Aromatic Fields

Aromatic Fields
Form: Villanelle

Her echoed breaths of comfort are revealed
my lady lavender who soothes my dreams,
in this sweet-aromatic, purple field.
From golden age and royal scented shield,
her mystery beneath her eyes still gleams,
her echoed breaths of comfort are revealed
To lady lavender, my heart I yield,
with piquant oils and heady perfume streams,
in this sweet-aromatic, purple field.
With calming airs, her magic charm appealed,
evocative ideals, my soul redeems,
her echoed breaths of comfort are revealed.
Inhaling beauty, senses gently healed,
relaxing briefly veiled from worldly screams,
in this sweet-aromatic, purple field.
With lady lavender my spirit sealed,
her blesséd peace that comes from love's regimes,
her echoed breaths of comfort are revealed,
in this sweet-aromatic, purple field


Stalling Heart

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Stalling Heart
Form: Octave

Recall the melody they played on strings
those sultry strings that echo tangos fall
My fallen heart revealed as lady sings
a song of love at end-of-summer ball
Vibrant ballgowns that rustle dancing rings
Amid the rings of painted beauties stall.
A stalling heart that sees the better things
the sweetest things as love I hear your call


Moonlit Gypsy

Moonlit Gypsy
Form: Rispetto

On moonlit nights she dances here,
her gypsy skirts that swirl with dreams,
my rhythmic dancer of heart's cheer,
entranced by silver starlight beams.
My lute that plays a merry tune,
romance the music, lady dance,
within our hearts, we sing the moon,
the magic love that we entrance


Inky Streams

Inky Streams
Form: Rispetto

To say the words of thanks to you,
for guiding the pen across the page
and now it’s you that is our cue
as ink and paper, our thoughts engage.
With smiles and words my gratitude,
to Peggie who inspired my dreams
a poet's verse, no attitude,
just thoughts with love and inky streams.


Mists of Madness

Mists of Madness
Form: Free Verse

Out of my mind in the mists of madness
in violet corsets that hold insanity
will my foolishness ever end?
Strangely mutated in unseasoned rain
as the sexless leeches, invade my thoughts
my rebirth to sanity is in vain.
Sorrowful mud is drying my fingers
as rabid knives pierce my lonely heart
I am aware of the pleasure in pain.
Hesitating in darkness before the light
so many roads invite me to follow
but they all lead to nowhere I need to be.
Her eyes watching as I wander in circles
aimlessly seeking with no yearning desire
to return to the sanctuary of her arms


Valley Dreams

Valley Dreams
Form: English Sonnet

In the green valleys that I wander in,
beside Welsh mountains where I long to be,
kin of mine shall meet with ancestral kin,
freely in the valleys where I am free.
Legend told in verse the way of legend,
kings and princes battled with English kings,
endless dream that portends the daylight's end
sings of love as the heart of beauty sings.
Dreamy thoughts of love can fill my daydream,
courting the eye of one who has me caught,
stream the babbling voices of mountain stream,
sort the first moment when my dreams she sought.
Here in my valleys, a heart's song to hear,
peer into me and in my dreams appear.


No Solutions

No Solutions
Form: Australian Sonnet

I walk the path of life alone again,
after goodbye, the road seems longer now,
no solutions to questions that say how
a love like ours can die inside my brain.
Last night, last kiss, it meant nothing to me,
your pleas of love embraced an empty soul,
nothing to give but callous thought control ~
my darkened heart has closed, no vacancy.
I walk the path of life awaiting death,
my destiny, there can be no escape
from fate and where faceless shadows take shape
that lead me to the gasps of final breath.
My spirit seeks not wanton sanctuary,
do not think your love could ever hold me



Form: Quatrains

The stealth winged creeper roams the night,
these missions of death, are acts of trade,
unseen footsteps, the victim's plight,
his twisted death , a score betrayed.
His twisted death, a score betrayed,
a vengeful crime before his time,
my battle cry in spite's crusade
he's left in slime at midnight chime.
He's left in slime at midnight chime,
a trademark wire that braids his neck
a piece of grime not worth the dime
I left my stamp, a warning check.
I left my stamp, a warning check,
the world will know he lived of sin
his life the price, I broke his neck,
I am the silent assassin


Fool’s Mate

Fool’s Mate
Form: Free Verse

New York to London,
black squares, white squares
Paris then Munich,
Queen's Knight takes pawn.
Oriental streets offer no distraction,
Girly boys cruising, don't catch my eye, sunshine
No matter the city,
The game is the same.
Angelic pawns sliding closer,
Bishopric gods force distractions,
Focus on pieces, moves I'm making,
Check and mate!


