Crystals – Kyanite

An aluminosilicate mineral, Kyanite is often found in quartz and is part of the triclinic crystal system. With a translucent appearance, it most often comes in shades of blue but can also be green, black, and orange. The watery-hued stone has been found across the world including Switzerland, Kenya, India, Russia, and the USA.


Kyanite is not just a pretty stone and vibrates with energies of logical thinking and healing. In essence, it is a must-have for those who work with crystals. It is connected to the heart and third eye chakra. With vibrations that are a natural pain relief, it can aid the body in lowering blood pressure alleviating inflammation as well as protecting the body from infection.

Kyanite also assists in recovery from either physical or emotional trauma bringing the body into harmony and balance. It encourages quality sleep and making healthy eating choices assisting the development of a healthy eating pattern.

Kyanite is an excellent crystal for enabling dream recollection, enabling us to pick up the meanings to decipher what our intuition and the universe is trying to say. It is a crystal that asks you to look within, deep within the self, enabling us to take back control of our lives and aiding in the prevention of victim mentality.

Affirmation: I view each of my circumstances with empathy and compassion

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