Microfiction May Day 3 – Escarligan Cheesecake

Escarligan Cheesecake
Form: Microfiction

After another heated exchange with Casdia, he was done, simply done.

Ecabo looked at the sword Casdia had given him and muttered something about Escarligan cheesecake. He looked up at nothing in particular and said, “I’d sooner face Death than that bitch-troll.”

Up ahead he could see a figure, he could see the eyeless skull staring at him from beneath its hood “You called?”

Later, Ecabo and his new Grim Reaper friend sat at the lake smoking licorice pipes.

Desth nodded “Only a bitch-troll would think that piece of shit was worth anything.” Both laughed as the sword floated away.

Word count: 100


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