset I feel your presence
In the magical light you’re drawing near
Amid pink and orange echoes on glass
That are dancing with strains of a jazz gas
I look around hoping to see you here
As my thoughts dream in this time of pleasance
And I hear your whispers softly chastise
These precious moments I’ll not compromise
As my window glows in the sunset’s fire
I want the magic of our love as mine
Is it too much to ask for one desire
When the sunlight fades welcoming nightfall
In the silence back where we used to be
Some jazz and some wine; I can see it all


Little Things

Little Things
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 68

Darling, I know you now so very well
From the last tender kiss of sweet goodnight
To your unholy morning unwashed smell
It's then I slip downstairs to make some tea
I hear the shower splatter making steam
The cup waits for you to be ready, free
As for me, I step under the hot stream
As it runs cold; Oh well I have coffee
And while I shiver, I can make some toast
Are you cutting your nails, it’s hard to tell
Is that the smell of hair removal cream?
These the things that say our loving is right
The little things so yeuk and a bit gross
When I love you means I love you the most


Unbreakable Bond

Unbreakable Bond
Form: Cerispring Sonnet

To love once is to love for time
This truth the heart learned well
When your sweet lips kissed upon mine
And on poet’s words cast your spell
So his heart sings for you
And of his love he yearns to tell
To see the world and turn you on
In your arms his soul is undone
For all he wants is loving you
To feel your kiss on his
As there’s nothing else, he can do
Poet wants no other love than this
For, baby, you’re his fire
For this is love’s eternal bliss


All of This

All of This
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 93 (Dimeter)

A simple smile
Once in a while
As thoughts turn to
Those golden days
I spent with you
Those days of joy
And endless bliss
No senses coy
Lost in your kiss
Love an envoi
To all of this
Knowing it too
As eyes beguile
The feeling stays


Warriors of the Sea (Writephoto)

Inspired by and written for #Writephoto – thank you, KL

Form: Shelley’s Sonnet

The greatest moments twisting throughout time
In swirls of memory that won’t forget
Finding their harbour in our verse and rhyme
History in the hands of a poet
From the Mary Rose that sunk in the slime
To Victory, Nelson’s wooden flagship
And to a modern grey naval frigate
All sailed past these walls, there sails in wind’s rip
This our Navy formed by a long-dead king
Sailors of old climbing masts to rig it
And new ships guided by a radar ping
Cycles of history gathered on tours
City-sized ships carry craft of the wing
Protect the seas, guardians of our shores


Worth It

Worth It
Form: Epistle Sonnet 14

Without love, we believe that we are lost
Empty and devoid of reasons to be
But should a lover be at any cost
Can we force love to be with stars uncrossed
When we don’t see self worthy of care
How then can we declare a love’s decree
When the heart is saying we’re not worth it
It is time reach out for the self-esteem
To believe in self and thus to redeem
The powers of love and all that they share
To believe the heart is able to dream
And that love is waiting out there somewhere
Rebuilding self is making us love fit
And putting the self down, that’s just bullshit


Numbing the Hurt

Numbing the Hurt
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 67

No answers lie within the glass
That’s stained with the remains of wine
Nor are they found when smoking grass
But they pass time numbing the hurt
As confusion starts to make sense
When desire is not to be alert
And logic simply won’t commence
To see a shirt replace a skirt
What solutions are there to take
Trying not to care if I pass
And making out that all is fine
Ack! those thoughts, simply too immense
Hard decisions I had to make
No wine or drugs could numb that ache


Sunday Sonnet – The Dead by Mathilde Blind

Mathilde Blind 1841-1896

The Dead

The dead abide with us! though stark and cold
Earth seems to grip them; they are with us still:
They have forged our chains of being for good or ill
And their invisible hands these hands yet hold.
Our perishable bodies are the mould
In which their strong imperishable will,
Mortality’s deep yearning to fulfil,
Hath grown incorporate through dim time untold,
Vibrations infinite of life in death,
As a star’s travelling light survives its star!
So may we hold our lives, that when we are
The Fate of those who then will draw this breath,
They shall not drag us to their judgment bar,
And curse the heritage which we bequeath.

