Landscape with Green Trees by Maurice Denis

Landscape with Green Trees by Maurice Denis

Landscape with Green Trees
Les Nabis
Oil on canvas
Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France

One of the best-known works by Denis, “Landscape with Green Trees” exemplifies the work of the Nabis whilst expressing the artist’s unique spirituality. A group of elegant tree trunks against a cloudy white sky with a low wall in a darker green counterbalances the verticality of the composition. Between the trees mysterious robed figures flit whilst a winged figure in white can be seen beyond the wall. Resonances of Breton Folklore and symbolism of the Virgin communicating with an angel demonstrate Denis’ ability to combine Christian and mythological iconography in his work

Maurice Denis 1870-1943

Maurice Denis
Symbolism, Les Nabis, Post-Impressionism, Japonism
Born: 25 November 1870, Granville, France
Nationality: French
Died: 13 November 1943, Paris, France

Unique amongst the avant-garde painters of the late 19th century, Denis combined their commitment to formal and stylistic innovation with an equally profound sense of tradition in art, culture, and religion. His bright and vibrant paintings express a commitment to abstraction and a reliance on the inner life of the soul. Unlike his peers, Denis had a soul shaped by his faith which would also lead to activities such as church renovation and altarpiece design

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