Sink or Surf (Simply 6 Minutes)

Inspired by and written for Simply 6 Minutes – thank you, Christine

Form: Envelope Sonnet

A day at the beach, that’s what we had planned
On the long winter nights before lockdown
And life stopped in every city and town
But we kept dreaming of sun, sea, and sand
By then this Covid will have gone away
And once again we’d all be running free
Did you see the crowds on last night’s TV?
There is a spike coming or so they say
Social distancing we don’t stand a chance
Other precautions will have to be made
And then Steve said he had an awesome plan
So here we all are prepared in advance
Covid won’t stop us we won’t be outplayed
And we’ll surf some waves however we can

Time: 10 minutes
Word count: 116


15 thoughts on “Sink or Surf (Simply 6 Minutes)

        1. Near? Well I’d say no as it is about 3 hours drive as I live in a landlocked county I’m guessing by US standards that’s not so far. But then nowhere in the UK is more than 72 miles from the sea.

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          1. Unfortunately, three hours is hard for a day trip. I have always lived near the coast, the most being an hour away. I have no idea what it is like in the middle of the US where there is no ocean. I know that there are plenty of lakes and the Great Lakes are like oceans.

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            1. UK has a really varied coast line – so all depends what you want to do. Cornwall is a long a hike but my nearest coast is the Solent – about 90 minutes, if you like sailing nd I think there maybe diving off the Isle of Wight – not sure on that

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            2. Oooh, and I remembr going diving in Portsmouth Harbour, that would need major consents as its a working naval base, as we were wreck hunting – that was amazing

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                1. I got up close and personal with a massive canon, beautiful piece of iron work but in its day would have packed a blow to the enemy – which would have been the Spanish back then

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