Genealogical Missing Bits

Genealogical Missing Bits
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 66 (Trimeter)
Theme: Love

Before I understood
Love’s memories were born
They return like driftwood
That floats onto the shore
And the pebbles still shine
But I wish I’d asked more
Your history now mine
But life runs fast before
We think of ways divine
I can’t ask questions now
The way ahead is worn
But pebbles still shine good
I’ll fill the gaps somehow
From the then to the now


Leading the Way (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

So let’s get in the mood (naturally) – oh my gods the memories – fabulous

Form: Fatima Stanza Sonnet

From tango to disco you loved to dance
I took the classes; to learn how to lead
Insecure steps of me taking the chance
A rock step and swirling spin to succeed
And as I dipped you my confidence freed
As you too briefly laid over my thigh
And you followed me into the rhythmic deed
My heart was racing I cannot deny
All those weeks I had watched you dancing by
And this dancing the way to catch your eye
I wasn’t that good yet you never sigh
I got better and your heart followed me
A different dance, a different high
In the swing of love we found our glee

Time: 9 minutes 30 seconds
Word count: 112


Such a Nice Guy

Such a Nice Guy
Form: Salamander’s Fireburst

On that cold night with no moon in the sky
As we walked home and it got darker still
For the clouds wrapped the stars in their roaming
As we turned to walk up Old Stoker’s Hill
On that night when Vlad seemed such a nice guy
Because the streets were all dark and gloaming
We didn’t see the black cloak all swirling
Nor the black dogs with their mouths all foaming
On that dark night when we didn’t ask why
On the way from the pub lust unfurling
The nice old bloke who stopped us for a chat
And whose charms had our senses a-twirling
That night did we know it was time to die
Vlad needed blood for living and all that


Morning Alarm

Morning Alarm
Form: Taichi Sonnet

As the day begins breathe deep a few times
And listen to the sound of the wind chimes
As the eyes soften to see the new day
Before the birds waken to lead the way
Now limber up with a yawning stretch out
Before touching the toes or there about
Gently does it without a fear or doubt
For the today, body and mind need clout
And the will doesn’t always come from coffee
If only, how simple then life would be
But when you are ready go make a cup
And let the muse know you’re awake and up
But first things first go turn off the alarm
For that incessant beeping has no charm


First and Last

First and Last
Form: Epistle Sonnet 13

I remember our love every day
Recalling the ways you’d make me feel it
“I love you,” the first and last thing I say
In the moon rise and under the sun’s ray
Through storms until the last drops are falling
From this loving you I can never quit
So many words now seem left unspoken
But I believe this letter you will see
As I go through this world my heart broken
I will not sit here crying and bawling
For in the senses you left awoken
Our love has become my honoured calling
Throughout time my devoted destiny
Always, your love, our love echoes in me


The End (NaPoMo 30)

The End
Form: Epistle Sonnet 30 – aba baedc cdcd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Ice Cream

And you thought I was just losing my grip
My sanity falling over the edge
Surely this challenge was going to trip
Me up and send me reeling off the ledge
Almost, some prompts made my mind spin and slip
The pen kept finding its creative bend
Not this time, Muse I swear I heard it scream
Curving its way round all those words absurd
We’re here at the last, and breaking the cord
Pen weary, my mind like melted ice cream
All for the love of the poetic word
A cycle of sonnets no more a dream
Through thirty days the lines and verse commend
NaPoMo begun, here it too will end


Sunday Sonnet – Remember Me by Christina Georgina Rossetti

Christina Georgina Rossetti 1830-1894

Remember Me

Remember me when I am gone away,
Gone far away into the silent land;
When you can no more hold me by the hand,
Nor I half turn to go yet turning stay.
Remember me when no more day by day
You tell of our future that you planned:
Only remember me; you understand
It will be late to counsel then or pray.
Yet if you should forget me for a while
And afterwards remember, do not grieve;
For if the darkness and corruption leave
A vestige of the thoughts that once I had,
Better by far you should forget and smile
Than that you should remember and be sad

Love’s Asp (NaPoMo 29)

Love’s Asp
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 29 – aba cdcd baecd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Ring

In this my own world and my liberty
I’ve learned my lessons living the hard way
But I learned them well and they set me free
To stand in truth may mean I stand alone
But tis better than a narcissist’s grasp
Dragging me down until I am undone
Without even a final breath to gasp
I stood my ground to face another day
Finding myself in all the agony
Through the darkness I let my senses rip
And let my heart turn into coldest stone
When a beautiful ring became love’s asp
I watched our love die drip by lonely drip
And you thought I was just losing my grip


Clear Out (Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – thank you GC and Sue

Form: Sephallian Reverse Sonnet

Overloaded shelves filled with books
On the floor stacks and piles of more
It’s time to sort this all out, right?
A box for keeping, and black bags for trash
All the junk food style fiction has got to go
Flicking through pages is making it slow
But this is books one can’t be rash
And Audible sees me through the night
Maybe I can trash another four
To B&Q for wood and hooks
More shelves – I should have thought of that –
More overloaded shelves of my bookish tat
Even the cat is giving me strange looks


