Klar Juninatt by Nikolai Astrup

Klar Juninatt by Nikolai Astrup

Klar Juninatt
Oil on Canvas
The Savings Bank Foundation DNB / KODE

In “Klar Juninatt” Astrup portrays a lush green landscape at the foot of a mountain. A water-lily-speckled pond is surrounded by vibrant green grass leading to a field of sunny yellow buttercups. A small cluster of log cabins points to human life within the idyllic setting of Ålhustunet in Jølster and Alhus vicarage where the artist resided for a time.

Nikolai Astrup 1880-1928

Nikolai Astrup
Born: 30 August 1880, Bremanger, Norway
Nationality: Norwegian
Died: 21 January 1928, Førde, Norway

Astrup was a modernist painter with a distinctive and innovative style noted for its intense use of colour depicting the landscapes of Vestlandet and the traditional way of life in the region

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