Madura Veeran by Yuvan Shankar Raja

Yuvan Shankar Raja 1979-

Madura Veeran
Film and TV

Yuvan Shankar Raja
Film and TV
Born: 31 August 1979, Chennai, India
Nationality: Indian

Raja is a film score and soundtrack composer and singer-songwriter. He is known for his music scores for Tamil films and is considered a versatile composer. Raja utilizes Western music elements and has been credited for introducing hip-hop to the Tamil film and music industry. Over a 25-year career, Raja has worked on over 100 films winning wards such as the Filmfare Award for Best Music Director in 2004 for his score for Rainbow Colony. In 2015 Raja formed his own music label, U1 Records, and in 2017 the film production studio, YSR Films

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