O’Clock by Arman

O’Clock by Arman

Nouveau Réalisme
Alarm clocks in Plexiglas
Estate of the artist

Clocks frequently recur in Arman’s work, reflecting his lifelong interest in time. When he was asked about his fascination with time, he explained that his desire to freeze time was more about memories. “Memory creates time,” he said. “Time doesn’t exist.”

Arman 1928-2005

Nouveau Réalisme, Assemblage, Readymade and Found Object
Born: 17 November 1928, Nice, France
Nationality: French-American
Died: 22 October 2005, New York, USA

Arman was an artist. He is renowned for moving from using objects for the ink or paint traces they leave to using the objects as the artworks, Arman is best known for his Accumulations and destruction/recomposition of objects

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