A Ha’penny’s Worth

Here we go again. Some random persons, probably as a result of stuffing too much chocolate over their recent holiday, have taken it upon their selves to try and define my spiritual existence to suit their own narrow-minded, egotistical, and narcissistic ideology. They call it saving my soul – oh, please don’t bother, I probably don’t have one, and if I do it doesn’t belong to any deity it belongs to me.

I know, I shouldn’t waste my time with these people. Shoot me I am polite and always respond to people politely. What am I supposed to do – tell them politely to fuck off – believe me I was tempted. However, I decided Mr. Niceguy would be better for the job. Bad choice in reflection, it would have got it done quicker

It seems to say I do not want a copy of their magazine as I have enough paper to light my fires, and no, I do not wish to talk about any god is inviting them to do just that. No, it really isn’t. It isn’t inviting misquote after misquote of that damnable book either – which clearly, they have never read. To ice the bleeding shitshow of their cake they suggested it would help me find a wife – I am not looking, I am a married man, albeit a widowed one.

They have decided I am beyond saving – oh good. Sadly, they will no doubt find some gullible and/or vulnerable person who is desperately seeking something to swallow their rubbish. Why is this kind of thing even acceptable and legal in a multicultural, multi-religious society? It shouldn’t be. In a nation that is supposed to be about respecting diversity, it is high time this behaviour and street preaching was made a crime. Thinking that it is totally okay to force religious beliefs on someone, especially once they have said no, is disgusting.

Yes, even a tree-hugging lover-not-a-fighter Pagan needs to let rip once in a while