Sweet The Voice

Sweet The Voice
Form: Echo Sonnet

I walk the lonely streets of hopeless dreams,
Where love has closed my bitter destiny,
The dwellings echo children's frightened screams,
Yet sweet the voice that sings of liberty.
Each brick that tells of greed and hatred's rage,
Possessions reasons for reality,
When life is less than wealth, a darkened age,
Yet sweet the voice that sings of liberty.
To hurt a brother, steal, then kill or maim,
A destined place of cruel insanity,
The tears of mother's hearts, the spoils of fame,
Yet sweet the voice that sings of liberty.
I walk the lonely streets of hopeless dreams,
Yet sweet the voice that sings of liberty



Form: Quatrains

As whispered stories thoughts of wrath condemn,
And peaceful tales repose their minds to sleep,
The magic sparkles like sunlit gem,
Amid the fire's rekindled embers leap.
Retold by night, he brings enchantment's spell,
Serenity, he sings in words arcane,
And carries smiles to lands where fairies dwell,
Where children's tears can cease like dreams of rain.
Legerdemain, reveals the hidden charms,
In clearest mystery he brings light,
To halls of ladies dancing within arms
Of lords to Elfin kings in star-lit night.
Oh for the days of youth, a distant time,
When I was free to roam his lands of rune,
The simple ways made life a path sublime,
When his soft words would sing from darkened tune


The King of Goth

Percy Bysshe Shelley

The King of Goth
Form: English Sonnet

The Sussex lad, to title and land born,
an alumni, now he stands proudly tall.
In Oxford students pass at future’s dawn,
for some the inspiration was his call.
Provocative, a mighty pen his sword,
expelled for godless view from hallowed hall.
The Baronet poet, friend to a Lord,
the Gothic king’s voice did incite them all.
His Mary worshipped at her husband‘s feet,
she held his heart tight from death’s final flame.
Did they engage in black acts, pagan mete?
A dark and often troubled soul laid claim.
Into the storm set sail, the end foretold,
He died before his talent could unfold


Wretched Destiny

Wretched Destiny
Form: Blank Verse

Where shall the love I feel find safe repose,
when darkness falls in crashing blasts of fear,
desire offers no hand of friendship here,
as love is held behind solitude.
Will time ever release the pain of want,
to roam in wasted lands of hatred's greed,
expose the shame to naked flames of rage,
extract each sense so I can safely sigh.
Yet in this light this love of beauty shines,
reflecting rainbow eyes in gems of thought,
as passion courts the worlds of coloured dreams,
express the thoughts of routine days of life.
Like honey nectar found in sweetened peach,
so love conveys bouquets of summer sun,
that warm the coldest chills of winter days,
the ghosts of passion haunt my lonely dreams.
Returned to dusky swaths ere darkness reigns,
these clouds of thunder gather round my heart,
all thoughts of love remain in distant places,
beyond the reach of wretched destiny



Form: Etheree

on board
beyond sight;
liquid landscapes
lambent images flow.
Drawn contemplations seen;
plucked fresh as daisies in June
mirrored artist's vision and dreams.
Narratives pastel curved line reviewed
painting conceived brainstormed rainbow presence


Queen’s English

Queen’s English
Form: Free Verse

I shall try to explain so you will understand
the usage of shall or will in English Grammar.
Both shall and will are auxiliary verbs
predominantly relating to the future.
Shall is used with the preceding nouns I or we;
I shall write a free verse poem and we shall read it;
as the case in point is apt, so to speak.
Now will relates to the nouns you, it, he, she and they;
it will rain tomorrow and he will walk her home;
she will kiss him goodnight and they will live happily ever after.
You will use grammar correctly, if you don't mind.
This is all very well unless one is from the US of A
where all nouns relate to will and shall hardly ever happens,
but as far as correct English as spoken by our Queen
I shall use both as correct in English Grammar.
I conclude with this thought
Shall I submit for your contest or shall I not?
If I do may I suggest a follow up
of how to use would, could and should


