As They Aways Do

A Garret Poet

As They Aways Do
Form: Ballade

Stood there alone that winter morn
Grass sparkling with a frosty bite
The stones stood tall to welcome dawn
As misty rays replaced the night
The Sun King returns bringing light
Short days, long nights, are nothing new
As Midwinter’s Days comes in sight
Let seasons turn as they always do

The days pass quick with life reborn
As springtide dreams assume their flight
And winter’s grasp seems to be torn
The birds chip and chirp with delight
The spring is here, the spring is bright
Their courting love like me and you
The flowers know the time is right
Let seasons turn as they always do

Long hazy days that ripen corn
Evenings dancing in the twilight
The courting done our love was sworn
Our destiny through day and night
To be as on in love’s sweet sight
And through your eyes I…

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