Soap on a Rope (NaPoMo 28)

Soap on a Rope
Ivorian Sonnet 28 – aa bcb dede badec
Theme: Love Subject: Facewash

For wild days easing my soul of life’s load
The time had come to make a change of mode
It struck me while I was taking a pee
Those floral gels and creams – they had to go –
So I could really live my life on T
In the trash they went, a soap on a rope,
Shower gels, and bubbly pearls filled the can
Making room for razors and stuff of hope
For that first day, the first shave of a man
Yes, I know what you all can clearly see
A goatee beard states a different code
But now and then hot wash and shaving soap
Because it’s needed and because I can
In this my own world and my liberty


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