Quatrains of Pain

Quatrains of Pain
Form: Quatrains

There is a pleasure in poetic pains
that only poets know,
they feel the stresses pulling strains
as words in ink come slow.
Iambic feet to build the lines
in groups of four and three,
the verse, it seems, the pen confines
when writing poetry.
Old William Cowper's short blunt line
that speaks a truth to me,
to sweet torture I shall resign
in verbal craft for thee


On Love’s Wings

On Love’s Wings
Form: Awdl Gywydd

Without it, life is a drag
a dishrag of existence.
Care of you, love, just for me,
so that we last the distance.
I know our path lies beyond,
ever bonded, for all time.
Still I want the here and now
in love’s bough, is that a crime?
I have no magic potion,
just emotion, to hold you.
Without you, I am nothing,
on love’s wing, we’ll see it through


Vernal Senses

Vernal Senses
Form: Kyrielle

The first gentle kiss of sunlight,
invites my soul with its dawn ray,
to spend a while with nature's love,
wandering spring's pathways today.
Inhale the freshness after snow,
entwined with sweet floral bouquet,
from clusters of yellow found there,
wandering spring's pathways today.
Savour this first morning of growth,
that brings joy and hope as I pray,
tastes of life released from winter,
wandering spring's pathways today.
Musical serenades return,
as birds call their lovers to play,
among the budding leaves I see
wandering spring's pathways today.
Visions of sunshine saffron clouds,
cheeky daffodils wave my way,
my companions as I walk in thought,
wandering spring's pathways today


Mostly Harmless

Mostly Harmless
Form: Free Verse
Theme: Identity
Subject: A favourite book

The hapless, tea-drinking moppet from Earth
Hadn’t a clue he was just a glitch of software
The science of white mice decried his birth
As the Vogon’s blast left him threadbare
Save for the friend by the name of Ford
Who gave him a towel for the trip to space
Tortured by Vogon poetry, no art of word
Here is a sample, translated at Babel fish’s place,
“See, see the scary sky
Marvel at its big pink depths.
Tell me, Larry Burns do you
Wonder why the sloth ignores you?
Why its foobly stare
makes you feel snumblefaced.
I can tell you, it is
Worried by your grumplingshinks facial growth
That looks like
A yoghurt.
What's more, it knows
Your caustic potting shed
Smells of old custard.
Everything under the big scary sky
Asks why, why do you even bother?
You don’t even charm old socks”
After that the dear fish died, no surprise,
And the tea-drinker and Ford were out with the trash
By odds so improbable it’s impossible to surmise
Zaphod caught the guys on the back lash.
Adventures were made and the Earth’s reason found
A computer it’s said to work out the question, just one
The meaning of life, the universe and everything is sound
The answer is 42 but what was the problem to be done
It’s bothered me since the radio days
When that psychotic robot started gripping
A manic depressive with miserable ways
I’m there on my bed thinking I’m tripping
There must be answers but mother called me for tea
With a frown and a moan I have to switch off
With wishes for a knack for Vogon poetry
Dedicated as is their way to mother… cough, cough
Now I think I have solved it at last, I’m free
At 42, the question must quite simply be me.
Nuff said!!!


Sparks Fly

Sparks Fly
Form: Sicilian Quintain

Can science explain love, feelings and that?
A mass of theory and odd conjecture,
Of nuclear fusion and milk low in fat,
Should love become just another lecture?
More scientific facts students learn off pat.
Romantic chemistry in a test tube,
Reactions noted of two things in one,
With physics is it mass squared or force cubed,
Can passion be measured by metric ton?
All I know is sparks fly when touching boob!


