The Middle Shoe

Flash Fiction 350 word limit Genre: Sci-fi It had been some years since they had started living among us. I was just a child when they first arrived and don’t really remember the transition of Earth being a human planet to a home to beings from many worlds. To me that was normal. In fact I loved the diversity.

The Café

We had been off the motorway just 15 minutes when it happened. For no reason whatsoever, the car just stopped. There was fuel in the tank, but nothing when Kel turned the ignition, not even a half-hearted whirr. Kel picked up her torch and popped the bonnet. ‘Turn the ignition for me, Jess’ I turned … Continue reading The Café

The Deterrent

Every day, twice a day, I would ride past the Nightstone Work Camp. Every day, twice a day, I would be haunted by the gaunt staring faces of young men and women, old age didn’t happen in the camps. Visceral faces desperately waiting to die. Survival was pointless they would never get out. This was … Continue reading The Deterrent


Two decades had passed since a mother and father had comforted each other at the bedside of their son. Only a few days earlier everything had been so different as two parents delighted in the wonder in their child’s eyes as he celebrated his fifth birthday. The uncontainable excitement as they had boarded the Earthship … Continue reading Renaissance