In the Loge by Mary Cassatt

In the Loge by Mary Cassatt

In the Loge
Oil on canvas
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA

“In the Loge” depicts a stylish woman attending a matinée performance at the Comedie Françoise theatre in Paris. Cassatt sets off the woman’s profile against the red velvet a gilt décor of the box seats behind her as she raises her opera glasses to her eyes. A male figure several boxes down is observing her through his own glasses showing Cassatt’s perception of the fact that members of the well-dressed audience are putting on their own performances for one another.

Marry Cassatt 1844-1926

Mary Cassatt
Impressionism, Proto-Feminist Artists
Born: 22 May 1844, Pennsylvania, USA
Nationality: American
Died: 14 June 1926, Oise, France

Cassatt was a painter and printmaker. Born in Pennsylvania, USA she lived most of her adult life in France where she exhibited with the Impressionists such as her close friend Degas. Cassatt is considered to be one of the three great ladies of Impressionism