It’s Lilac if you Please

It’s Lilac if you Please
Form: Quatrains

I've never seen a human bean
I worry why they don't see;
They assure you, I'm never seen,
Even glasses can't find me.
They ponder over purple cows
a variant of nature
whose beauty smiles, as she allows
my lilac hide a future


A New Romance

A New Romance
Form: Sicilian Quintain

A tune of sorrow played on fiddle strings,
Unanswered questions haunting midnight's hour,
The voice of melancholy softly sings,
Beneath the stars that light the lunar bow'r,
All waiting here for warmth that sunrise brings.
With dawn, the fluffy clouds begin their dance,
While chasing rainbows across the blue sky,
The breeze of early spring now takes its chance,
Just flirting with the budding twigs on high,
The coming of life that sings a new romance


Just Three Words

Just Three Words
Form: Sestina

Three little words I found too hard to say,
I was wrong and withheld a simple truth,
Afraid to see rejection in your eyes,
Without poetics and eloquent words,
I saw your pain and bitterly regret,
I failed to say 'I love you'; I'm sorry.
For all the times I made you cry; sorry,
'I don't want to hurt you,' I hear me say,
Yet now I live with remorse and regret,
My rage hurt the one I love, that's the truth,
Engaged in battles of burning cruel words,
I'd die when your heart broke within your eyes.
The love once mine shone from those moonlight eyes,
All lost to time and I'm left with sorry,
To memories of my own poison words,
The things a girl should never hear or say,
If only you could see what is still truth,
Instead I face never ending regret.
From bitter envy to seas of regret,
Fed by tears that wept from your dying eyes,
I killed the love you gave me for my truth,
I never grasped the strength to be sorry,
Nor spoke the love you wanted me to say,
If only I could have found precious words.
'I love you' three beautiful little words,
I never told you, my only regret,
Too scared of things you might want me to say,
Afraid of the passion beneath your eyes,
Oh god baby do you know I'm sorry,
I was not able to face my heart's truth.
My fear to embrace love and not its truth,
I held back on sharing those heartfelt words,
My life too long to keep saying sorry,
I live drowning slowly in my regret,
I should have looked deep into your blue eyes,
'I love you, Babe’ is all I had to say.
My love came with truth consoling regret,
So precious can words be when said with eyes,
I remain sorry I just couldn't say


Integral Identity

Integral Identity
Form: Abstract Poetry

I am found in all the worst places,
where angels fear to tread,
I'm denied for the saving of faces,
yet without me, love lies dead.
Find me interred by conspiracy,
covered with fading patchwork lies,
disguised by laughing codes of piracy,
so often found in tortured lethargic cries.
Beguiled by confusion and ken,
I am the solution to deception,
the path to consolation and Zen,
a new born hope at conception.
I am basic and upstanding,
a strong integrity in entity,
I am open and commanding,
I have only honesty as identity.
I am truth.


In Dreams

In Dreams
Form: Triolet Sonnet

In dreams I wander close to you,
Through life our souls unite as one
In lunar light and morning dew
In dreams I wander close to you,
With wine and song, our love stands true
The boughs of oak give shade from sun
In dreams I wander close to you,
Through life our souls unite as one
Cascades of tender thoughts ensue
In dreams I wander close to you,
As love, that brings life fresh and new
Unions trust never undone
In dreams I wander close to you,
Through life our souls unite as one


Gift of a Book

Gift of a Book
Form: Blank Verse

I learned to read with Pooh and Piglet tales,
And hummed their hums of tiddly pom and snow.
I hunted Heffalumps with Tig and Roo,
And played with sticks in Hundred Acre Wood.
From childish games, I found a mystic world,
In realms of fantasy reside my dreams,
Where fairies dance and magic gently calls,
The trolls oft roam beneath the sepia skies.
My mind is dun with crime and murder yarns,
A vampire's kiss to find a love's embrace,
Erotic tension cast in darkened hues,
My pleasures found inside a paperback



Form: Italian Sonnet

The turning hands on clocks will never heal,
my soul lies scarred and bleeding without you.
I feel you here and tears now blur my view,
my heart is lost the visions are too real.
A love so brief gave reason I should be,
and death that dreadful lie tore it away
My sun has set there'll be no other day
but in this moonlit dance we can be free.
Defying fate to drop the veil of night,
too soon to leave this life of hate and fear
I need you, darling once more hold me near,
and fill my life with love's anointing light.
I wait alone in this, my living hell
for you, my love, my darling Gabrielle