Blinded Heart

Blinded Heart
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 65
Theme: Love

So I knew it would happen from the start
But I ignored my instincts anyway
I deceived my mind with a blinded heart
I should have listened my gut’s always true
You were no different, but just the same
You didn’t care. I meant nothing to you
Yes, you’re just the same by another name
With your dirty mouth I should’ve seen through
And as you cheated you left me with shame
For you getting caught awhile getting laid
Was it because I didn’t fall apart?
I knew it was coming from the first day
But in your cheating, all my love decayed
For ignoring truth that price I have paid


Soap on a Rope (NaPoMo 28)

Soap on a Rope
Ivorian Sonnet 28 – aa bcb dede badec
Theme: Love Subject: Facewash

For wild days easing my soul of life’s load
The time had come to make a change of mode
It struck me while I was taking a pee
Those floral gels and creams – they had to go –
So I could really live my life on T
In the trash they went, a soap on a rope,
Shower gels, and bubbly pearls filled the can
Making room for razors and stuff of hope
For that first day, the first shave of a man
Yes, I know what you all can clearly see
A goatee beard states a different code
But now and then hot wash and shaving soap
Because it’s needed and because I can
In this my own world and my liberty


Sink or Surf (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Form: Envelope Sonnet

A day at the beach, that’s what we had planned
On the long winter nights before lockdown
And life stopped in every city and town
But we kept dreaming of sun, sea, and sand
By then this Covid will have gone away
And once again we’d all be running free
Did you see the crowds on last night’s TV?
There is a spike coming or so they say
Social distancing we don’t stand a chance
Other precautions will have to be made
And then Steve said he had an awesome plan
So here we all are prepared in advance
Covid won’t stop us we won’t be outplayed
And we’ll surf some waves however we can

Time: 10 minutes
Word count: 116


For Suzi (NaPoMo 27)

For Suzi
Epistle Sonnet 27 – aba badce cdcd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Helmet

For, in reality, on her I depend
My ride from here to there, from A to B
The 1000cc engine my friend
Or the open road into destiny
Wherever it goes, whatever the wend
A backpack and skid lid, it’s time to go
To a deep forest or sandy beach shore
A decision made once we’re on the road
There’s so many places left to explore
On a day we’re just going with the flow
It’s Suzi and me there’s no want for more
She takes me her way in the sunset’s glow
To her two wheels so much is duly owed
For wild days easing my soul of life’s load


For Winnie

For Winnie
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 92

As the night fades out into morning light
I feel your stare hold me blankly in sight
The numbness of grief is now my embrace
As I know you cannot truly love me
But I am not bereft, just out of place
For the crumbs of comfort, though stale of taste
I know there can never be nothing more
And such a love would simply be a waste
And worse than empty passion of before
Perhaps, I’ll return with my senses chaste
To share the joys and sorrows from my core
I know you will always be here each night
Silent friend ignores all yet sets it free
A divine thing is a teddy bear’s grace


Fight Back (NaPoMo 26)

Fight Back
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 26 – aba cdcd baced ee
Theme: Love Subject: Battle

In such darkness where her love means nothing
I am alone and must face my own hell
For in this place, I can’t give anything
And I dare not take her sweet love with me
In case it’s the time I admit defeat
And that’s something I can’t bare her to see
But for her love these demons I must meet
Because for her love I need to be well
I must be strong enough to do this thing
To stand my ground and set my spirit free
I say love means nothing, but in the end
I must take this task and I’ll not be beat
From the depths of hell for her I’ll ascend
For, in reality, on her I depend


September Sound (Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

Form: Schupan’s Sonnet abccba deffed gg

The leaves are dancing in the autumn air
Flittering in the wind, some red, some gold
Some laying restless waiting to be found
To whirl again to the September sound
As the new season begin to unfold
I see autumn reflections in your hair
Just before the wild wind captures a strand
But you don’t care while kicking through the leaves
At your feet; and laughter within your eyes
For our love of autumn we can’t disguise
Our windswept hearts right are there on our sleeves
And I kiss you in the swirls where we stand
Time for home, for chocolate in a mug
And very best of all, a fireside hug


The Light (NaPoMo 25)

