Microfiction May Day 8 – Black Tights

Black Tights.
Form: Microfiction

The tight-strangler had struck again. The quiet town of Dawnhaven was now the centre of a serial murder spree. Five men in their 60s garrotted by a new pair of tights in the shopping mall.

The latest victim had just been found in the ladies’ bathroom at the back of the centre. Face down on the floor choked by a new pair of black tights.

All the tights came from the same high-end boutique. CCTV only revealed ladies buying knickers and tights.

Just before each murder, a woman with ginger hair was seen buying tights. Did this young woman have a hate wish for old men?

Word Count 106


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    1. I’m the smae, as much as I love CSI and NCIS for reading it is the queens of crime. Listening to the Cadfael Chronicles by Ellis Peters (Edith Pargeter). They are set in the 12th century when the UK was still very fuegal and tribal

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