From Muse to Id

From Muse to Id
Form: Triolet Sonnet

That dark lady I call my muse,
Angel of art inside my head.
My tears are shed as she sings blues,
That dark lady I call my muse.
Colours scheming in vibrant hues,
each time I lay there in my bed.
That dark lady I call my muse,
Angel of art inside my head.
Ideas float with static clues,
That dark lady I call my muse,
She brings them forth in words to use
In pictures tonal views are read.
That dark lady I call my muse,
Angel of art inside my head.
She holds me tight in vice-like grip,
yet tender is her sultry touch.
In thought, imagination’s trip
She holds me tight in vice like grip,
from her chalice I gently sip,
at first it all seems double Dutch
She holds me tight in vice-like grip,
yet tender is her sultry touch.
As words and art meet my pen tip
She holds me tight in vice-like grip,
she guides the words that form on lip,
the ink on paper now my crutch
She holds me tight in vice-like grip,
yet tender is her sultry touch.
That dark lady I call my muse,
She holds me tight in vice-like grip,
Eases the way that I confuse,
That dark lady I call my muse.
Images once lost, now diffuse
and on paper they swiftly slip
That dark lady I call my muse,
She holds me tight in vice-like grip,
no longer words can I excuse,
That dark lady I call my muse,
As I dwell in fantasies views
I see I’m at her fingertip,
The dark lady I called my muse,
She holds me tight in vice-like grip


Basic Instinct I and II

Basic Instinct I and II
Form: Etheree


exhale; breathe.
Pulse: living beat,
pump oxygen's breath;
circulate; energize.
Blood: red; protecting; caring;
veins searching through body's highways.
Existence persists through atmosphere.
Breathe: inhale; exhale; poisoned, polluted air.


draw in;
gasping breath;.
Pulsing heartbeat;
refreshing blood flows;
viscous vibrant streaming;
plasma's protective nurture;
veins coursing our human highways,
extant persistence through atmosphere.
Respire; gasps of defiled, befouled stained air


A Poet’s Utensil

A Poet’s Utensil
Form: Limerick

There once was a young man called Peter
Who wrote lines in poetic meter
His sonnet a story
That should have been gory
But turned out much nicer and sweeter
Inspired by the poets we follow
Whose meanings were sharp never hollow
But we are still yearning
For rhymes that we're learning
And therefore our verse seems to wallow
Next time you are sat with your pencil
remember it's Peter's old stencil
for lines that are flowing
and leave us all glowing
A form is a poet's utensil


Eternal Bough

Eternal Bough
Form: Italian Sonnet

My love with softened voice so sweetly sings,
where flowers delicately bow and weep,
upon a floating cloud in beauty sleep,
without a care for life's temporal things.
Inspiring whispers trail supernal wings,
across the barren white thoughts gently creep,
to passions only love's dear heart can keep,
to bind two lives with golden wedding rings.
No joy compares to solemn marriage vow,
amity's torch will burn with growing flame,
along conjugal paths of lover's bliss,
that bring a promise of eternal bough,
betrothal seen delight in love proclaim,
and go to times when hearts will reminisce


Dactylic Tetrameter

Dactylic Tetrameter
Form: Quatrains

Brilliant skies of surrealistic winter days,
Shades of grey lacking in cheer or delighting ways,
Mingle with vivid sighs, spring is arriving soon,
Icy the winds that recall the white snows of dune.
Children relay the intrigue of her mystery,
Seasons reclaim this awakening history,
Looking forward to rebirth of our Mother Earth,
Colour again will bedeck her ichorous girth.
Nature entices the eyes with exquisite dreams,
Winter white winds of elusive elation seems,
Out of our reach through belief in the living times,
Quickens consoling memories of springs eloquent and sublime


Eye of He

Eye of He
Form: Ballad

The eye of he that looks at me,
with lips that never smile.
From his disdain, I’m never free,
not even for a while.
The work I do is never right,
I fail to meet his mark.
His critique sets my endless fight,
To hear one kind remark.
Ideals so far beyond my reach,
of distant goals, I dream.
The words that echo poet’s speech,
are cursed by scornful scream.
Yet satire’s bane shall not defeat,
my pen will write my plea,
this critique’s hex will not retreat,
whilst eye of he is me


Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream
Form: Balesian Sonnet

She left me standing here without a chance,
alone, no light to see within this place.
Yet still, I dream beyond this night's disgrace,
no words of love to guide my heart's romance.
I long to hear her voice caress my ears;
she is the blood that surges through my veins;
my love complete, in faith and trust remains,
to feel her touch embrace my lonely tears.
If dreams could bring my Lady from her flight,
to set me free from fear and torment's rage,
and share her wisdom in unearthly sage,
inside my heart she dwells in purest light.
Towards that hour I toil and dare to dream,
of days beyond this place in Lilith’s beam


Journey to Art

Journey to Art
Form: Awdl Gywydd

They say he was born with it,
as colours fit on the boards.
The practice of many years,
hiding tears, with no rewards.
So many leave empty quills,
to pay the bills - forget art.
And those brave few who remain
face disdain, ’til they depart.
Brushes and pens leave their tracks
chalk and wax, subtle effects.
All these skills need to be learned,
talent earned, still with defects.
Picture that hangs on the wall,
he gave his all to create.
Glory, at last, he can claim,
speak his name in art’s debate.
Behind each success hides years,
endless fears, no peace of mind.
His legacy is his art,
from the heart, he left behind


Iambic Meter Assignment

Iambic Meter Assignment
Form: Iambic Meter

The rhyme is in iambic feet,
It’s left my pen alone in defeat.
As words that come and go today
I’m practising to write this way
Then write some more to ease my pain
Then edit it and write again
The guys I read from long ago
The pulse of words, some fast, some slow,
Thus poems flow with rhythmic beat
With rhymes that form iambic feet
I sit with pen in hand, but have no ink
No time or space to dream as pictures sink
Beyond the art my eyes no longer see
As words entwine in random form for me
Arrange in lines to build a structured verse
Poetic joys I often find a curse
But words like rivers have to ebb and flow
And dance in thoughts and dreams with cosmic glow
A new art form to learn as I turn grey
The Raven Poet’s here to write his way


Ernie the Other Half a Bee

Ernie the Other Half a Bee
Form: Free Verse

Half of me, co-incidentally,
As has been said, Eric be,
This half of bee must surely be,
acutely, the half bee that is me.
They forgot me, can you not see,
That Eric Bee was half of me,
They said this Bee was not a bee
And blamed it on an injury!
Sing it…
Ernie the half a bee
One, two, three… la dee dee
Ernie the half a bee
It's that cursed semi-bee
No chance he recalls me
As he dozes upon your knee
Damn that Eric, the half-a-bee
Ho, ho, ho, and he he he
Ernie the half a bee
Twiddly dum, fiddler's three
Ernie the half a bee
I loved the hive, 'til he broke free
Split in two, bi-sexually
That summer's day when he loved me
Wholly carnally.
He loved me carnally
I was his lady bee
The End


Spark the Flame

Spark the Flame
Form: Awdl Gywydd

Each lesson learned is one small spark
that sets the mark of our flame,
Now our knowledge we should share,
with no care for love or fame.
Skills that die with their master
are forever lost to all,
one passed to another’s hand
to be candid, will remain.
Let your fire of wisdom shine
as those in line want to learn
and your light will always glow
above, below, the flames burn


Shades of Autumn

Shades of Autumn
Form: Awdl Gywydd

As autumn brings vibrant shades
the sun fades towards year’s end.
Trees of green now golden red,
their leaves shed and colours blend.
Nature’s brightest palette forms
in wind and storms over land,
inspired art in paint and ink
as minds think with fall at hand.
Bonfires and feasting begin,
err snowflakes spin the world white.
The end of one leads to new,
in winter’s view, land so bright.
We watch in awe and wonder,
hear the thunder, lightning bolt.
Yet feel delight of seasons
year’s reasons do not revolt


Crimson Cloud

Crimson Cloud
Form: Triolet Sonnet

He stands alone in Europe’s field
As clouds of poppies summon dreams.
The days of war a human shield,
He stands alone in Europe’s field.
Alone in trenches men concealed,
So few remain who knew war’s schemes,
He stands alone in Europe’s field
As clouds of poppies summon dreams.
The distant cannons never yield
He stands alone in Europe’s field.
No peace can cure wounds never healed
No answers to his nightly screams.
He stands alone in Europe’s field
As clouds of poppies summon dreams


Twenty One?

