Aplomb (Weekend Writing Prompt)

Inspired by and written for Weekend Writing Prompt – Thank you, Sammi

Definition: Aplomb – n. self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation

In addition, in the world of ballet aplomb refers to unwavering stability during a vertical pose or movement, possibly best exemplified by the Dying Swan – not that I need an excuse to include a clip of Zakharova

Form: Free Verse

as she dances again
her poise of elegance and grace
not even a flutter of a tutu
out of place
as she moves onto the stage
her audience in rapture
sell-assured liquidity
fingers and arms a swan’s wings
portraying the poignancy of the moment
in the desperate struggle
between life and death
maintains her gentle composure
and sweet sadness enters
the memory
entwining everlasting beauty
with the music
denying the scythe of the reaper
for in the magical movement
and in the beauty of her dying
is forever immortal

Word count: 92