The Light
Ivorian Sonnet 25 – aa bcb dede bacde
Theme: Love Subject: Pills

Time for healing getting stronger each day
Sewing up the edges where emotions fray
While looking for the ways out of this pit
When her love meant she walked away from this
Leaving me alone to get on with it
The world she wants is decked out in pure gold
For her love is the glamour and a ring
On her finger she can flash to the world
In pretentious grandeur that she sees in bling
In sickness and health; well that didn’t fit
She couldn’t care so simply walked away
It’s one more dagger from her lover’s kiss
Bitter pill to take; a light to behold
In such darkness where her love means nothing


Getting a Chest (NaPoMo 24)

Getting a Chest
Form: Epistle Sonnet 24 – aba aedcb cdcd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Table

As I close my eyes into the rewind
Anaesthetics take me to my dreams
Reality of self soon redefined
And a surgeon’s knife to bring peace of mind
As I close my eyes the past slips away
And the lights fade out while I float on time
As he performs his craft on the table
I’m away with fairies or so it seems
Bright lights, eyes still hazy and unstable
Out of my head drifting in the sublime
The morphine drips slowly; I’m unable
To feel the pain, that’s a matter of time
Time: I feel like a bus hit me this way
Time for healing getting stronger each day


Haunted Mind (NaPoMo 23)

Haunted Mind
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 23 – aba cdcd aedbc ee
Theme: Love Subject: Pencil

On canvas, her pleasure my brush can flaunt
From pencil sketches and photos I took
And that smile, her smile, feeling my want
With brushstrokes and knives, watercolours and oil
She’s always smiling within my mind’s eye
My heart isn’t racing from artist’s toil
Ye painting captures the unbidden sigh
Yet don’t stop that smile on its gentle haunt
Through the wandering thoughts inside my mind
I love the feelings of her floating by
And sensing her wherever I dare look
When lines of a pencil begin to coil
Like hair in my fingers in art defined
As I close my eyes into the rewind


Sunday Sonnet – Nuptial Sleep by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1826-1881

Nuptial Sleep

At length their long kiss severed, with sweet smart;
And as the last slow sudden drops are shed
From sparkling eaves when all the storm has fled,
So singly flagged the pulses of each heart.
Their bosoms sundered, with the opening start
Of married flowers to either side outspread
From the knit stem; yet still their mouths, burnt red,
Fawned on each other where they lay apart.
Sleep sank them lower than the tide of dreams,
And their dreams watched them sink and slid away.
Slowly their souls swam up again, through gleams
Of watered light and dull drowned waifs of day;
Till from some wonder of new woods and streams
He woke and wondered more; for there she lay

For Her Love

For Her Love
Form: Divino Sonetto 2

In finding heartbreak in the wrong places
A man learns to understand the graces
As his mind questions everything that is
And understands love is already his
And in its wonder, he can only sigh
The way love came in and gently unfurled
Their destiny is not meant for this world
For their love, so strong there’s no goodbye
United even when hard tears he cried
Look again she said, and so he had tried
To do the impossible; love again
Until that promise must now be denied
He’ll bide his time until he gets her call
For the love she claimed as he gave his all


Art is Erotica (NaPoMo 22)

Art is Erotica
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 22 – aa bcb dede aecbd
Theme: Love Subject: Paint

For in this love, I can let myself be
Where imagination has things to see
Silent certainty that life is all right
As fantasy takes a hold of my hand
Where the lady, my muse takes me tonight
I’ll not resist her, the charms of her want
In vibrant colours she begins to tease
Now as the brush moves, I feel the détente
I see senses she desires me to please
In shaded strokes the emotions are free
And once again feel her inviting breeze
For I am now taken in her command
Caught within her intoxicating light
On canvas, her pleasure my brush can flaunt


Old Bear (NaPoMo 21)

Old Bear
Form: Epistle Sonnet 21 – aba aecbd cdcd ee
Theme: Love Subject: Plush Toy

Who needs a cherry when you got syrup
And who needs loving when you got a bear
A bear that’s always there, to cheer you up
But a bear can’t make coffee in a cup?
There are limitations as you can see
Yet still my old bear is my bestest friend
For he’s the one that has always been there
In him there is nothing I can’t confide
So when it comes down to it in the end
I will keep him just here right by my side
A privilege I will always defend
He’s never played tricks or even lied
And maybe his loving matters to me
For in this love I can let myself be


In Your Love

In Your Love
Form: Canadian Sonnet (Italian)

Sweet love the road to spiritual bliss
Led by the beautiful grace of your hand
This great desire that Lady Fate has planned
Our imperfect souls in perfection kiss
My noble heart holds high hopes to sustain
Such love that we found in purity’s fire
As now my life only you can inspire
Whether days of sunshine or nights of rain
Your presence cleanses me from living stress
In you, I’ve entered a new way of life
But it’s not always free from living’s strife
Love remains to powerfully impress
That I was nothing much in days before
And it’s in your love I am so much more