Twenty One?
Form: Awdl Gywydd

Fireworks brighten the night sky,
reason why? To honour you.
I believe that to be so,
my nan’s show, surely it’s true.
Simply the best should be yours,
without pause for thought or chance.
My nan is special, no doubt,
so I’ll shout aloud or dance.
On paper and ink in quill
a poem will say with style
my wish of happy birthday
with word play to bring a smile


Fire and Pride

Fire and Pride
Form: Acrostic

Fiercely won in humility,
Independence of conceptual thought,
Remains the writer’s ambition
Evoked by words drifting to line and verse.
Ambiguous acts of governments
Nurtured contempt and fear of the quill
Demands for freedom lie silenced.
Personal battles fought with the pen
Rights wrestled from censors,
Inventive imaginations born in free creativity
Deviant poets voices will be heard
Evolving in openness to reveal artistic flow


Ravaged Ice

Ravaged Ice
Form: Awdl Gywydd

In winter’s claws, all is white
from frost’s bite and the snow.
Set the fire, love, in the hearth,
warm the bath, and feel love’s glow.
Toast me crumpets on the grate,
my hunger sate, watching dreams.
In the flames my thoughts of love
drift above to our loft’s beams.
Damask quilt that keeps us warm,
fingers trace form in lust’s vice.
Your passion melts my cold heart.
My love’s art has ravaged ice


Ever Turning Circle

Ever Turning Circle
Form: Pantoum

In winter’s white, as angels cry
for early spring to warm the wind,
to bring to life with gentle sigh,
in love, the bitter frost has thinned.
For early spring to warm the wind,
at Valentine’s romantic calls,
in love, the bitter frost has thinned,
where dancers twirl amid stone walls.
At Valentine’s romantic calls,
rebirth of nature’s light divine,
where dancers twirl amid stone walls,
and blossoms pastel shades recline.
Rebirth of nature’s light divine,
when day equals the hours of night,
and blossoms pastel shades recline,
to hail the queen of May in light.
When day equals the hours of night,
a summer’s sun will come to play,
to hail the queen of May in light,
we chant and sing along the way.
A summer’s sun will come to play,
so life can grow as gods decreed,
we chant and sing along the way,
with warmth and light our hunger feed.
So life can grow as gods decreed,
the rays of sun on seeds we’ve sown,
with warmth and light our hunger feed,
the wealth of harvest is our own.
The rays of sun on seeds we’ve sown,
in autumn breeze that chills the heat,
the wealth of harvest is our own,
as gold and red belie our feet.
In autumn breeze that chills the heat,
a year that ends with blessed Samhain,
as gold and red belie our feet,
the call of Ancient’s name to reign.
A year that ends with blessed Samhain,
to bring to life with gentle sigh,
the call of Ancient’s name to reign,
in winter’s white, as angels cry


Coconut Bay

Coconut Bay
Form: Quatrains

In sweetened shreds that hint of Shangri-La
I see the sky entice the naughty sea
and endless beaches acting so bourgeois,
as Coconut Bay wakes a mind that’s free.
Moist tender flesh is ensnared in darkness
bittersweet taste that melts hot on the tongue
sending senses swirling and I confess
passion for tropical heat all along.
She takes me from cold England’s wind and rain
in embraces where each moment is bliss,
in this paradise, she eases my pain,
O loving caress of bounty’s sweet kiss


Death Before Dying

Death Before Dying
Form: Free Verse

As years swept past, old age arrived,
the grey replaced his jet-black hair.
His eyes of blue need lens to see
An aid in ear is placed with care.
The fatigue of time has no relief
the once vibrant mind is dull.
A stick of ebony helps him walk
the physical grief has taken its toll.
Why can’t he remember me?
He sees me and sees my mother.
his wife who passed so long ago,
each visit is slowly killing me
I want my dad, not his shadow.
I grieve for man he once was
as he knows nothing of me.
In his memory, he is still young,
a soldier fresh from war,
my mother by his side in white,
he’s lost to memory now
as he slips further she holds him closer
his bride wants him with her to stay


Coming Alive

Coming Alive
Form: Minute Poetry

You breathe the life into my soul
one kiss I claim
to make me whole
in lover's flame.
My heart returned to love you so
with passion's ways
to make me glow
and seize the days.
Repaired the heart of broken toy
a simple gift
no longer coy
my darkness lift