Senryu Notes

Similar to Haiku the Senryu follows many of the standard rules of Haiku without the reference to nature.

A senryu consists of three lines in whatever haiku pattern is preferred by the poet (most common 5-7-5). The subject matter is often related to human behaviours so may involve romance, irony, and relationships. As with the haiku, the main goal of the senryu is to capture a moment.


Senryu Sequence by Jezzie G

Across the sea
Your words dried my tears
My sweet solace

Lonely tears
On blades of fear
Can I?

Curling fern
Embrace my heart once more
Remind me

Broken wings
Yearning to freely fly
The skies of dreams

Rolling waves
Rippling over shores of pain
As eyes open

Love, sweet love,
A crossing point of time
And I see you

A blushing rose
My salvation within
A kiss

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