Cold to Hot (NaPoMo 20)

Cold to Hot
Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 20 – aba cdce aebdc ee
Theme: Love Subject: Syrup

With that floosy cherry, she has no soul
As she sits atop desserts of ice cream
No cherry will ever my heart console
But delicious syrup that gently swirls
And drips over the frozen creamy ice
It is there my tongue savours as it twirls
Remembering senses that you’d entice
Intimate embraces making me whole
Of those desires only you could stir up
Lost in a moment of a sexual dream
My tongue seeking all your senses to splice
The hunger of love that slowly unfurls
For in going down that means floating up
Who needs a cherry when you got syrup


Indiscretions in a Fruit Bowl (NaPoMo 19)

Indiscretions in a Fruit Bowl
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 19 – aa bcb dede aebcd
Theme: Love Subject: Banana

A last line to bring a new one about
This will be fruity of that there’s no doubt
This dilemma I have yet to resolve
What to do when the bananas have split
How did such a problem come to evolve?
They seemed happy living in the fruit bowl
Apples and grapes on the opposite side
Did the oranges drive you up the pole
With their shenanigans, please so confide
Is there a way we can sort it all out
Is it too late or just the stubborn pride?
I didn’t know someone else was involved
And Mr Banana cheated, the git,
With that floosy cherry, she has no soul


Rhino???? (NaPoMo 18)

Form: Epistle Sonnet 18 – aba adecb cdcd ee
Form: Love Subject: Rhino

To take my thinking out of double-dutch
Removing that elephant from the room
For my insanity has lost its touch
The moth-eaten rhino’s talking too much
(Well, I had to work it in somehow, right? –
I dare myself not to take that bit out) –
This challenge I am beginning to regret
But I won’t give in to the doom and gloom
Elephants and rhinos, I never met
Any, not one, that would not stand and fight
In fact they have offered me this here bet
So for my love of words I have to write
Nonsense in a sonnet I’m almost out
A last line to bring a new one about


Margarita Time (Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge)

Inspired by and written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – thank you, Sue and GC

and cos it was one of our fave movies

Form: Sapphic Ode Sonnet

From the day I first held your hand
The movie watched, back in the cold
Did Fate have this mystery planned?
Was she so bold?
A romantic meal, chips, and coke
As we sat talking in the square
We were in love; also flat broke
Does that seem fair?
But our love made us more than rich
From the first day my heart undone
When in your kiss to those eyes which
Say you’re my one
Margarita, coconut, and lime
It’s you and me, partners in time


Twilight Beach

Twilight Beach
Form: Epistle Sonnet 12

Fiery feathers ripple on sunset’s shore
As our hearts greet the beauty of the night
Thus bound by love with new dreams to explore
And I knew I could never ask for more
Your impressions left swirling on my skin
You gave me the wonder of love’s delight
And so my heart became your own device
While destiny shone like it was brand new
And on the cold nights I feel you close in
To snuggle up against the winds of ice
And I don’t care if they think it’s a sin
Remembering the nights that felt so nice
I gave you my heart in love ever true
Hold it gently, baby, take it with you


Some Breakfast Please (NaPoMo 17)

Some Breakfast Please
Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 17 – aba cdcd adebc ee
Theme: Love Subject: Peanut Butter

For you’re gone, what the hell do I do now?
You may think I’m a bit of a nutter
Because jam on toast don’t set me aglow
And shock! I’m not in the mood for Marmite
A bowl of Weetabix no, not today
Call me picky but I want things just right
A simple breakfast on my plate to lay
Easy to eat and get the words to go
To the places where the muse is at play
It really isn’t asking for too much
For my toast, a little peanut butter
Nothing too heavy, just simple and light
The nut flavour spread with a gentle touch
To take my thinking out of double-dutch


Whimsical of Thinking

Whimsical of Thinking
Form: Ivorian Sonnet 91— aa bcb dede deabc
Theme: Love Subject: Window

The mind’s eye sees through the curtained window
As reality fades into shadow
Slender branches of fantasy inspire
Day dreamers to see a different view
Amid copper leaves of autumn’s desire
Where a man feels the enchantment take hold
Within the orb visions of his own dream
Where everything is warm and the air cold
And sunlight dances with a lunar beam
Here where magic shines in all colours bold
When her kiss tastes of strawberries and cream
If only he could let reality go
As she lays with him by the midnight fire
For in her love he has what he needs know