Sonnet Reversed Notes

Created by: Rupert BrookeStructure: Couplet and 3 quatrainsMeter: Decasyllabic or pentameterRhyme Scheme: aa bcbddedefgfg Example Sonnet Reversed by Rupert Brooke Hand trembling towards hand; the amazing lightsOf heart and eye. They stood on supreme heights. Ah, the delirious weeks of honeymoon!Soon they returned, and, after strange adventures,Settled at Balham by the end of June.Their money … Continue reading Sonnet Reversed Notes

Sephallian Reverse Sonnet Notes

Created by: Dennis NguyenStructure: QuatrazainMeter: No meter specifiedRhyme Scheme: abcdeedcbaffaAdditional Notes: when read from the top has a pessimistic tone, when read from the bottom it is more optimistic Example A Measure of Character by Larry Eberhart What you are told in confidenceif you hold secret to your breastreward will flow in unknown ways.An urge … Continue reading Sephallian Reverse Sonnet Notes

I Feel You

Today I feel you there right beside me So close I should be able to hold you Was that a breeze or your breath on my neck? Yet only with my eyes closed can I see While my heart still feels and still longs for you I wish Fate had dealt a different deck

Rime Royal Sonnet Notes

Structure: 14-line stanzaMeter: Decasyllabic or pentameterRhyme Scheme: ababbccdedeeff Example The Prioress’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer Domine, dominus noster. O Lord, Our Lord, Thy name how marvelousIs spread through all this mighty world,” said she“For not alone Thy praise so gloriousIs given by men of worth and dignity,But from the mouths of children Thy bountyIs hymned, … Continue reading Rime Royal Sonnet Notes

Five Minutes

Impatient heart can’t bare the waiting Desperately seeking a love’s passion Searching small ads, scanning a pick-up site Then desire thought let’s try that speed dating Five minutes of chit-chat in a countdown fashion The clocks ticking rushing into love’s bite

Folded Sonnet Notes

Created by: Barry HopkinsStructure: 12 Line stanzaMeter: Heptameter or 14-syllable linesRhyme Scheme: aabbccddeeff Example A Black Narcissus Fantasy by Larry Eberhart Jejunity’s absent from every verse that poet pensImmunity from boredom is a treat his work portends.Self-deprecating humor laced with frequent badinageO’er shadows grand intelligence he tries to camouflage.He teaches while he plays with words, … Continue reading Folded Sonnet Notes