Unfinished Song

Unfinished Song
Form: Taichi Sonnet (Caudated)

He wrote the words of an unfinished song
As he fell in love, too soon it went wrong
No words remain, I love you now just tears
There’s no going back when the anger clears
Tears for a love that was never the best
Her second-rate emotions failed the test
The butt of her jokes and a thing of jest
How to let her go and regain his zest?
How to kill love; for his peace it must die
With no questions asked and no reasons why
For her love is pushing him to his death
And he knows she’s not worth his final breath
She was the siren and sucked his soul in
Shattering his heart in a whirlwind spin
Until he's shaken her out of his skin
Like a discarded whore she’ll never win
He writes the words of a brand-new love song
There to heal his senses and come back strong
And no more can her eyes deceive his heart
For her love can only rip him apart