Microfiction May Day 5 – A Good Day for a Picnic

A Good Day for a Picnic
Form: Microfiction

A crowd gathered.

Huddled in groups sharing ham sandwiches and flasks of coffee, The sense of excitement brewing at the entertainment to come.

Children played chase between the old ladies sat doing their knitting. It’s not every day you get to see a Plutonian pirate swing.

Streknins stepped out on the boards, glaring at his audience as the noose slipped around his neck, and the trapdoor slammed open.

Disappointingly, Streknins didn’t flinch, he didn’t squirm. The crowd had wanted him to put up a fight.

Young Gilorm poked the pirate with a stick and Streknins eyes opened as he growled “You’re next my son”

Word count: 103


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